5 Ways To Use Binding Spells To Protect Your Love From Harm

There are some easy methods, including the binding spell to keep our loved ones safe forever. These spells are easy and effective. Here is how to use them.

By Palack
5 Ways To Use Binding Spells To Protect Your Love From Harm

A general outline of the binding spell

On a general basis, the idea of spells, magic and witchcraft are associated with the evil in the world and with the worship of the evil, to be more precise. But to get into this subject any further, it is crucial to understand that it is, in fact, a very vast topic. It has been in debate for thousands of years. There are records from ancient times based on which it can be said that the practice of witchcraft was a very widely spread concept. It has no geographical or social boundaries. The concepts of magic, witchcraft, casting spells, paganism and much more and often confused with each other. Though they are intertwined with each other, they also differ in various aspects. To begin with, magic simply refers to the usage of certain rituals, languages, symbols, etc. in order to evoke and utilize the supernatural forces. This varies from one culture to another. These cultures can differ on the basis of region, religion or even beliefs. Another form of magic is the illusion. It is nowadays practised by many artists with the purpose of entertainment. It is even a commonly practised profession. However, this does not include any supernatural forces but tricks and manipulation only. On the other hand, witchcraft is a much broader subject. Much of its explication is reflected when the word is broken down as the craft practised by the witches. It is a belief in the magic and the practice of these magical skill sets and abilities for various purposes. It is also considered as an art in some cultures. Spells are just one small yet powerful part of many different practices of this craft.

Casting Spells


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A spell can be just a few words, or even a verse. It can include any ritual or physical experiment. In some cases, it can be a combination of one or more of such things. Apart from the seven types of spells taught at Hogwarts. Several kinds exist in reality, like, o Money Spells o Biding and banishing Spells o Protection Spells o Wiccan Blessings o Luck Spells o Healing Spells o Career and Job Spells Many people in many countries practice different rituals locally as well. So naturally, there are different methods and beliefs as well. Poppets, runes, spell tablets and what not. Though, one mutual thing has a high significance. That is the intentions and energy one puts in these practices. Complete knowledge and cautiousness are extremely important as the spells are irreversible. They should be used only after proper analysis of the situation and as a last resort to the problem. Because of ignorance or lack of skills and understanding, they can go wrong.

The binding and Banishing Spells

These are one of the most commonly practised spells around the world and yet mixed up very often. They are the exact opposite of each other in reality. The banishing spells are used to banish someone or to keep someone or something away from one's life. It can be used to get rid of an abusive relationship, to distance oneself from something harmful or someone you do not want to be around or even to get rid of a bad habit. Whereas, binding spells are used to bind someone or something to a person, place or an object. It is exercised in order to restrict (bind) actions according to the desire. It is like tying the genie to a lamp. No matter what happens, the genie would come back to the lamp at the end of the day. This further leads to another argument of the good and bad, of right and wrong. This argument has been going on since forever. There have been scientific, social and cultural researches, studies and experiments for years and years. Although, it has not come to any definite conclusion till today.

White magic or Black magic?

It is as simple to distinguish white magic from black magic as easy it is to differentiate between black and white. The one performed with pure intentions is the white magic and does not bring any harm to the person it is done. And the one practised because of hatred, revenge jealousy, and anger or with the motive of causing injury can turn out to be fatal. It is indeed, truly said that when you do anything wrong to anyone, you open a window for evilness. You give them the right to diffuse negativity in your life. In other words, if your deeds are right, nobody can cause you any harm ever.

1. Spell for the protection of your loved ones

It is quite natural that when you love somebody with all your heart, you wish the best for them. And above all, you cannot imagine them getting injured in any way. This is a very simple one. You can protect your loved one from all the harm and negativity. It'll keep them away from any evil thing or damage that comes their way. For this, you first need to find a coloured photograph of the person you intend to cast the spell for. The picture, furthermore, should be a cheerful and happy one since the motive of performing this ritual is to bring happiness and protection to the person. It would be better to have it framed in silver as it attracts positive spirits. Next, you need light a white candle and basil incense. It is known for its protective qualities. Before you begin to cast the spell, you are required to harness all your love for the person into positive energy. Get rid of all the negative thoughts and clear your mind. This is very important because the intentions behind performing this act make a whole lot of difference. Then, close your eyes and visualize the picture of the person surrounded by a bright white light. This light will act as an obstruction for any negative thing trying to intervene. And finally, enchant these words: Goddess protect (name of the person) every day, When at work or when at play. As the sleep and as they love, Give (name) protection from above

2. Amulets and charms

We all have problems in life, and that's how we learn, grow and live. But when it comes down our beloved, nobody would want them to face any problem in life. Now, not all the issues can be resolved using the spell because that's the cycle of life. But, some relief can be provided. This is another thing that can be done to keep your loved ones safe and far from sadness. You can get them an amulet or a charm. It is a piece of jewellery known to have supernatural powers that give out positivity. It is also said that amulets or charms provide the strength to fight against all the odds.

3. The binding away the enemy

In the times where it is difficult to find goodness around, one ends up among the wrong people many times. Some turn out be mean, some are just ignorant, and some become good friends while some become enemies. Fortunately, there is a binding spell to get such people to maintain a distance from you or your loved ones or any other person in general whom the person bullies or hurts. A purple candle, a photograph of the person and a stapler is required to cast this spell. First of all, cast a circle and place the lit candle in the centre of it. Now, fold the photo in half starting from the bottom. Enchant these words while you staple the picture: With this staple I thee bind. (Name of the person) I bind you from harming me or (name of your lover or "others"). Remember to form a series of crosses while sealing off the edges of the folded photograph, every time you staple it. And finally to end it, the staple across through its centre.

4. The binding your love - Handfasting

It is not just a ritual or practice but also a popular tradition followed in western European countries. It is a neopagan custom that couples follow. Both the people hold hands and wrap a ribbon around it as a sign of commitment and togetherness. It is equivalent to the phrase 'to tie the knot". It is seen as a spiritual and matrimonial bond between the two lovers forever.

5. Removing the curse

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It is a definite possibility that some enemy would not try to hex you or your loved one or even your relationship. This solution is the most effective and easy one to perform is such cases. And, it is quick! All you need is a bottle of beer, sea salt and some lemon juice. Just a bath with all these ingredients will work. Stay in the water for about fifteen minutes and rinse it off. This is all because of the qualities of these three things. Beer is made up of Mud Hops which is used widely to cleanse bad spirits from places and people. Specifically, in Africa, it is used to clear people from demonic possessions. Lemon is the agent used for spiritual cleansing and the same for salt. Together these elements clean your aura and return the evil spirits to your enemy who sent it in the first place. There are other options available in the market now in case if you do not wish you the beer. There are Mud Hops bubble baths. Many of them have lemon content too. Anyone can easily find it. And then add some salt to it and just take a bath to rinse off the curse.

To sum it up, be careful of what you think, how you feel about someone else and then decide accordingly. Magic spells are not that easy, and things don't change at the flick of a wand. The effects last forever. But do not give up on something that must be done as well. This is the best thing about white magic. You can use it on any enemy or a loved one without harming anybody. " It's Wingardium Leviosar, not leviosa...!"