What Do Guys Like More: Skinny Girls Or Curvy Girls?

For decades, skinny girls and curvier girls have been pitted against one another. What the average guys like the most? Read on to find out!

By Emma Philo
What Do Guys Like More: Skinny Girls Or Curvy Girls?

What Do Guys Like More: Skinny Girls Or Curvy Girls?

Since pretty much forever, skinny girls and curvier girls have been pitted against one another, especially when it comes to grabbing guys' attention. Guys are pretty hard to read, and we can never work out what they generally like their date to look like. Though this may sound shallow, let's face it, we're all curious! What do guys really like? Do they like model-like proportions or a bit of junk in the trunk? Read on to find out!

Don't Be Jealous Of The Magazines

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Before heading out on your first date, don't put yourself down. Don't think they expect model material. No one looks like a model - not even the models themselves! Secondly, it's a well-known fact that most guys don't lust after the Photoshopped, extra-thin models that you catch in a fashion magazine. You don't catch guys going to the fashion shelf for the latest Vogue or Vanity Fair! They like a natural beauty, and that's what is key. Something that is real and most importantly, healthy!

Let's Get Down To The Research

Research has proved that guys, given the choice, like a curvy girl more than a skinny one. Guys apparently like a softer, rounder body to snuggle up to, with a cinched in waist. However this all depends on where you are from - research has also proved that Americans guys tend to lust after curvier celebrities like Kate Upton, who measures up to the curvy girl proportions - small waist, wider hips and a fuller bust, whilst the French like more petite girls with a smaller bust - the Keira Knightley types! With Paris being the fashion capital that it is, it's hardly surprising! It's all psychology!

So What Do Guys Like?

The USA Like Curvy Girls

One Quora user became curious to know what guys in each country around the world liked in a woman. In research done on the forum, one American, Ryan, said "In my country, the US of A, namely the Southeast, I think the standard image of beauty is probably the same as in many other places; tall, curvy, blonde and blue eyes (though light brown eyes are also really popular), and either fair skin or tanned.”

The Chinese Think Skinny Is Better!

The skinny girl can't be ruled out though! There are some countries where a majority of the guys like a slimmer lady! In China, guys like girls that are skinny - Nat wrote "The skinnier the better. A4 challenge is a ‘thing’, iPhone 6 challenge is also a ‘thing’." You may have heard of the trends Nat is talking about - they are very popular in Asia, and are extremely dangerous! The A4 challenge is when your torso is the width of an A4 piece of paper, and the iPhone 6 challenge, dangerously popular in China, involves women slimming down to have legs the width of an iPhone 6. Though this is a controversial response, and very extreme, Asian guys tend to like slimmer girls, but going to these lengths is crazy!

Do Guys Like Skinny Girls Elsewhere?

For a large majority of European countries, apart from France and Switzerland, curvy girls are for the win! France and Switzerland like a skinny girl better, with a French user saying that they seek a fashion model meets girl-next-door vibes with a small bust- "mix of fashion model standard beauty with a girl-next-door kind of vibe. Big boobs are overrated, small boobs for the win!" Switzerland was a similar story, with a female user sharing her experience, men tend to prefer a skinny girl there too. Nordic countries tend to appreciate a taller, model-like blonde. In the UK though, British men like a petite and moderately curvy woman. We can link this to the average dress size for a woman in these countries.

The Average Dress Size In Each Country

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A girl's average dress size can vary in each country, and it can, therefore, have an impact on a guy's preference. He wants something realistic, which is why he looks at the lovely figures that he gets to see day-to-day! In the United States, the average woman's dress size is a size 16, whilst in France, it is a US size 8 to 10. The difference is staggering! Then you have the UK, where the average woman's dress size is quite similar to that of the American woman, at roughly a US size 14!

Physical Research (Oo-Er!)

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In late 2016, the Daily Mail was just as curious as us and carried out an experiment to see what got the guys' hearts pounding. Showing just three of many body shapes out there - athletic, skinny/fashion model and curvy/Kim K - they used high-tech eye-tracking devices to see who out of the three ladies the guys checked out more!

