Top 10 Body Language Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You

If a guy likes someone, he will give subtle indications through body language. Same is with women. So, if you can read body languages, you are on.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 10 Body Language Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You

Know If Someone Likes You Through Body Language

Male and Female are two different creatures, both opposites. And everybody knows that opposite attracts. Everyone has different way of indicating their likeness for someone. All you need is to pay attention. And that could be tricky. They might just be behaving politely while hoping they could leave soon. Or may be shy and scared of rejection. The Signs are often subtle and should be read with other indications from body language as well. So how to know if someone likes you?

A little flutter of the eyelids, a little tremble of lips, heavy breath, thudding heart, there could be many signs like these. But these signs will be there for a few seconds. They could be gone even before you notice them. But there are some signs that will stay right in front of your eyes. If you like someone, you will have to be vigilant, be very attentive to their body language. With a little effort and a little intelligent ready of their body postures, you will be able to figure out if they like you back or not. Listed below are some signs that a person's body language shows when they like you. Go through them and use them.

Signs That A Guy Likes You:

A male is not really vocal. They wouldn’t tell you that they like you in words, rather they show you. If he is looking at you there could be many reasons like either he finds you interesting or funny. It's hard to figure out what’s going on in his mind. Unlike women, a man uses from an average of ten moves to indicate his liking for you. Usually a woman is good at reading his moves, his body language. And in case, you still need an assurance if you have read him right, here are ten obvious signs that he is into you.

Sign 1: The Eyebrow Flash

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If a male is attracted to someone, his eyebrows rise and fall. It takes about just five seconds for it to happen. It is easy to miss. This is the most common sign for men everywhere and of every caste, class or age. So, if you happen to notice a man looking at you along with the eyebrow flash, just know he likes you. He might not be aware himself just then.

Sign 2: Parted Lips, Flared Nostrils

He looks at you and you see his lips parting just a little, his nostrils flare for a few seconds and his eyes open a little wide. That is a definite sign that he likes what he sees. It means he is interested and would like to know you more. It is your chance of striking a conversation with him.

Sign 3: The Guy Tries To Attract Your Attention

When in the group, he will stand slightly away so as to appear alone. Do you see him adjusting his tie, or making exaggerated movements or gestures? This means he is trying to stand out of the crowd. He wants to attract your attention towards him. He wants you to notice him like he has been noticing you.

Sign 4: The Guy Tries To Look Good, He Likes Someone

He will try to smoothen the non-existent crease on his lapel, coat or t-shirt, whatever he is wearing. He tries to finger comb his hair and runs his palm on his face. This is a definite sign that the male is putting in effort to look good to you. It means he wants to look perfect for you.

Sign 5: The Guy Gives You Full Smile, He Likes You

A male hardly shows his front teeth while smiling. And if he does that while talking to you or while he is looking at you, you are definitely in for his attention. Also, if you see his smile reaching his eyes, you mean something to him. His smile is such a dead give away of his attraction for you.

Sign 6: His Body Is Taut

If he is interested in you, he will stand erect, his body taut and every muscle tight. You will see his shoulder squared. This means he wants to show off the best of his body to you. And if he is standing right in front of you while leaning closer to you a little, it is a sure sign that he is attracted to you.

Sign 7: The Guy Is Visual Voyaging, He Likes Someone

He likes you if he is checking you out and doesn't make it a secret. He wants you to notice that he is checking you out. It is called visual voyaging. It means that he is trying to let you know that he is more than interested in you, that he wants more than just conversation.

Sign 8: If The Guy Is Fidgeting, He Likes You

If you see him playing with his glass, locking and unlocking his fingers, playing with buttons, touching his face or any such thing, he is showing interest in you. His nervousness indicates his attraction. But if he is not making an effort of conversations with you at the same time, he must be bored and looking for an escape.

Sign 9: The Guy Will Try To Get Close To Someone He Likes

If he is sitting in front of you, he will perch on the edge of his seat to be a little closer to you. While standing, he will lean towards you. He will try to be as closer to you without making it uncomfortable. It means he is attracted to you and is very interested in whatever you are saying to him.

Sign 10: Touch

He will touch you ever so gently and lightly. Little gestures like tucking the loose strand of your hair behind your ear, guiding you with his arms through the crowd or by putting his hand at the small of your back is a good sign. It indicates that he likes your proximity and wants to take it further.

Signs That She Is Attracted To You

Women are extremely subtle in expressing their interest to the attraction for a man. There is just a tiny hint about her attraction to you and you will have to grab it at the right time. While some are more flirtatious and they try to intentionally convey her attraction by giving some signs through her body language. Here are some signs that she is interested in you:

Sign 1: She Shows You her Neck

If she is attracted to you, she will tilt her head, tosses her hair back and touches her neck. She is trying to expose the parts of her body that releases pheromones. If she does that more than once, she is interested in you for sure. If she continually strokes the side of her neck while looking into your eyes, it indicates she is physically attracted to you.

Sign 2: Her Seductive Glance

There are many ways a woman looks at a man. So, if she raises her eyebrow while lowering her eyelids means pleasure. If she is holding your gaze while wetting her lips subtly means seduction. So, if she is giving you a seductive or intense look, she is attracted to you.

Sign 3: Plays With Her Hair

This is a confusing sign that includes interest and boredom as well. So, read this sign along with other indications as well. Playing with hair signifies femininity and gets the attention of whoever is looking. But it could also mean she is bored and it's about time to take things a notch up or walk away, depending on what you feel for her.

