Does He Miss Me? 15 Signs That Show He Still Misses You

Lost love equals a shattered life, right? The shadows of dark lonely night can wash away if you catch a sign that he miss you as bad as you do!

By DeadLine Writer
Does He Miss Me? 15 Signs That Show He Still Misses You

Do men really hide away their pain? --A big question

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Love is the best high a person can get in his entire duration of a lifetime, a lot of you would agree to this, wouldn’t you? Let’s face it, we have all been here, the raunchy summer love with cutesy kisses and the tummy butterflies. All the silly fights, and ice cream dates that made up our days, remember them? But what happens eventually is that you can't breathe, and it is a suffocating reality, he has left you. All you are left to think about is, whether or not he still misses you as much as you miss him, for the sake of your dear life. You are left wondering if he thinks about you, just the way he is in your thoughts from dusk till dawn.

One can never contemplate between having to hate their ex or dealing with their memories. The stressful conditions of the withdrawal symptoms happening because they are badly missing their ex-girlfriend after their breakup are just impossible to deal. Only a man who lost his beloved can understand the pain of this man. More often, we say that a man is not as much a lover as a woman, but you can't judge every man's potential to love, can you? Men can be missing their ex badly enough to let the entire world know of that. For a man in love, he will only choose to move on when he is utterly in a compulsion for the same. It is a shame to have lost one such man, who is a compassionate lover but we all do sins, don't we? It is not too late; you can have him back. But it signs like he has moved on and has a new love interest in his life. Well, don't sit back, lady, the chances are that he badly misses you. He hates not being with you while away from you.

If we were a part of a Hollywood story, it was easy to know if your ex-was still as much into you. Like Ross called out Rachel instead of Emily at the altar. It was a clear sign he had Rachel in his mind while marrying Emily. Remember when Noah built Allie a damn house to get her back? No one does that, today, do they? Remember how McDreamy would sniff Meredith's hair on the elevators? Only if men in real life were multi-tasking and truthful as mentioned above, life would be so much easier. As a matter of fact, real-life breakups are more like a knife through the heart than just drama! There is a saying, 'it takes up a lot to understand a man.' It falls right when a guy breaks up with a woman he loved and cared about, a lot! The real-life breakups are less dramatic and more painful. Men in real are more badly shattered apart than we think of them, their telltale clues are subtle and alone.

Read on to discover 15 signs a man gives away that indicates he still misses you. There is still a hope of bright light that you can be falling back into each other's arms if you recognize these signs. Only too early!

1. What does it mean if he gives sign of talking about her always?

How long do you think mentioning your ex-girlfriend is healthy? A month? Okay, half a year. But if your boyfriend has decided to move on with you, he should stop, apart. He brings his ex up anyway in every topic of a conversation. Right? Are you confused why he keeps bringing his ex up? He is still in love with his ex-dumb girl. Or perhaps he is still not over the fact that he is not with her anymore, ie, alone while away. Both of which is equally an important sign to catch. Even if he does not talk about good things for her, it is still a bad sign indicating he is not over their breakup. Talking about her while apart, is a definite signal that the guy you are involved with is not truly yours. Of course, he could be talking about things like, how she made him wait for every date, or to the much deepest about how she cheated on him. Apart from that, you might be thinking that you are a much nicer girl than her, but look at the deeper end, my friend! If all you ever talk about on your dates is what a girl which your boyfriend dated before you, did their entire relationship, it is high time. You need to reconsider your relationship with him. Think about, if he will be as crazy as he is for her if you were away, and had no contact with him, at all!

