Simple And Sexy Ways To Get A Girl Wet

Relationship experts will tell you that no girl is happy without sensual sex. Therefore, you need to learn the art of making her wet like a pro!

By Auntrone89
Simple And Sexy Ways To Get A Girl Wet

Making a girl wet like a pro

As a man, it is very important for you to learn the art of making your girl sexually satisfied. Why is this important? Well, if you don’t know how to make her satisfied, someone else will. And that is why people cheat and end relationships. Since that is the last thing we want to happen to you, here are a few tips on how to make her wet and craving for your love:

1. The power of flirty compliments - make your girl wet in seconds!

Nothing turns a girl more than nice, flirty compliments. If your girl has taken her time to do her hair and is looking like a million bucks, make sure that you are complimenting her. Tell her how her new hairdo is styled in such a way that makes you want to run your fingers through it as you make love to her. Make a habit of doing this and you'll see her getting all wet and ready for you. Do the same when your girl (or a girl you’ve been eyeing) slides into that nice, organza dress that hugs her figure. And as you are busy complimenting the girl, make sure that you are staring at her with those “bedroom eyes”. You see, for a girl to be wet for you, you need to make her feel wanted. That’s why she takes her time to look good for you, not for other men. But if you want to compliment her even better and make her wet for you, always make sure that you aren’t exaggerating. Women hate it when they are over-complimented and can sense a fraud from a mile away. Don’t tell her that her voice makes you harder than Mike Tyson’s punch, yet she sounds like Mike Tyson himself – it won't make her wet. Even love and long-term relationships are based on genuine, flirty compliments. Try that and you won't go wrong with it!

2. A little seductive music in the background never hurt anyone

No one gets more emotional than a girl – always have this at the back of your mind. So even before you start romancing your girl, make sure that some romantic tunes are playing in the background. It can be that amazing RnB that she loves or some Luther Vandross (if she is an old soul). It would be absurd if you start playing some gangster music. Instead of your girl getting wet, she will be frightened. You are about to make love for crying out loud – not about to go out and rob someone! I have nothing against gangster rap music. Hell, I love gangster rap music. But if I want to romance my girl, I would rather play her some Mariah Carey to look soft and caring, rather than blasting some 50 Cent.   If you have a problem with the music selection, you can just ask your girl for help. Trust me, she has an idea or two of some songs that can help you make her wet much easier. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you make YouTube your friend when it comes to looking for the best music to make her wet. Love and relationships counselors can also help you with finding music that makes her wet.

3. Make your girl wet with slow, sensual kisses

Your girl will be lying there trembling like a leaf all thanks to a slow, well-placed sensual kiss. A girl has erogenous points that you are obligated to know as a man. If you don’t know what parts of a girl you need to be kissing, then you are not a man but a little boy. Some of these places include her neck, her nipples, the small of her back and (if you're into it), her feet. It is also important to note that one girl is different from the next. So if one is driven crazy with kisses to her neck, the next might be wet thanks to you kissing her sensual lips. So if you aren’t sure about what can make her wet, just ask her. You can also be generous with your kisses in a trial and error basis. So if you kiss somewhere and she starts moaning and clenching the sheets – tick that spot off on your mental romantic notepad. Wet girls will always tell you what works and what doesn’t. If not, you need to watch their body language. So if they love it, they will let out a moan and if you are keen on it, they will definitely become wet within minutes! Do that and your love (and relationships on a general scale), is secured.

4. Hug, kiss, and caress your girl like you mean it

Ask any girl and they will tell you they love being hugged more often than not. So when the girl of your dreams (or the girl you are banging) comes over for a shag, hug her and squeeze her bum. Trust me, that slow, naughty, and sensual move will make her wet within minutes and make her love you even more. That explains why people in relationships hug a lot, just in case you had no clue. Make a habit of hugging your girl especially before a shag and she will be wet even before you start undressing her, which will make the lovemaking more sensual for the both of you. As you kiss and caress your girl, make sure you are whispering about what you can’t wait to do to her. Doing so will make her wet all of a sudden and make your foreplay a tad easier. It gets her in the mood for love and she will be wet all for you.

5. Your girl becomes much wetter for you in private places

She will become wet for you especially in private and calm places. Women are very sensitive when it comes to their sexuality. And that is why their privacy is usually protected with everything they got. That’s why your girl will never ask you to get that snack bar from her purse and would rather you get the purse for her so that she can give it to you. She doesn’t want everyone to know that she is a freak, sans you. So in order to get her as wet as you want, you have to be exclusive. So if you want to get her properly wet after a night out, leave the party and take her upstairs. And if your flirtation game was off the hook, then she will definitely get all wet and juicy for you. And needless to say, getting a girl wet before sex is every man’s dream come true.

