8 Good Tips and Advices on How to be an Attractive Woman

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8 Good Tips and Advices on How to be an Attractive Woman

How To Be A Physically Attractive Woman


They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. What do young babies, baby animals, and attractive women have in common? Big eyes. Neoteny is the reason why we tend to coo over animals and babies, as they tend to have bigger eyes in proportion to their body size. When a woman’s pupil is dilated, it signifies arousal, which is attractive to men.

Our eyes can be an indicator of overall health as well.  According to Psychology Today, the whites of our eyes matter too. Whiter sclera as opposed to redder accelerate in people is rated as 42% healthier and 17% more attractive.

If you don’t have big eyes, you can enhance your eyes with false eyelashes, which helps to open up your peepers. Lining your eyes with black eyeliner will help to make your eyes look bigger as well. You can tight line your waterline with white eyeliner which will give the illusion of bigger eyes.


A global survey found out that a full, luscious pout was the most attractive lip shape in the world, with an overwhelming majority of voters preferring upper lips and lower lips of equal ratio. The runner up was a lip with a fuller bottom lip and a slightly thinner upper lip. As we age, we tend to lose fat from our faces, as well as our lips.

Hence, we tend to perceive women with fuller lips as more feminine and youthful. Red, fire engine lips also tend to mimic the look of a woman’s vagina. Another popular lipstick color is pink, which is a sweet and alluring color.

Don’t have full lips? Don’t worry, there are a lot of lip products and lipstick formulas that will give you sexy lips in no time! I personally love the Maybelline super stay Matte Ink Lipstick, which has very strong staying power and doesn’t rub off whenever I eat pasta or sip on a cool glass of Lemonade. They have many vibrant and attention-grabbing shades which is bound to be a conversation starter between you and the opposite sex.

How To Be A Sexually Attractive Woman

A generous bosom

Traditionally, women with big breasts were perceived to be sexually attractive. Large breasts signify fertility and good health. From an evolutionary standpoint, big breasts mimic the aesthetic appeal of big buttocks. Another interesting discovery is that hungry and poor men tend to prefer women with bigger breasts. Those who are full and sated prefer smaller breasts. Wearing a push up bra can enhance the size of your tatas.

Small waist and wide hips

Waist-hip ratio is another indicator of attractiveness. Men tend to perceive women with lower waist-hip ratios to be more attractive. This signifies high estrogenic stores in a woman. Thus, the hourglass figure is considered a universally attractive body shape.

Butt and legs

Some men prefer women with mile-long pins and toned legs, some men prefer women with a perky and round derriere. Research has shown that men like women who wear high heels as it emphasizes the swaying hips of a woman.
Also, before boobs became mainstream, our buttock were the appealing part of our bodies.   Go to the gym and keep working out! Do not skip leg day, and don’t neglect your hamstrings or your glutes.

How to be a mentally attractive woman

Intellect and knowledge

Although the stereotypical dumb blonde might have more fun, they might get annoying after a while. Men tend to prefer smarter women. If you are well-versed and knowledgeable in a wide range of topics, you will be a better conversationalist and men appreciate smart women better. 

Also, if you have a high EQ (or intelligence quotient), you will be able to read the room and the body language of the opposite sex and direct the conversation accordingly. Being well-educated has its perks, as you can talk about a wide array of conversational topics ranging from politics, to economics to feminism. Opinionated women are sexy.


Ever heard of the phrase:” Fake it until you make it?” Confidence is sexy. Men like sassy and feisty women. Making the first move to approach a guy, is a sign of confidence as well. Though you may be afraid of rejection, there are endless possibilities if your potential date becomes interested in you.
You will end up piquing his interest and besides, men also get intimidated by women from time to time. They may be afraid to ask you out, and they are probably waiting for you to check them out. Some men actually love being wooed.

How To Be An Emotionally Attractive Woman

Personality and emotional wellbeing

Having a good personality is important, which means that you are not too emotionally needy, over demanding or too dominant. Learn to become independent and not rely on anybody but yourself. Cultivate healthy relationships and you will bring positive vibes to others. Emotionally healthy women are attractive as men don’t like women who are emotionally dysfunctional. If there is one thing they can’t stand, it’s drama.

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Helena Rubinstein was famous for her quote: "There are no ugly women only lazy ones." Attaining societal's beauty standards may seem impossible or unachievable, but it is possible to look good. You just need to put in some effort in your beauty routine and accentuate your physical assets. Also, a person's attractiveness does not only comprise of physical beauty, but it includes emotional and intellectual aspects as well.


Don’t be disheartened if you feel that you lack the qualities of a conventionally attractive woman. Makeup can do wonders, and men prefer women who are emotionally attractive and less physically attractive to those who are emotionally needy or clingy. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes after all, and one day you will meet a man who appreciates you for who you are, with your quirks and all!