Darius Campbell Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Natasha Henstridge's Ex Husband

Darius Campbell is a scottish actor who dated and was the husband of actress Natasha Henstridge for several years. Here are the top 5 facts to know about him.

By Jenna
Darius Campbell Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Natasha Henstridge's Ex Husband

Darius Campbell: Bio of the ex husband of Natasha Henstridge

Darius Campbell is a famous Scottish singer, songwriter, actor, and author who has a number one song on the UK Singles Chart. He is also the brand Ambassador of The Prince’s Trust. Darius was born on August 19, 1980, in Glasgow in the United Kingdom. His father is Iranian and is named Booth Danesh. His mother is named Avril Campbell and she is from Scotland. Darius is the oldest of three siblings, all boys. His two younger brothers are named Cyrus and Aria. Cyrus was born in 1995 and Aria was born in 1985. Both of his parents have battled cancer and won. His father had stage 4 lymphoma and his mother had breast cancer. Darius received his education first at Bearsden Primary School and Glasgow Academy. He later attended the University of Edinburgh and studied English language and Philosophy. Darius Campbell is also well known for being the ex-husband of Natasha Henstridge. Darius met the Canadian singer, actress, and model Natasha Henstridge at a crosswalk in 2004 and the couple quickly fell in love. Darius and Natasha dated for seven years before getting married in a secret ceremony. Their wedding was held at the prestigious San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California in February of 2011. The marriage did not last long, however, with the couple filing for divorce just two years later in July of 2013. The divorce was reported to be about financial issues and was a mutual decision between the two. After the divorce, Darius dated model Daisy Lowe for a time. Darius and Natasha continue to be great friends and have been known to still go out together on occasion and have even been spotted kissing at public events.

Above is shown singer songwriter Darius Campbell with his ex-wife Natasha Henstridge. The couple dated for several years and were married for two before filing for divorce. Above, they both look stunning and elegant in black formal attire.

Darius Campbell: Career

Darius Campbell began his career performing in theater and opera shows. His first roles were in productions of the operas ‘The Trojans’ and ‘Carmen.’ Darius quickly rose to fame when he won the British Talent Competition called 'Popstars.' He also participated in another competition the next year called 'Pop Idol,' in which he placed in the finals. He began writing his own singles shortly thereafter and had success quickly with a number one release on the UK Singles chart. In 2004, Darius released his debut album entitled Dive In, which reached platinum status. Almost all of his singles from that album made it to the top of the UK singles charts, including the single Colourblind. Darius has published work as an author as well. He wrote a book on the music industry that was the sixth best seller on the Sunday Times. Darius Campbell is also heavily involved in charity activities. Although Darius has achieved large success in his career so far, little is known about his net worth at this time.

After divorcing Natasha Henstridge, Darius Campbell was seen out with model Daisy Lowe on many occasions. Above he can be seen carrying her dog while she follows behind.

Darius Campbell: More Facts To Know

Here are some more facts to know about the rising star Darius Campbell. Darius Campbell's sun sign is Leo. Darius Campbell is quite tall coming in at six foot four inches tall. Darius Campbell has more than 2,287 followers on Instagram and over 16 thousand on Twitter. Darius Campbell's net worth is unknown. His ex-wife, Natasha Henstridge has a net worth of about $14.5 million. The two divorced over financial issues. Darius does not have any of his own children, but he considers Natasha's two sons from a previous marriage to be his own. In 2010, Darius won the ITV1 talent show called 'Popstar to Operastar.' Darius' first break-through single was called Colourblind. Colourblind was released in 2002 on the album entitled Dive In. Darius's ex-wife was involved in the allegations of sexual harassment against Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein. She has publicly stated that they both deserve to go to jail for all the sexual harassment charges they face. She claims that she herself was assaulted by Brett Ratner.

Above is a photo of Darius Campbell alone, looking quite dapper in a gray suit and black tie.

Darius Campbell: In Conclusion

Darius Campbell is a star to keep an eye on. He has not had as much success in America as he has had in the United Kingdom, but it is probably only a matter of time before he becomes popular in America as well. He is a very unique and talented individual with his singing, acting, and song-writing abilities. He is very handsome as well, catching the likes of models Natasha Henstridge and Daisy Lowe.

Darius Campbell is shown sporting a closely shaved beard above. He is one of those men that looks great with or without a beard.