Sexy And Dirty Phone Sex Phrases To Say To Your Boyfriend

Phrases you can say to your boyfriend and make him yearn for you longingly

By Auntrone89
Sexy And Dirty Phone Sex Phrases To Say To Your Boyfriend

Effectively erotic phone sex phrases to say to him

For a long time, experts believed that women are the more visual creatures of the two sexes. But time has since questioned their belief systems in that men have also proven beyond reasonable doubt that they get turned on by what they see or visualize in their minds. And just like any guy would turn his head whenever a beautiful woman walks by, you can also use your phone to plant visually erotic images in your man’s head and get to effectively turn him on. And how can that be made possible?

Well, it’s pretty darn easy. First and foremost, you’ll be required to arm yourself with a fair share of erotically appealing sex phrases that have been tried and confirmed to work when it comes to turning men on. And as long as these phrases give him the thought and desire of wanting to have sex with you, then, by all means, get to using them. Thankfully, it is easier to turn on a man than it is turning on a woman. You should, therefore, have no issues tapping into his deepest, most erotic sexual desires and make him hard at the mere thought of you.

1. Phone sex phrases 101: Babe I’m horny

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I know a good number of you might say or conclude this phrase just isn’t creative enough. But as I earlier said, men are easy to turn on especially when you are straightforward about sex. Therefore, say or text him that you are horny and see how fast he’ll get that boner irrespective of where he’d be. You can also text him when he least expects it just so you can make him yearn for a piece of you, for your delight of course. Also, it would be shrewd for you to ready yourself for some mind-blowing sex the moment you say these sexual phrases to him either via text or otherwise.

It’ll even be much better when you talk dirty to him using a suggestive tone during a call. A slow, deep voice would do the trick. This is because every guy wants to feel desired, both physically and sexually. Do this and he’ll definitely be out there groaning and moaning for you. And once he comes to you after the incredibly sexy phone sex, by all means, make him glad that he chose to respond to your dirty, but sexy “distress call”. Do this and you’ll have him for life!

2. Phone sex phrases 101: Babe I’m wet for you

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Apart from leaving your boyfriend sexually charged up by telling him just how horny you are, you can decide to go a notch higher, giving much more intimate details. For instance, tell him in a slow, sexy tone of voice how thinking about him grunting on top of you makes you hot and wet. If you do this the right way, you’ll definitely have him struggling to hide his throbbing boner as he fantasizes about making love to you. All I’m saying is, phone sex is supposed to be fun. And you can only make it sexually stimulating by using creatively sexy phrases that’ll give his mental imagery an incredible boost.

You’ll never go wrong with this one at any given moment. Also, know when and how to say this to him. This will include reading his mood and see if he might rise to the occasion or not. If your boyfriend sounds tired and stressed, maybe it would be a good idea to spare him the sexual naughtiness until the time is right.

3. Phone sex phrases 101: I want you to taste me

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Take it from me when I say that all men, including your boyfriend, love a little naughtiness when it comes to dirty texting or phone calls. That should, therefore, be your cue to find incredibly naughty phrases you can say to him during phone sex. Again, say these arousing phrases to him in a slow, seductive voice for them to have the desired effect.

Also, coupling extremely sexual phrases with a little moan in between the dirty talking should go a long way in completing the charm. The good thing about sex talk and phrases is that you can learn all about it. As long as you are willing to carry out your research and be patient enough to learn, then you’ll end up being a guru in a jiffy. Taking things one step at a time is all you’ll need to do. Feel free to incorporate the kind of kinks your boyfriend is into in order to make things heated up. For instance, if he loves to suck your boobs and clit, then, by all means, incorporate them into your dirty talk.

4. Phone sex phrases 101: I want to feel you inside me

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I should crown this one as the queen of dirty phrases because it has the ability to make your boyfriend have an instantaneous boner that he neither can hide nor get rid of easily. And for this reason, I’d recommend using this sexual phrase as the last option because it’s arguably the strongest, most erotic of all sex phrases ever to be used. You, therefore, need to learn how to use it carefully.

For the umpteenth time, say this incredibly powerful of the sexual phrases over the phone with tenderness in your voice. The tenderness is meant to give him the same kind of feeling whenever he slides inside of you. Doing this is enough to plant dirty erotic ideas in his head and make your boyfriend go crazy over you. It’d also be a brilliant idea for you to learn when and how to unleash this atomic bomb of a sexual phone phrase simply because its effects are seemingly out of this world!

5. Phone sex phrases 101: I wanna bathe in your cum

The whole point of using these naughty sex phrases during a steamy phone sex session is to make him desire you sexually. It’s, therefore, a good idea for you to learn how to not be aggressive when saying these sexual phrases over the phone.

Genetically, men are the ones who are supposed to be aggressive. Women, on the other hand, are adored for their soft, feminine nature. And the moment you tell your boyfriend that you want him to cum inside you as gently as you can, he’ll immediately imagine him filling you up to the brim with his gooey milk. It is therefore important that you learn how to make him visualize having sex with using the right words as well as the right tone of voice. If you don’t know anything about the right sexual tones to use during phone sex, worry not. There are a good number of videos and articles alike, which can teach you how to go about it like a pro. The only thing that’ll be required of you is to be patient enough to learn.

