Easy Spells That Really Work For Beginners: Protection, Love & More

Here are some easy spells for love, protection, money, healing and much more that work really well for beginners. Warning: Never use them for revenge!

By Tanaya Nath
Easy Spells That Really Work For Beginners: Protection, Love & More

Easy Spells That Really Work For Beginners: Protection, Love & More

If you are new to this craft, you must be looking for some easy spells for beginners. It's hard to figure out where to start when you are new to it. Casting a spell can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. It could be complex or simple, mental or emotional or both. It could also be spiritual or physical, include a few ingredients or as many as you may like. Spellcasting offers many options, endless options and are all up to you. So what exactly is a spell? It is similar to a prayer. The only difference between the spell and the prayer is that spell has a harnessed energy and focused intention. Spells can be used for personal gains. But they should not be used for gaining control over other’s life. Morals are ultimately at the behest of the caster and the individual will have to deal with the consequences. You can also create your own spell. But if you really want to create and cast powerful spells with little effort or effortlessly, you will have to carefully study, learn and apply the information. The more you get attuned to the universe and the world around you, the more powerful your spells will become. And never use the spell for revenge. To begin with, listed below are some spells for the beginners.

Easy Circle Of Salt Protection Spell

Everyone needs protection, from eveil spirits looking for revenge, from bad intentions and negative energies as well. The protection spell is one of the most useful and the easiest protection spell. This is the circle of protection and it also helps in learning how to cast a circle before any ritual, spell or working. This spell protects you home and everyone in it from any kind of invasion, spiritual or physical. It also prevents negative energies from entering your space. For this, you will need salt, a full moon night and concentration. Start at your front door with the salt, preferably on a full moon. Move in a clockwise motion, called deosil. Starting from the front door sprinkling the salt around the perimeter of the house. Avoid putting salt on the ornamental plants and grass. While you are pouring the salt chant ‘pure salt protect this home and all who reside here. Keep out those who seek to harm, protect us from negativity, anger, and fear.’ Also, actively visualise a circle of protection around your house as you are doing the sprinkling. And when you are done, chant loudly ‘this house is protected from negative energies and forces. So mote it be.’

Easy Spell Of The Herbal Bath Of Love

Most people crave for love in their lives. Some get so desperate that they turn to witchcrafts and spellcasting. However, this is not the best intention for casting a spell. Often, these types of spell backfire that is unexpected and unwanted to the caster. Just like the ones you use for taking revenge. If you are new to the spellcasting and you simply want to be able to draw love in your life, this is a moral, easy and relaxing love spell. For this, you will need undisturbed and quiet time, petals of rose or lavender, candles and candle plates or candle holder and some relaxing music which is not required but helpful. Draw a hot bath and add a bit of herbs of your choice. You can add it directly or through a sachet. Light the candle in a safe corner and put on some nice relaxing music. It will set the mood. When you enter the bathtub, breath deep and slow and imagine all your worries and cares melting away. The only concern you should be having at this moment is your bath and the music. When you are relaxed and ready, imagine yourself encircled in a sphere of white light. This is your cast circle. You can also invite your goddess into the circle at this point. Now, imagine the kind of love you want in your life and visualise yourself laughing, playing and flirting with your dream woman or man. Now hold this image for a few minutes and chant I draw to me a pure and sweet love. One that will benefit the journey of my soul and me. To the benefit of all and to harm none.’ Repeat it three times at least and upto thirteen times. When you are done say ‘so mote it be.’ You can stay in the bath as long as you want and as long as you like. When you are ready, release the circle by imagining it fading away. Imagine that the energy that has been within you is moving into the space to do whatever required for drawing that love to you. After you bath, keep imagining the image of your dream love at intervals and say ‘I am worthy and ready for a pure and true love in my life.’

Easy Spell For Losing Weight

For this spell get a gold medallion and engrave or get engraved a fish in it. The mad dalton can be found in any good jewellery store and even a small and plain medallion will do just fine. If you can’t find it in the stores, buy it online. Now, over the medallion chant ‘Golden fish, I wear you, in the belief that you will make me thin and beautiful. Curb my eating, and let me eat good food and fish that will make me thin.’ Now go on the diet wearing your medallion. Your extra pounds will melt away with no struggle. Also, staying at your diet will be easy for you.

Spell For Gaining Love

Start by placing extra virgin olive oil in a dark glass container and fill it with rose petals. Let it sit for at least seven days. Strain the oil from the petals and put it back in the container. This oil can be used for any love magic you wish to do. You can also buy the love oil at the local pagan shop. Now, put the two tapered red candles side by side on the table. Between the candles put an incense burner. Put the love oil on the surface of the candle coating them. Light the candles and put the piece of charcoal in the incense burner and sprinkle dried rose petals over it. Now chant the incantation ‘Candle of power, candle of might, Create my desires here on this night. Bring me, love, bring me a date, Bring to me, my special mate. Power, stream from this candle's fire. Bring to me my heart's desire. My words have strength, the victory's won. So say I, this spell is done.’

Spell For Gaining Money

This spell is too performed under the moonlight. Get a large metal pot with lid and handles, it is called cauldron. A cauldron is used only for magic purpose hence it is powerful and preferable but not necessary. You can use other large bowl as well. Half fill the container with the water and place it outside where you want to do the spell. Let the light from the moon shine on the water. Now in the gesture of gathering the moon’s silver, sweep your hands over the water. And while you are doing that, chant ‘Lovely lady of the moon, bring me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold.’

