30 Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like Over Text

Flirting over text can be both fun and risky. To help you stick to the former, here’s a list of the best naughty questions to ask a girl over text.

By Monalisa Murmu
30 Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like Over Text

Flirty questions over text can be tricky business

Not to bore you with serious stuff, but a study on human communication showed that 93% of what we say or ask is communicated through our voice and body language, while only 7% is through the words we use. That makes it pretty tricky to get friendly and ask questions over text. Because when trying to impress a girl over text you pretty much have just words at your disposal for framing your questions. The intentions behind questions asked over text can’t be explained through voice or facial expression, and can be easily subject to the point being completely missed (as you might have frequently noticed on the comment threads of popular Youtube videos). Add to that the fact that girls tend to be slightly more sensitive so you constantly find yourself dangerously balanced on the fine line between what questions to ask and what questions to avoid. Is there even anything called the right questions to ask a girl, that too over text? Yes, there are! Read on to know more about the best flirty questions to ask a girl that make the maximum impact and cause no damage to your reputation at all.

Breaking down the anatomy of text-flirting

If you’re dying to ask a girl out because she’s always on your mind, you’re likely trying to impress her in person and over text. You want to tell the best possible things and ask her the best possible questions to show her that you’re eligible to ask her out. Questions asked over text should work to your advantage in meeting this requirement. You need to ask questions that show her you’re smart and funny yet also sensitive, with the right amount of sexiness –basically everything that a girl looks for in her date. Your questions should be conceived keeping in mind that they fulfill this criterion. Don’t rush to ask a girl questions about her private details, or don’t just ask a girl out without warming up to her first. Take it step by step. Below is the breakdown of each step in detail and the questions that you can ask your favorite girl to master each level of flirting over text.

Questions that are actually compliments

When was the last time I complimented you?

You always start by complimenting her beauty, which this question effectively accomplishes. Ask this question and follow it up with a “Remind me to remind you that you’re the most beautiful woman every time I think you are. That would be about 10 times every second. Do your math”. She’d be blushing wildly at this question even if you can’t see it.

Why do you think men fall for you?

Asking this question is a classic way of achieving two things at once: 1) You let her know you’ve fallen for her. 2) You tell her you believe she’s attractive enough for men to be falling for her every time. Even better to ask this question if she’s someone who isn’t aware of it, as it makes her feel beautiful on the inside.

How are you still single?

Ask her this question and she’ll most likely reply with something on the lines of, “Why do you think I deserve to be in a relationship?” which opens the door for further compliments. Feel free to list down everything that you like about her, but be honest, or she'll see through that. And ask more such questions that lead to more such revelations.

Are you as hot as Wonder Woman or Cat Woman?

Using the names of famous celebrities or movie characters gives her a visual as to how attractive you actually think she is. Over text, creating visuals can be a challenge. Therefore use as many examples as possible when you ask her these flirty questions. Asking this particular question helps with that.

Do you work out often or are you genetically gifted?

Most girls are very conscious of their bodies. Even the hotties who work out every day and have the most flawless bodies. Ask this question to tell them that they have a beautiful body and ease their concern over presenting themselves to you. And the more comfortable a girl feels with you, the more likely she is to go out with you. You see, the right questions can work wonders!

Questions to ask a girl to get her talking about you

Step # 2 is to use questions to try and find out what your favorite girl thinks about you. It is crucial for you to know if you can get bolder over text, or not. Ask your questions to deliberately veer the discussion to her opinions about you. In order to impress a girl on chat, it’s not just important to tell her how much you like her but also to find out what’s on her mind, because you don’t get to see her body language, which would have been otherwise helpful. This step determines whether you’re ready to move on to the next steps. Some sample questions:

What is the first thing you noticed about me?

This is a harmless question you can ask anyone without much fear, but it does unlock very important details about what she thinks about you. The answers to this question might even surprise you! You might think she noticed your biceps first because you work so hard at the gym for them, but she might have noticed your hair. You’ll know to get a blow dry the next time you meet her. Asking the right question always helps.