6. Phone sex phrases 101: You are my snack tonight!

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Seemingly, girls aren’t the only ones who love to be adored and “eaten”. And with that said, it wouldn’t really hurt if you told him you can’t wait to have him as your snack for the evening. Spruce things up a little by not telling him exactly where you want to “eat” him. That way, you’ll have him curious and therefore think about you all day long.

And that, my dear ladies, is how you keep a man and stop him from thinking about other girls. You can either text or dirty talk your boyfriend using this extremely dirty and sexual phrase. And if you do it well, you’ll definitely reap the rewards just the way you wanted. In the end, it’s how you dirty talk that’ll keep you firmly connected and by extension, make the sex between you and your boyfriend out of this world. Feel free to use different kinds of dirty phrases to say to him just how much you want to eat him. Doing so will make you among the few happy girls with incredibly hot sex lives.

7. Phone sex phrases 101: I want you to make me cum

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You can use these sensual phone sex phrases to make your boyfriend feel like sliding in between your thighs and making you cum multiple times. Just tell him that you yearn for him to come home and fuck you so hard until you cum all over his hard cock. Of course, your boyfriend already knows how sexy your body is especially when naked. Therefore, using such powerful sexual phrases will make him want and desire you more. The trick lies in knowing when and how to say them to him. And needless to say, sound as sexy as you can for your sex chats to have the desired erotic effect.

Whether you text or call him, you can always expect mind-blowing sex the moment he gets at home ready to rip your clothes off and fuck you hard! Remember to use this particular sex phrase sparingly so that it doesn’t end up losing its sexual efficacy.

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8. Phone sex phrases 101: I wanna rip your clothes off!

Apart from being soft and feminine, your boyfriend also appreciates flashes of freakiness. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt if you say to him how you want to rip those garments off him and fuck him to the moon and back. Just be careful not to overdo this lest you end up scaring his wits out.

Also, when calling to tell him this, make sure you are passionate about every single thing you are saying for him to believe you. Sex and sexual phrases by extension are stupefying, especially when infused with hints of passion. Therefore, getting yourself in the sexual mood before calling him with your dirty phone sex phrases wouldn’t hurt even a single bit. You can start by telling him about all the things about him that drive you crazy and make you want to fuck him hard.

Once you’ve said all you’ve had to say and are in the mood for having sex, then you can finish with this disproportionately dirty phone sex phrase. This should be the phone sex phrase that ends the phone sex. From there, let his imagination keep up the good job of turning him on.

9. Phone sex phrases 101: I love your dick!

Trust me, your boyfriend will never get tired of being praised for having a big dick. Therefore, any moment you feel like you want to make him throbbing hot and ready to have sex with you, feel free to hit him with this particular line. Just randomly call him and tell him that you are in love with his dick, then hang up. Doing this will give him a reason to have regular sex with you because he’ll know that you not only appreciate his dick but also love having sex with him.

Remember not to say the “I love your big dick” line especially if he doesn’t. in that case, you can always rephrase it and tell him something close to you appreciating how he knows how to use his cock. This is a major ego booster that will always result in some bomb sex. The use of phone sex phrases is supposed to be fun. But always remember to try and be as truthful as possible because any exaggerations are bound to backfire, especially if the exaggeration has anything to do with his dick.

10. Phone sex phrases 101: I can still taste your cock

Apart from making it clear that you appreciate his cock, always consider twisting these extremely erotic and sexual phrases to your own benefit. For instance, you can randomly tell him you can still taste his cock on your tongue days after giving him a mind-blowing blowjob. Feel free to say other nice things about his cock i.e. praise him for how he knows how to use it and make him blush every time he’s on phone with you. It is your umpteenth appreciation of his top-tier sex game that will result in many more mouthwatering sexual encounters with him in the future.

And doing this on a regular basis will, without a doubt, make your relationship stronger. Always remember telling him this after an erotic blowjob and give his ego a direct boost. In other words, the more you use such strategic phone sex phrases, the more he’s inclined to make more passionate love to you.

11. Say “dzadzy” whenever you’re referring to him

Another very dirty, sexual word you can incorporate into your sex phrases is referring to him as daddy or “dzadzy”. When referring to him (your boyfriend) as daddy, always make sure you are saying it in a slow, sexy manner. That way, it will be a tad easier for him to get hard every time you say it to him. That said, the next time you’re either sex chatting or dirty talking to your boyfriend over the phone, try referring to him as daddy and see what happens.

Guys love it when they are referred to as daddy because it shows they are manly while at the same time sexually desired. So, the next time you feel like sex chatting with your man over the phone, refer to him as “dzadzy” and make him horny for you. Don’t forget to call him daddy even after he gets home. Do that and he’ll be happy to live up to your expectations, sexually speaking.

