Top 12 Things You Should Do To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Cheer up your girlfriend with simple tips like over texting, simple kisses, and extra date nights. These simple tips will surely make her smile.

By Lindsey Ladd
Top 12 Things You Should Do To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

1. Over Text Her To Cheer Her Up

I know this sounds simple, but you would be surprised at how far it will go to just send a simple text. Guys, you can NEVER over text when it comes to your girlfriend. If you are in the "I love you, babe" stage of your relationship that is enough. I would die for my boyfriend to just send a simple text to me during the day when I am stressed to let me know he's thinking of me. If you aren't using the "L" word yet, then just text her and tell her you are thinking of her by saying something simple like: "You're my best." "Just breathe, you've got this." Or cheer her up by using a simple emoji. A little goes a long way!

2. Tell Your Girlfriend She's Beautiful

As women, when we have a bad day or need cheering up the simplest things can make us smile. Tell her she's beautiful in simple ways. Text her when she doesn't expect it and tell her she's beautiful. Text her at night or text her when you know she can't look at her phone right away. Tell her often and in simple ways. It's great to hear these things when you're getting dressed up to go out, but to hear them in the morning when you've just woken up and feel anything but beautiful? That is when it makes us smile and will leave a lasting impression. Your girlfriend may not remember everything you say to her or text her, but if she wakes up to something like this she will will remember it forever. Try: "I hope you have an amazing day, Beautiful." It's simple right? Be cheesy if she likes cheesy. Be simple. Write her some amazing poem, if that's your thing. But tell her how beautiful she is and that will make her smile a smile you have never seen before.

3. Cheer Her Up With A Phone Call

I know this almost sounds silly. In a world where texting is our main form of communication, taking a minute to call your girlfriend on a lunch break and letting her know that you are thinking of her will make her day. I know, I've said that you should text her so much you think you're over texting, but let me tell you, a phone call among all the amazing text messages will put your girlfriend over the moon! Nothing gives me butterflies more than getting a call and seeing his name and our photo. Your girlfriend doesn't need this call to turn into a long conversation either. Just call and see how her day is going. Ask how her test went, how the presentation went, or ask about that big meeting she's been preparing for. This two minute call could completely make her day, and make her even more excited about you!

4. Kiss Your Girlfriend on the Forehead

When I'm having a rough day and my boyfriend comes over and gives me a simple kiss on the forehead it makes me smile. Yes, it can be that simple. Women want to feel loved and cared for and sometimes the simplest way to do that is by a simple kiss. I, for one, love forehead kisses as they are sweet, simple and intimate. If your girlfriend needs to be cheered up, go for a forehead kiss versus a full make-out session. Keep it simple when she's stressed and I know your girlfriend is going to eat it up. This is definitely one of the simplest ways to cheer her up.

5. Cheer Your Girlfriend Up With A Simple Gift

I'm not saying you need to go to the store and drop $100 on a gift for your girlfriend to cheer her up. I'm not saying you need even need to wrap it. Buy her something simple that shows her you're thinking of her and that she's important to her. If you see a cute coffee cup you know your girlfriend would love, buy it and set it out for her one morning. If you see her favorite lip gloss at the gas station as you wait to buy that 12-pack of beer, BUY THE LIP GLOSS! You would be surprised how the simplest of gifts will mean so much. We want to know you care and we want to know you pay attention. What better way to tell your girlfriend this and to cheer her up at the same! Buy her something so small and seemingly insignificant that it will mean the world to her and she will always smile and think about you when you use it. What's amazing, and will work so well in your favor, is that when you use this small tip once it will continue to pay off for a long time. Your girlfriend may be having a rough day and need to some cheering up now, but will instantly think of you and smile two months later when she is reading an nasty work email and reaches for that coffee cup you bought her. Cheer her up now and many times more in the future.

6. Hold Her Hand

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It may sound too simplistic, but holding her hand will always cheer her up. You may hold hands with your girlfriend all the time. This may be something that you do already and if that's the case then great! However, if you know she's had a rough day or that your girlfriend is stressed about something reach over and grab her hand. You could be watching TV, driving or having dinner. It seems so simple, but it's about timing. It's about showing you care and that you notice the little things. When we are sitting and quiet, that's when our minds wonder. Our stress begins to creep in and our minds being to race with everything that's going on When we are trying to relax and slow down, so take your girlfriend's hand and hold it and just be there. You don't even have to discuss anything, which makes it even better!

7. Bringing Her Coffee Is A Sure Way To Cheer Her Up

This is different than a gift. If your girlfriend is anything like me, then bringing me coffee in the morning speaks to my heart in a whole different way. I still remember the first time my boyfriend did this. I miss this. When I am stressed, tired or feeling down coffee is the way to make me smile. Over texting is amazing. Kisses are amazing. Your time and the ability to see you for just a moment though, that is next level. You know what she orders, cheer her up with her favorite coffee drink!

