10 Magic Spells For Beginners That Will Work Instantly

Different spells can be cast by people with different skill levels as far as magic is concerned. Thankfully, there are easy spells for beginners.

By Auntrone89
10 Magic Spells For Beginners That Will Work Instantly

Spells for beginners that work like a charm

A lot of people would like to learn magic for a number of reasons. Some would like to use magic spells to charm a person they are attracted to into having a relationship with them. Others have been hurt and are after some revenge. Either way, it is important to note that learning how to cast a spell takes time and calls for you to be a little patient. The good news is that there are many spells for beginners that rookies can always use. These spells aren’t as complicated, meaning you don’t need to hustle gathering specific ingredients. Some of these simple magic spells have an instant effect while others might take time. It is would be a good idea to learn the spells that work instantly and are easy to cast. Some ingredients for the easy spells include candles, mirrors, menstrual blood, cinnamon, and salt, just to mention a few. When it comes to magic, it is always smart to acquire a mentor. This is because as a beginner, you are bound to make a lot of rookie mistakes, which might end up rendering your spell(s) useless. Thankfully, there are plenty of spell gurus that can come to your aid. All you need to do is call upon them and get sorted out immediately. Channeling your purest intentions and emotions can be daunting for a beginner. And since channeling your emotions is vital for any spell to work, you will be required to be perfect at it – thus the need to have a mentor to guide you through the process.

1. Successful business beginner spell

SOLVING PROBLEMS THROUGH EBO (ETUTU). Ebo is the child of Orunmila. Orunmila created Ebo to this Earth to solve the problems of human beings. People on earth use Ebo not only to solve problems but to alleviate suffering. After the sacrifice (etutu) is made a ifa priest will consult Ifa to ensure that it is carried to the proper place. Ebo will then invite Esu who will then take the etutu to heaven where it will be accepted. In this way it is not only the prayers thatare answered but problems are resolved and suffering alleviated. It is important that Ebo is prepared correctly otherwise the problem may not be solved. If Ebo is prepared correctly and the instructions of Ifa followed there is no problem Ebo cannot solve. There is not a certain time period for the power of Ebo to work. Ebo is working closely with the Iyami and Esu. The entity that Ebo works with depends on what is prescribed by Ifa. For example, Ifa may ask Ebo to work with Obatala or Obaluaye. There are many different types of ebo. There is Ebo for Esu, for Ogun, there is Ebo for blessings,money or love. There is also Ebo that will cause problems for an adversary. Ebo works with an individual spirit. There are positive and negative aspects to Ebo. Ebo has its own time and it is for a practiced ifa priest to divine correctly. Some Ebo must be carried in the morning, some in the afternoon and some at midnight. Some Ebo cannot be seen by the eyes. Some times the same Ebo must be made periodically. Every Ifa priest must make Ebo. Ebo is the most important tool for a ifa priest. Any person that worships Orisa or any Irunmole must make Ebo. Ebo is very powerful Every Odu Ifa speaks about Ebo. Ebo can be made for every Odu,in this way there is no problem that cannot be solved using Ebo. #IFA #psychicreading #psychic #crystalhealing #consultation #divination #spiritualcoach #psychichelp #spell #spiritual #spirituality #advice #healingcrystals #healing #postiveenergy #spiritualist #spirituality #ebo #orunmila #babalawo

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If you are just starting a business and are having doubts about making profits, worry not. There is a simple spell that any beginner can cast with a 100% chance of success. In order for your business to succeed, you first of all need to attract long-lasting customers. Thankfully, there is nothing that some good old spell work and a little magic touch can’t do. For this magic spell to work, you’ll need an average sized jar with a lid. Then get some myrrh, patchouli, mimosa, and jasmine. Make sure that you have equal amounts of these four very important elements before proceeding to the next step of the spell. Once you are sure of their equal measurements, proceed to the next step. Put all of the four elements in a jar and complete the spell by closing the lid. Place the jar somewhere you feel no one will interfere with it. Check the jar every morning and use a bit of the content to rub on the door handles of your business premises. This way, all of the customers that visit your shop or establishment will always find their way back, which is how you’ll end up making profits. This spell also works pretty well as a revenge spell, especially if your business competition is responsible for stealing all of your loyal customers. This spell is very easy to prepare and anyone can pull it off without any hustle. All you need to do is get your hands on the ingredients and you are good to go.

