10 aromatherapy benefits for your mind, body and soul

Aromatherapy benefits and risks listed for your knowledge

By Sameet
10 aromatherapy benefits for your mind, body and soul

Aromatherapy Massages Benefits

The combination of essential oils and massage is the duo that will sway all your problems away and introduce you to a much lighter and healthier aspect of life. The feeling of relieving those tense muscles is what all working professionals of the city life crave after a long tiring day or days at work. 

Let’s have a look at all the troubles that can be dealt with through aromatherapy massage. 

1. Menstrual Cramps

A message to all the ladies who have struggles with menstrual aches and tired of medications, let your bodies relax and treat yourself with a gentle massage with Almond oil or Rose essential oil. Doing this for the first day of the cycle, you’ll be getting rid of the severe pain during the next one. 

2. Menopause Troubles

Post-menopausal life can be difficult as the body’s supporting hormones are decreased. This can be alleviated using aromatherapy massage sessions for around 30 minutes, twice a week, for a month. This brings back the active and healthy life in women who’ve experienced a downfall in their metabolisms. 

3. Depression

Is this world getting you down? It gets us all down, believe it or not. The addition of aromatherapy to the previously opted medications for major depression has done wonders for the mentally ill. Even little episodes of depression can be handled with this relaxing therapy.  

4. Deep Relaxation

We always tell ourselves to relax and calm down every once in a while. But we can never do that entirely, can we? This needs a little help from therapies like these to target each portion of your tense body and ease it out just like that. Let your body actually breathe and clear away all the tension in your muscles. 

5. Back Pain

That was predictable of course. Your back can be de-stressed by the professional massage. It’s the main support of your body, it would be great to support it back now, isn't it? The muscles and your spine could really use this massage therapy after bearing the whole stress of your body. 

6. Clarity of the Mind

To properly function in your daily grinds and hard work, a brief break is required to focus the mind for a while. Even the most diligent people need a day off or a relaxing episode. Why not avail that break in Aromatherapy? This will guarantee to open up your mind and help you concentrate better on work too. 

Health Benefits from Aromatherapy

Never underestimate the curative abilities of scents. Don’t you just love the feeling when you smell something extremely pleasant? When someone with a very admirable perfume passes by? Or maybe just visiting a flower shop? That tiny moment of pleasure is so peaceful, so imagine what a therapy of scents and aromas can do for you.

1. Insomnia

Don’t let the stresses of your life add more stress during your sleep hours. Everyone needs their beauty sleep on a daily basis. Massage with the aromatic oils will leave you to your most relaxed state. Your mind will finally be at ease and you’ll notice the better sleep routines in no time. 

2. Anti-inflammatory

Essential oils have over a thousand benefits for our body. Some of them having anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities as well. One example is Peppermint essential oil for a soothing effect.

3. Anti-toxin

Scents being purifying agents, help to enhance the circulation too. This improves lymphatic drainage of our body during deep massages and removes any unwanted wastes and toxins produced. Example of essential oils in aromatherapy for toxin removal are Lemongrass and Myrtle. 

4. Headaches and Migraine

That worst kind of pain, in which you can’t focus on a single thing. People suffering from frequent headaches and conditions like migraine should absolutely consider Aromatherapy as it brings about relief and you can finally aim to achieve your tasks. Say good-bye to the dangerous side effects of pain killing drugs.

5. Hair loss

Nobody wants a bald head especially when it’s early in life. Oils, as we know are very popular in hair treatments and day to day hair care. Aromatherapy has been effective in treating this condition called Alopecia.

Along with this, normal hair fall can be managed with these natural oils and the comforting aromatherapy. It is always better to go for something natural rather than chemicals. 

6. Toothache and Sores

Gentle application of essential oils in aromatherapy absorbs quickly in the skin and can relieve your jaw pains and toothaches. It is not advisable to swallow these oils. They are effective like a topical application manner even in curing mouth ulcers and sores.

Essential oils used for aromatherapy

Essential oils have never let us down in any kind of natural therapy or remedy. In Aromatherapy they can be divided according to the properties they impact on the body such as relieving anxiety, insomnia, and as supportive aid for people with cancer etc.

1. Relaxants

The oils for tranquility and soothing effects are Chamomile oil, Lavender, and Geranium oil. A mild scent in the air by the aroma of these oils can induce a sudden calmness in the mind and the body.

2. Stimulants

When the body needs a little boost of energy, Rosemary oil comes in handy. The energizing effect can reset the mind and put all the things in perspective. 

3. Decongestant agents

Oils that hold the cure to congestion are Eucalyptus oil, Pine and Tea tree oil. Their scents and herbal components are medicinal. They immediately relieve tightness in the chest and alleviate the conditions like breathlessness. 

4. For skin and Acne

Chamomile essential oil and Bergamot can do wonders for any skin type. They fight off acne, eczema and stress induced pimples. 

5. Insect Repellents

Make those bugs run away using essential oil like Citronella.

6. Mood Elevators

Oils like Clary sage, Rose oil, Neroli oil and Ylang-Ylang carry properties which lighten up the state of mind. This also activates the body and overall emotional state. 

7. Pain Relievers

Ginger oil or Dwarf Pine essential oils have a drastic effect on pains and aches of the body. Black pepper essential oil has been beneficial in relieving muscle aches too. 

8. Nausea and Vomiting cure

Peppermint and Lemon oils have the qualities of soothing the mind by removing the sensation of dizziness and vomiting. It also has cooling and anti-inflammatory effects. Clove essential oil also helps in preventing vomiting and has anti-oxidant properties.

The risks of aromatherapy to take note of

Aromatherapy needs a few precautions to avoid any mishaps during therapy. These risks are related to age of the person especially. Children without supervision are not advisable to opt for these kinds of procedures because they can’t follow some instructions on their own. 

1. Dermatitis

Not everyone has the same skin type. The professionals always start the therapy by testing out the skin reactions expected from certain oils like Lavender, Tea Tree oil and ylang-ylang. The expiry dates to these oils should always be kept in mind to avoid adverse effects like skin rashes and dermatitis. Proper storage of the bottles and ingredients is very important. 

2. Choking

Certain oils have bitter taste which can be irritating to the lungs in children. They tend to choke instantly and cause breathing problems as well. It’s hard to keep children away from pleasant smelling bottles and wanting to drink anything that appeals them. So it is always advised to keep the children away. 

3. Throat Irritation

Essential oils need to be carefully handled and are restricted to non-oral use. A sore throat like symptoms can develop and become serious when taken orally through the mouth. This happens because essential oils are very concentrated and are only advisable for topical use. 

4. Dizziness

Of course, the essential oils are soothing to the brain, but what about sensitive people with a low tolerance to scents and aromas? They cannot handle strong therapy sessions and can experience dizziness and vomiting.   A person should always choose the type of oil used or the intensity of the massage according to their health and nature.  

5. Allergies

Very unexpected reactions have been seen in people who are allergic to certain oils and their concentrated amount. Slight burns have been reported a few times. Some people have also experienced a sense of lethargy in their routines as well. This is because some people might have their Central Nervous System effected, but this is very rare. 


Always take out time for not only your body, but your soul as well. After taking necessary precautions, never give up a chance to relax and remove those tensions and stressors which keep weighing you down! Lift yourself up and treat yourself with Aromatherapy with your favorite scents and deep massages. Feel luxurious and pump up your whole system towards better healing and a healthy lifestyle.