How To Feel And Manipulate Your Inner Spiritual Energy

Apart from the physical being, human beings have a spiritual life as well. It is important to learn about the spiritual side, so as to manipulate the energy.

By Auntrone89
How To Feel And Manipulate Your Inner Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy and how to manipulate it successfully

Love is divine. It is everywhere, ever present and abundant and free. It is a spiritual energy that is, at this very moment, flowing through the universe - through us, through our families, through billions of souls. It was never absent from our lives. It is not bound in our hearts or in our relationships, and thus it is not capable of being owned or lost. Freeing our mind of ancient hurts and opening to love can give us access to divine strength. To stand emotionally open before the world and give our hearts without fear of hurt or demand of reciprocity - this is the ultimate act of human courage. By Brendon Burchard from The Motivation Manifesto #lovemore #Spreadlove #spiritualenergy #courage #befree #nature #sunset #water

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It is rather unfortunate that a lot of people don’t believe in the existence of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy determines how one feels and its manipulation can change one’s life, either for good or for bad. And just like it is the case with just about anything in this world, it is very important for us to learn how to control our spiritual energy and attain balance. A lot of patience is required for this to happen. But the good news is that anyone can manage this. There are plenty of advantages associated with fully understanding and therefore successfully manipulating your spiritual energy. Most people who fully understand the importance of spiritual energy has experienced a lot of amazing experiences. Some of the spectacular experiences include healing of certain ailments that seemed beyond the abilities of the very best of doctors. The good thing about learning how to manipulate spiritual energy is that you don’t have to spend a dime on the name tuition. Valuable material about spirituality can be found online. You can also join any spiritual group where likeminded individuals openly exchange their views and ideas on how to manipulate spiritual energy. These ideas will help a lot in your quest for spiritual awakening. In the end, you will fully understand spiritual energy and how to successfully manipulate for the better. More often than not, understanding of your spiritual energy will call for getting rid of bad habits that result in your vibrating at a lower frequency. Apart from letting go of bad habits, you might be required to pick up new ones so that you, again, can manipulate your energy for the better. Here are some of the things you can do in order to correctly manipulate your spiritual energy.

1. Yoga and spiritual energy manipulation

When it comes to the manipulation of your spiritual life, you need to fully understand how to feel it. When you are having high vibrations, you will always feel as though everything in life is amazing. Your body will be robust and full of energy and you will generally feel alive and jovial. But whenever you start feeling as though something is wrong or you feel weak or anxious, then something is definitely wrong. Doctors might not be in a position to fix you because they only understand the physical problems. To some extent, doctors might give you a psychological prognosis to help you relax. But if you are suffering from ailments or drowsiness or stress and the doctors are not able to fix you, then it might be time for you to seek out a spiritual leader. But if you aren’t all about that, then you can try out some yoga. Yoga has been known to help many people realign the mind, body, and spirit, eliminating any kinds of problems related to chakra imbalance. Just like learning any other skill, it will take some time learning and understanding yoga but in the end, it will pay off a great deal. Many people have benefited from yoga’s healing qualities thanks to its ability to manipulate their spiritual energy. So, whenever you aren’t feeling up to the task or feeling low, then some yoga might be all you just need for you to experience some instant spiritual healing. The good thing about yoga is that you can either learn it online or even better; you can enroll in a wellness center or gym that offers yoga classes that are affordable.

