Su Yung Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rich Swann's Wife

Recently, Rich Swann grabbed the headlines when he was booked under the charges of domestic violence against his wife, Su Yung. Let's know more about Su Yung!

By Sanchari
Su Yung Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rich Swann's Wife

Rich Swann – WWE Superstar

The superstar wrestler, Rich Swann has been suspended from the professional wrestling organization WWE following his arrest on charges false imprisonment and battery. A domestic violence case was registered against Rich Swann by his wife Su Yung. WWE issued a statement where they condemned Rich Swann’s act and suspended him for an indefinite period of time. World Wrestling Entertainment Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann, got into a grudge match with his wife that cost him his career.

1. Su Yung – wife of Rich Swann

Vannarah Riggs was born on June 30, 1989, in Seattle, Washington. She is popular as Su Yung, her stage name at WWE. Su Yung has got herself nickname in the ring and she goes by the name of ‘The Undead Bride’. Su Yung and Rich Swann are married for nine months now. According to Cagematch, the internet wrestling database, Su Yung has trained under Bill Dundee and Kevin White. Her in-ring career as a wrestler started in 2008 with trademark holds like ‘The Purge’. She is quite a popular face among the Cagematch inmates. There are many who termed Su Yung as the next big thing in the WWE. Su Yung’s career started on a rather disappointing note where she was losing her games one after another. But, Su Yung never gave up. She worked hard on her and improved her style to beat Tracy Taylor.

2. WWE showdown

In 2010, Yung signed a developmental contract and made her debut at FCW House with a new name Vannah. Within a month’s time, she again changed her name to Sonia and finally Su Yung. Despite giving her best shot, she wasn’t able to win any title that year. It was only in the later part of 2012 that Su Yung finally won against Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert.

3. The charges of battery against Rich Swann

It was reported that Su Yung was criticizing some of the moves of Rich Swann. But, Rich Swann was in no mood to listen to his wife. Yung just jumped off the moving car fearing that Rich Swann might hit her in anger. Witnesses confirmed that Rich Swann held Yung in a headlock and then dragged her into the car, but Rich Swann refuses all these allegations. Rich Swann said that he hadn’t even touched his wife with a finger.

4. Net worth of Su Yung

Rich Swann made his debut in the WWE as a teenager in 2009 and since then he has only grown as a wrestler. Rich Swann married Su Yung in March 2017, after dating her for 5 years. The net worth of Rich Swann is $500,000.

5. Rich Swann faces the charges

Now that Rich Swann has been booked for domestic violence, he could land up in the jail for 5 years along with $5000 fine. His future will be decided by the court on December 11, 2017.