Mom Jeans Outfit: 25 Inspo on how to style your mom jeans

The trendy mom jeans outfit is as comfy and here to stay

By Kimmy
Mom Jeans Outfit: 25 Inspo on how to style your mom jeans

25 amazing Mom Jeans outfit Inspo

Mom jeans - we all know this fabulous term, thanks to all the awesome celebrity moms out there, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively etc. They all gave us the best ideas on how to look stylish in your mom jeans.

What are mom jeans you ask? Well, it's quite literal as the name suggests, it's more like something that your mom would wear. High waisted, a bit washed off and maybe ripped. Mom jeans may not be your definition of being sexy. But trust me, after seeing all the ideas we have for you. You will see mom jeans can be as fashionable as anything else!

Mom jeans ideas for Summer

The beautiful summer - always warm and sunny. You can easily look gorgeous in summer! Here're a few good looks for you to try out this summer to stay gorgeous!

1. White sneakers with blue ripped jeans

The absolute classic, something that you just can't beat. It's summer and you just want to enjoy the sun. One of the key elements to looking fabulous in summer is to wear something light. The sun is shining directly above you! You surely don't want to look all black. This class look gives you the witty, alive summer vibe. A must try if it's your first time!

2. Ripped capri jeans with a blouse

Mom Jean, Cool Classic | American Eagle Outfitters

Being a mom means something has to change, you still want to look as young as possible, but just more elegant. Capri jeans perfectly shows your ankles, if you have the nicest ankles to show this should be your go to! Instead of something revealing or funky that you would want to wear before being a mom, this time you may just want to go for a simple, classy blouse!

3. Flats, white shirt and sunglasses with your jeans

Source: @liangalliard / Instagram

This can be even more of an office look. Professional, yet not too casual. Great outfit for a work day! And since it's so simple, you can wear it many times and people wouldn't think too much. It's the easy go-to outfit when you are too lazy to style.

4. Jeans with a tight top, a scarf and heels

A scarf can make your mom jeans go a long way. It just adds a hint of elegance to it. Heels, of course, are as important as always. Get a tight top to show off that body that you've been working on after giving birth to your lovely monster(s)! With heels, you will look both gorgeous and authoritative!

5. Pony tail, a cap, white t-shirt with black jeans

The look that will make you look alive and ready for summer! This look is especially trending among young moms since it just simply brings out the funky and energetic vibe of yours!

6. It's another workday look - a blazer, heels and a purse with your mom jeans

Source: Forever21

Another great office look. It's professional, yet comfortable. A white blazer gets rid of the feeling that jeans is too casual for a meeting. It brings up the fashionable side of yours instead.

7. Weekend look - a colorful tank top with a trench coat

You really need to go generous on your summer wardrobe. Be as colorful as possible. Pick the pink tank top, or the green. They will all look good! This is the casual weekend chill look. 

8. A casual tank top with a shirt wrapped around your waist, and of course, a cap!

Source: @malvinapodesta / instagram

Jeans can always easily give out a chill and casual vibe. If you're the sporty and sunny type, you should try out this look!

Mom jeans ideas for Winter

Winter gets more tricky because you want to look good, but at the same time, stay warm. But it doesn't always have to be a struggle! You can easily look good in your mom jeans and still stay warm! Check out these looks on how to style your mom jeans in winter!

9. The casual look - a sweater plus sneakers

I'm sure we all have an idea what this means! The most typical winter look! Get yourself an oversized sweater and tight mom jeans to show just how long and thin your legs are, and put on a pair of sneakers just to be cute!

10. An evening date look - a hat with a trench coat, ankle boots


What a lovely way to show up on your date, looking all stylish and mysterious with your hat and trench coat. It adds a little mystery to you and you will see just how much it will get your date on the hook!

11. Casual look - a blouse, an oversize coat and a hat!

This casual look will add to your charisma with your mom jeans! Looking pretty shouldn't be a hard work. With this, you will easily look stylish!

12. Stay on top of the trend - a denim jacket with mom jeans

Not what you are expecting? Indeed, a blue denim jacket plus a pair of blue mom jeans isn't a go-to that you will instantly think of. But when you see this look, I'm sure you will think it's one of the coolest trends that you should be following!