2. What could be the sign indicating he never talks about her?

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You might be thinking it is crazy to mention this, at all. Right? Read on girls, you are way behind this entire, 'I am not yet over my ex' game. If a guy talks a lot about his ex-girlfriend, even if they are not in contact after their breakup, it is a bad sign. But for a worse case scenario, is he never mentions her, at all! He is thinking about her on the inside, but sinking it in. If he were truly over her, he wouldn't feel any qualms to talk about her in any context or to accept that they are in no contact and away forever. Well, think of how you would talk about someone you’ve dated who you no longer have feelings for whatsoever. What is the ideal way of mentioning your ex? Well, you’d talk about them if it ever came up in conversation, but other than that, you wouldn’t bring them up. Besides you also wouldn’t be adverse ever to say their name aloud. If he tells you that they dated for two years and broke up five months ago and that it is still painful for him, that’s not a good sign. He is likely trying his hardest to suppress feelings he has for his ex. Guess what? Choking down feelings you have for someone doesn’t make them go away. He needs to deal with why he cannot talk about his ex before you move on with you. He needs to first get over the fact that he is in no contact with her, anymore. Then he should work on the fact how badly he misses her while away.

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3. He miss her to the limit of being involved in her life

There runs a fine line between being involved in someone's life genuinely and doing the same deliberately. If your boyfriend participates in his ex's life actively, say directly or indirectly, he hasn't let her go honestly. No, I'm not talking about the exes who turn great friends after their break up. I am speaking about those exes who are still clinging to their past with one another for their dear life's sake. There would be nothing much to worry about if they broke up years ago. A couple is only able to forge a friendship after a relationship, after a bit of dust has settled, which is rather acceptable. If you feel how your boyfriend cherishes his time with her, more than you or his other friends, you are in trouble to name the least. It is a callous way of destroying your emotional support, as well. Get away, already lady! It is a clear sign that tells how badly he wants to have her in his life again, and there is precisely not much that you can do. He is unable to live away from her, and you are just an excellent substitute for him the entire duration while away.

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4. He give sign of not having a closure at the end

It happens if the breakup was imposed rather than a mutual decision. If the guy was forced to break up, and not as an option, he is most likely to be stuck back in their relationship. The torment syllable that decides the fate of a person after the breakup is, 'what if.' It has the potential of haunting someone for as long as you can imagine. If the relationship ended because of distance matters, he might not be feeling the closeness. He is stranded to wonder ‘what if we lived closer' for the rest of his life. Then what if it makes very difficult for them to move on, with no contact especially if living distant wasn't his choice, either. In the case that she abruptly left him, he may be stuck wondering what he did wrong to make her go. His inability to move on may rest on the fact that he doesn’t quite understand why they ever broke up in the first place. In this case, he may be wondering ‘what if I did this or that differently.' This entire saga can only work if the breakup wasn't forced on him, too badly. Being away is acceptable to some extent, but having no contact makes it worse for the guy to keep up.

5. Does he give away sign of unhapiness during holidays?

For starters, there is no explanation why one should be feeling grumpy around holidays. But if we look at the possibilities of the same, there are a couple of reasonable justifications. First, says, your boyfriend might be anxious about your relationship with him. Often, holidays are a time to take the relationship a level above. Like saying, 'I love you,' or introducing you to his parents. He might be in a deep thought of your expectations about the same. Perhaps, it is pervasive fear a man goes. But the second, and the must look after reason is his ex. If they dated for more than a year, it is most likely to be trouble for you, as well. They might have celebrated a few holiday seasons together, with their sweet little traditions and rituals. Now that they are not together, he is unable to keep up with the memories he made with his ex. Either way, if he’s distant during the holidays, that’s a bad sign if he’s missing his ex or even if he’s not. But the worst part here is that your boyfriend is unable to stay away from his ex. It is equal to cheating on you, rather sub-consciously. If your boyfriend is more worried about being in no contact with his ex, while you wait for him to kiss you, he is not the guy for you. Get away, already!

6. He is in contact with her family

Let's face it, how long can one stay in touch with their exes family and friends, in real life? The ideal way is, they don't. There is no reasonable explanation for a man's decision to stay in touch with the family of his ex. Friends are understandable, but family? Come on, people today don't remember the names of their uncles, let alone having time to talk with their mothers. What is the possible reason for talking to her aunt, or mother? What could he be possibly talking about, anyway? It's a wake-up call, my girl. He is still taking dabs to get back with his ex. Staying in touch with her family is the first indication about the same. It is his choice to remain in contact with her family because he wants to be a part of them. Thus, it makes sense for him to stay connected to his future in-laws. You feel him being more close to them, while away from you, it is a part of all the signs that men giveaway. It is a visible real-life example of Derek being in contact with Meredith's family while having no contact with her. Don't be the Addison in his life, rather move away.

