25 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

Rid yourself of depression and anxiety with meditation and seek symptoms of spiritual awakening. Bleach the negativity and color your life with passion again.

By Julie Coleman
25 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

When Things Just Don't Seem Right in Your Life

It may not be depression.

There comes a point in life when nothing seems to align with your inner self. Many people can relate to this feeling. Friendships don't seem right. Your career isn't fulfilling. The food that once pleased you just doesn't satisfy you. You may be going through an awakening - realizing that you have been sleeping your true life away. There are many who will be quick to jump to conclusions, believing they are coming down with a bout of depression. They rush to their doctor to grab a prescription of the latest anti-depressant. However, a self-diagnosis of depression may not be the case. What may be happening instead is you may be entering a phase of spiritual awakening in your life. Although everything may seem wrong, if you change your perspective, it can be one of the most positive times in your life. Some call it a midlife crisis. Others feel as though they are becoming who they once were or always dreamed of being. How do you know if you are entering a phase of spiritual awakening? There are many signs that will illuminate your way, but you will know deep within if this is the case. Sometimes looking at life in a different and more positive perspective will help to bleach the negativity from your life. Your depression and anxiety will melt away as you begin to align your being with the new sense of who you are becoming.

Your Physical Health Becomes More Spiritual

Your Physical Is Linked To Your Spiritual

Two symptoms of entering a phase of spiritual awakening have to deal with your physical self. Symptom #1: You begin to accept yourself for who you are and what you look like. In modern day society, we are bombarded by images and advertising that tell us we are imperfect unless we buy a certain product. We constantly compare ourselves to other people and frequently feel inadequate. If this doesn't lead to depression and anxiety, I don't know what does! Who wouldn't want to have an awakening from this kind of life? Are you comfortable with feeling like you are never enough? You may be headed towards a spiritual awakening if you can look into the mirror all of a sudden and realize that you are okay just the way that you are. You see a beauty in you that you have never seen before. The flaws that you used to pick apart don't seem so important now. Symptom #2: You begin to take care of your physical body more. When you are becoming more sound in your spiritual being, it will affect your physical health. We are filled to the brim with information on how to take care of our bodies, but when we don't do the things we "should" do, it leads us to even more depression. Your physical body is ready for this awakening as well, right down to the cellular level. One of the symptoms of a spiritual awakening is that we don't have to force ourselves to take care of our bodies - we do it because we want to. We begin to rest when we are tired. We drink water to refresh our bodies. We eat nutritious food because we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. We love taking walks and breathing in the fresh air of nature. We don't have to force anything; taking better care of our physical self becomes more natural and less labored.

An Awakening in Your Intellectual Side

Just as a spiritual awakening will have an impact on your physical self, it will also have an impact on your mental or intellectual side as well. Your spiritual side is connected to all that you are composed of. Symptom #3: You become more curious. You will begin to see the world in a different light, questioning all that is around you. This is all part of awakening. You will begin looking for meaning in the simple things, and superficial ways of living will become less appealing. It is as if the trivial things were bleached away, paving the way for a more colorful exploration of the mind. You may not be an avid reader, but you will look to learn and understand more about yourself, about humanity, and about the world. Symptom #4: Meditation will become much easier. When we are struggling with depression and anxiety and forcing our spiritual side, meditation can seem downright impossible. A true sign that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening is that meditation and clearing your mind becomes so much easier. You are able to breathe away your chaos and slow to the pace of timeless thought. Your awakening comes from the inside, and meditation is an integral role in all of this.

Becoming More Spiritually Grounded in Your Emotions

Zen is the new blackย ๐Ÿ–ค

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Have you ever noticed that when you are suffering from depression or anxiety that your emotions are all over the place? That you shift from being happy to sad in a matter of moments? Symptom #5: You find you are more balanced in your emotions. Not everything holds the meaning it once did; the trivial things that used to upset you, you can now let go. If all of a sudden, you aren't shifting from zero to a hundred in your emotional regulation, you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. It isn't that your emotions are bleached from your soul, it is simply that you feel stronger emotions less frequently. Anxiety will slowly begin to be an afterthought in your life. Symptom #6: You feel good emotions more frequently. At first, when you are starting the phase of a spiritual awakening, you may feel confused. You may feel anger towards the world. Over time, these emotions begin to subside and you will feel more positive energy beaming from your core. You will feel compassion. You will feel positive. You will feel as though the universe is unified. For every good, there is a bad, but your emotions will not bounce around with that flow. You will feel more consistent, and the scale will weigh more heavily on seeing the beauty of life and its connection to your soul.