8. Cheer Her Up With A Post On Social Media

If you need a mental break what do you do? You probably take a look at your Facebook news feed, Instagram or Twitter. Right? So, if over texting isn't your thing, and maybe she is one of a million girls who isn't into that either, then go to social media. Take a minute and post a cute picture of the two of you on Instagram or Facebook. Tag her so you know she'll see it! And say something simple and sweet. Letting your world know you are thinking of her is sweet and most of us may roll our eyes seeing those posts, but to her it means the world. And this is the point, isn't it? Cheer her up by making her smile, not to avoid your buddies giving you crap for being gushy. I'll tell you this, I've been in relationships where it was the opposite. I never saw my guy post anything about me on social media and on my worst days, as I would scroll through my feed on Facebook, I would have given anything to see a post from them about us and our relationship. It's silly, but this sort of thing speaks to us in a way that can cheer us up almost instantaneously. It doesn't have to be a book. Just be you and she will know it's genuine and she will smile.

9. Cheer Her Up With A Surprise Date Night

Date night means a lot of different things to different people. You know your girlfriend better than most, at least you should, so you decide what will fit her fancy. You could be at home for the night and make dinner or have something spiffy from her favorite restaurant for take out. A bottle of wine or her favorite drink, some good food and you by her side will do the trick! If you tend to go out quite a bit, then a quiet night at home may be exactly what she needs. On the other hand, if you have busy schedules or if something else, has kept you from going out as a couple for awhile then maybe a night out will be just what she needs. Sometimes I want nothing more then to go out and forget about the stresses of life for a little bit. This could be going to her favorite bar, restaurant, club, etc. If I were you, I would plan it and just go for it! If you start asking her questions then you'll probably end up frustrated or not going anywhere. Don't bother with asking, "Babe, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go?" Instead, just tell her that you're taking care of dinner and then let her know in a simple way to get ready to go out or to relax to be at home.

10. Cheer Your Girlfriend Up By Cooking Dinner

This isn't the same as planning a Date Night. Cooking dinner when you know she's been working late at the office is a great way to cheer up your girlfriend! You get a call or text from her that she is having to work later than expected and you know this stresses her out because dinner usually takes 30 - 45 minutes to prepare and cook. Instead of just waiting for her to get home, take care of it for her. Don't make her ask. If you don't live together, invite your girlfriend over for dinner and have it ready (or almost ready) when she gets there. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten home and have thought to myself, "I wish he would have just made something. ANYTHING." It doesn't have to be amazing, it just has to be done. It's thoughtful and it may take a little effort, but I can promise you that the more she sees you make an effort in small ways when she feels stressed, the more likely you are to cheer her up and reassure her that things are good at home while they are crazy away from home.

11. Ask Your Girlfriend Questions About Her Day

Fake stress or not, women like to be asked about what's going on in their world. I know that sometimes guys want to avoid asking too many questions, but do your girlfriend a favor and ask. Ask her how her day was. I am sure you know what has your girlfriend stressed. Is it school? Work? Friends? Family? You? Ask her. If you don't already know, then asking will automatically make her feel like 1. you care about how she feels and why 2. that you aren't afraid of the bad days and 3. she's human and having a bad day is O.K. and doesn't make her "crazy". When you avoid her when she is stressed or sad, you make her feel worse. You make her feel like it may not be reasonable that she feels that way so she starts to spiral. Asking her about her day and her feelings will help this and will make her feel closer to you. If you want bonus points, give her a hug and don't try to fix it right away. Just listen. If you ask how her day was and your girlfriend says, "Fine." Don't give up! Don't let her off the hook, and more importantly ask more specific questions if you know what she is stressed. "How was your day? How did that meeting with your boss go?" This will make her feel like you listen, care and aren't afraid to have a real conversation! If she's like me, it will also make her want to jump your bones!

12. Don't Like to Over Text? Don't Cook? Then Plan A Date Doing Something She LOVES!


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This one is the big one. This would fall under "pulling out all the stops". If you have read through this list and are thinking, "Nope. I can't do that." If you get all the way through to #12 and are still at a loss because it's just not like you to over text, much less make dinner, or you are busy and have opposite schedules so impromptu dates don't happen then this is the one. This is a fail safe! Plan a date that is just about her. It can be going to her favorite make-up shop and buying her anything she wants. It could be taking her to a play. It could be taking her to a baseball game (if she's anything like me that is). You could hate all of these things but if she loves them, then that is what you'll do. This date is about making your girlfriend the priority for the whole day/night and eat at her favorite place, not your's. You're going to do her favorite things, even if you hate them. She didn't get her dream job, and you don't know how to cheer her up - this is how you cheer her up.