2019 Best Baby Changing Dresser with Buying Tips

Tips and Advice to Buying a Baby Changing Table Dresser

By Sarah Potter
2019 Best Baby Changing Dresser with Buying Tips

Changing your baby’s diaper and clothes can be tiring and maybe a bit tasking especially for new mothers who are having their first child. Changing your baby’s diaper would have to become a hobby because you would have to be doing that at least 4-5 times a day and about 2500 times before your baby’s first birthday. To do this, you would need a very comfortable spot and place not just for your baby but for you too.

For a few parents, changing their baby could be done almost anywhere, could be on the floor or their beds or on a towel or the likes with the baby supplies either in a basket or a baby bag just beside them.  Every parent definitely wants their cute little creature has the best and also want to reduce their stress. To do this, a baby changing table dresser would be awesome. If you can find somewhere for it in your budget and also create some space for it, then you should get one.

If you are thinking about how you can get a suitable one for you and your little kiddo, then you’ve got the right article. Here, we would not just give you tips on how to get a lovely baby dresser but also give you the recommendations of the best you could get.

What are Baby Changing Table Dressers?

Delta Children Farmhouse 3 Drawer Dresser With Changing Top - Textured Limestone : Target

Just like adults have their own dressing tables, babies do too. A dressing table is merely an elevated platform, on which you can change not only your baby’s diaper but clothes too. It usually comes with drawers, hutches, pads, drawers and a few other parts for your baby’s comfort and also to help store some essentials like diapers, baby wipes, your baby’s powder, clothing and a bunch of other necessities. Most baby changing table dressers are usually made of wood of which could be either oak or pine; it could also be made of different materials.

These baby changing table dressers could be used up onto your baby’s second year and then even converted entirely into a dresser when your child outgrows it.

What Safety Tips should you look out for?

Before getting anything for your little one, one of the most important things you should always look out for is safety. Here are some vital safety tips you should take note of when getting a changing table dresser for your baby.

1. Check its Sturdiness

When getting a changing table dresser for your baby, going to the store to get it yourself wouldn’t be such a bad idea. This would prevent you from having to return every one you order, because of one problem or the other.  You definitely would want a squeaky and shaky table when getting one. It is essential to check the table to make sure it isn’t shaky to prevent any breaks or the likes.

2. Check Out Safety Barriers

This would definitely be one of your primary concerns. The standard changing tables usually come with safety barriers at the four sides that ensure your baby’s safety. They are traditionally made of wood. Although this is not always found on the changing dresser combo, it is still necessary to ensure it has one. The ASTM has it as standard that changing tables with a flat surface must have barriers on the four sides, while those with contours have at least two.

3. Storage Matters Too

Having shelves and /or drawers from which you can quickly grab necessities while dressing your baby, would be a lot of help. Some have just shelves, while others have a combination of drawers and shelves. These would help store all the necessities and keep them out of the reach of your toddler and your kids too. Ensure that whichever you for has the type and amount of storage space you need.

4. The height of the Table

The height of the table should always match your height to help you work also and adequately reduce backaches. Table heights range from about 36- 43 inches, giving you an extensive range of options to choose from. For high tables majorly and even low tables, it is necessary to get anti-tip devices, as they would prevent the table from tipping over by fixing it to the wall.

5. Safety Straps and Pads also come in Handy

Most tables come with changing pads, and some with safety straps attach to the table too. Changing pads ensure your baby is comfortable, while the straps help to keep your baby from rolling and falling. Never leave your baby in the safety of the strap alone, ensure you have a hand on your baby or right beside if you have to do something else.

Baby Changing Table Dressers with Drawers

1. The Babyletto Modo Changer Dresser


Amazon.com : Babyletto Modo 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray, Grey / White : Nursery Dressers : Baby

This changing table-dresser combo is a perfect fit for the nursery.  It is a classic and elegant changer dresser that comes with a guarded changing table and 3 drawers. It is sturdy, provides storage space and an anti-tip kit to keep the changer in place. This dresser is also affordable and would also serve you even after your baby is all grown up as it can be converted into a complete dresser

2. The Babyletto Hudson Changer Dresser


Amazon.com: Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray, Grey / White: Baby

This changer dresser combo is not just space saving but would also wholly satisfy fashionable mums. It comes with 3 drawers that provide sufficient storage space to store, clothing, diapers, wipes and the likes and also keep them out of the reach of your curious toddlers. Its changing table is entirely safe for the baby and can also be removed once your child has outgrown it.

Baby Changing Table Dresser with Hutch

1. The Medford 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Hutch


Wayfair.com - Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor, Outdoors & More

This changing dressing table, although a bit pricey and also space consuming is an excellent choice for big nurseries. This dresser isn’t just suitable for your babies, but also your toddlers and little kids. It is classic, sturdy, and long-lasting and provides sufficient storage space. It allows you to display and store your entire little baby’s stuff safely out of reach.

2. The Charlotte 7 Drawer Dresser Hutch


Wayfair.com - Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor, Outdoors & More

This cute and classy dresser would fit perfectly into a large nursery. It is perfect for keeping your baby’s stuff and having them at arm’s length when needed. It is sturdy, safe and comes with one fixed shelf, one movable shelf and 7 drawers. It also comes with an anti-tip device that keeps the dresser in place and stable.

Baby Changing Table Dresser from IKEA

1. The STUVA Changing Table/desk


STUVA Changing table/desk - white - IKEA

Want something that would be useful even when your baby grows bigger? This would be a perfect choice for you. This table is built just to suit your baby’s needs, is sturdy and quite comfortable to use. With its open storage being within close proximity, it allows you to reach for whatever you need without having to take the guard off your baby. As your kiddo grows, you can also convert this into a desk or a playing surface. It comes with a large changing surface, rails, fixed shelves and adjustable shelves.

2. The FRITIDS/STUVA Changing Table- with Drawers

SUNDVIK Changing table/chest - IKEA

This changing table is also an excellent choice for you as it not just grows with your baby, but also offers outstanding features for your comfort, ease and even your baby’s safety. It comes with 2 drawers, large changing surface, safety barriers that keep your baby from rolling over and is also completely easy to clean. Although it is necessary to use.

Baby Changing Table Dresser with Pad

1. The Delta Children Eclipse


Amazon.com : Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Espresso Cherry : Delta Canton Changing Table : Baby

Have a low budget for a changing table? This would fit in perfectly. This changing table doesn’t just come with its own changing pad but is also quite affordable. It comes with 2 storage shelves and a changing pad that also comes with a safety strap to keep your baby safe and in place. It is straightforward to assemble and is also sturdy.

2. The Jayden Changer Dresser


Amazon.com : Jayden 3 Drawer Changer Dresser in White : Changing Tables : Baby

This classic changer dresser has impressive features that would blow you off your feet. The Jayden dresser comes with a changing pad that has a safety strap attached and can be removed when your baby outgrows it. It is sturdy, safe and comes with 3 drawers. It also comes with anti-tip kits that keep it fixed against the wall.

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Getting a changing table dresser for your baby would not just make it easier to change and dress your baby but also add some taste to your nursery. It helps you store your baby’s things within a particular place and keeps them safe. For changing dressers that don’t come with pads, you can get pads from any of the online stores. Ensure to always take into consideration, your baby’s safety while choosing a changing dresser.