Developing a More Noble Character

When we do not live in a spiritual way, our character reflects that. When we spend time in meditation or seeking a deeper meaning of life, we experience an awakening within our own personalities as well. Symptom #7: We begin to have a more virtuous character. For those who are not ready for a spiritual awakening, it is evident by how they live their lives and how their character comes forward. For many, lying, stealing and cheating is natural and they feel no inward repercussions. When you are going through a spiritual awakening, the things that seemed alright in your soul before just don't sit right with you anymore. You begin thinking about your actions and the consequences they have. You begin to develop integrity and your character becomes a spiritual reflection of what the universe had in store for you to begin with. Symptom #8: You will begin to make amends for some of the things that you have done in the past. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. As we begin our work in meditation, we begin to reflect on some of the things that we may have done to ourselves and to others in the past that no longer seem right to us. But we don't keep those just in our thoughts - we begin to make amends for them. The purpose is no longer to just get out of consequences that we are suffering from or could possibly face - the purpose is because we just feel compelled to do the right thing.

Your Spiritual Life Blooms with Your Spiritual Awakening

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Many people will claim they are not religious. But, in some sense, most people will admit that they are at least a little spiritual. There is a big difference. Religion is following the constructs of beliefs that others do, following rituals and practices along with a community of believers. Spirituality is different though. It is your own personal connection to something beyond our physical world. Symptom #9: You begin exploring your spirituality. Your spiritual connection may or may not be in a religious form. That is your call. If you are in a phase of spiritual awakening, you will begin examining your own spiritual beliefs. You will begin meditating on the big questions of life: what is our meaning and purpose/what happens when we die/why are we here? Your spiritual connection will create a path for you to follow. You will begin listening to your God, whether it be nature, the universe, or a religious idol. Symptom #10: You will begin to feel more connected. One of the most prominent signs of embarking on a spiritual awakening is that you will begin to feel more connected to the universe, to humanity, and to yourself. When was the last time you felt a deep connection to yourself and your own beliefs? The further you go on your spiritual journey, the more you will connect the dots to the events in your life, the people in your life, and decisions that you make.

Your Romantic Relationships Experience an Awakening

Spiritual Awakenings Can Be Shared

When we are not experiencing a spiritual awakening, our love relationships can suffer. We can experience depression and anxiety even when we are around the people we choose to spend our time with. Symptom #11: We experience the true meaning of love in our relationships. We begin to realize that we are not just here as a companion; we are here to truly express and experience love with the one that we are with. This comes in the form of sexual, verbal, and emotional communication. Our feeling of love will take on a whole new spiritual meaning. It will seem deeper. The small things that used to annoy us or set our anxiety on edge will no longer be as important as the love that we feel for that person. If you are lucky, your partner will join in on your awakening experience. Symptom #12: We may find that the person that we once loved isn't what we really want or need. Although we may feel a sincere love for the person that we are with, they no longer are suited to the meaning of our life. This may be a heartbreaking side of a spiritual awakening, but it can be an important one. No one wants to waste their time or their partner's time in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling. If all of a sudden you just don't want a relationship because you want to work on yourself, this is a major symptom of experiencing an awakening. Spend some time in meditation and let the universe guide you. Don't make a rash decision. Communicate with your partner. Most importantly, be honest.

Becoming a More Spiritual Parent

Parenting is difficult, and no child comes with an instruction manual. Many days, we fight just to get through the day. However, when we start to look at ourselves and our lives differently when experiencing a spiritual movement or awakening, even our parenting will take on different forms. Symptom #13: We begin to parent, not just maintain. The job of a parent is to guide our children and help them through their own periods of awakening. Most of the time, especially when we are going through stages of depression or anxiety, we struggle to go through the motions of the day. However, when our spiritual being changes, so does the way we parent. All of a sudden we begin to take our time in our activities with our children. We begin to truly guide them, talk to them, and communicate with them on a different level. Symptom #14: We see our children as an extension of ourselves, and therefore we help to show them the more important things in life. We help them develop their character, versus just purchasing them gifts. We spend quality time with them, showing them how to master activities, rather than sitting with them in front of the television. When experiencing a spiritual awakening, it isn't even a conscious effort. We are subconsciously driven by this need. Just like starting the path to eating well, we begin to see what is lacking and what our children need to be nourished, and we hone our parenting instincts. We begin to connect with our children on a deeper level, and we see happiness within that connection.

