How To Attract Women: Reading Between The Line

Sometimes the unspoken actions are the loudest of them all. Learn how to attract women by reading between the lines of your daily interactions.

By Bella Reaves
How To Attract Women: Reading Between The Line

The Law of Attraction

Wouldn't we all love to know how to turn women on in an instant? Having a godly gift to make any woman fall into your arms sounds so farfetched it could even be a superpower! But the truth is, there is no fixed law of attraction when it comes to women. However, there are a few particular ideologies and frameworks you can use to read attract a woman who would be uninterested otherwise.

Understanding Women

Be who you want to be, not what others want to see 🦋

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She is beauty, she is grace. She is everything you've wanted in life, and more. She is the only reason you're on this planet and every time her heart beats yours, skips two paces in anticipation of the next moment that you're writhing in agony near her, thinking of the best thing to say. Or maybe she was simply pretty and you wanted to talk to her! Whatever the reason was, you're here now, and you're looking for some insight on understanding women so you can attract them. Who better to learn from than a bonafide woman? In this article, I'll share ideas with you that will help you understand women and attraction on a fundamental level.

Attract Women With Action

Fortune favors the brave, and that's the point I want to start out with in this article. You will NEVER attract a woman if you are a man of zero action. It's good that you are reading this article because it means that you are looking for direction. However, if all you do is READ articles about attracting women, and never go out and work, you will see no results. This is why taking action is the most important way to attract women and see lasting results. There are so many guys who would rather read books about picking up girls, charisma, and the interpersonal relationships between males and females that bind us all, but they will not act on any information that they have. This is why they fail. However, there are also many men who try to attract women constantly but see no results. This is because they lack direction. They could either refuse to improve, be socially clueless, or are just very unlucky. You must be someone who constantly puts effort and constantly looks for ways to improve your efforts. That is how you will succeed.

Becoming A Top 10% Man That Women Love

Continuing on the last point, you will instantly be ahead of everyone else in attracting women if you are a man of action. Do you remember when we were kids? I remember my middle school annual dance. We were a bunch of confused teenagers, and when it came time to dance, the boys and girls went to opposite sides of the dance floor. It remained segregated by gender until one fateful moment. John - an average looking boy in 8th grade, went to dance with the girls instead of hanging out with the boys. Instantly, we all danced with him in harmony and respected his courage. This concept remains in real life today. Go to any public space full of attractive women and you will see men lurking in corners with no intent to approach the woman. This is absurd! Especially because you can see the men glancing at the women constantly. What do they think will happen? That the attractive lady will pick them, out of every single person in the location, and fall into their arms, as if it were pure magic? Nonsense! That will never happen! Wake up. Even if you approach beautiful women and are rejected, you are closer to attracting the woman than 90% of the male population. This is because you chose to try instead of waiting to fail.

Essential Body Language For Attracting Women

There are a few basics in terms of women's body language, but we'll run through some things that should be absolutely common sense for you if you are going to attempt to woo the lady of your dreams. Note that the following facts are subjectively or objectively agreed to by a large aggregate of respected professionals.

Her Face When She's Attracted To You

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Typically, the only time when you notice a woman's face well is if you are right next to her, talking to her. This will make it hard for you to observe her because you will have to multitask between keeping the conversation alive and watching her facial cues. When observing her body language, there are a few dead giveaways that will signal a woman is instantly attracted to you.

Her Eyes Don't Tell Lies

A woman's eyes can sometimes answer the question of whether or not she is attracted to you. Where is she looking? Is she looking directly into your eyes? A longing gaze from a woman means she is definitely attracted to you, and she is putting all of her focus and attention towards you. She will actively engage in conversation with you, but there is something about you that makes her gaze linger in a mysterious yet positive way. How much eye contact is she making? This one is tricky. Sometimes a shy woman will not make much eye contact with you and look away or at her drink. However, the trick here is to notice her level of engagement with you during the conversation. If she is looking away but still receptive to your advances, you are fine. However, if she's looking straight at you with full attention, this will mean that you have her sufficiently interested and you can proceed from there. If she is not interested, there will be a few clear signs. Is she constantly looking at her phone? Is the woman constantly looking away from you? Is the woman rolling her eyes? If so, she's probably not interested.

Women's Upper Bodies Can Be Receptive

Now we will move down from the eyes and focus on the upper body. You'll want to carefully analyze some aspects of her torso (don't look at the chest too much though). The middle of the body speaks the clearest body language. Is her chest perked up or is it slacked back? If a woman's chest area is perked up, she is purposefully manipulating her appearance to impress you. If it is slouching backwards, she doesn't really care about the current encounter (unless she has scoliosis). Where is her chest pointing? If a woman instantly points her breasts towards you, there's a high chance she's interested in you. Therefore, she will toss her sexuality at you in the hopes of eliciting a reaction. What about her arms? A woman's arms can tell an entire story by themselves. If her arms instantly cross and form a defensive, reserved position, she may not be as receptive to you as she seems. If her arms are open, flowing, or playing with her hair, she is more open to your encounter.

Attracted Women's Lower Bodies

Women who are attracted to you will sometimes do certain things with their lower bodies in the world of body language. This includes the hips, pelvic region, butt, thighs, and feet. If a woman is attracted to you, she will naturally gravitate towards you. This could mean that she subtly thrusts her pelvis towards you, and clings to your every word and action. This region of the body can say a lot, so watch her carefully. Just don't let her catch you staring! On the backside of her lower body, women might do something interesting too. Women who are attracted to you could stick their butts out at you as if it were some kind of mating ritual circa BCE. Additionally, you would do well to keep note of women's knees and toes. If a woman's feet are pointed towards you, there is a great sign that she has interest. This is an old technique used by sales professionals to gauge a customer's receptiveness to certain products. The psychology behind this theory is that a woman or man will point themselves towards what they want most.

