Love vs Infatuation: How To Tell The Difference

Infatuation and love: both are very strong and intense feelings. They may seem similar, but they are very different. Find out the difference now.

By Tanaya Nath
Love vs Infatuation: How To Tell The Difference

Love vs Infatuation: How To Tell The Difference

Love or infatuation, that's the question. #lovevsinfatuation 💕✨ #GN

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When you think you are in love, you may have asked questions like could it be just infatuation? Infatuation and love are both very strong and intense feelings. They are often confused with each other by many people. Some often think they are the same. But both are really different feelings altogether. They can’t coexist. Just because you can’t stop thinking about a person and you find them amazing doesn’t mean you love them. Love is way deeper than that.

Defining Love And Infatuation

Infatuation is a state where you are completely lost in unreasonable passion. In infatuation, you are carried away by illogical desire and addictive attraction. It is short-lived but very intense. It makes you blind and foolish. It makes you express an extreme crazy love for something or someone. It takes you away from things of personal importance. It comes like a storm and passes like a whirlwind while leaving behind many questions. Love is the feeling of intense affection towards someone. It is a profoundly tender feeling of warm personal attachment which also can include sexual desire. Love is a slow process, like a gentle breeze. It dawns on you slowly and gets stronger and deeper with time. It fills you with a sense of happiness and selflessness.

Comparing Love And Infatuation

Love and infatuation are very different. You can easily figure out what you are feeling is whether love or infatuation. If you feel intensity, urgency, anxiety along with reckless abandonment of what was previously important to you, you are infatuated. It makes you pick high-risk choices and question everything not done your way. Love inspires faithfulness, confidence, and loyalty. You become willing to make sacrifices for another and put effort in sorting the differences. Love makes you able to compromise and not regret it. It teaches you to value others' opinions. Infatuation makes you take reckless commitments to satisfy your own needs, while love makes you commit to others. It makes you selfless and when in love you consider and value other person’s feeling. It makes you respect their choices and not question them. Infatuation feels like an all-consuming euphoria, like when you are on recreational drugs. It can make you do anything, risk everything personal for the next hit of adrenaline. When in love, you will feel deep affection, confidence, and contentment. In love, you require a lot of selflessness and polite assertiveness. You also take care of each other’s expectations. Infatuation often results in emptiness as the consequence of the choices you have made under the influence of mind numbing attraction. On the other hand, love gives you security and peace along with a solid partnership that creates the ideal atmosphere for confidence. Love stays while infatuation ends abruptly. So, before you take any steps, make sure you know if you are in love or it's just infatuation. Ask yourself the right questions before moving forward.

The Difference Between Love And Infatuation

We have been discussing continuously that infatuation and love are different. The question is how? Here are all the answers to your questions. Love and infatuation are complete opposites of each other. They are like darkness and light. One fills you with confidence and strength while the other gives you anxiety and doubts. While one is real, the other is surreal. Listed below are some simple points to make it easy for you to figure out if you are infatuated or in love. 1. Love happens slowly while infatuation is instant. 2. Love craves for a deeper connection while infatuation is all about physical attraction. 3. Love calms you while infatuation makes you go crazy and act irrationally. 4. Love lasts long and is comfortable while infatuation is intense and short-lived. 5. Love is considerate while infatuation makes you reckless. 6. Intentions in love are genuine while infatuation gives you ulterior motives. 7. If you feel obsessed and jealous, you are infatuated. Love gives you understanding and trust. 8. Love is deep while infatuation is superficial and shallow. 9. Infatuation is selfish and drains you out while love keeps you energised and teaches you to be selfless and kind. 10. Love is generous and forgives while infatuation is possessive and holds grudges. 11. Love answers your questions while infatuation makes you keep guessing. 12. Love is timeless while you are bound to fall out of infatuation in time. 13. Infatuation makes you forget other important things in your life but love is integrated with yours. 14. Infatuation is loud and grows with desire while love is quiet and deepens with friendship. 15. Love is monogamous and has the power to heal while infatuation can be self-destructive and is never content with one person. With these points, you will be able to understand the difference between love and infatuation. It will keep you guided throughout your life. You will never mistake infatuation for love and put everything at stake for one whirlwind of emotions.

