10 Simple But Effective Ways Get A Guy To Kiss You

Want to get a guy to kiss you but don't want to initiate? Here are some simple but good tips on how to make your boyfriend kiss you.

By Shin0Kei
10 Simple But Effective Ways Get A Guy To Kiss You

How to get your boyfriend to kiss you

Do you want your guy to kiss you but feel to shy or embarrassed to ask? Don't worry, you don't need to say it out loud. You can get the message across by letting your actions speak for you. Here are 10 simple but effective tips to do that.

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1. Light touches during your conversation

If this is your first time kissing with your boyfriend, do not make it too obvious by touching his knee. You want your relationship to go on step by step so that your boyfriend kisses you naturally. Instead of being too obvious, touch him slightly on his arm or his hands to create a cozy atmosphere. This will increase the chances of him kissing you!

2. Get close to him and smile

Smiling here doesn't mean you should give your boyfriend a big happy smile. It means that you should lean towards him and give a small nice smile as you make eye contact with him. Sometimes subtle smiles can mean more than a big smile. It creates a more romantic mood between the you and your boyfriend. The more romantic it is, the more likely your boyfriend will go with the flow and give you a nice kiss. Let's go step by step and make him want to kiss you badly.

3. Make your boyfriend come closer to you

If you are too shy to get close to your boyfriend, then make him come close to you! If it is during winter or cold weather, tell him that you are cold and put your arms around your body as you give your boyfriend a sign that you're shivering. He will either give you his jacket that he has been wearing or come and hug you. Maybe both! Well, what if the weather isn't cold? What tricks can you use? You give him a sign that you want a hug by placing your hands out. Or you could just go ahead and hug him.

4. Stare at him

Sometimes, staring at what you want is the best way to send a signal to your boyfriend about what you want. It is just like how you stare at something at a store and everyone can tell that you want that cute dress, that tasty looking dessert, or that nice pair of shoes. Look at his lips and after a few seconds, make eye contact with him. Be careful not to make rapid eye movement which can cause you to look like you're having a problem. Make it natural! He will give you a kiss once he figures out what you want.

5. Drop more hints

Not every guy is good with catching less obvious hints. Some boyfriends need more hints than others. It can be sad but that's okay. Besides, not everyone has to be the perfect romantic guy in TV shows or movies. Make sure you are progressing step by step. Rushing can make relationships go bad. Let your boyfriend takes his time. This might be his first time kissing so just go slow and steady.

6. Allude that you want a kiss in your conversation

If you two are kissing for the first time, you don't have to shout out "I want a kiss" to your boyfriend. You can make it less obvious by alluding that you want a kiss in your conversation. Ask your boyfriend a question. "What do you like about me?" He will start talking about what he liked about you and most likely, he is also curious about why you liked him. Tell your boyfriend that you liked his lips with a cute, warm smile. Although he probably will blush, he will probably want to let you test it out.

7. Use lipsticks to make your lips look luscious

Guys are less sensitive than girls and they usually have a hard time noticing changes. If you could make your boyfriend notice what changed clearly, he will be more likely to be paying attention to that. Using a nice lipstick can be a game changer. This will make him stare at your lips more and want it badly. Your boyfriend will not be able to resist those gorgeous lips!

8. Draw more attention to your lips to make him kiss you

Your boyfriend has to notice your lips to actually desire for it badly. If applying lipstick or lip gloss wasn't enough for him, try to play with your lips. In case you don't know what it means, you should move your lips around. The most common way of doing this is by playing with a straw in your drink or subtly licking your lips. Make sure to apply some lip balm beforehand to always keep your lips looking soft.

9. Whisper sweet words to him

Sometimes, whispering can give him a new emotion. When you talk to him in public, whispering can often be a better way than talking out loud because whispering can only be heard between you and your boyfriend. It's like having a little secret. When you are standing next to your boyfriend, use hand gestures for him to let his ear close to your mouth. Place one hand on your boyfriend's cheek or ears and tell him things like "Thanks for the amazing date" or "It's been an amazing night with you." He will most likely understand what you want and will probably kiss you.

10. It is time to initiate

If your boyfriend still hasn't kissed you after dropping these hints, then it's time to stop giving him signs and start initiating. It is time for you to kiss him even if it is your first time. You don't have to worry about taking the lead in this part of the relationship. Slowly move your lips close to his and give him a gentle kiss. Draw back and keep your conversation going and act as if kissing was the most natural flow that could have happened. Now he knows what you want for sure and you will get a kiss back when you leave!

Enjoy kissing

So, you now know several ways to get a guy to kiss you. Remember to act naturally and don't rush everything. Whether it takes one or ten hints to get your boyfriend to kiss you, make sure that you enjoy the moment.