Men Lie, Women Lie

If there's one thing women do more than anybody else on this earth, it's lie. They may not be lying with bad intentions, but sometimes it's easier to stretch the truth as opposed to telling the whole truth. Below are some common lies women will tell you, and what the true meaning behind what these women say is.

Lie #1: I'm Busy.

The dreaded scheduling conflict. You worked up the courage to ask a pretty girl out, only to find out she's doing something else that day or has a prior obligation. How horrible! But is she telling the truth? Sometimes it's easier for women to lie than to outright reject you. I know from personal experience it feels better to tell a random guy that you're busy as opposed to saying "I'm not interested in you, please go away". Women are sensitive, emotional creatures. We can't help it if we're not interested in you, but we don't want to hurt you either. Sometimes we'll let you down easy by telling you a half-truth. Because we are busy. Us women are busy doing something more desirable than being with you.

Lie #2: You're Really Nice, But...

Similar to the first lie, this is something we say right when we are about to reject you. Why do we do this? It's because we don't want to hurt you. We give you a compliment before putting you down because we want to be nice, but our heart isn't into you. There just isn't a connection, but we would rather tell you something nice than to stonewall you upfront. This again, comes from our sensitive, emotional nature. Us women can be predictable sometimes, can't we?

Lie #3: I Have a Boyfriend

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This one is more deceitful and aggressive but not bad natured. Sometimes, a man comes on too strong to us or we need a remedy to unwanted attention. This lie is the ultimate deflector in the dating game. "I have a boyfriend" is universally seen as one of modern women's best weapons to deflect unwanted advances. Why does it work? Because men respect it of course! First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all of the men that respect other people's relationships, because admittedly, us women use this excuse by leveraging and taking advantage of male respect. That doesn't mean you should always assume women don't have boyfriends, but that if women are telling you that, they are communicating to you that they do not want to continue the conversation or encounter with you.

Lie #4: I don't usually do this/I'm not that type of girl/etc.

This lie is usually another deflection technique we use. Let's say things start getting hot and heavy. There's some touching, hugging, and kissing. This lie is what we will use in this situation when sexual tension starts to escalate. Why do we do this? As women, we care much more about our reputations than men. One of the greatest fears of the contemporary woman is to be seen as a promiscuous girl. Promiscuous women are often shamed by the public, and it can lead to a host of troubles with romance, employment, and even religion. This fear is so strong among women, that sometimes, we'll outright tell you this lie even if we want you. Especially if you approach us when we're with our friends. You could be the most handsome man on planet earth and I'd still put you down because I don't want to be seen as someone with low standards.

Don't JUST Be Yourself

One of the most misleading platitudes you can ever receive from men and women is the advice to "just be yourself". Newsflash - don't listen to those men and women. Being yourself only works if your actual self is somebody women want to date. Instead, you should aim to be a man worthy of dating. What constitutes a man worthy of dating, and what will make women love him? Well, that's quite simple but also quite complicated. Allow me to explain women below.

A List of Simple Women's Desires

What makes a man desirable to women? We can break it down to a few (baseline) factors. Height - Taller men will be more attractive to most women. Being tall signals you are healthy, have good genes, and can protect us. Strength - Stronger men will also be attractive to women for this same reason. Wallet - A rich man can provide better for women than a poor man can. Although wallet size is a superficial reason to love a man, I have to include it because it is a reality of the dating game. Charisma - One factor that can be improved upon drastically. Can you make us laugh? Can you hold a conversation? Women will love a man with a powerful magnetism behind him, and charisma is how it happens. Power - Have you ever heard the term "women love a man in a uniform"? Well, it's true - us women love a man in a position of power. Power can signify your status, your job, or even your social circle. Having a large social circle will signal to women that you are socially powerful. Style - A man with a sense of style will stand out from the crowd - he shows himself to the world as someone who cares about his appearance and is able to distinguish himself from the rest. Women won't be embarrassed to be around him because he'll always be impeccably clean-shaven and well-dressed. Race - Certain racial groups are more homogeneous than others. In Japan, most of the population is Japanese and they tend to date within their own culture. However, in America, you will see many heterogeneous groups as well as mixed children. Sometimes the racial barrier can be too strong to break. Religion - Certain religious groups, such as Orthodox Jews, encourage their women to marry Jewish men. You may not be able to find a Jewish wife unless you yourself are committed to a religious transition. Nationality - This is another area where relationship abuse will happen. If you are an American citizen, and a woman is from a foreign country, and she wants to be an American... guess what will happen? This is not a gender restricted occurrence but since historically men have been seen as providers, they will often be the victim of false love.

Mix and Match

The complex part is, no matter if you know what women like, women around the globe are different from each other. I could like guys who are smart and funny, but my neighbor could prefer men who are rich and handsome. It all depends on the women you are dealing with, where you are, and who you are. Therefore, it is imperative to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. I know this sounds contradictory since I said not to be yourself, but let me explain. Don't be yourself, be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. If women do not like that, they are the wrong women for you. Never compromise your personality and your happiness for another human being. You are the only one who will walk in your shoes.

Closing Remarks

You will not attract women instantly. You may not even attract women quickly. But if you learn about women, including our body language, desires, and mindsets, you may find yourself on the fast track to mastering relationships with the opposite sex. Remember, attracting women and reading between the lines will not happen instantly. You will see many dark days ahead, but stay strong and I'm sure you will succeed.