An Awakening Even in Your Social Experiences

Our social relationships are different to our romantic ones. These include our social circles of friends and relatives. When we are experiencing a spiritual awakening, we begin to see a transformation in how we relate to the people in our lives. Symptom #15: We see a stronger meaning for the relationships with those in our lives. Rather than mindlessly speaking with people, we begin to really listen and discover meaning. We search for the purpose they serve in our lives and the role they play in our own development of character. As we begin to meditate on our relationships, we may begin to bleach our circles and only keep our focus on those relationships that align with our spiritual awakening. Symptom #16: Our communication may become different. Before our awakening, we may have laughed at jokes that were crude. We may have made sexual innuendos. It isn't that we lose our humor, but we begin to not participate in discussions that don't align with how we feel any longer. We no longer feel the need to fit in. We strive more to be compassionate and truthful, rather than to just go with the flow. Our social relationships won't seem strained because we will just not partake in the same activities. Your friends will see a difference in you and you will attract more individuals in your life that fulfill your meaning and purpose.

Becoming More Spiritual in Your Financial Matters

Many of us are caught in the never-ending rat race. We work our whole lives to pay our bills, hoping to save enough for retirement and pray that we will make it on this earth long enough to enjoy a few years of recreation. Symptom #17: We don't care about money as much. When you experience a spiritual awakening, you will not care about the rat race anymore. You will see that there is a much deeper side to life than just working to earn money and pay bills. You won't care about comparing yourself to others, which will play a big role in your own financial affairs. You will begin to live within your means and live a more frugal life. Symptom #18: You live in the day, and not for the "one day." As you embark on a spiritual awakening, you realize that there is no longer a past or a future, but only the present. Instead of working your fingers to the bone for the "one day when I retire," you begin working to live in the day, creating memories as you go along. You will be more apt to take your sick time and vacation time. Not to say that you will begin spending money frivolously. You will begin spending money on the things that bring you a better quality of life. You won't care about random stuff and the things that make up your identity. You will end up saving money just because you don't need to spend it all, not because you are trying to save for a day that may never come.

Your Career Path Reaches A New Level of Awakening

Is the job that you once loved not as fulfilling now? This may be due to the fact that you are experiencing the symptoms of a spiritual awakening. After some meditation, you may find that your passion is tainted with the bleach of superficiality. You begin to feel some anxiety. You know that it is time for a change. Symptom #19: You begin to explore new opportunities. All of a sudden, there is a deeper calling within you. The realization has occurred to you that you want to make a living by working towards a deeper meaning or passion. You begin exploring hobbies that can generate money. You begin a side hustle to test the waters. A new freedom comes from knowing that you don't HAVE to continue the path you are on or have always been on. There is always time for change. Symptom #20: You begin to speak your mind. When individuals are forced into their career path, they tend to walk with their tail between their legs. When you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening, you begin to stand up for things that you believe in. You may see discrimination and say something for the first time. You realize that it is just a job. Your job is not necessarily your career path or your passion. After some deep soul searching, you become more vocal in a compassionate way. You connect with your coworkers more. You relate to your boss a little more.

Your Quality of Life Just Feels Right

It Just Gets Better

Not everyone who does yoga or meditation will come to a spiritual awakening. You may not immediately quit your job or bleach your life of all the negativity that plagues you. Although some individuals who go through a spiritual awakening can experience drastic changes, most likely you are simply feeling smaller scale symptoms such as these, which improve your quality of life. Symptom #21: You begin to feel lighter. When you suffer from depression and anxiety, you feel weighed down. When you begin to go through a spiritual awakening, you not only feel better, you feel lighter. You aren't weighed down by the problems of the universe any longer. In fact, you feel as though you are drifting through life with a touch of light and happiness. You can let go of things that have been holding you back. You can let go of things that make you upset in the now. You meditate on that which brings you happiness, and stop spending time focusing on problems that you feel have no meaning. You become connected. Symptom #22: You spend more time in nature. This is one of the most common symptoms for individuals who are moving towards a more spiritual path. You spend time enjoying the sunlight on your shoulders or the moonlight on your face. You appreciate the grass between your toes and the chill in the air. You don't complain about the rain, but rather, you dance in it. There is a profound relationship to nature, and you will find that developing a stronger sense of spirituality within yourself will allow you to connect with the natural environment around you versus focusing on the synthetic world of man. Symptom #23: You develop compassion. If you read the works of many spiritual leaders, you will find the common theme of compassion. Regardless if you are Christian or Buddhist, or practice no religion at all and just focus on spirituality, you begin developing a compassion that you cannot deny. You listen to those around you without judgment and you strive to act on things that make the world a better place. You don't feel anxiety towards the world's problems; instead, you begin to feel compassionate about them. This is one of the greatest symptoms of a spiritual awakening. It is as if someone pours bleach on the stains of humanity, and you see it with a white purity. Even that which is evil has explanation that you can develop compassion towards.