How often do you think of me?

Disclaimer, don’t expect an honest answer to this question. Even if she likes you and does think of you often, she’ll do anything but admit it. Not yet at least. And hence might not answer this question at all! But asking her this question is a great way to let her know that you want her to think of you often, and that it matters to you. Cute!

Do you think I’m the cute type or the hot type?

Much like the previous question, she might go in complete denial of thinking anything on those lines about you, replying to this question with a ‘neither’. But make sure you ask this, because it is definitely a witty way to ask her if she finds you attractive, basically giving her only positive options to choose from. If you're lucky though, she might also say, "Both"!

Which thing about me would turn you on?

Whatever she answers this question with, it will be a great moral boost for you. Because the question is framed in a way that she has to answer only with a positive attribute. Asking this question suggests that you are her hypothetical boyfriend, so obviously you turn her on and she’s going to give you a very detailed answer on what about you turns her on.

What would I have to do to turn into your ideal man?

The first case scenario to asking this question is that she’d tell you certain things that she wants her ideal man to do, which will be a very constructive feedback even while you’re having fun over text. Or, in the second and best case scenario, she’d tell you you’re perfect as you are. This question is a win-win proposition.

Questions to ask a girl to show you care

The next step is to ask questions that assure your girl you’re not a random jerk she should ignore. And this is especially tough to do on chat because you don’t exactly get to do anything. So your questions should be the replacement for your actions. Now is the time to ask those sweet, corny questions, because, if you’ve already successfully asked the previous questions, you know that you’ve kinda sorta managed to impress your girl. Take that connection (refer to the list of questions below) to the next level by asking these romantic questions over text:

What would I have to say to make you laugh forever?

Here’s the inside tip: Girls like a man who can make her laugh more than anything else. And this question is a great start to your set of your questions to show her you care. By asking this question, you’re literally telling her that you want to make her laugh non-stop. That pretty much serves the purpose.

Would you like to hear me sing all your favorite songs?

Flirting is not just about being sexy, it’s also about being silly and making each other laugh. This question fits the bill here. Even if you aren’t a great singer (you’re not alone in this world), you can still record the songs and send her voice notes if she says yes. The worse your voice, the harder she laughs.

Would you miss me if I were to disappear from your life?

The emotional intimacy in this question is real. True, it’s bordering on the cheesy, but it’s okay to be so once in a while to explore all dimensions of flirting on chat. When you ask this question, you make her think of losing you, and if it affects her even the slightest bit, this girl is yours to date. Like I said once before, it's all about choosing the right questions to ask.

Why does it feel like we have a connection?

Another cheesy question with the same explanation. It’s okay to do this. The whole point of this set of questions is to show her your caring, sensitive side. If she gets the impression that it’s all superficial for you, she’ll take you for granted too. And you might not be able to advance any further. Asking this question helps you avoid that situation.

Do you think our lips are a perfect fit?

This question is so obvious, but so clever! If you want to tell her that you want to kiss her in the initial days of texting, asking this question is the way to go! How could she possibly answer this question? “Yes”? “No”? “Maybe”? “I don’t know”? “How could they not”? You’re winning at this!

Would you rather kiss me or cuddle with me?

Two options in the question with one intention. Ask her. Let her take her pick. She has no way out.

Have you ever thought of recreating that wonderful kiss?

Girls are always judged for watching too many rom-coms. Use this to your advantage by asking her this question. This question has another advantage: the visual thing I had mentioned earlier. Even long after you stop texting, she wouldn’t be able to get it out of her mind. Only this time it’s you and her in place of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (or whoever the stars of her favorite movie).

Questions over text that could score you a date

Now that you’ve impressed on her both your witty and sensitive sides, it is time to drop that date question over text. Your questions can be anything from the mildly suggestive to the totally daring ones. However, make sure to clearly mention at least once that you’re asking her out, because girls tend to be doubtful sometimes (especially if you’ve managed to really impress here –“Is he really asking me out, or am I expecting too much?”). And also because when asking questions on chat, things tend to get misinterpreted often.

