10 best wearable children tracker for the kids

Know where your kids are with these 2018 top 10 children tracker

By Aey
10 best wearable children tracker for the kids

Gone are the days where parents didn’t have the option of keeping an eye on their little ones. We live in an age where almost all the necessities are made easy with technology. No matter how naughty your child is or how much he likes to leave your hands and run around in the mall; you can take necessary measures to have the option of knowing the exact location of your child with the help of GPS trackers. This article is dedicated to introducing you some of the amazing choices that are available in the market for you to get your hands on because when it comes to keeping your children safe; no amount safety measures can be enough. Without further ado let’s dive right in! 

Children tracker with GPS and app

Children tracker in smart wristwatch style

1. Dokiwatch S

Source: http://doki.com

Dokiwatch S

Dokiwatch S has marked their place in the market because of their amazing features. Which is why its place on this list is well deserved. The watch comes in attractive colors with straps that sit comfortably on the child’s wrist. The watch features a display of 1.22". The entire watch weighs around 2.11 ounces. Some of the features that make the watch stand out are the voice messaging and Wi-Fi which makes it very easy for the kids to have access to video calls and of course, how can we forget the GSM/GPS which helps the parents know the whereabouts of their little ones at all times.

2. AmbyGear


When speaking of smart kid’s wristwatches, the AmbyGear may be as smart as it gets. It’s basically a wearable tracking solution for your children that have more options than just that. It has been made to incorporate a variety of latest features that won’t fail to impress you. It allows you to give your child a call directly on their wristwatch device and you can even deliver text messages to him/her. The AmbyGear’s range of colors is impressive and the number of activities that it offers to your child; such as games and calculators is just a cherry on the top.  

3. LG GizmoPal 2

LG GizmoPal 2

You can get one of these for a pretty economical cost of about 80 dollars. It’s an update for the original tracker watch for children of younger ages. If your child wears a GizmoPal 2, you’ll be able to open their ‘companion app’ up whenever you would want, and easily check the exact location of the child. It even offers you a feature through which you can preset reminders for some locations in a day, and specify ‘safe’ limits around the school and/or house so that the watch alerts you if the child wanders anywhere outside the zone that you’ve marked.  

4. Kids Waterproof Smartwatch GPS Tracker

Kids Waterproof Smartwatch GPS Tracker

This one costs a bit more as compared to the two other watches discussed but it is worth it for some. It costs $50 but it is of super high quality, with complete water and dust proofing. It offers unmatched safety of your child through a remote-controlled camera and an audio recorder. The GPS accurately lets you know where the child is and looks pretty fashionable on any child’s wrist too!

5. Wonbo GPS Tracking Kids’ Smartwatch

Wonbo GPS Tracking Kids’ Smartwatch

Quite amazingly, this product is priced at $26 on Amazon, but it offers much more than the price may suggest. Such as complete iOS and Android support, mobile app link, precision tracking, and also inbuilt fitness tracker options that motivate your children to lead a healthier life. It provides geo-tracking via LBS and GPS both, meaning you’ll be able to track your kid out indoors and outdoors both. It’s a silicone made durable design, packing in loads of advanced options such as anti-lost alarm, SOS trigger upon an emergency, dual-calling, and a pedometer. It may be the best bang for your buck you can get!  

Children tracker with GPS and app

6. Relay Kids’ Smartphone

Relay Kids’ Smartphone

You can get it for just $50, and it offers the convenience of a smartphone without any of the distractions that come with it (since it has no screen). It brings sweet features like GPS tracking, communication with one touch, and coverage all across the nation. It lets your kid set up custom channels for group or individual chats, meaning the child can reach Dad, Mom, or the group chat of the whole family with one button press. To make the package a lot more exciting, the devices introduces some fun options such as a built-in music player and an in-call voice changer with interesting sound effects. Keep them on your kids with a carabiner or a lanyard.

7. Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS

With lithium battery that can be charged, the Amber Alert’s GPS unit is another amazing option that will not disappoint you when it comes to checking up on your little ones. The 7cm pocket-sized device can be slipped into your child’s bag or pocket. All you need to do is open up its Android or iOS app or use the browser to find your kid’s whereabouts. The device also comes with the option of two-sided voice function.

One of the amazing options is that the device sends an alert to the parents if the child enters within 500ft. premises of a registered sex offender’s house. The SOS button for your child to hit if he/ she senses danger.

8. My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag with Silicone Wristband

You can get this GPS Tracker for $59, and it comes with quite a lot of useful qualities. It’s a guaranteed peace of mind, as the alerts promptly reach the parents as soon as the kid leaves the proximity that’s preset (and adjustable) by the parents themselves.

Here’s a unique one, it ensures that parents receive a warning immediately if the device ever gets submerged in the water fully. This prevents the fatal hazard of drowning, and it’s a really rare feature. If the kid needs help, he can easily tap the ‘panic button’ to send you an immediate alert about this. It has totally free apps compatible with iOS and Android. Upon every notification of your child’s current location, you’ll receive an email which helps record time stamps. Unlike many of its substitutes, My Buddy Tag is completely free from any monthly subscription charges.

Children tracker in pendant style

9. TruSense GPS Pendant

TruSense GPS Pendant

The TruSense GPS pendant is definitely one of the highest-quality tracking pendants you can find out there as it comes with the best customer support system out there, together with many other high-end features. Its fully automatic fall detection ensures a 24/7 immediate connection with the emergency response center, and its ready any second of the day or night. You can also use the automatic text and/or call function to contact a few specified key contacts in the event of a child going astray. Parents can also use voice commands on their Amazon Echo to require a status update of the child immediately, as the pendant connects with it too. If you have this pendant, there’s no important feature you’ll be missing out on.

10. A9 Mini GPS Tracker Pendant

A9 Mini GPS Tracker Pendant

This one’s a well-designed GPS Tracker which is supposed to be used as a pendant or a necklace. It’s easy to set up and according to reviews, the process just takes about 15 minutes. With the punch it packs within such a sleek and minimalistic looking pendant, it’s really a great deal to get one for your kid at the affordable price. It works great as an emergency caller and you’ll have no troubles pertaining to knowing where your child is if one of these is hanging off his neck. The battery lasts 2-3 days which is amazing for the cost of this product. 


As parents, there’s absolutely nothing else in the world that’s more important than the safety of our own children. Products like these are changing our lives for the better each and every day, and these tracking devices could potentially be life savers of your children. It’s certain that you need one of these to be able to keep an eye on where your kid is, but to decide “which one?” is your own call. Among the options discussed in detail in this article, there’s surely one model that meets all your requirements while looking amazing on your child too. Good luck finding it!