25 Ways To Tell If Someone Secretly Loves You Using Psychology

Mulling over your special someone if they secretly like you? Here are 25 ways to tell if your someone special secretly loves you using psychology.

By Janani
25 Ways To Tell If Someone Secretly Loves You Using Psychology

Expressing Love Has Never Been Easy

Expressing your love for someone is always hard. It needs a lot of courage to tell someone that you have feelings for them. This has never been an easy task for anyone. Your special someone might be hinting with some signs that will tell you that they love you. Failure to notice these signs will lead to losing a relationship, unknowingly. It is always wise to look for these psychological signs when you are trying to decode your special someone's feelings for you. It is kind of annoying to do all the work in a relationship, falling in love and revealing their little secret; it is your entire job. But, don't you think, that is the reason why love gets all exciting and fascinating. What is the fun when you get the love of your life without any thrill! Here are a few top 25 ways to tell if your special someone secretly loves you using psychology.

1. Googly Eyes tell that your special someone loves you

This might sound a little silly, but when in love the most obvious sign would be their googly eyes. Their eyes would never be able to hide their true feelings and love for you. So, notice their eyes very carefully, the spark that you will find in their eyes is the most clear-cut signal to their heart. You will notice that your special someone might be also checking you out when you don't notice, take a glance at you every now and then. This is the most noticeable sign that will tell you that your special someone secretly loves you.

2. They Tell You Are Always Their Special Someone

You will notice that your love will always treat you in a special way. They might act very different with others but when it comes to you, your special someone will really treat you well. You will always get a unique treatment when you are around someone who loves you secretly. They will make sure that you get the feeling that you are someone so special. Surprise dinner parties, gifts, shopping with you and much more! By doing all these, they might make you feel special. This is a really great sign that tells you if he secretly loves you using psychology.

3. Did he tell that conversation will follow?

The major sign to tell using psychology is if your someone special initiates conversation with you. You might observe that they will find a number of ways to start a conversation with you either through text or call. This is a most evident sign that tells you that your special someone secretly loves you. Make sure to notice that this signal happens on an everyday basis, rather on just on one or two occasions. You might notice that their conversations are usually never-ending and might prolong for hours. Even their text messages will extend for hours and they will also make sure that you don't get bored.

4. Laughs At All Your Jokes

When you around your special someone, you might notice that even your dumbest jokes are being enjoyed by someone. This could really mean something for them. They might find whatever you do or say to be most enjoyable. They might value your company more than you know. By these small gestures, your special someone is actually trying to hint that they really love you and is just waiting for a small gesture from your side to reciprocate their feelings. This is a crystal clear sign to tell you that your special someone secretly loves you.

5. Your special someone misses you when he is away

If you are with your special someone and that if he secretly love you, they are sure to miss being around you. Missing someone is one of the biggest sign that will tell you their love for you. If your special someone lets you know that they missed you when you were apart, chances are they secretly love you. This is an important sign using psychology that screams your special someone really loves you.

6. Remembers Your Important Dates

When you are being loved, the most obvious sign would be that they make all your important dates important. They will never let a single date that you considered to be important be like least important. They will make sure to remember and surprise you for your work anniversaries, birthdays, friend’s wedding and much more. The fact that they remember your important dates is major clue that really tells you that your someone special loves you.

7. Your special someone will always support you

Whenever you get into trouble, without even thinking, your someone special will be ready to offer you help. This is a sign of love that they unknowingly do to impress you. When your partner comes to know that you are in trouble without even you asking for help, they will readily help you. This is a sure sign of love, your someone special has for you. It is a clear-cut sign that will tell you about their love for you. Being there for you when in need is a major sign that they love you and you mean a lot to them. Never miss this obvious sign when trying to figure out their love for you.

8. Your Love Is interested In Your Personal Life

If your special someone secretly loves you, they might be interested in your personal life. They might try to get to know your family and your friends in every possible way, and try to impress them as well because that is a way to get one step closer to your heart. If you are noticing these signs in your someone special, chances are they secretly love you. Your social life will really mean something to them if they really love you and that is a sign to look out for. Grab onto these people who value your relationships as much as you do, if you have mutual feelings.

9. One of the signs, he loves to spend time with you

They might try to spend time with you as much as possible because being with you is what they would have always hoped for. Spending some alone means it would make their day! They might talk about your past memories of them and try to relive those memories. This is a way of kindling love. This is also a reason they would love to spend some alone time with you. This is a biggest sign that will tell you their love for you. Some signs are hard to miss; this is one of such a sign. If you note that your someone special keeps making excuses to spend time with you or to just be around you odds are, they are madly in love with you.

10. One of the Signs, He Respects Your views

You might find yourself having a difference of opinion and might get into arguments with your partner. But even when there is a lot of differences, your views will always be valued. Your beliefs will be respected, and they will be open and valid when it comes to your perspective in life as well. Respecting each other is what love truly means; you are in luck if your partner does these things for you; he really love you.

11. Includes you in their decisions

When in love, your opinion might be of greater importance to them. Your someone special might want to know your thoughts and ideas when making even small decisions in their life. This is a considerable sign that tells you that you are being secretly loved. This is a hard to miss behavior when someone secretly loves you. Noticing this sign in someone is a sign that he probably is deeply in love with you.