2. Positive mindset equals to vibrant spiritual energy

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A lot of people don’t understand the power of having a positive mindset. It is very important to focus on the good side of things rather than bad sides. When your mind is clouded with thoughts of failure and self-hatred, you’ll certainly find yourself feeling low. And for that reason, your spiritual energy will be completely off. That is why you need to exchange that kind of thinking with something positive. It’s all about perspective. And for the umpteenth time, whatever happens in the physical realm is directly proportional whatever happens in the spiritual realm. So, when you start your day by focusing on the good and not the bad, then it will affect your spirits and by extension, your spiritual energy. A positive mindset always has a way of making you feel energetic at all times, even when you are sick. Manipulation of spiritual energy also means blocking any negative thoughts. Any thoughts of discontent or pessimism shouldn’t be entertained even for a second. Of course, we can’t control what pops into our minds, but we sure as hell can control what stays there. And if we choose to always think positive and about happy moments, then the manipulation of spiritual energy will become second to nature. All you need to do is taking some time off to learn a thing or two about this. And if you do it right, then you will definitely be the happiest person in the world. Your spiritual energy will greatly be manipulated by your surroundings. Therefore, if you are around people who are likely to drain your energy, then it might be a good time for you to start looking for new friendships. When surrounded by good friends, your vibrations – and your spiritual energy by extension - will skyrocket!

3. Manipulate your spiritual energy with purpose

Spiritual discipline is directly proportional to the disciplining of your mind. So, before you switch your spiritual energy for the better, some mind conditioning and healing is required. If you are a serial time killer, try and exchange that with putting a purpose in your life. Once your life has a purpose, your physical and spiritual beings will realign and your spiritual energy will skyrocket. You can write down your purpose and strive to do whatever is right no matter how hard it might seem. At the end of the day, you’ll feel good knocking down each milestone towards your achieving your goal. This feat will definitely encourage you to take another step forward. And the more positive steps you take, the more your spiritual energy is manipulated into making you a happier, more fulfilled person. During such a time, you’ll subconsciously distance yourself from anything that doesn’t help you get closer to your goals. That’ll include friends, junk food or time-wasting activities i.e. playing video games perennially. Sticking to your purposes is much easier when surrounded by people determined to achieve the same goals as you. For instance, if you want to get rid of your weight problem, make friends who are fitness oriented. You will get the morale to wake up every morning to work out and eat right, hence moving closer to your purpose. And that is how you get to manipulate spiritual energy positively. That said, if you ever find yourself in need of a change, begin by finding a purpose. The next step will be surrounding yourself with people who share the goals as yours. Finally - never, ever look back. Old habits die hard. But if you keep up with the good work, then you will definitely overcome and improve your energy levels.

4. Prayer manipulates your spiritual energy

Christians pray whenever they feel sick or exhausted or stressed out. Prayer is believed to manipulate spiritual energy since energy – as does everything else – comes from God. Prayer isn’t exclusive to Christianity as all the other religions recommend praying from time to time. Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus have been dedicating a time of their day to pray to God. And despite having different names for their respective gods, all these religions pray to the same Supreme Being. So, the next time you feel low and drained both spiritually and physically, going down on your knees and chanting a prayer won’t be such a bad idea. In addition to that, prayer also realigns your spiritual and physical beings. And this alone will have a positive impact on the positive manipulation of spiritual energy. It might be a tad difficult for you to manipulate your spiritual energy especially if you haven’t been a spiritual person. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Let’s face it; in such times where people seem to have more faith in science than in God, believing in prayer might sound rather far-fetched. So, checking into a church for a bit might boost up your morale to say a prayer. And once you’ve surrounded yourself with believers, chanting a prayer will be easier hence the manipulation of your spiritual energy. Believe it or not, healing that occurs through prayer has been well documented across the various religions. And while you are praying, strive to exchange the bad behaviors with the good ones as well. In the end, you will thrive in everything that you do. In the end, a bit of believing while praying will definitely go a long way in making you a better, happier person.