13. Warm winter - A turtleneck with any jacket you like!

Turtleneck is almost everyone's favourite during the cold, snowy days. What says Christmas more than a pair of tight mom jeans and a turtleneck? It's warm and just makes your kids want to come and hug you because turtlenecks are just too comfortable!

14. The cool winter look - a leather jacket with sunglasses

Leather jackets are always timeless, from the 50s all the way to the present and it's still a big hit! It goes without saying that sunglasses are a must for the cool winter look. It's also practical when everything is covered in snow. The brightness could potentially bllind you. This is the ultimate cool winter look!

15. The fuzzy look - a sweater, a scarf, boots and a pair of loose mom jeans


A scarf always gives you comfort during the stormy winter nights. The best thing about them is that you can style it in so many ways imaginable! Each style is like a whole new look with your mom jeans!

16. The outdoor look - a t-shirt with an oversize jacket, a beanie and boots

The cold shouldn't stop you from enjoying nature. You just need to know how to stay warm and style yourself in your mom jeans. A beanie is always good. For some reason, beanies always seem to make you look younger and more active. Put on a pair of boots that will keep you warm together with your mom jeans and an oversize jacket and you are good to go!

Mom jeans ideas for plus size ladies

Mom jeans are always the most popular among plus size ladies as they think it doesn't bring out the best shape of them. Well, it just comes down to how you style it. If you style it right, mom jeans can look the best on plus size ladies!

17. A long sleeve blouse with tight mom jeans

Source: Fashion Nova

Most people with plus sizes believe that tight mom jeans bring out their worst body shape and are afraid of them. You really shouldn't be, as long as you know what you are doing! A loose long-sleeves blouse will make you look skinnier, but you don't want to pair it with loose jeans too because then you will only look too puffy! A balance is always good. A nice blouse with tight mom jeans will actually make you look a lot nicer!

18. A half sleeve blouse with ripped jeans

Source: GSLovesMe

Go for the medium sleeves if that's what you prefer! Pair it up with the coolest ripped jeans you have to create a casual, everyday look!

19. A cape top with ankle boots

This is a warm winter look for you! Walking in the snow with the wind blowing on your cape just makes you ten times cooler! Winter will still cold but at least now you will find a way to look cool in the cold!

20. A pullover with ripped jeans


A good pullover is like a good makeup kit for girls because it covers most of the things that we want to cover. Besides, it's just so comfotable in a pullover. You can pick your favourite and just pair it up with a pair of ripped jeans and you can go to work with much confidence!

21. A casual top with a scarf and a pair of sandals

A scarf just instantly adds a pint of elegance to your mom jeans look. It's easy, casual and you can't really go wrong with it. This is a good office look on a day to day basis

22. An oversize sweater with ripped jeans


As I have mentioned before, if you want to look skinnier, the key is balance. You don't want to be wearing something tight for both top and bottom. If you're going for the loose jeans look, then you better find something tight on top to wear. If you prefer tight jeans, then get an oversize sweater! The greater the contrast, the better the result. Try this one and you won't regret it!

23. Denim jacket with capri jeans


Capri jeans show your ankle, if you pair this look with heels, you will look sexy and sassy! It's a great summer look as it just makes you look sunny!

24. Casual shirt with necklaces and ankle boots

Source: Forever21

There's a reason why we all love ankle boots so much. It makes your legs look longer and your whole body shape better with that added height. Ankle boots can just do the magic to you, whatever you decide to wear. Get a casual t-shirt and your high-waist mom jeans and you are good to go! We love mom jeans also because the high-waist style can just magically hide the belly that we all want to hide!

25. Bright tight tank top with sandals


Let's finish the lookbook with something bright! For those of you that want to show off your curvy shape. this look is your go-to! Bright tank top and tight mom jeans! It will make you the one with the hottest bottom in the room!

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I hope you will now see that mom jeans aren't just something that old people or people with no sense of fashion would wear! Quite the contrary, mom jeans can be the most fashionable outfit these days! It's high waist can bring out your body shape perfectly and hide the parts that you want to cover up.

Besides, mom jeans are just too easy to style with. You don't have to think hard about what goes well with it, because, let's be honest, most items go well with mom jeans. That's why we love them! Try out our recommended looks for you and start rocking in your mom jeans!