Sign 4: Arches Her Back

If she is attracted to you, she will extenuate her physique. She will stretch her back making her breasts and legs more prominent. It is a way of her attracting attention of someone from a distance. She wants you to notice her and strike a conversation. But don’t confuse her stretching with extenuating. You might end up embarrassing yourself otherwise.

Sign 5: The Giggle

If she is attracted to you, she will giggle while maintaining eye contact with you. If she does that, she is trying to let you know she is having fun. Also, she is trying to be more feminine to make you like her more. The eye contact is to make you take more notice of her femininity. She might also be nervous and excited on being with you. A woman subconsciously behaves like that when she is attracted to someone.

Sign 6: She Blushes

Blushing means she is in a high emotional state biologically. But blushing could also mean embarrassment. So, pay close attention to the reason of her blushing. If her blush is due to deep pleasure, and in your company, she is attracted to you. And if she smiles while blushing means you are in for more.

Sign 7: Her Lips Says It All

Her lips says a lot without saying a word, all you have to do is to pay close attention. Is she applying her lipstick slowly and sensually? Is she eating her food sensually while maintaining eye contact with you? Is she licking or biting her lips lightly? These are all the subconscious sign of her attraction to you.

Sign 8: She Moves Closer

If she is enthralled by your conversation, she will lean a little closer to you. She will even move to sit a little closer to you. It means she finds something you have said or done attractive and intimate. This is a very subtle sign that is hard to notice. And if she touches you briefly at the same time while giving you a seductive look, she is surely attracted to you.

Sign 9: Notice Her Legs

No, not like the way you are thinking. If a woman is attracted to you, she will cross and uncross her legs frequently and her knees will be pointed towards you. Sometimes she could be doing this just to find a comfortable seating position, so notice her knees. If she is wearing a short dress, she might be doing that to arouse you as well. This sign may easily be misinterpreted, so don’t rush on just one sign from her.

Sign 10: Her Touch

A woman will only touch a man she is comfortable with and wants to show her affection. She will never touch a man she is not attracted to or not friends with. So, if she is touching you lightly on your thigh, back or the base of your spine, she is into you.

Some Common Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You

Some signs of attraction are common for both the genders. Be it a man or a woman, they act somewhat commonly when they are attracted to someone. These are mostly the subconscious indications and not the deliberate ones. To know if someone is attracted to you, keep these signs from their body language in mind.

Sign 1: Feet

Feet are a dead giveaway of someone’s attraction to you. If their feet is pointed towards you means they are paying attention to whatever you are saying or doing. It also means they are not threatened by you. If their feet are turned away from you, it means they are bored and ready to leave.

Sign 2: Smooth Body Movement

If someone is relaxed around you and their body movements are smooth, it means they are comfortable around you. It might also mean they like you. If their movement is quick and jerky, it means they are nervous around you. Either they feel threatened or they are very excited around you. The body movement is a very confusing sign. So be careful before you reach a conclusion.

Sign 3: Body Turned Towards You

If someone is attracted to you, their body will be turned towards you completely. If their body is even slightly turned outwards, away from you, it means they are not interested in you and are ready to leave.

Sign 4: Listen To The Tone

The tone of the person changes ever so slightly if they are attracted to you. For a man, his deeper and song like voice expresses his attraction while a little high pitched and softer tone indicates her interest.

Sign 5: Mimicking The Gesture

If someone is attracted to you, they will subconsciously mimic your moves. Like, if you cross you leg, they will do the same. If you move a little closer or lean a little towards them, they will move or lean in as well. People attracted to each other also tries to match the pace of each other while walking. It just comes naturally.

Sign 6: Dilated Pupils

Pupils dilate in two conditions usually, while you are in the dark or when you are excited. So, if the pupil of the person is dilated while talking to you, it might mean they are interested in you. It could also mean they are excited to see you or being in your company.

Sign 7: Deep Breath

When you are excited, the blood flow in your body increases and you breath heavily. So, if the person is breathing deep, it could indicate their pleasure in being with you. It could also mean they are sucking in air to flatten their tummy and accentuate their shoulder and chest.

Sign 8: Are They Facing You?

If they are facing you while making conversation, it indicates their interest. If they are talking to you without facing you, it could mean that they are keeping their options open. But if they keep finding a topic of conversation with you, it might also mean they are enthralled by you but are shy.

Sign 9: Walks beside you

If they walks with you keeping up your pace even when you are not making the conversation, it shows their interest. If they touch your hand lightly while walking indicates a stronger attraction. However if they keep either ahead or behind you, it indicates that they want to go their own way and are not interested in you.

Sign 10: Smile

Smile is a dead giveaway always. Notice the way they smile at you. If the smile they give you include their teeth and reaches their eye, it means they are attracted towards you. But if their smile is tight and doesn’t reach their eye, it is a sign that they are just being polite and formal.

And Lastly

If you like someone, you can know how they feel for you from their body language. Everything they do, consciously or subconsciously, will give you a hint about what’s going on in their mind. Their posture, hand movements, standing and sitting positions, their eyes, lips, every muscle in their body reacts to the person around them. If you are good enough in reading the body language, you can always figure if someone likes you or dislikes you or is simply bored of you. Reading body language also gives you advantage over others. You can save yourself from making a fool of you if you know how to read it right. If you are unsure about someone’s feeling just pay close attention to them. If you are dating someone, you can decide the next step of your relationship by reading their body language. But don’t jump on the conclusions in just one or two body language indications. Have patience and read more from them. Confusion can put you at the odd spot. So be sure of their attraction before taking any step further ahead. Keep watching and be one step ahead of everyone else.