2. Love spell for any beginner

We all fall in love from time to time. Through magic, you can make anyone fall in love with you in an instant. But first, you have to master this incredibly easy spell for beginners without missing a single step. First and foremost, you’ll need to be certain that the person you intend on enchanting with this love spell is someone you truly love. The ingredients required for this spell include a pinch of ground thyme and pure honey. These ingredients are readily available and you shouldn’t have a hard time gathering them. Make sure that the person has some sort of attraction towards you. They also shouldn't have any romantic attachments at the time you are casting this spell. Therefore, you need to do your research thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned. Once you are sure about the aforementioned facts, you can proceed with carrying the spell out to completion. Make sure that you are doing this on a Friday because that is when this spell is most effective. And no, you don’t need a candle or blood for this particular spell to work, which makes it a tad easier for you as a beginner. Mix 2 tablespoons of pure honey with a pinch of ground thyme in a bucket and stir well right before taking dip. Conjure a mental picture of the person whose soul you want to attract. Now you are ready to proceed with chanting your spell. Beseech the goddess of love, respectfully asking her to use the power of nature to attract the soul of the person you fancy. Finish by letting it be and asking for the love to be lasting or binding. If you do it right, the magic will be instant!

3. Powerful love spell for beginners

Another love spell that has been known to work like a charm for beginners is this one. It’s not only easy to cast but also works instantly, especially if done the right way. Remember, when casting a love spell, you need to rid yourself off any kind of hate, hurt, or urges for revenge. You have to learn how to channel positive vibes that jive with whatever you want your spell to achieve. Once your heart and mind are in the right place, proceed to the next step, which is collecting the right ingredients for the spell. These ingredients will include a bottle, a fresh drink, and spring water. For your fresh drink, you can use either fruit juice, soft drinks, coffee, or tea – either way, the spell will still work. Carry out this spell on the three nights of the full moon in order to experience instant effects. Put the spring water in the bottle and expose it to moonlight for three days. Remember to retrieve the bottle and hide it during the day to avoid shaking off the lunar charm. After the third day, mix the lunar rays-infused spring water with the fresh drink and offer it to the person you’d like to love you right back. If you do it right, then the spell will work immediately. No need for a candle, blood, or chanting when it comes to this one. The spell is very simple and can be carried out by any beginner as long as the instructions are followed to the letter.

4. The passionate love spell for beginners

This love spell is very powerful. Therefore, you need to be sure about your feelings before commencement because there is no turning back. The good thing about this spell is that it is very easy to pull off, hence it's recommended for any beginner. As is the norm, you will be required to gather all of the necessary requirements before going through with it. The requirements for this spell include a red ribbon and the subject’s DNA, i.e. a fingernail, saliva, semen (if you can get it), or blood. You will also be required to get your own DNA sample as well. Finally, a small piece of paper will be required. If you have your subject’s fingernail or strand of hair, make sure that you match it with either your fingernail or strand of hair. Make sure that they are tangled well together before wrapping them in the piece of paper. Write your names on the red ribbon and use it to tie the wrapped piece of paper. For the magic to come full circle, write both your names in blood to bring the magic back to life while making the spell very powerful. Blood is very powerful, explaining why its effects are almost always instant, be it in love spells or revenge spells. And when tying the knot, make sure that your name and your lover’s name intertwine for the spell to work. Carry the package for three days and on the fourth day, burn it to ashes. Proceed to collect the ashes and bury them. Voila! Your spell is complete!