How To Tell If It Is Infatuation

You can always tell if it is love or infatuation if you know the difference. There are many questions regarding these feelings and how to tell them apart. It's tough, but with the right knowledge, you can. For many, infatuation feels a lot like love. However, in reality, these two feelings are poles apart. Love is nothing like infatuation. Infatuation takes you away from everything important and makes you lonely in the end. But love becomes an important part of your life and stays with you, making you happy and content. These two are different in many ways. Infatuation is like the last star of the evening while love is like the first ray of the morning. They feel alike but one leaves you with darkness and other with an illuminated world. Here are a few ways you can tell if you are infatuated.

1. You have only known each other for a short time. Love doesn’t happen at the snap of the finger but infatuation does. There have been many people who declared they were in love after a few meetings then they fell out of love a few month later. They even said they hated many things about the person they were in love with once. So, if you have just met someone and you feel a pull, stay patient and wait. It’s just infatuation. 2. You are focused only on what you want. Sometimes, when people are in a relationship, they see themselves in many situations like dating, marrying, having a family, going on vacations. All they see is how they want the relationship to be and what they want out of it. Infatuation is selfish; infatuated people don’t even try to find out what the other person wants. They only act to get what they want. 3. You find them superior to you. When you are infatuated, you are blinded by the person. All you see in them is their positive side, their goodness, and their perfection. You don’t see their weaknesses, imperfections, and negative attributes. You find yourself full of faults and feel so little in front of them. That’s not love. Love knows all the good and the bad in the person and still stays. 4. It feels surreal. Infatuation makes everything seem surreal. It feels like you have won the lottery and you can’t believe your luck. It makes you forget everything that was once important to you. Infatuation is just a distraction, one thing you can’t keep your mind off. Love isn’t like that. It makes you a better person. 5. You think you know everything about them but really you know nothing. There are situations when you think you know everything about them. You think you know what they like, what makes them tick, what makes them happy, what they want or what kind of person they are. But you haven’t really sat down and talked about all those things. Your assumptions will make you like him or her but the truth could be entirely different. That’s infatuation. Love doesn’t make you assume. 6. You feel really jealous. Infatuation makes you jealous. If someone even looks at the person you are infatuated with, you feel immense jealousy. Infatuation makes you insecure and fills you with the sense of ownership. It means that in infatuation, you don’t feel connected to the person the same way it feels when you are in love. That connection makes you secure from the inside while infatuation misses it. It’s easy to figure out if you are in love or you are infatuated. 7. It makes you eager to move ahead. Infatuation makes you restless to make things happen now. It makes waiting hard. You want the person to commit to you soon because you're scared that you will lose them if they don’t commit to you immediately. When infatuated, you want to do everything quickly while love teaches you patience, not restlessness. 8. You expect everything to be perfect. Infatuation doesn’t allow you to see beyond your unrealistic expectations about what they like, how they should act or react, and how the relationship should be. You always want the relationship to be amazing and happy. You don’t allow fights or them being rude to you or accept that they hurt you even by mistake. And if things divert from the path you have created and become anything other than perfect, you don’t know what to do. You feel like things have gone wrong and you lose interest. Love is different. It teaches you how to love happily even with imperfection. In love, there is time for both fights and apologies. It allows them to be rude to you or hurt you by mistake and makes you forget it and forgive them as well.

A Few Last Words

When you are infatuated, there is a lot of drama that goes around. It takes a lot of energy to be constantly worried about what a person thinks and when they might walk away from you. Infatuation makes you constantly dream about them, think about them, and be stressed over them. It drains you. Love gives you energy because it gives you joy and gratitude. The connection between both people in love assures you that the other person would never walk away from you. When there is no drama, no anxiety, and no worries, you ought to feel heavenly and full of energy. So go, fall in love and stay away from infatuation.