Your Life Vision Becomes an Extension of Your Spiritual Awakening

When I was working on this picture yesterday I suddenly had all these questions on my mind. Who are we really? Why are we doing the things we do? Why am I painting at all? Who would like my art at all and why do I waste time like this? Am I wasting time? Can you waste time? What is time? What is this life about? Do I have to do anything at all? Nothing was making sense and today Ive cried so much everytime I looked at my art. When I was a little child, I wanted to be a painter. I was always so happy when I could just sit in a corner and draw. That must mean anything, right? I've learned self love and self esteem in so many aspects of my life. But guess never when it comes to my art. I'm my worst judge telling myself all these mean things in my head and though I'm sometimes sharing a little bit of my art online, I'm scared as fuck to kind of present myself as an artist as I feel like nothing I have done is new and everything was done a thousand times better than what I did. But I feel like this sadness is coming from the pain inside of me, feeling my souls wants the same thing as the little child wanted back then and the conflict is that i am afraid thinking what i do is not good enough. So.... this is my personal test, my own therapy kinda. I'm going to say fuck it and share with you more of my artwork ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป let's see where this is going ๐ŸŒŒ #lightworker #shineyourlight #innerpeace #spirituality #weareone #selflove #spiritualjourney #personalgrowth #inspiration #wearelove #spiritualawakening #awake #guidance #angels #lawofattraction #youarelight #trueself #soul #spiritguides #positivethinking #mindfulness #meditation #gratitude #healing #highlysensitiveperson #spiritualpath #happiness #art #artwork #watercolor

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Throughout our lives we become our identity. We are the roles we play, the things we purchase, the career we choose. When we have a spiritual awakening, we are no longer our identities; we are part of the bigger whole. The vision that you have for your life begins to take on a whole new form- which is almost formless. Symptom #24: You develop passion. If you are moved by art or music, you will see that you have an even stronger passion than you did before. Life isn't so dull. It isn't bleached out. Symptoms of a spiritual awakening bring color to your life. You feel strongly about things that you believe in and stand up for them. Your life is full of passion for living. An awakening means that you are waking up and realizing that you don't have to keep living with the depression and anxiety that you once did. You have control over your thoughts and attitude. You realize you don't have control over things that you can't change. You have a sense of serenity, but life seems so much fuller than it ever did before. Symptom #25: You aren't confined to a path. Much of our life is lived on a linear scale. We are born, we go to school, we get jobs, we find someone to marry, we have children, we retire, and then we die. Although most people don't follow this direct line, there is a line that they do follow. When you have a spiritual awakening, you see that life moves in more of a circular motion. Things are connected to the past, present, and future. You aren't concerned about following the same path that other people do. You have a more spiritual sense about yourself and who you want to be, versus what you want to be. When you have an awakening in your soul, you believe in possibility. You believe that life has a purpose beyond just the superficial way that you have been living it. You'll also start to see the bigger picture. Even though you are taking this time to do some meditation and work on some of the cycles of your life that don't seem to be aligning, you also begin realizing that the world doesn't revolve around you. You are part of the bigger picture. You are part of the bigger collective consciousness. There are people like you going through the same things that you are. You are just a finite speck, but the universe is connecting with you so that you can fulfill your part in a much greater purpose. Life doesn't become just about you anymore. It is about the part that you play in your new life, starting with your spiritual awakening.

Make the Most of Your Spiritual Awakening

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It is time to say goodbye to your old life, a life filled with depression and anxiety. It is time to enjoy the new life that a spiritual awakening can bring you. When you go through an awakening, you finally realize how asleep you really have been. A spiritual nature is one of connection and compassion. It is one filled with living a right way, a spiritual way. You will find yourself taking care of yourself better physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will see in your spiritual awakening that you will have stronger relationships with those around you. Your romantic relationships will take on a spiritual nature. Your social relationships will be weeded through and you will find more satisfaction in quality rather than quantity of friends. Make the most of your spiritual awakening. You will be happier, more fulfilled and walking a path that you never thought was possible in the past. Live in the now. Live for yourself. Live to be part of the greater whole.