5. The disenchantment spell for beginners

By now, you should already know that not everyone wishes you the very best in life. So, if you know of people who would go to any lengths to ensure that you aren’t happy, try out this simple disenchantment spell for beginners. The ingredients for this disenchantment spell include three beeswax candles and frankincense. Once your frankincense is burning, light up the beeswax candles, arranging them in a triangular shape. Make sure that the incense is burning in between your candles so as to channel the right kind of energy. Once you are done with the arrangement, call upon the spirit Samael aloud, chanting to him. You have to mean each and every word for it to work. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro because when it comes to magic, your state of mind is key. Chanting from the heart goes a long way in making your spell flawless. Frankincense has been used throughout history to ward off evil. You will be required to burn the incense while chanting specific words for the spell to work. And just like with every other spell, you have to visualize all sorts of evil cast against you. That way, the energy evoked from your emotions will activate the spell immediately. Finally, to unlock the magic of this beginner spell, you’ll need to call upon Lord Samael, the spirit of planet Mars, and ask for His protection. He is the guardian of the defenseless and He will hear you only if you mean it. Give your consent to His intervention and the magic engulfed within your spell will be released.

6. Fate reversal spell for beginners

This is the perfect spell that a beginner can use to ward off evil spirits. Evil spirits might have been directed to plague your life because of a number of reasons, i.e. envy or revenge. Whatever attracted evil into your life, it is vital that you get rid of it instantly to avoid further torment. Thankfully, this spell comes in handy and it is so easy it can be carried out by any person. For you to have instant success with this spell, you’ll need specific spell casting ingredients. These include two white candles, a yellow candle, four black candles, and bitter incense. The incense is supposed to be so bitter to the point of stimulating your tear glands. Once you have collected every ingredient of the spell, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the ritual. You need to be in the right state of mind for the spell to work. Go ahead and light the incense before placing it on the table. Get the white candles and put them on either side of the burning incense. Light the yellow candle, putting it at the center of the arrangement, preferably closest to you. Then, using another source, light up the black candles, placing them around the yellow candle. Stare into the flames and visualize all the evil that is plaguing your life and then begin to chant. Ask the Guardian Angel of the Stars to help and defend you. Implore him to cut down the evil and cleanse you with his crown of fire. Once you are done with the chant, extinguish the candles immediately. Repeat this for 8 nights for the spell to take effect. Remember to cast this spell between midnight and one A.M. for it to work.

7. The shape shifter spell for beginners

This spell is incredible, particularly for any beginner who wants to get some sweet revenge. First and foremost, you’ll need to have the necessary ingredients for your spell. The good thing about this spell is that its ingredients are readily available, which is more good news to any beginner looking to get back at someone they hate. For this spell, you’ll need a pencil and a piece of paper. The next step will be drawing whatever you wish your enemy to turn into. Another amazing thing about this spell is that you are allowed to let your imagination run as wild as possible. The spell allows you to turn your enemy into whatever you feel is appropriate and the magic will run its course. For instance, if you want your enemy to turn into a cow out of revenge, then draw a cow on the piece of paper. Remember to have a mental picture of your enemy looking like a cow for it to work perfectly. This spell is good for beginners because it doesn’t call for training or perfection. All you need is to channel the right kind of energy into the universe and believe in results. That is just how spells work – simple but very, very effective. After you are done with your drawing, ask the universe and the forces of nature to turn your enemy into whatever you want. Believe in the power of your spell and watch it unfold right before your eyes. If you do it right, your enemy will act like the animal you wish instantly!

