15 Proven Ways To Get Good Luck In Your Life

They say life isn't fair but it's too much when you always get jinxed, right? Turn your life around with these 15 ways to attract good luck!

By Neko Yama
15 Proven Ways To Get Good Luck In Your Life

Are You An Unlucky Person?

How do you usually start your day? Imagine these scenarios — you want a hot shower but realized the hot water faucet is broken, you want to brush your teeth but the toothpaste is completely exhausted, you want to eat cereal for breakfast; lucky you have lots, unfortunately, there is no milk! You stepped on a puddle of water that came from out of nowhere with your socks on while hurrying to go to work. You missed the bus; you’re late for work, and so on! They’re pretty stressing to read, right? But if you’re thinking that these are pretty normal and such is an average day for you, you’re probably jinxed and an unlucky person! No worries, though! You don’t have to completely accept that you are going to be that unlucky for the rest of your life. Good luck can come to anybody — it just really depends on your life rituals, your attitude, and how you attract it. There are people who have good luck in their life naturally where everything seems to stay on the good side but know that even the luckiest people can get jinxed sometimes. Then that would mean even the unluckiest person can have his series of fortunate events too! Are you ready to turn your life around and have good luck attracted to you for a change? Here are 15 tips and rituals you can follow.

1. Positivity Attracts Good Luck

If a series of unfortunate events occurs in your life almost every day and you fully accept them instead of trying to counter them, you will not attract good luck. If you have already accepted that you are unlucky, that is thinking negatively and bad luck will make itself familiar to you even more. One attitude you have to get rid of if you want to be lucky is your pessimistic instincts. If you lose in a competition and tell yourself you are never going to win, then bad luck will assure you that you will never really win. When you fail, you should always look for the brighter side of the situation. Tell yourself that when one door closes, another one will surely open. There are a lot of opportunities out there that are meant for you. You just have to wait for good luck to bring them into your life. Try to practice thinking positively. See the glass as half-full instead of half-empty and you will see good results. When you always let your pessimistic attitude prevail, you will lose more motivation to make things happen.

2. Visualize Your Future For Good Luck

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Visualization is almost the same as being optimistic. The slight difference is that you have to be a little more specific. If you believe you are an unlucky person, imagine yourself achieving something instead of expecting the usual which is having downfalls and constantly failing. For example, perhaps you have a project at work and you're already expecting that you are going to mess things up. Well, you have to change your mindset and let yourself believe that you’re going to be able to do well on your project and impress your colleagues. Ask yourself what goals you are really after or what you really aspire to be, then visualize yourself running towards your dreams. This will be your fuel to attract good luck. When you think negatively, you lose the will to make yourself better. And you to have to keep in mind that your positive actions are what bring good luck.

3. Constant Affirmation Attracts Good Luck

If you want to turn your life around, you have to practice a ritual that will surely catch the attention of good luck. If you are an unlucky person, the first thing that probably comes to your mind whenever you wake up in the morning is that you are bound to fail and that a series of unfortunate events are waiting for you. It’s really hard to go through the day if that is how you build up your mindset. After getting up from the bed, go to the mirror while telling yourself this: “I am a lucky and happy person! Good things will come my way and I will achieve something today no matter how little it is. I will attract good luck today." Why do you have to get yourself used to this ritual? Again, it’s all about thinking positively. Positivity attracts good luck. Such affirmations will help your subconscious mind believe in yourself and be prepared for success anytime. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” as W. Clement Stone said.

4. Good Luck Charms and Rituals

If you are the type of person who doesn’t believe in superstitious stuff, that's okay. It is understandable that most people think lucky charms and good luck rituals are baloney. But for some, however, this actually helps! We do not necessarily mean actual magic where we cast spells to undo our unlucky state. It's more about what a person believes that works for him to attract good luck even though there isn’t any proof of it. As an example, maybe you always wear your four-leaf clover shaped ring every day or you have a pair of socks that makes you feel luckier when you are wearing them. Perhaps you have a ritual of listening to a specific song before taking on any challenge because you believe it will bring you good luck and success. It's actually just harmless personal beliefs that fuels some people’s luck. And though these charms and rituals don't prove anything, you have nothing to lose if you take advantage of them, right? If you are feeling happier and luckier whenever doing or wearing something specific, do it!

5. Let Your Actions Affect Your Luck

Sometimes to attract good luck, it will depend on your actions towards other people. Are you familiar with the saying, “What goes around comes around”? If yes, you should know that it means if you do good things to other people, you will get good karma too and you will have a much higher chance of attracting good luck. If you give money to the less-fortunate, karma will give your money back twice as much. If you help other people work through their dilemmas, they will give you their trust and help you in return. If you are always humble, you can expect your luck to bring you more achievements in the future. It doesn’t matter if you believe in this stuff or not, it is more about the morality. You have to get on other people’s good side to attract good luck. You never know, maybe one of them will bring you good fortune someday.

6. Spirituality Will Affect Your Luck

Some people don’t believe in God or any gods. But for those who do, this is actually one of the strongest ways to attract positivity and good luck: chanting prayers and asking support from a much powerful supreme being. If you want to get a higher chance of experiencing good luck, you can pray to God to give you strength and wisdom to take on any challenge ahead of you instead of asking for the actual prize you want to have. Ask God for signs and guidelines so you won't fail. Remember though, this step doesn’t always necessarily mean praying to gods. You can seek guide and support from whatever you believe in, whatever religion you belong to. If you don’t believe in supreme beings, you can still channel your spirituality through yoga or meditation as having a sharp focus and calm attitude attracts good luck as well.

