15 Ways To Live A Spiritual Life

Living a spiritual life may sound intimidating, but the benefits of doing so are plentiful. Here are 15 ways to start living a spiritual life today.

By Jenna
15 Ways To Live A Spiritual Life

What Does It Mean To Live a Spiritual Life?

Outwardly, living a spiritual life can look different for different types of people. So when people speak about spirituality and living a spiritual life, what exactly do they mean? One definition of spirituality is that it is "the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things". In order to live a spiritual life, you must learn how to connect to your inner self and find peace and meaning in your life without relying on material or physical things to make you happy. This may seem impossible today when everywhere we turn we see some sort of advertisement or reminder of the materialistic. We live an age in which we are constantly connected to images of the material and physical via our smartphones, internet, social media streams, and television screens. Thinking about trying to live a spiritual life amidst all this can seem quite daunting. But trust me, it is possible. If you truly want to live a spiritual life, all you need to do is make that first step with a firm will. Then, read these 15 simple and easy ways to start living a spiritual life today and every day.

1. Practice Mindfulness To Be More Spiritual

Mindfulness is the art of being fully attentive to what's happening, what's around you, and what you are doing. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Then why is it that we are all always so far from being truly mindful on a more regular basis? Most of us spend our days in a whirlwind of thoughts, running through the motions of our daily lives, looking endlessly at our computer, television, or phone screens. When we do have a second to think, we fret over our jobs, our children, or trivial things like bills and the weather. We rarely take a second to simply pause, take a deep breath, connect to our spiritual self and witness the world as it truly is around us. Learning to be mindful is about learning to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overreact or become overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Although mindfulness is innate to every spiritual being, there are certain techniques that can be followed to cultivate it. Self or guided meditation is a wonderful way to pause and connect with yourself. Even just a few minutes a day can provide some amazing mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

2. Be Present, Be Spiritual

Most of us are living more in the past or future than in the present moment, struggling to find meaning spiritually by examining what has happened or what could be. What this means is that we are constantly letting the present pass us by, not experiencing it fully as it is happening. It is this habit that makes us feel as if our lives are so quickly passing us by. So, how do we fix it? The first thing to do is stop rehearsing the past. The past cannot be changed. Learn to accept that what is done is done, and move on. All of your thinking and remembering what happened yesterday will never do anything to change what occurred. Second, stop worrying so much about what may happen in the future. This, too, is out of your control. So many of us have anxiety due to our attempts to anticipate, plan for, and react to events that have not even happened yet. Learning to stop this thought process will enable you to make your present moments more enjoyable and spiritual. Practice being present by stopping at several points in your day to ask yourself questions like "What am I doing right now?" and "What am I feeling right now?". This will help you align your spiritual focus back to the present, rather than dwelling in the past or feeling anxious about the future.

3. Be Grateful

The definition of grateful is "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." Being grateful is about being thankful for what you do have in life, rather than what you don't, and putting your life in perspective so that you realize that things could always be worse. You can learn to be grateful by starting a daily gratitude list. Each evening, write down three things that happened that day for which you are grateful. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it's okay. What this does is help you to rewrite your mental and spiritual script into something more positive that sees the beauty in life and others, and appreciates it all. Those who are religious do this daily with prayer. Through prayer, they express their joy and gratitude over having been created and given the opportunity to live life. Even if you are not religious, you too can say a prayer of gratitude or a prayer of thankfulness each morning because you have woken up yet again to experience a new day. Your life and that day are the greatest gifts you could ever hope to receive.

4. Determine What Your Spiritual Intentions Are

Take some time to think about where you are now and where you want to be down the line. You will never achieve your destiny if you do not set your intentions. Without spiritual and practical intentions, you will have no meaning or purpose in life to live for. It is also important to get rid of any false or negative intentions, such as wanting someone else to fail, wanting something you can never have, or wanting to get even for something someone may have done to hurt you. These intentions will never be productive and will not add meaning to your life, only guilt.

5. Align Your Spiritual Intentions With Your Life's Purpose

Once you have figured out what your intentions are, make sure you align them with your purpose in life. This means acting and behaving in line with your intentions through your actions with family members and friends, as well as within your role at work and in your community. If you are living a life that does not match your intentions, you will feel unsatisfied and unhappy spiritually. On the other hand, if you align your intentions with your life's purpose, you will find a ton of meaning in everything that you do, by knowing that you have not acted or done anything which was against your intentions.

6. Reinforce Your Intentions Daily

Remind yourself daily of what your intentions are so that you can make sure to live by them and align them with your purpose and meaning in life. Your intentions are the framework for who you are as a spiritual being. Do not lose track of them or else you will become lost spiritually.

7. Practice Forgiveness

If someone has hurt you, forgive them. Take whatever lesson you can from it and understand it's more likely that something wrong with them, not you. Most importantly, forgive yourself. Accept yourself for who you are and what you have done, and resolve to continue on your path towards living a more spiritual life.

8. Embrace Difficult Times

Everyone faces difficulties at some point in life. It is inevitable, but learning to embrace those times and learn a lesson from them will help you learn more about who you are and become better acquainted with your inner spirit. Trust that things happen for a reason and that this difficult time shall pass.

9. Learn To Let Go And Be Spiritual

Learning to let go is about much more than forgetting about bad things that may have happened to you in your past. It is about learning the powerful lesson that nothing is truly within our control except for ourselves. Once you learn this, you will be released from your struggle to control everything that is going around you, hoping for an outcome that you really cannot influence.

10. Don't Fear The Unknown

Yes, the unknown is scary. But we are all ultimately headed for it; all of our lives will end with death, the greatest unknown there is. If you learn to not fear this, but to accept it as a part of life, then you will be much more free to enjoy the moments of your life to the fullest.

11. Stay True To Yourself

Spend some time really figuring out who you are and what you want. Then, once you have a solid definition of who "you" are, stick to it. You will feel much more pleased with yourself if you do not allow anyone or anything to pressure you into acting out of line with your definition of who you are.

12. Stay Active and Healthy

As they say, your body is your temple. If you want to live a more spiritual life, practice being good to your health first. Both your mind and body will thank you!

13. Spend Time Alone

How can you ever truly get to know yourself and connect with your inner spirit if you are never alone? Spending time with yourself will help you learn about yourself and become comfortable with who you are. Most people are too afraid to be alone because they are not used to it.

14. Avoid Negative Spiritual Energy

Stay away from people and places that do not serve you. You should never make room for any sort of negative energy in your life. And if you do happen to fall into something negative, like a bad relationship, job, or situation, free yourself from it ASAP. Take it as a lesson learned and return to the light of the spiritual life which you have worked so hard to build for yourself.

15. Allow Your Spirit to Guide You

Once you have mastered the methods above in your journey towards living a more spiritual life, you will have established what your spirit is like and will be able to let it guide you throughout your day to day life. Trust in this spirit, because it is your truth. Listen to its voice and you will not go astray.

Final Thoughts on Living a Spiritual Life

Living a more spiritual life is within everyone's reach. It only takes a little determination, mental focus, and deep thought to get started. Start by practicing these methods and, with time, you will find that you are happier, more fulfilled, and living your truth as a spiritual being.