8. The Hecate justice spell for beginners

This is another spell you need to learn, especially if you are a beginner and want some swift revenge on your transgressors. You don’t need to have a candle or sample of your enemy’s DNA for your spell to take effect. Just the right kind of emotion is enough to set the power of spell in motion. Beseech Hecate, the Dark One, asking Him to take charge of your situation and offer swift justice. When chanting your spell, make sure that you are asking Hecate to avenge you instantly, ensuring that your enemies are feeling the pain that you are feeling at the moment. The spell cannot work if you aren’t honest about your feelings of hurt and anger. Anger and hurt are what will activate the spell and allow Hecate, the Dark One, to pass into the physical realm and execute your revenge. Again, you don’t have to be a master of the art of spells and witchcraft. For this particular spell to work, just a strong belief in your spell chanting, even as a beginner, will activate the magic. Further the effectiveness of your spell by asking Hecate the Dark One to hasten their karma and make it a hundredfold. Finish your spell by uttering “so be it” which means that you are in full agreement with whatever is going to happen. Remember to be respectful to Hecate the Dark One because He is an all-powerful Being. Pick your words very carefully and watch as karma hits your enemy instantly. The good thing about this spell is that you don’t need to have any ingredients, unlike with other spells.

9. The haunting spell for beginners

This is a spell that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can conjure for the sake of revenge. And if you mean every word that comes out of your mouth, this can end up being a very powerful spell whose effects are instant. The good thing about this spell is that you won’t need any ingredients, e.g. a candle, a DNA sample, or a picture. All you need is the perfect state of mind and you are good to go. Once you are ready, start by commanding entities far and near to torment the person who caused you harm. Remember to put their full name in your hex in order for the entities to know exactly whom they have been channeled towards. Beseech these dark entities and ask them to torment that person in all despicable ways they see fit. If done correctly, the effects of the spell will be instant. You can decide to reverse the spell once you feel your work has been done, or not. If you feel like reversing the hex, assume a satisfied state of mind and ask for the entities to ease down a bit. Remember to thank them for doing such a splendid work. Yeah, I know, it's savage. But then again, casting spells has never been for the fainthearted!

10. Booming business spell for beginners

This is another incredibly easy magic spell a beginner can use to boost his or her business in an instant. Firstly, you will be required to get your hands on any stone which you’ll use to channel magical energy into. But if you want for the spell to have instant effects, you might want to get your hands on a green tourmaline, a bloodstone, or a malachite. Once you have your stone, it’s time to proceed with the magic. Wait until it’s a full moon and hold out the stone in your left hand, clenching your fingers tightly around it. Visualize money streaming into your business as your many imaginary customers hand you tons of cash. Heck, feel free to picture yourself walking through banking halls and the cashiers high-fiving you. Visualize everyone in the bank happy to see you because they know a fat tip is on the way the moment you stepped into the bank. Picture a lot of clients lining up just to receive a service from your trading post. Yeah, go to the extremes, and I mean Bill Gates or Warren Buffet kind of extreme. If you do it right, then the effects might be instant. And all you need is a stone, not a candle, no nothing. You should then chant, asking the universe to let the money come and allow the money to grow and fill your coffers to the brim. You don’t have to bear any bad emotions like you do when casting a revenge spell. All you need is a feeling of fullness. And once you are done with your authoritative chant, put the stone right back in your pocket or purse. Always carry the stone around with you so as to attract the cash into your purse or pocket as you go about your business.


Apart from the aforementioned spells for beginners, there happens to be a lot more spells that you, as a beginner, can use. If you are interested, all you need to do is be open-minded and do your research. There are plenty of websites that offer spell samples for any willing beginner. Feel free to check them out! Also, you need to understand that magic, just like learning any other form of craft, takes a lot of patience and hard work. Always take time to learn how to chant while channeling the right kind of energy into the universe. Take account of the fact that channeling an emotion that contradicts with your spell will render it useless. When a beginner casts a revenge spell, he or she is supposed to channel the anger that his or her enemy made him or she feel. Channel all of your anger into the spell for it to be effective. In addition to that, ensure that your conscience is clear and you are ready to accept any guilt for the harm you cause others. Do these rituals the right way and the karma will be instant. Apart from the internet, you can always learn a trick or two from magicians or spell gurus. You can find a spell guru or magician in your neighborhood. Or, if you are scared of judgment, then feel free to check them out online. Most of them have their phone numbers on their websites. Once you make contact with a guru, you will learn a lot about spells and finally become the guru that you've always wanted to be – but all in due course.