22 Subtle Signs To Tell If A Woman Likes You More Than A Friend

Yes, man and woman can be just friends. But, what if she likes you and wants to be more than just a friend? We will help you to figure it out.

By Tashke
22 Subtle Signs To Tell If A Woman Likes You More Than A Friend

Male - female friendship

Men generally have male friends around them and it is their natural environment. With the other guys, they can be what they really are, without faking. However, it is not unusual for a man to have a lot of females friends. Many people have doubts about the existence of male-female friendship, because of the possibility of certain romantic feelings that can occur on one or both sides. That doesn't always have to be the truth but what if that happens to you" If a woman likes you more than just a friend, but she doesn't want to admit it, here are some of the signs that will reveal her true feelings.

Woman's body language

First of all, this is an obvious sign that she likes you. You just need to know how to ''read'' it. Although she is trying so hard to hide her feelings, her body will reveal her. If you are interested in whether she likes you, watch how she behaves in your presence and pay attention to the following signs that her body will reveal.

1. She is more nervous than usual

When she has a certain feeling about you, she will start to behave unusually when you're around. You will notice that she is not relaxed in your presence anymore, that she is trying to avoid eye contact. She thinks she'll be revealed if she looks into your eyes because now, she looks you in a different way. You are not her friend anymore, she wants you as her loved one.

2. She looks deconcentrate

This sign is closely related to the one described in a paragraph above. Her deconcentration and discouragement stem from the fact that now all her thoughts (or at least most of them) are directed at you. Although she always cheers up when you are by her side, when you try to talk to her, she begins to chatter and she gets confused. If you ask something, she will tell you something completely different and you need to find out what is the answer out of all what she said. That's it. When a woman is in love, she's completely torn. Well, that shoul be a clear signs that she's so into you.

3. Licking her lips

Observe this. If she licks her lips while she's talking to you, that is an obvious sign that you attracted her. She has a lust for you and this is a sign that she wants to kiss you. In addition, she keeps looking at your lips as you speak, it means she wants your kisses. When she bites the lips sensually, it's an obvious sign of her being nervous, as we said before. Females body language is very interesting and can reveal a lot of things, only if we look carefully.


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4. Playing with her hair

Many women do this without even knowing it. When they are in the company of the person they sympathize, they unconsciously grab their hair strand and slowly twist it around the finger or touch her face. This is a clear sign of her being nervous in your presence, so just pay attention to whether she does this and you will know if she likes you.

5. She touches you very often

Another one signs of her being nervous. When she talks, and you are somewhere around her, she will constantly turn to you, as if she is only speaking to you. Logically, her focus is now on you, and she will get you most of her attention. She will use every opportunity to touch you, as if by accident. In that way, she tries to establish a closer contact with you. Sometimes she puts her hands on your shoulders, sometimes she grabs your arm, or she puts her hand on your thigh. These are all signs that she wants to get close to you. Well, if the feelings are mutual, you can do the same. She'll figure it out.

Her look

Naturally, all women like to look nice and to be dressed in every situation. However, if you notice with your girlfriend recently begun to wear sexy clothes, and generally her appearance is different than usual, especially when you are around, it's a clear sign that she does it for you (if this happens together with the previously indicated signs).

6. Sexy clothes

Till now, she wore jeans and snickers, now she looks like a femme fatale in a tight dress and high heels. In any occasion, she tries to look perfect. No more gloomy clothes and casual look. Now she wants your attention and she'll try to attract you visually, at first. There is no need to emphasize that now she will wear more decolted dresses or short skirts more often. She wants you to be thrilled every time you see her. It wasn't said without a reason, a woman in love is the most beautiful woman.


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7. Her makeup is different

If your girlfriend has always emphasized her natural look and did not wear too much makeup, you will notice this change for sure. Her makeup is no longer discrete, now she often emphasizes the lips and eyes, to get your attention. She will do smokey eyes, wear red lipstick, mostly, she will try to look hot anytime you're around. Red lipstick will encourage you to kiss her, so go ahead, if you like her too. This was all a part of the plan to get that kiss from you, so don't let her down.

How woman behaves when she likes you

Despite body language, there are a lot more signs that your girlfriend wants you as a lover. You may notice some changes in her behavior when you are nearby. So, here are some of them.

8. She wants to spend more time with you

Logically, when we like someone, we want to be by his side constantly. We want to spend every minute together even if do nothing. If you have not seen each other quite often so far, and she suddenly begun to initiate contact and seeing, this is a clear sign that she starts feeling something towards you.

9. Trying to be your best friend

Until now you two were friends but never been those close friends. Suddenly, she wants to hang out more intensely and spend more time with you. She is trying to have more intimate conversations with you and she's more interested in you and your life. Let's be honest, everyone cares about us and when someone cares about us, but this is so obvious that she wants to get close to you.

How woman communicate with the one she likes

Women talk way more than men and pay much more attention to the act of communication. When she likes you, she'll try to approach you anyhow. If you are friends, assuming she has your email, phone number, Facebook etc. You were contacted so far, the only difference is that now your contact will be more intensive.

10. Social networks

Women and social networks. Those two are inseparable nowadays. If a woman likes you and wants you to be more than friends, she will spy you on Facebook, Instagram, etc. She'll keep her eye on all your posts, when you're online and who're you interacting on social networks. And she will try to find herself in your posts. Whether you dedicate her a song or something like that, of course, if she knows that feeling as mutual. Be careful, it is a very thin line between sympathy and psychopath. If you notice she's stoking you, and you don't feel comfortable about that, tell her to stop. Or if you don't like her back. Be honest and tell her that it doesn't work for you. If she's not a maniac (let's hope so), she will stop controlling your Facebook or Instagram. Better safe than sorry.