What should a man do to impress you?

If she isn’t going “Aww” when you ask her this question, she will be a second later. This question is a carry forward from the questions that show her you care, but with a much more defined expression that you wish to impress her. Aww.

Are you ready to be swept off of your feet anytime soon?

This is the classic prince-of-fairytales, knight-in-shining-armor approach to your flirty questions and it works in most cases. All girls love it when boys at least try to be romantic at this level, even if they’re the strong independent types. Keep it low key though. You don’t want her to go “Ick” instead of “Aww”. Asking this question will help you negate any unwanted corniness.

If I were the last guy on earth, would you date me?

This question is an excuse to merely emphasize the “Would you date me” part. Write that part of the question in bold letters or something.

If I took you on a date, which place should I choose?

You’re being a little brave with this question here, hypothetically assuming that you already have a date. But after all this chit-chat, chances are she won’t mind you being a little brave. And chances are also high that she wants you to be a little brave now, so go forth and ask!

Would you let me be your genie for an evening?

Because you can never have enough fairytales when trying to woo a girl. Ask this question for the right amount of romance.

Suggestive questions to ask a girl over text

Admit it already, you were dying to get to this step. And understandably so, because you like this girl so much. These are the questions that are sexily flirty without being too out there. And these questions help you test the ground before you attempt to get bolder over text, because (to drive it home) girls are sensitive. You don’t wanna come across a creep, especially if you’re not. These questions when used correctly on chat, will give her the space to let you know if she wants to get any more flirty over text.

My bed is broken. Can I go sleep on yours?

Kinda naughty, kinda still on the sweeter side, this is a great opening question for when you start things to heat up but still aren’t quite sure how she’s gonna react to your naughty questions. If she doesn’t like it, you can always stop asking them and retract with a “But I love my sleep, so I don’t want you messing around”.

Would you rather give me a massage or take one from me?

Massages and talks of massages have been the starting point to many a naughty conversations in the history of naughty conversations. Take your chance by asking this question and see where it all leads to.

If I guessed the color of your underwear, would I be right?

Of course you’d want to take the conversation from massages to clothes to underwear –it’s all a part of the classic dirty talk pattern. Don’t break it. Classics exist for a reason. And asking this question is only still warming up to the real thing.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Skinny dipping = naked = naughty talks over text. Should I give you any more reasons to ask this question?

Downright raunchy questions to ask a girl over text


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Now is the time to get all out brave on chat, and choose questions accordingly. Go ahead, you’ve earned it. By now, she’s already into you and has perhaps even initiated the dirty flirty talk on chat with the previous questions. However, if you truly want to impress your girl, don’t turn off the charm over text yet. Ask questions that are fun while being sexy. These carefully crafted questions will make her giggle alongside making her hot. Careful, totally raunchy questions ahead:

Do you know the only woman I’d like to see naked?

Duh. Asking questions about nudity? Isn't that the most obvious?

Would you like to have sex on the beach?

When you frame your questions this way – in a more complicated manner that is – you achieve that purpose of making her think about it a while and figuring it out for herself. Ask her this question and look out for those giggles (I know you can’t, it’s a metaphor) because she sure as hell would be doing just that.

If I fell into a pool of chocolate, would you lick me clean?

The last two questions are the only explicitly sexual questions because this post is about being asking flirty questions, not naughty questions. We have a whole other post for that, check that out. Asking this question still adheres to the policy of being fun and witty though.

Me or sex, what would you choose?

And now, with this question, you’re going all out there with your naughty feelings. Although after the whole journey of these 30 questions where you have addressed every possible thing a guy should when flirting over text, she should be ready to accept this as well as reciprocate.

Get going!

And now all that is left for you to do is to pick up that phone and win your girl over text. With the right kind of questions, that we've listed here, you can get flirty and dirty with a girl and she won't just not mind, but will also play right back!