Steve Humphrey Wiki: Everything To Know About Sue Grafton's Ex Husband

Steve Humphrey is the ex husband of famous author Sue Grafton. Sue Grafton lived a life envied by most writers and heated up the New York Bestsellers lists.

By MJ Faublas
Steve Humphrey Wiki: Everything To Know About Sue Grafton's Ex Husband

Steve Humphrey: Life and Facts

Steve Humphrey is not only the ex husband of the late Sue Grafton; Humphrey is a well-known college professor and physicist. Steve Humphrey holds a Ph.D. in Physics. Steve Humphrey is an interim professor at the University of Louisville and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Steve Humphrey shared a marriage spanning four decades with wife Sue Grafton.

Fun Facts about Steve Humphrey

1. Steve Humphrey enjoys golfing. 2. Steve Humphrey enjoys cooking and weight lifting. 3. Steve Humphrey has a strong passion for quantum mechanics. 4. Sue Grafton and Steve Humphrey were married for 25 years. 5. Steve Humphrey and Sue Grafton have a pet cat named Emma.

Sue Grafton: Life and Facts

Sue Grafton began her writing career in 1964 and has since written over 25 books under her Kinsey Millhone Alphabet series, two novels published in the early 60s, and three essays published in various collections. Sue Grafton, whose father was also a detective fiction writer, took up the family's trade at the age of 27 and continued her career of writing until her last days. Sue Grafton had been married twice prior to meeting Steve Humphrey and had one child when she entered their marriage. Sue Grafton and Steve Humphrey made a life for themselves as newlyweds. As Sue Grafton and Steve Humphrey reached success in their lives, the pair decided to purchase their Lancliff estate and restored it to their satisfaction. This is where the couple resided until the end of Sue Grafton's life. Sue Grafton passed away after battling cancer for two years.

Books into Movies

Sue Grafton and husband Steven Humphrey later found success in screenplay. Sue Grafton and Steven Humphrey worked on Agatha Christie's "A Caribbean Mystery" and "Sparkling Cyanide" for a television show. Along with the "A Caribbean Mystery" project, Sue Grafton also turned her father's writing "Lolly-Madonna XXX" into a screenplay. Sue Grafton's screenplay and television projects allowed career opportunities for upcoming actors to display their talents. These actors received the chance to work on projects that would otherwise not be available to them. Sue Grafton found success in the screenplay and television world with the projects of "A Caribbean Mystery", "Sparkling Cyanide", and later the movie "Svengali".

Ex Husband Steve Humphrey: Life After Sue Grafton

Steve Humphrey lost his wife on December 28, 2017 when she lost her two-year battle with cancer. Sue Grafton lived a fulfilling life and ex husband Steve Humphrey continues living a quiet life supporting his wife's business and his own interests. Though there is no public information on the net worth of Steve Humphrey, Sue Grafton leaves behind a net worth of over $50M.