Candle Of Power Success Spell

If you are looking for a little more success in what you do, this might be the spell for you. This spell is simple and uses candle. Candle spells are very popular because of their diversity and simplicity. These spells can be personalised by different sizes, shapes and colours of the candles. You can also carve or paint special symbols on them or coat these candles in special oil and herb of your choice. For this candle spell of success, you will need a candle holder or plate, a yellow votive candle, lighter or matches, a knife or a pin for carving and a new moon night or a waxing moon night or a full moon night. Now, gather the ingredients and cast a circle. If you don’t know how to cast a circle, you can either google it or go through the spell of herbal bath for love which has the process of casting a circle mentioned in it. With the pin or the knife carve a symbol of success on the sides of the candle. It could be the symbol of rupee or any symbol that you consider represents success. Now light the candle. Centre your focus on the flame of the candle and imagine yourself with success in whatever field you desire. See yourself in your mind in the successful position and believe in it. Watch the flame flickering and dancing as long as you would like. Release the circle that you have cast and let the candle burn out by itself. Make sure the candle is placed in a safe place where it doesn’t light up anything else by any chance. After the candle has burned, let the wax cool down and then collect it in a container or a bag. Keep it in the safe place. As often as you remember after the spell, keep chanting ‘I am successful. I am worthy and powerful.’

Health Spells Of Healing Hands

In this spell, your focus will be on your well being and health by tapping into the healing powers of universe. All over the world, many variations of this type of healing practice exists like reiki. You don’t need any tool for this spell and this is as effective as any other spell. All you need for this spell is your hands and an open heart and mind. Before you begin, clear your mind of all the concerns and worries. Ask for only the aid and assistance of only the highest beings in this process. Place your hands on your stomach, head, chest or wherever you feel the discomfort. Now visualise the loving and pure energy from the universe entering into your crown chakra. Imagine it flowing through your body to your arms and your hands. Now from your hands, imagine the energy flowing freely into your body where you need the healing. Let the energy flow as long as you need. For this spell, you don’t even need to cast a circle and hence you can use this spell anytime you need. It is more like the reiki and spiritual healing. When we are wounded, the first thing we do is to place our hands on the wound. It is because subconsciously we know that we have healing energy in our hands.

Wiccan Spell For Cleansing Your Home

Sage has been used for cleansing the air and the homes for centuries. In ancient times, people used to burn the sage for cleaning their homes and air around them. This Wiccan practice is called smudging and many people are not aware of it. For this ritual, you will need a smudge stick made of sage. They can be easily made at home. For it you will need sage flowers, fresh sage and strings or twines. Gather the bunches of sage flowers and sage and tie them together. Now let the bunch dry for few weeks. You can make several bundles to keep them handy. For the spell, you will need a sage bunch that has been dried, matches and a dish. For beginning open every door and window of your home. Turn on the fan, if any, for circulating the air. Now light the bush in the dish and when you see a nice little fire, blow it out. Take the smoking bush and walk around your house. You can also say a prayer if you want. Once you are done walking the perimeter of the house, move the bush up and down your body, starting from your feet, moving towards your head. While you are doing that, imagine all the negativity is gone. You are done with the spell.

Love Spell

If you want to nudge someone a little in your direction, this is a great spell for you. Sometimes it takes some time for love to blossom. For this spell you will need two white candles, a short jar with wide mouth, a glass cup or a piece of clear glass, a red marker, two pieces of red string or yarn and rose oil. Rub the rose oil on the candles, then use the yarn or the string for tying the bow on it. With the marker, draw an eye and a heart in the place of pupils on the both sides of the glass. Make sure they are on top of each other. Put the oil coated candles on the holders, a few inches apart from each other. Now prop the glass between the two candles and then light the candles. Imagine the love you intend to have and focus on them. You can also take the name a few times. From the eyes on the glass, look at the flames and let the candles burn out on their own.

The rituals and spells for increasing positive things in life will be very effective and in about fourteen days of waxing moon. The spells could be used for increasing love, attracting joy, for attracting money, for acquiring success and for benefiting in health and not for harming someone or taking revenge. The easiest spells are the ones done with the candles. For creativity, intelligence, memory, security, stability, wisdom, happiness and inspiration use the yellow candles. For success, business deals, happiness, power, luck, career, arm the and enthusiasm use orange candles. Green candles are used for success, money, abundance, employment and physical healing. Blue candles are good for healing, communication, calmness, peace, protection, harmony, good fortune and weight loss. Use pink candles for love romance, friendship, devotion, restful sleep and spiritual and emotional healing. For love, energy, respect, sexual virility, passion, vitality, strength, courage and fertility use red candles. And for wealth, career, success, enlightenment, money, victory and love gold candles are used. If you look a little, you will find many ways spells for love, protection, healing, money and many more that really works for beginners. And when you use the spells, make sure you do it with a clear heart and right intention, or it might fire back at you leaving you with unimaginable consequences. Remember that spells are powerful, even the easy ones, so don’t play with them or use them for taking revenge. Use the spells safely.