How To Write a Sweet Love Letter To Your Long Distance Boyfriend

It may seem daunting at first, but writing a sweet love letter will help make the long distance between you and your boyfriend much more bearable.

By Alessandra
How To Write a Sweet Love Letter To Your Long Distance Boyfriend

If you're in a long distance relationship...

...the chances are good that you use everyday technology, such as texting, FaceTime, Messenger, or WhatsApp, to keep in touch. Let’s be honest, though: electronic communication can get pretty boring. Don’t get me wrong — being able to contact your long distance boyfriend at any time, practically anywhere, is a gift! Some of us might even owe the existence of our relationship to technology. Every now and then, though, it can be nice to break the expectancy of the electronic chatter and communicate your love through a different medium. Writing a sweet love letter that will impress your boyfriend can be quite satisfying. It not only calms the mind and allows your imagination to flow, but it is proof to your boyfriend (and to you!) how much you care about your relationship. You might even find that writing a love letter brings about a great emotional release. Still, writing a love letter can be daunting. You want to perfectly balance a plentiful amount of cute to comprehensible and cohesive writing. If you have been procrastinating on writing the perfect love letter simply because you do not know how to, then keep reading. Below are some tips to help you can use to write a sweet love letter.

Choose the perfect love letter material

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Investing in some stationary that is of nice quality and pleases you is important! You will be more likely to use it, and you will already feel more professional and thoughtful in your love letter writing. That said, your stationary does not have to look super fancy or have some bold artwork on it if you do not want it to. Simple cards with your initials or a cute decoration will do just fine! The bottom line is if you like it, you will use it more often. You do not have to hand-write your love letter, either. Maybe your boyfriend is in a place where an electronic letter is more convenient to read — especially if he is traveling and does not have a reliable home address — or maybe you have terribly illegible handwriting. That’s fine! There is no shame in typing your love letter. Presentability is the key in choosing your materials for love letter writing. Whether you use a computer, stationary, or an old-fashioned feathered ink pen does not matter as long as it is genuine to you.

Include pictures to lessen the long-distance amnesia

Or some other little gift that will fit in an envelope. Any souvenir from a shared experience will do, like a concert or movie ticket. A cute picture of you two is a sweet surprise. If your boyfriend is traveling, you might want the picture to fit his wallet so that he has a cute snap of you always in his pocket. The sweetest gift! The content of the picture could really be anything, but be attentive about what you choose. If you have not seen your boyfriend in a long time, you want this picture to really capture the essence of you (or you and him, if both of you are in the picture!). If you and your boyfriend are silly and constantly make each other laugh, you could send one of you two laughing candidly. If you are more of a quiet and sweet person, you might send a regular head shot. You could include some pictures from the last time you and your boyfriend were together. Bonus if he has not seen them yet. Alternatively, send him a picture that will remind him of the next time you see each other. Otherwise, you have the choice to give a picture as mischievous as you want ;).

Details enhance the love letter

When it comes to the writing, my number one advice is to be as specific as possible! Details will bring your love letter to life. They will help your boyfriend clearly picture your words despite the long distance, to feel how you felt when writing this love letter. For example, if you want to mention how you miss waking up with him next to you in the morning, don't just tell him that you miss sleeping in the same bed. Tell him how you miss rolling over upon waking up to face him, being greeted by his wide smile but awful morning breath, and holding each other until it is impossible to wait one more second to start your day. Stuff like that. Allowing your inner writer to flow will help bring out the details. Keep in mind that tapping into this flow is different for everyone and might be difficult if you do not know how to. For some people, this means writing a couple drafts of the love letter and combining them into one at the end. For others, it might mean first writing on the computer to type quickly and jog your imagination and copying everything onto paper at the end. The process is individual, so find what works for you and do not stress. This should be fun! There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the details. In addition, you might hit a period of writer’s block. If so, take an hour or a day or however long you need to resume writing. If an idea comes to mind during that period, you can jot down quick lines you will include. Once you begin again, start your writing by stringing these little ideas together.

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Know your occasion for writing this love letter

There can be many reasons to write a love letter to your long-distance boyfriend. Maybe a big day is coming up, like a holiday or your anniversary or your boyfriend’s birthday. If you have no occasion to write a love letter, though, fear not. Writing just because is just as a good of a reason, if not better, as it shows that you are making an extra effort. Whatever the reason for writing, keep it in mind as you progress throughout the love letter. The occasion for which you are writing will bring a certain tone to your style. For example, if this love letter in light of congratulatory event, such as a graduation or a job promotion, the theme of your love letter could be how proud you are to be with him. You might remind him of the hard work he has accomplished over the years to win such a feat and could give him encouragement for the next step. If you are writing for a holiday, your love letter might mention family memories or remind him of your shared experiences from the past holidays you have spent together. Reminiscing would then become your theme. And if you are writing just because, you have the freedom to give your love letter any tone that you want. Be creative!