7. Work Your Way to Success

When turning your life around, you must not only depend on luck. Good luck is just there for support and motivation to help you achieve your aspirations, but success and wealth will still come from your actions. You've probably heard stories of people who went from rags to riches. But their lives didn’t solely depend on luck; they worked hard and used luck as their fuel to continue moving. Good luck will not leave your side if it sees your determination to pursue something. Whenever there are obstacles along the way, you must push through and think of solutions instead of completely giving up. You must not let exhaustion prevail when there is work to do. Keep a positive mindset and focus on the path you want to take. It is okay to rest once in a while, fail, and admit defeat sometimes as you will learn from downfalls too. But never stop moving. If you never try again, then you will end up an unlucky person all your life.

8. Being Hasty Attracts Bad Luck

You have to admit, making decisions is one of the hardest responsibilities in life. You will never know if you made the right one until you are going through what you chose. In making decisions, we have to be risky sometimes. You sometimes have to choose the much more complicated one depending on the circumstances. It is really a game of chance, just like luck! But that does not mean we should always be hasty in making our decisions and choose whatever we feel like. You have to analyze the situation before coming up with a decision. As stated above, it is a huge responsibility. A decision could either destroy your life or be the reason for your future wealth and happiness. If you are always careless, you’re bound for a lot of unfortunate events. How you make decisions will tell people how you live your life. If they see you being hasty, they would not associate with you. And remember, the people around us help us attract good karma and good luck.

9. Hardworking People Bring Good Luck

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Even the luckiest of all the lucky people can be unlucky too if they stop working to better their lives. If there is something that would definitely bring you success, it's determination and hard work. However, you have to carefully choose the people you are going to work with. Even if you are a hardworking person but the people around you are bad influences, you will not get anywhere; or perhaps you will, but with very little progress. Be on a team where all members are positive thinkers and where you are confident that they will get you on the right track. Mingle with people who have motivation an determination to reach success. Build stronger ties with people whom you think add value to your life and whom you can give value to as well. In this way, you would not even need good luck on your way to having a wealthy and happy life in the future.

10. Stop Complaining

Experiencing downfalls every once in a while is inevitable — losing a job, not having enough money to buy the things you need, losing valuable relationships with people, messing up with your responsibilities, and so on. After all, that is how life works; it is not always sunny and there will be unlucky days. However, we should handle these downfalls with grace. Again, it is all about positivity. Instead of complaining about how these failures ruin our lives, treat it as something we could learn from so we can do better in the future. Complaining is one of the results of having a negative attitude and we all know that negativity attracts bad luck. Think positively to counterattack your failures. Ask for help, support, and guidance from people who have more experience in life than you do. Learn to discipline yourself and make the right decisions. Be productive and do not waste time by regretting your mistakes. Be an optimistic person and you will surely attract good luck.

11. Being Prepared and Taking Risks Attracts Good Luck

Luck is a game of chance. You must be the person who is willing to take risks and be prepared for anything. How can you gain these attitudes? Through experiences where you can gain knowledge and wisdom, of course. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Ask support from the people who know more than you do. Widen your skills and strengths so it would be easier for you to go down the path of a healthy, wealthy, and happy life. Embrace unpredictability and enjoy your life's adventure. With a positive attitude towards anything, good luck will surely come your way. Get rid of your fears and be open to new experiences. If you are having difficulty with this, ask more questions. Meet people who have different interests from yours and learn more about their own journeys. Do not be afraid to fail as you take on new challenges. Learn from your mistakes and let your good luck support you, along with determination.

12. Good Luck Sometimes Goes With Money

Sadly, life revolves around money. One of the worst luck we can go through is to not have enough money to make our dreams come true, or to maintain our health so we can achieve our aspirations. Do not worry though, this doesn’t mean you have to have LOTS of money. It's just about you disciplining yourself to not spend on things that are not worth it. As your life progresses, save money for your future. Prioritize your bills like electricity, water, loans, etc. It is okay to lavishly spend for yourself every once in a while but do not go beyond the limit. Save up so when the time comes and you have already attracted luck, you have the money to use on whatever opportunity will come your way. You do not have to be a miser and you should take risks sometimes. Just imagine the wealthy and happy life you are going to have someday if you’re boldly taking on your challenges.

13. Cleanliness Attracts Good Luck

There are people who believe in Feng Shui and there are some who don’t. But whether you believe it or not, it is a common practice and belief all over that a clean house or a clean workstation attracts good luck. Most would agree, probably because a cluttered surrounding would make it harder for you to find the things you need and would mess up your concentration, right? Always clean your workstation or your messy house. There may not be a specific explanation that would prove this practice works, but cleaning may keep your mind distracted from thinking negatively. And besides, whether clean surroundings attract good luck or not, you still have to do it for your health.

14. Never Dwell on Your Mistakes, Bad Luck Lingers

Life is not perfect. You know you’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past and you know that bad luck has ruined you and made you miss so many opportunities. But it is no use to dwell on these bad memories. They already happened and regretting them won’t change a thing. By torturing yourself with these mistakes, you’re only letting bad luck stay. It will hinder you from moving on with your life and attracting good luck. Forget your downfalls and get up from them. Negativity will not let you attract good luck.

15. Know Your Strengths

The most important thing to attract good luck is to know your strengths and skills, then improve them so you would be prepared if luck brings you an opportunity to succeed. It is much easier to get out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals if you are confident in your abilities. Always try something new and widen your talents. Don’t wait for luck to make things happen in your life.