11. Over texting

You have been in touch for so long, there are chances that this contact will intensify after she starts to feel towards you. Expect sudden messages, calls, hours of talk and over texting. She will send you messages for good morning and goodnight, during work, over texting you about everything. This is a good time to tell her what she can expect from you.

How she gets the attention of the one she likes

There are women who enjoy seduction and flirting. If she likes you, she will always be near and wait for every opportunity to contact you or to approach you. She will always look for you and she's able to leave everything she works in that moment, just to be with you.

12. She notices every little thing about you

You got your hair done, grow a beard, maybe you bought a new jacket. Oh, is that a new perfume? She will notice every single thing that you've changed recently.

13. She flatters you a lot

In every situation when you're around, she will flirt with you. Flattering is one of many ways how a woman tells whether she likes you. She will always share compliments to you, expecting the same from your side. Read between the lines. If she always praises your looks or something you've done, it's clear, she likes you a lot. A woman is always sincere while complimenting a man.

How woman acts in a crowd when she likes you

When a woman is in love, everyone will notice that except for the one she's in love with. If you have mutual friends, it will be very hard for her to hide her feelings for you. If you assume that she likes you, look how she acts when you're with your friends.

14. She can't stand another women around you

Women like to compete with each other. Which one is more beautiful, which one is more successful, which one has a more handsome boyfriend, etc. A woman in love will always defend her territory from intruders. In this case, the woman who is in love with you will bother all the other women around you. Although you may not have any contact with them, she will inevitably identify a potential danger, even if another woman just looks at you. She will subtly show you that she is jealous and bothered by other women, but she will not tell you that.

15. She's always on your side

No matter what you do or speak, she always supports you. In arguments, she's on your side, although maybe you're wrong. That's how she wants to show you that she'll always be there for you and that you always can rely on her.

16. She's teasing you

It's not odd at all that the woman who likes you is starting to act like a little child. It means constantly teasing, making fun of you, giving you various kind of nicknames, etc. Although it's more likely for kids, it's one of the seduction tactics, believe or not. And it works! if nothing else, at least they will have some kind of contact with you. Read between the lines, everything is clearly made to you and is trying to get close to you.

17. She finds you very funny

Maybe you're a really funny person but then, maybe she likes you so much that she laughs at your stupid jokes for no reason, just to satisfy you in some way. Whatever, you just can't remain indifferent to her laughter. It's noticeable that she's laughing with no reason sometimes, but she does that to please you because she doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable if your joke was not really that funny.

Playing mind games with the one she likes

All previous signs show that girl has a serious crush on you. But what if she has just begun to show interest in you? It means that her feelings are not serious yet, but somehow she wants you to know that you are on her mind. There are various situations when you have to read between the lines to find out if she really likes you. Girls like playing mind games but they do that so no one gets hurt. They will just have a little fun, that's all. If it works for you, good, If it doesn't, well, she won't like you anymore. If you accept her game, you want her to like you and you like her. Simple as that (this would be an ideal scenario).

18. She won't look at you

While you're talking and staring around, she will look at you constantly. But when you look at her, she will hide her eyes and pretend that she's not interested in your speech. That's a bit childish, isn't it? But she will play that game as long as you play it with her.

19. She pretends not paying attention on you

When it's obvious that she likes you, she will act like she's not interested at all. She won't pay attention to what you say, she will interrupt you with some stupid questions or gags. Sometimes she'll pretend she did not see you at all. Well, if you're not important to her, she won't try this hard to ignore you, don't you think?

20. Playing hot'n'cold

Since you're friends, it's kinda logical to communicate. One day, she will over text you. She'll send you numerous messages everywhere, funny videos, gif's, kisses, etc. And the other day, she won't even text you back. Now you're in a dilemma, from over texting to no texting in no time. You think what did you do, maybe she's angry or something like that. And then suddenly, she over texts you again like nothing happens. This is a hard mind game, you know? If you like this girl, play by her rules for a while. But then, be honest and tell her that this is foolish. Maybe she'll quit the game before that, who knows.

21. She flirts openly with other guys

We have to mention first. Not any girl can play this kind of a mind game, let's be honest. It's a bit a matter of both moral and her convictions. Not every girl will use reverse psychology to get closer to you. You're hanging out, you're familiar with her crushes and ex-boyfriends. You know that she hasn't had anyone for a while. You noticed her giving you some kind of a hint, but you're still not sure. And then, boom. The next day, she openly flirts and kisses with the other guy. In front of you. That is reverse psychology. She wants you to know that she belongs to someone else, so that you will want her more.

22. She wants to hook you up with another girl

Suddenly, she's more interested in your love life than she ever was before. Even if you're friends for years, she never commented your choices about girlfriends. Now, she's your personal dating expert. She suggests you some random women, which do not seem to look better than her (to make sure you get the point that she's the best choice for you). She keeps telling you how it would be a lovely couple you and the girl she chose. Well, if she doesn't play it right, she will become her own ''game victim''. What if you actually like the girl she's trying to set you up? Then all her efforts will be thrown away. Be careful what you wish because you might just get it.

An extra advice

Sincerity is still the best solution. If you like someone, tell him, even if he was a former friend of yours. When the feelings are involved, there is no friendship anymore, at least not the sincere one. So, your friend is already lost. What is the worst that can happen?