5. Understanding karmic manipulation

Just in case you didn’t know, the dictum “what goes around comes around” has a spiritual connection. Therefore, if you cause anyone pain, the same pain will find its way back to you one way or the other. If you fully understand this principle, then you will also understand the need for doing good at all times. That way, the karma that you get will always be good, meaning that your spiritual energy will always be at peak. Before you manipulate karmic energy, it is important that you carry out some in-depth soul-searching. A lot of people end up hurting others without understanding and that makes it difficult for them to fully understand their karma. Bad mojo might be happening to you because you caused someone pain. But if you carry out your soul searching, you will fully understand what you did and make amends hence breaking the karmic cycle and everything will definitely return to normal. Everything that you feel will eventually affect your karma. This means that you don’t really have to hurt someone directly for your energy levels to drop. So, whenever you find yourself feeling jealous, hateful, greedy, petty; angry or lusting over someone, then that’s the exact time you ought to let go of such toxic emotions. If you send low vibrations into the universe, then that’s exactly what you’ll get as your dose of karma. So, apart from righting your wrongs, it is imperative that you learn the art of disciplining your emotions. That way, manipulation of your spiritual energy will become effortless for you. You might want to see a psychiatrist to help you with your emotions if control them becomes an uphill task.

6. Relaxation replenishes your spiritual energy

A lot of people are suffering from spiritual energy drain simply because they don’t understand the healing power that comes with relaxing. People overwork to achieve their life goals but what they don’t know is just how draining this can be. For that matter, it is imperative for you to learn how to stay focused and relaxed. The moment your physical being is under constant strain, then this will most certainly translate to your spiritual energy being drained. Thankfully, there is a way you can manipulate this for the better. First and foremost, you will be required to exchange working hard with working smart. And what do I mean by working smart? Well, it’s pretty darn easy! Instead of working ten hours straight, you can switch that over with working for an hour then resting for two. That way, your body won’t have to endure long stretches of strain that will result in both spiritual and physical strain. And as such, you will almost always manipulate your spiritual energy for the better. Eating a balanced diet as well as practicing some good old meditation can help to effectively clog the spiritual drain. Meditation has always been known to quell the situation and increase your chances of relaxation. Learning this practice can take a while. But once you have mastered it, then relaxation will always be achieved within minutes, which it will, in turn, save you a lot of spiritual energy.

7. Fantasy drains spiritual energy

Fantasy - that’s unfortunately what life can be perfectly described as nowadays. From video games to binge watching of popular television series, people have seemingly lost touch with their spiritual beings. And as a result, they barely feel connected to humans. They also don’t know anything about the manipulation of their spiritual energy and in the end, they keep losing spiritual energy. Apart from playing video games and watching fantasy movies, you might also be involved in your own fantasies. And as you keep on building castles in the air, you’ll find it difficult to keep your anxiety in check and at bay. And as a result, you’ll always feel helpless whenever you feel the need to healing your spiritual energy. Thankfully, you can exchange your self-conjured fantasies with a dose of reality. That means making a decision to live in the present than in the future. That way, you will be in a position to fully understand your spiritual needs. And with that comes the power to change your energy levels for the better. So, the next time you feel as though your energy levels are being drained, maybe it’s about time for you to rethink your perennial fantasizing. This is the only way you can find a perfect solution to the problem. Too much fantasizing will leave you docile and not in the mood to do things. Your creativity levels will fall and that’s when you’ll find yourself procrastinating all the time. If this happens, then it’s about time you do something about it. Meditation can be a good place to start because it realigns your physical and spiritual existences, giving you the perfect balance. Then once you start feeling better, switch off your serial fantasist behavior and live in the present. If the need arises, you can join a support group to help quell the situation. At some point in life, we all need help and there is absolutely no shame in that. But it would be a good idea for you to start by fully understanding the root of your problem before finding a fitting solution.