7. He gives sign indicating that he miss her likes and dislikes

There is no way that you should be feeling anything below unique in any which way, especially if your new boyfriend does that by mentioning his exes choices. This obsession can range at two level, both of which are unreasonable for your sake. For instance, if you suggest him a cafe, or a TV series and he texts his ex right away to ask about her views on the same, you are in sheer trouble, my friend. For him it might just be a casual activity, but who is he fooling, anyway? Why does it matter to him about any of her views, when he has moved on with you? It should be just you, isn't it? He misses her, after their break up. It is acceptable, only as long as he stops pretending to love you, as well. It is exhausting to know how his ex-liked the same movie or recipe. It is going to be a long comparison test for everything that you do. Why should you be taking the jabs for him being away from his ex? You need to decide because these are clear signs that he is not interested in you. You are merely an interest while away from her. You can not go on be a fool until before he reaches a point to get back with her and leave you be.

8. He keeps an eagle's eye on her social media because he miss her

It is a topic of absolute zero tolerance alone! There is no reason why your boyfriend should still be on his exes social media. They should have unfollowed each other long ago. Of course, some people are friends with their exes on social media and more power to them if they can do that without obsessing. That may be a sign of them being a bigger person, but it may also be an indication that they are trying to keep tabs on their ex. The greatest red social media alert would be him liking her selfies. First, it isn't allowed to be on her social media, if at all. Second, if he is for any reason, he must be as good as absent. Liking selfies is a pure indication of him giving out the i-am-still-looking-back-at-you signal. Instead of liking her selfies, he should be posting a lot with you. The last straw here is that his ex might be taking dabs on him in return. The chances are that she must be doing it intentionally. Perhaps she misses him too and wants to get his mind on her by posting selfies with dramatic captions. These signs are tiny, but they are true. You shouldn't be ignoring any single one of these.

9. He's probably called out her name for you

This is the last sign he could give away telling he isn't yet over his beloved ex. After all, you can now relate with Emily who suffered this great act of embarassment ot the alter of hwr wedding ceremony with Ross. He might say this is out of a habit. But it has been a long time for their break up, and his relationship with you. This is absolutely un-reasonable to every extent. It’s understandable a bit, but it’s not a petty situation where he’s calling a co-worker his ex’s name or roommate his ex’s name. He called you, his new love interest, his ex’s name, which definitely mean that he’s thinking about her when he’s with you, which is not a great sign. Obviously. The worse case scenario will be him calling you with his exes name during sex. If he does, girl, listen, take all your clothes and never see him again. If he takes her name, you are as good as not being with him, at all. Leave him to be and let him carve his way back to her while you save yourself a huge greif for life.

10. He gives away sign indicating he miss her mannerisms and compare the both of you

She was his history, yes. He could be idealizing her for as long as he wants to, but not out of a petty comparison with you. You are his present, his new love interest, and it is only normal to be having beautiful flaws. What is the thing with comparing you to his ex, anyway? It is a whole new level of being unreasonable, if at all. There is no way that he should be comparing you with her and make you a pale competition. Anything otherwise an obvious, random comparison is perhaps acceptable. But if you feel pitted against your boyfriend's ex, chances are he’s subconsciously making you feel that way. The weird part is, for instance, 'God, you are so much better than Holly.' You might be happy to know this for first, but think about it girl, is he only looking for a better substitution to her Holly? These signs are tough to catch at first, but sooner or later you will feel the intensity.

11. He gives sign indicating that he miss their memories together

It is only normal to be up your past with your new love interests. The ideal memories most likely to share is, how you bunked a class with your best friend. Or how you miss riding a bicycle around the city. And about the time you were so drunk at a high school party, you ended up in bed with another girl. It could be somewhat same for the guys, as well. Your boyfriends bring up his breakup with his beloved ex-girlfriend or the time of their Easter holiday. You are more or less in a high emotional trouble. It is wholly unacceptable to be talking about your ex-girlfriend while you are with your present girl. It is truly an indication that he misses her, no matter how long has it been since their break up. It seems like he’s bringing up their memories for a reason. There runs a fine line between mentioning and thinking about their memories.

