40 Dirty Dares For Naughty Girls And Guys To Enjoy A Sexy Night

40 very naughty truth and dares for both guys and girls to play

By E.M. Love
40 Dirty Dares For Naughty Girls And Guys To Enjoy A Sexy Night

Dirty Truth Or Dare For Girls And Guys

Truth Or Dare can be a fun game to play with guys and girls; it will teach you a lot about the other person you play with. You will see how far you can push them and what kind of honest answers you can get out of them. Playing the dirty version truth or dare can take the game to a whole new level, especially if you play with someone you are in a relationship with or someone that you like. Playing with dirty dares can lead to a sexy night with the other person. Here are 40 dirty dares to play in your next game that will be extremely funny, naughty, and some may even be painful. You don't have to wait to play in person; you can play over text message, Skype, Snapchat, or even FaceTime.

Reasons To Play Naughty Truth Or Dare

Playing naughty truth or dare can be a lot of fun. You can dare another person to perform one of the secret fantasies that you have always wished they would do. You and your partner or group will be sure to come up with some funny, naughty dares that any of you would have imagined doing before in front of or to another person. The game may be painful for some to play, but in the end will be an unforgettable experience of a very sexy night. 

How To Prepare To Play Dirty Truth Or Dare?

When you decide that you want to play, you probably don't want to be too abrupt where you just tell your significant other that you want to play dirty dares right at that moment out of nowhere. The best way to usually tell them that you want to play is to casually bring up that you are in the mood for playing naughty truth or dare later that night or the next night. This way, your partner can get in the mood and be prepared to play. If you want to play with a group, you will give everyone else time to prepare and set aside some time. If you want to play really naughty, make sure that you have a mixture of guys and girls who are game for it. Drinking before the game starts is a good way to get everyone relaxed and ready. 

Naughty Dares You Should Never Give

Remember that there are certain naughty dares that you should never give, especially if you are in a serious relationship with the person you are daring. If you are in a relationship with someone but have a suspicion that he or she likes someone else, don't invite that person to play this game and then dare your partner to perform a naughty act with that person. This will obviously cause you to be upset but you cannot use it as a way to get mad at him. You dared him to do it for the game, and if he does complete the dare, he is only playing the game. Keep this naughty truth or dare game fun and light. Don't ask any of the guys or girls to perform a naughty dare that you know is painful and will make them cause a big scene. This is supposed to be a night filled with fun, not drama and negative emotions. 

40 Dirty Dares For Girls And Guys

Here is a list of the top 40 dirty dares to play in a naughty game of truth or dare. There is a mix of sexy dares to use in a group setting or for a one-on-one game with your significant other. It's a good idea to start with some easier dares to start getting in the mood for the naughtier dares.  

1. Take off underwear

This is one of the first naughty dares that you can use to prepare for more sexy ones later on in the game

2. Massage upper legs

The one who must give the massage should give a slow massage of the other person's thighs. Be ready for erections and wet spots.

3. Neck and Ear Lick

Licking the person's ears and neck will be sure to start getting them in the mood for more. A time can be set for how long the person must lick the other for, such as 1-3 minutes 

4. Spanking

You could dare someone to show their butt to another player to receive a spanking from. How many spankings can be set or a time limit for how long they will get a spanking for!

5. Dry humping

A very dirty dare that can be funny to those who watch is to dry hump someone else for a certain amount of time. You can specify a body part to hump or let them choose.

6. Kiss and lick the whole body

For this dare, the player must lick and kiss someone's body all the way from the bottom to the top. A set amount of time should be chosen.

7. Turn someone on without using any hands

The player should turn the chosen person on in any way they can without using their hands while being timed.

8. Take all clothes off

This naughty dare may be painful for those who are shy if you are playing with a group, but will surely lead to sexier dares.

9. Taste sexual fluids

One of the group members has to get some of their fluids on their fingers, then the player has to lick it off and taste it

10. Give the group oral sex

This is an extremely dirty dare that is not for the shy. The player has to give every other member in the group oral sex for a set amount of time, such as for one minute for each person.

11. Visibly masturbate for the group

The player has to masturbate for a set amount of time in front of everyone, such as for 5 to 10 minutes.

12. Masturbate another player

The player has to masturbate another player of the game.

13. Leave sex toys inside or on a player

Girls have to put a vibrator inside of themselves and let it sit there while on until it is their turn again. Guys have to put on a cock ring that vibrates, or another sex toy that vibrates.

14. Inserting fingers

For this dare, a player has to put their fingers inside of the other player and put in as many of their fingers as they can. 

15. Spread-eagled dare

The player who accepts this extremely naughty dare is tied up in a spread-eagled position for a set amount of time. The other players in the group can then do anything they want to you. Rules can be set, otherwise, the group's imagination is the limit.

16. Naughty picture dare

For this dare, the player could be required to take a naked picture while giving a sexy pose, and then text message it to someone. The picture could also have to be of the group or with the player and their partner doing something naughty while naked, and having to send that to somebody.

17. Go online and research a new sex position that you have never done

The player then has to act that sex position out, either with furniture or another player.

18. Text message someone "I'm coming," followed by "I just came."

19. Wear handcuffs for the whole game.

20. Dare someone to do whatever another player tells them to do for a set amount of time, such as for five full minutes.

21. Give another player a lap dance

This can be with or without clothes on, depending on how far along you are in the game and how naughty the game is getting. 

22. Fake orgasm

The player has to fake having an orgasm for anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds. This can be pretty funny for the rest of the group to hear, if playing in a group setting.

23. Sexy crawl

The player has to crawl across the floor while looking as sexy as they can. This dare can also be extremely funny to watch. If allowed, other members can take this dare a step further and take a picture to either text message it to someone or post on SnapChat.

24. Make a sex tape with your partner

This dare is probably best left for couples, but it could be used in a group setting too. 

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25. Lick whipped cream off of body parts.

26. Have sex with your partner while using sex toys

This may be a new thing for couples and may seem uncomfortable, but could be an enjoyable naughty dare.

27. Lick someone's feet

There are many people out there who get turned on by their feet being licked. This dare could definitely lead to more sexy dares.

28. Watch a sex video and then perform what the people in the video did with another person.

29. Take a sexy picture of yourself

or with a partner, or even a sexy group picture, and make that the player’s main picture on their phone for a set number of days to where anyone can see it.

30. Shots dare

The chosen player has to close their eyes while everyone else pours some liquor into shot glasses and then mixes up the glasses. The player then has to pick a random shot, drink it, and whoever's shot they drank, they have to sit on that person's lap until it is their turn again. This can be with clothes on or even while naked if the game has progressed to that point.

31. Talk dirty to another player

Tell the other player what you want to do to them and make you do.

32. Use a sex toy on another player

For this dare, the chosen player has to use a sex toy on someone else, either for a set time or until they orgasm.

33. Lick someone's inner thigh

The dare can be to lick the upper, inner thigh, but not to go all the way up.

34. Player will have to remove someone's underwear without using hands.

35. Sexy dance to sexy music

For girls especially, this naughty dare can be very entertaining and will surely turn the guys on quickly.

36. Go streaking with the group.

37. Perform a sexual act while in a car.

38. Talk seductively

Girls or guys can do this dare.

39. Eat something off of another player's body part

This can be any body part.

40. Read an erotic story out loud

The player will have to read and have two others to re-enact the scenes.

Dirty Dares For A Sexy Night

These dirty dares range from being mildly naughty to extremely naughty, depending on the comfort level of the group or partner that you play with. Some will be entertaining while others will be downright embarrassing, for both girls and guys. Playing a game of dirty truth or dare will make for a night that you will never forget.

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