12. Showing Romantic interest is a way

When someone loves you, they might get all touchy; this is a sure sign that tells they love you. Even small gestures like holding hands, resting their hand on your shoulders is a way of showing their love for you. Love is a feeling which cannot be hidden even when meant to be. So, when your someone special shows you their affection by getting all physical with you, it is high time you understand their love for you.

13. Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

If your someone special wants to get into a relationship with you, they might make you feel good about yourself. Love is all about making your partner feel more alive, motivated and inspired all the time. If he tries to fix your broken pieces back into one piece, chances are your someone is madly deeply in love with you. Even when you have hit your rock-bottom, they will be able to see the brighter side of you. They might help you in making you understand your value and boost your confidence level. You are in great luck if you notice this obvious signal from your someone, as this could mean nothing else but their love for you. Go ahead and make the greatest decision of your life, which you will never regret.

14. Stands up for you is a way of showing love

You will notice that when someone criticizes you or treats you in a bad manner, your someone would be the one to stand up for you. They might not let anyone mistrust you in any way. This is a sure sign that your someone special is in love with you more than you know. Not everyone stands up for you when not in love. It is quite difficult. And if you notice this in your someone special, you are sure lucky.

15. They know you Better

When someone secretly loves you, you will have a feeling that you have a greater level of understanding. Just an eye signal or a nod is sufficient for your someone to understand what is going on in your mind. It is like they could read your mind. Even when you are down, they would easily know how to cheer you up or what to do to make you feel better. They will have a better understanding of you better than you know you. It is a sure sign that shouts they are in love with you.

16. Did he tell he gets excited on seeing you

You might notice a great deal of excitement when you are around. Your someone will get easily anxious excited just being around you. The idea of being with you itself makes them more alive and passionate, hence the excitement. This is a hard to miss sign as it will be very obvious and never ignore this sign. This is a clear sign that tells you their love for you!

17. Talks about your future

If someone loves you, they will always see a future together with you. So, don't miss to notice this subtle sign where they might secretly hint you by talking about your future together. It will be mostly positive because that is all your someone will be able to dream about. This is a crystal clear signal that your someone loves you.

18. Compliments you

When your someone is around you, all you can hear are genuine compliments. You will find that their compliments are sincere and they may never try to fake compliments. This is a simple way to impress you. Never ignore this sign to notice their love for you.

19. Honest With you

Opens up to you and is always honest to gain your trust. Whatever the situation might be, they would never try and lie. Honesty and openness are what they would prefer at all times. Trust is the basis for Love. So when you are being loved, all they would do is try to gain your trust. This is a sure sign that your someone is really in love with you.

20. Listens to all your stories

When someone is interested in you, the clear-cut signal will be being a great listener. They will be active listeners whenever you start off with your stories. They will be very eager to know about your day. The more they love the more joyous it gets to watch you speak. So, the next time when your someone special listens curiously to your stories, just remind yourself of their love for you.

21. Comfortable around you

When someone loves you, the most noticeable sign will be they will be a natural. Being comfortable around you is a sign that they love you. Because it is never easy to be comfortable around someone else, but when they are then it is a sure sign they love you.

22. Your Happiness is all that Matters

All they would want is to just bring a smile on your face. Making you happy would make their day. They will be ready to do even the silliest thing to see you smile. Love is all about making our precious one happy. So, if that is all they want; odds are they are madly in love with you.

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23. You are their priority

Your someone might have plans of hanging out with their friends but will be ready to cancel all their plans just to hang out with you. They might feel that time spent with you is well spent and that you will always be their priority. It is always a nice feeling to be of high priority in someone's life if that is what your life is now, you are in luck. Have fun and enjoy all the love from your special someone.

24. Admits when wrong

Not everybody realizes their mistakes, it takes a lot of love to admit when one is wrong. Admitting to their mistake and apologizing is a sign that tells you they are into you. So, next time if you notice your someone, admitting their mistake only to you and apologizing for it, chances are they are in love with you. This is a sure psychological sign.

25. Cares For you

They might be a lot more of caring when they are with you. While you hang out, you will notice a lot of care will be taken and that is one clear sign. Whenever you fall sick, the person that would flash into your mind; deep down you will know that no one cares for you as much as they do. Your pain will be their pain. This is an obvious sign that your someone special deeply loves you.

People differ from one another, especially when it comes to expressing their feelings for the other person. But some marks are left unconsciously; that it becomes easy for you to decode. It is kind of fascinating to crack someone's love for you; the thrill it gives is worth the wait. Don't jump into conclusions when just a couple of these signs happened on a rare occasion. If you notice these signs on a regular basis only around you and not with anyone else, then it is wise the think about the next level in your relationship, if interested.

Being loved by someone is a great romantic feeling. To know that you are being loved makes love more passionate and fascinating. Decoding their love for you makes it worthy for all the fun and happy memories it gives you. If the feelings are mutual then try and feel free to take it to the next level than to miss a wonderful relationship which might be your destiny. So, think well before you decide because it matters a lot in the longer run. All the Best!