6. Massage her worries away

Another important technique to try to make your girl wet is massage. If she is attracted to you, she will get wet as soon as you massage specific places on her body. Hell, she will get wet and juicy for you the moment you suggest giving her a slow, sensual massage. So if you were planning on caressing your girl, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a surprise massage before the actual sex. Doing so will make her wet, turned on, and ready for you. Learn how to go about it and you will definitely be at the top of your game. And if you want to get her super wet, try massaging her neck, boobs, inner thighs, the small of her back, and under her feet. Do that and thank me later, like Drake's album.   (See what I did there?)

7.  Make her wet with random kinky messages

Though she will never admit to it, a girl is a serial fantasist and it only takes the right man to bring her inner freak out. So when your girl is on her way to your place, try sending her some kinky messages and let her fantasize about it and get all wet for you. You need to try and be as authentic as possible especially if the girl you are seducing is hot. Why? Because chances are that she has experienced all kinds of kinky texts from other weirdos. And if you keep on recycling kinky texts, you’ll come off as a fake. You don’t want a girl painting that mental picture about you because it will never change. Even if you have to be a kinky text thief (like myself), always make sure that it has been “customized” so that she doesn’t find out you stole it from the internet. That way, she can get all wet for you and you get the credit for being such a flirt. The good thing is that you can get your girl wet through texts only if you have practice. You can practice with a girl you don’t intend on banging and get her honest opinion on your texts. If they make her wet, she will tell you. If not, she will also tell you. And once you have become a kinky texting pro, you can rest assured of organic love and exciting relationships filled with hot, steamy sex with a completely wet girl.

8.  Your confidence will open her floodgates

Nothing makes a girl wetter than a man who is sure of himself. And this is where faking it till you make it comes in. We all want the hottest girl in the club (or in the church choir, if you are a churchgoer). And if there is anything about the hottest girl is that they make you shiver and unsure, especially since they come off as no-nonsense. But if you have confidence, or can fake it, you will pass off as interesting and that will be your chance to make the girl wet for you. Always look into her eyes and don’t flinch while talking to her. Also, make sure that you are comfortable when talking about sexual topics and look her dead in the eyes while doing so. That way, the girl will definitely get wet for you in a jiffy. Thankfully, there are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you with your confidence. But most importantly, do not fear going out there and trying it yourself, since it’s the best way for you to thrive. Be sure of yourself and your masculinity and don’t take back anything you say, even if she doesn’t approve of it. She will get wet even without you putting in too much effort because confidence is a huge turn on.

9.  Be a girl whisperer

Nothing turns a girl on more than whispering into her ear and giving her lobe a little nibble while you are at it. Girls love keeping erotic secrets and they crave exclusivity more than anything else. So it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for you to learn some remarkably hot and juicy one-liners and keep on whispering into her ear as you caress her. Doing so will not only make the girl love you, but will get her throbbing and super wet in a matter of seconds. Make sure that the girl you are whispering to is someone you are used to and not a stranger...unless you want her to get a restraining order. Only use this on a girl that is already yours or one that is willing to sleep with you. Learning how to whisper the right things is an important part of making a girl wet and just like confidence, it's an art that can be learned over time. A simple whisper such as “I like how that dress hugs your tight, round butt, it turns me on!” can make such a huge difference. But remember to be honest and focus on telling her all about her strong features if you want to make the girl wet. If she has big, dreamy green eyes – that should be your number one focus, or else she won't get turned on or get wet for you.

10. Always be comfortable discussing sex

As said earlier, confidence in a guy is a real girl magnet. And the same kind of confidence should be used especially if you want to get that girl wet and craving for you to be in between her legs. A girl, regardless of whether she is a nine or a one (if there is anything like that) will never get wet for a man who is shy – period. I mean, how can she be sure about your ability to satisfy her sexually if you are uncomfortable discussing topics that involve sex? As mentioned above, you can always talk about how good you are when it comes to oral sex if the subject comes up. Whether she loves you or not, she will definitely have a mental picture of both of you having oral sex and that will definitely make her wet. And if you are either in love or in any form of relationship (because there are many types, including open relationships), always make sure that you are discussing sex most of the time. Make sure that you are looking her deep in her eyes while talking about it. That way, the girl will not only get wet for you but will want you inside of her immediately, which is a dream come true for all guys.

What all men need to know about romance in general

Most men go wrong when it comes to romance because of impatience. You just can’t penetrate her like an Olympic diver plunging into the pool as soon as he springs off the diving board. You have to take your time and appreciate her nice, soft body. Take your time and kiss her wet pubic area because she's been dreaming of having you down there. Appreciate her, and she will get wet for you. If you aren’t willing to take your time and appreciate her as a person, maybe you should get yourself a sex doll and let the poor girl be romanced by another man, because you are wasting her time!