Use this love letter to ask how your boyfriend is

I do not mean asking a general, how are you or what’s new. Use this space to ask your boyfriend if he is actually enjoying where is. In everyday texting, it is so easy to forget to discuss the big-picture parts of life, especially if you talk all day, every day. Ask him if he enjoys his life. For example, is he happy wherever he is? Does he enjoy his day-to-day routine? What adjustments would he like to make, and what does he hope will stay the same? What is he learning about himself, and why? These questions beg some pretty mature answers. Depending on where you and your boyfriend are in your relationship, you might not yet be comfortable asking him, nor he might not yet be comfortable sharing these types of answers with you. It is your choice if you wish to include some of these questions or not. Then again, asking these questions might help you two open up with each other, which is difficult but so important in a long-distance relationship. It might also help you assess his emotional maturity: how does he respond to your questions? Does he get more distant, or does he let you in?

Make him remember

The most common phrase uttered in a long-distance relationship is undoubtedly, “I miss you.” Of course, you will want to say this in your love letter. But since you probably already say this to each other on a regular basis, take it a little further this time. What exactly do you miss about him? Perhaps you miss coming home after work to find him waiting for you. Maybe you miss having a hand to hold as you walk down the street, or you miss sharing a blanket at night. Or tell him how you miss some of your inside jokes, like a phrase or bizarre voice you two use around each other (better yet, throw that joke in the love letter at a random time to make him laugh). Whatever you miss about being physically together, he will want to know! As mentioned early, be specific here. Recounting your shared experiences with such detail will undoubtedly make him long for the next time you get to see each other. Using this love letter to job his memory will help keep the sparks fly despite the long distance between you.

The long distance might make you emotional

In your love letter, do not just tell your boyfriend that you love him. Think about what else you can say to reaffirm your love. This guy must really mean something to you if you are in a long-distance relationship with him. Take the time to clarify the reason why you are with him. If you are not always the one to be vulnerable and honest, writing so in a love letter might be the perfect outlet for you. You might find the vulnerability hard at first. But this aspect of relationships is important to acknowledge, especially if you are in this relationship for the long run. If you are stuck on what exactly you could write to give him no doubt that he means so much to you, start with these simple questions: How have you changed since the start of your relationship? What were you like then compared to now, and why? How has your boyfriend helped you become the woman you are today? Your responses might sound overly sweet and sappy. Know, however that acknowledging these feelings requires a lot of maturity. Yep — it’s your turn to be mature. So, tell him how you fell, and thank him.

Dirty talk through the long distance

This next suggestion is totally optional and depends on the circumstances of your relationship. Some intimacy inevitably gets lost while enduring the strain of a long-distance relationship. While it may return in an instance once you are finally together again, there is no harm in wanting to keep some of it alive while the long distance persists between you and your boyfriend. Now, do not think that you have to be extremely visual and blatant here. While you are absolutely free to do so, there is no need to say, “I want XYZ the next time I see you.” On the contrary, sexual subtlety can be nice and help maintain the cute, calming tone that a love letter often provides the reader. For example, you could start by writing about the last time you were intimate together. Describe what you liked about the setting, the mood, what you were doing just before. If he initiated the intimacy, tell him you liked how he did it. If you initiated, give him an idea of what you might do differently the next time you see him. Along the same lines, talk about what you are looking forward to the next time you get intimate. You might even take a risk: When you are in a long-distance relationship, it is not uncommon for you to think outside the box. Perhaps you have been thinking about something new you might like to try together the next time you are intimate or have been experimenting by yourself. Write so in your love letter and describe how you might like it to happen.

Show him that the long distance is worth it

What makes a long-distance relationship worth it is knowing that there will be an end to the distance — that you and your boyfriend will be together again. But depending on the physical distance, the time difference, and how long you two must suffer being apart, you might lose faith at times. While these feelings are totally normal, do not let them take over and ruin your relationship. To revamp you and your boyfriend’s faith, your love letter should reveal how your relationship will be once the long distance is over. If you have not talked about what will happen when you are finally together for good, now might be the time to start. Tell him how you would like your relationship to resume once you are together. If you will be living apart but (hopefully) close to each other, you love letter could, for example, describe ideas for date nights or what you would like to do when he stays over. The period after long distance can be the best time to take a bigger step and move in together. If you feel comfortable doing so, mention the idea to your boyfriend if you have not discussed it yet. If you have discussed it, give him a heads up and start talking about what it might be like to live with you. What can he expect you to do in your free time? What hobbies will you have once you are together? He deserves to know everything about his new roommate.

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Final Touches

As mentioned earlier, presentability is important. Show your boyfriend that you care about your relationship through caring for this letter. Proofread your love letter several times, and take the liberty to write several drafts to ensure neatness. For some finishing touched, include the pictures or small gifts you want to include. You could even be super cute and lightly spray the love letter and side of the envelope with some of your perfume. Seal the envelope, and your love letter is ready to be sent! Be proud of the thoughtfulness you put into this love letter. Do not get caught up in what you should have said or what you should have fixed. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to write a love letter. All your boyfriend wants is to be reminded of you. No matter how much distance remains between you and your boyfriend, writing a love letter will help lessen the hard times of being in a long-distance relationship. The distance might seem that much more bearable thanks to your love letter, and you might even feel like your love has been affirmed.