12. Texts her often, and shown sign that he miss her

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The ideal way of moving on from your ex is by not involving them in our lives. At least not after you have made a new love interest, be fair with her if not yourself. Apart from that, if you see your boyfriend still choosing to stay in contact with his ex, via text, email, or a call, chances are he is taking a dab on her still. He misses her, still and feels alone sometimes. There runs a fine line between the exes who are better friends and those who try to stay connected in a hideous way. He will obviously talk about this jazz, that he is only a friend, but who is he trying to fool? We all know the language of texts when one attempts to be a casual friend and the one who is wanting to be a beloved lover, don't we? To be honest, the entire situation is toxic for you. Because he is always making you doubt on him, and if at all you go through his phone, it will be a whole new level of loyalty issues jabbed towards you. You shouldn't be feeling that, at all to be true. You don't deserve a guy who needs to be looked after for his mannerisms towards his ex-lover, not after their break up.

13. He wears the gift she bought him stating he miss her

Come on, let's face it, how long do you expect to keep a gift your ex-girlfriend bought for you? It is suspectable if it's not anything top-notch, for instance, a Prada shirt, or the Gucci loafers. If it were for me, I'd sleep in them for years to come until I have had enough of wearing them for my dear life. But what if your boyfriend is unreasonable on wearing the basic tee and the flipflops alone his ex-gifted him on their vacation to the Barbados? A little too much of obsession, if not anything major apart? It is truly an indication that he misses her which is why he still wears the gifts his ex-gave him. Moreso, it is one big deal because he mentions the same to you. If he wears them out of a random want because they are comfortable, then what is the need to say that his flip-flop was a gift from his ex, at all? It's bizarre because he can't fool you with his small lies. Perhaps his subconscious mind knows that he badly miss her while away from her after their breakup. He honestly fails to stop mentioning about her, while away from her, he is not over her.

14. He misses their relationship traditions

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It is only safe to say that making memories and creating your little traditions is the way to work a relationship. It is core to feel a tangible part of your significant others' life. One can feel up to a level of withdrawal symptoms because they are no longer in contact, after their break up. But the deadline is before you have chosen to move on with another love interest. One should no longer be whining about his time and memories of his ex-girlfriend who is no longer in contact. It is the final call you need to make for saying a final goodbye to the drinks you ordered at the Mojos or the holiday season spree. It's a new relationship, he agreed to sign up for with all his heart, or at least that is what he says. He shouldn't be asking you out on every Wednesday night to the same lakeside cade he visited alongside her. They are no longer in contact, and he should be in terms with this fact, at least, now that he is with you. He should rather take an active part in making new traditions, eating french toasts at the cafes of your choice so that he no longer feel alone. It is a clear telltale that he misses her, and you are just a substitution while he manages to get over her or eventually end up falling into a relationship with her. Do you want to be the Martha to your Noah while you see his Allie in his eyes?

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15. He is angry with her

Girls are so easy to make happy. Apart from that, their boyfriend tells them how much he hates his ex; girls get over the board happy. Calling and texting all her friends alone and telling about her petty achievement of getting him to a state of hating his ex-girlfriend. Oh, poor girl, it isn't you who got him to hate his beloved ex-girlfriend. He hates her himself apart. This hate is not something you should be feeling happy. The chances are that he thinks about her more than ever. More than an average amount of hours every day. Remember, hate is not the opposite of love; it is the form of love which is confused with agony. You should have been feeling like partying, if he didn't care about her, at all, which is called apathy. Hate is just an underrated word for love. Most people share their best kiss after a hot argue and telling they hate each other apart. Listen up close, girl, do not fall into the trap of hate because ultimately it is you at a loss. There is none other explanation than to say he misses her even though they are in no contact after their break up. Remember the time when McDreamy said he hated Meredith on Greys anatomy season 2 only to do their hottest sex, ever? It is somewhat similar in real life, being irrationally angry at an ex is undoubtedly a sign that they miss them.