12. Say you’ll be a slut only for him

When it comes to the best sexual phrases, it is important that you spare them for making your boyfriend feel extra special. For this reason, he will never want to leave your side for whatever reason. He’ll also want to come home to you as fast as possible while the steamy images you intentionally painted in his head using your words are still fresh. Also, men love it when their girlfriends live up to the dirty, sexual phrases they use. Therefore, always remember to say or mention such erotic, sexual phrases only when you’re ready to fuck him to a coma – metaphorically speaking. Also, remember to keep working on your sexual tone so that he can groan on every single word you say. Thankfully, you can work on your slow, sensual sex talk if aren’t that good. You know what they say, you can do anything as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

13. Say to him that you’ll be a fuck doll for him

I would advise you to only use this sex talk or phrase especially when your boyfriend is into sex dolls. Also, dolling yourself up before sex would be an incredible idea since it’ll help him relive his sexual fantasies, which will translate into mind-blowing sexual encounters. What I am trying to say is, boyfriends, pray for girlfriends who have absolutely no problem living up to their expectations. Therefore, if you promise ongoing in all erotic and dirty on him that night, then, by all means, do so and never hold back. The same should be the case if you promise to be a freakish sex doll for him. Therefore, if dirty talking and sexual phrases aren’t your things, then it’s a high time you practiced. It’s never too late to start and experience incredible improvement as far as your sex life is concerned.

14. Say you want him to squeeze your breasts

Whenever you find yourself engaged in some deep, sensual phone sex with your boyfriend, it is important that you remember mentioning your soft, juicy breasts to him. Not mentioning your boobs in your sexual phrases is a capital offense punishable by some whack sex. It is, therefore, a smart move to incorporate your sexy breasts in your naughty conversations as a means of sprucing things up. Try telling him how much you crave him touching and gently squeezing them.

Tell him you love how hard he gets every time you flash your soft, squishy pair in his face. If you do this right, you’ll capture his full and undivided attention with so much ease. It all bears down to saying the right things, with the right tone and at the right time. Do that and give your boyfriend the best erotic stimulation of his entire life.

15. Say that it’s only him that turns you on

Again, your boyfriend loves it whenever you say he’s the only one who can make you wet. Therefore, keep telling him so until it becomes a mantra. Thankfully, he’ll never get tired of hearing you say that. Choose to tell him this randomly or whenever he is around you. Don’t forget to put your nice, soft thigh over his in a suggestive move that’s inclined to make him want you even more.

Feel free to look for other incredibly sexy and hot words and use them to effectively stroke him and his ego over the phone. And after doing that, remember to give him space so he can marinate about how palatable your dirty, erotic phrases were. Do this and every single time he comes back to you, it will be the best night you ever had – every single time! How cool is that?

16. Say you want him to fill you to the brim with his cum / Instagram

Apart from telling your boyfriend just how much you love his dick filling you up during sex, you can also make him harder by talking about his cum. You’ll never go wrong with this one because it’ll effortlessly make him fantasize about making love to you even when he thinks he’s not in the mood. Go ahead and tell him what you’ll do with his gooey cum after he’s done unloading it inside you. In other words, your goal after every session of phone sex should be giving him something that’ll make him desire you sexually. That means you’ll need to practice using the right erotic phrases at the right time. With time, you’ll get it all right without a single shred of struggle and that’s how your sex life will transform into legendary status.

17. Say you want him to never stop fucking you

Such erotically stimulating phrases are not only meant to turn your boyfriend on but also stroke his ego. Therefore, you’ll need to know when and how to say these erotically charged phrases to him. And while you are at it, strive to enjoy every bit of the dirty talking as it’s supposed to be fun. Do this not only during phone sex but also during actual sex. Telling him that you want him to keep on going and not to stop will motivate him to keep hitting the spot for as long as he possibly can.

And after the mind-blowing sex, you can always be guaranteed a huge load of cum inside of you, just the way you like it. And as you say these sweet, erotic words to him, don’t be too engrossed and forget to enjoy the sex. A little moan during the phone sex, as well as the actual sex, should go a long way in making you a happy, sexually satisfied girlfriend.

18. Let him guess what color of thong you have on

When it comes to getting dirty and erotic during phone sex with your boyfriend, don’t be afraid to drag your sexy underwear into the conversation. Using phrases like “my tight underpants” or “dripping wet thong” are highly encouraged especially if you want him to enjoy every aspect of the phone sex. For instance, you can start by asking him to guess the color of the thong you are currently wearing. You can make things a tad better by making his guess whether the thong you are wearing is wet or too wet. In short, don’t be afraid to juggle things up a bit when it comes to using phone sex phrases.

With practice, you’ll effortlessly make your boyfriend look forward to having sex with you. And, needless to say, this is how sexually empowered ladies get to keep their boyfriends for the long-haul.

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As hinted throughout this article, there are a lot of dirty phrases you can say to your boyfriend during phone sex. Therefore, you should feel free to carry out your own research and expound your lexical density. Also, make sure you’re using these extremely arousing phrases carefully and selectively. This is because your boyfriend is different from your best friend’s boyfriend, meaning what works for one guy isn’t guaranteed to work on the next. Therefore, in as much as switching intel on dirty phrases is encouraged, always make sure you are customizing your approach. And last but not least, always remember to have as much fun as possible!