The Results Are In!

This may be a little unsatisfactory, but it was almost a tie - it was pretty tight between the three, but the curvier frame beat athletic and skinny at the post. The curvy model won with 36%, but the athletic, Instagram-inspired body wasn't far behind at 35%! Today, with media surrounding us with images of ladies with fuller busts and butts, and a crazy hourglass figure (think Kim K and Nicki Minaj), it's hardly surprising that the guys were ogling at the curvacious model! It has come somewhat the norm for women to be super curvy, and ladies are now even striving for that bootylicious shape! However, this is totally contradictory to a study that took place earlier that year, where it was discovered that guys like a skinny girl more, because they associate a skinnier body with youth and fertility. But then isn't the fertility reason why they liked curvier women? Hmmm...

What Is The Deal With Fertility?

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It is somewhat contradictory, but guys like a certain body shape better because they associate it subconsciously with that woman's fertility. As we mentioned above, in a study in 2016, guys associate a slimmer body with youth and fertility. But then, it has also been proved in research that a woman with wider hips are said to be good child-bearers. The guy doesn't even know the reason why they think your body is smokin' and better than anyone else's, but that could be it!

Let's Get Down To Business...

It has been said that guys prefer a curvy girl because they are afraid to "break" a slimmer woman when they want to make love. Guys are quite self-conscious, especially when it comes to the first times of doing it with their partner. Guys sometimes like a little more junk in the trunk because it is more comfortable for them and they think you can handle more in the bedroom! Also for some guys, curves mean a fierce sexuality, and confidence in the bedroom!

It's Science!

Science has proved that curvier girls have better sex, curves are associated with sexuality, so even if you're not feeling on top of your game curvy ladies, know that your curves can definitely attract! The "thickness" also allow women to enjoy endorphins, that make us feel so good, and make our partner feel even better!

Body Shapes Through The Ages

When you look at beauty icons throughout the years, a lot of them have been curvy. It was only at the beginning of the 1900s that slenderness became fashionable, but curviness still stole the spotlight! With the invention of the bra, it celebrated women with larger busts all the more! Just look at Marilyn Monroe, she was a US size 6 to 8 with a fuller bust and curves in all the right places! Or even 70s singer Chaka Khan, who liked to dress in figure-clinging dresses to show off her beautiful body!

The Beginning Of Model-Like Proportions

During the 1930s, taller and slender girls started to become on trend, and by the 1960s, models as we know them today were all over the magazines! British model Twiggy's career was really booming in the 1960s!

Then There's The Personality...

It's funny when you think about it - there are certain personalities that are linked to certain body types. Curvy girls are associated with fearlessness and confidence, they are bold, funny and don't take themselves too easily. They can make you feel good and confident about yourself! They are also more accepting, they have their hang-ups and are more accepting of those of their partner, friends, or even just strangers! But that's not to say a skinny girl can't be all these things! Confidence plays an important role in seduction and attraction - you could be skinny or curvy if you have a cute smile and glowing confidence, there is no way guys will resist you!

What Can We Conclude From This?

In this mishmash of answers, we can't really point our finger on any of the surveys that have been carried out and give you a definitive answer, because to be honest, there isn't one. Men's preferences tend to depend on the guy, like with us girls, one guy may be attracted by an athletic/boyish frame, whilst his best friend, or brother, may be attracted by a curvier girl, we can never dictate what guys should or shouldn't like! Then, as we covered further above, their preferences can be based on where they are from - the Chinese aren't so used to seeing a chunkier girl, as their obesity rates are below 5%, they are one of the healthiest countries in the world!

We've said it once and we shall say it again - confidence matters. Not what guys tend to like - if you are feeling down in yourself, taking your health into your own hands should be your decision and not be for anyone else. And especially not for some guy to like you more! If you feel good about yourself, then you need not mention those to anyone. You can just show off your confidence, your killer body and just be yourself - your body type shouldn't matter as long as you are friendly, reassuring and down-to-earth! Men value above all intelligence, kindness, and humor, so get cracking on those humorous date jokes!