8. Your decisions affect your spiritual energy

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Okay, this might sound a little cliché but it is as real as the spiritual experts say it is. Whenever you make clear-cut decisions and are okay with the positive outcome, then you’ll always be at peace. And being at peace is what will keep your spiritual energy at peak. Whenever you are undecided about anything, then you’ll be jumpy and anxious. And as already stated above, anxiety and spiritual energy can’t even sit pretty in the same sentence. Therefore, if you ever feel you aren’t in control of a situation at hand, then the responsible thing is to do is taking some time off. Figuring out what your next move would be helpful if you do so when you are clearheaded. You can just sit tight in a quiet room or place and think critically. List the pros and cons of every situation and be as exhaustive as possible. In the end, make a decision that has your best interests – both spiritual and physical - at heart. That will help you feel much comfortable and relaxed. Again, in order to be successful when it comes to the manipulation of your feelings, you will be required to take some time off and learn. Start by making small decisions such as the time to wake up and how long you stay at your desk. By mastering the art of making small decisions perfectly, making big ones won’t seem like much of a big deal at all. But it all unfolds in due course.

9. Talk less

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What most people don’t know is that being a chatterbox drains your spiritual energy. This comes in the form of being involved in too much gossip or always being the loudest chap in the room. If you keep talking nonstop, you’ll eventually feel drowsy and tired. The first thought that will pop into your mind would be to sleep or take a break as quickly as possible. But you can switch over to a path of healing if you want. First of all, look for ways to exchange the gossiping with some much-needed timeout. Walk away from people who have a knack for gossiping in order to kick-start your detox. Excuse yourself from places where people are noisy for the sake of your spiritual energy. In other words, don’t ever allow yourself to do things that you don’t want to do especially if they always leave you drained. And if you ever find yourself talking too much, stop and find a place to cool down. Avoid meaningless arguments – heck, avoid ALL sorts of arguments completely. Arguments have a very effective way of draining your spiritual energy.

10. Food can manipulate spiritual energy

According to Chinese medicine, the first step in healing any given ailment is switching up the patient’s diet. And this is so because the ancient Chinese healers understood the important role that food plays in both the physical and spiritual beings of a person. Most artificial foods are tasty but have between zero to none nutritive value. This means that the more you consume processed fast foods, the weaker you become. After a while, you’ll start feeling as though your energy is drained and your body aches. If this happens, you’ll become susceptible to opportunistic diseases which your body could have otherwise dealt with authoritatively. Again, when the physical body is affected, so will be your spiritual being. But since food is important when it comes to spiritual energy manipulation, you can easily beat the situation or condition and feel much better. All you need to do is start eating right – period. First, you need to stop eating processed fast foods. Exchange those with vegetables, cereals, and fruits and have an upper hand when it comes to the manipulation of your spiritual energy. Remember, the first thing that people notice whenever they meet with you is your vibe. And if you let the good food do the healing, it will boost your spiritual energy and start living the good quality life that you have always wanted without a hitch. Finding a good nutritionist is a good start in your quest to manipulate your energy without any second guesses. Feel free to use Google when finding a list of foods to eat. Make sure that these foods will not only make you healthy but also aid in boosting your vibrations. A little exercise backing up the clean diet will surely boost your healing.

The final word

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As already stated, spiritual energy manipulation isn’t as complicated as it may seem. As long as you are dedicated and willing to learn, you can end up booting the bad habits and adopting new ones that will increase your vibrations. And as your vibration frequency increases, so will the quality of life you live. Your ability to manipulate your spiritual energy is very important and has a plethora of advantages among them, your ability to live a happy life. When you learn how to manipulate your spiritual energy, you will rarely need a doctor since your healing will be on a spiritual level. Eating good food which has been known to make people healthier will improve your spiritual health. As stated in the beginning, if you can’t find a spiritual leader to help you out, then try looking for a good spiritual exchange group on social media. It is always an enlightening experience learning a thing or two from likeminded individuals. Once you have taken time to learn all about spiritual energy and how to successfully manipulate it, it would be a good idea for you to teach others. A lot of people are living low-quality lives just because they don’t fully understand the spiritual side of things. But if you can be kind enough to help them out, they will forever be in your debt. Sharing is not only caring but also a learning experience. The more you share, the more skilled you become. Always try as much as possible to incorporate habits that boost your vibrations. And as you do so, try kicking off those habits that are giving you low vibes.