10 Heartwarming Things you will find in a Baby Keepsake Box

Interesting baby things that parents keep as keepsakes

By eronsalexander
10 Heartwarming Things you will find in a Baby Keepsake Box

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If you were to walk up to your neighbor with grown-up kids and ask what she has stored away in each of her children’s keepsake box and she is willing to divulge that information, you are likely going to hear of items different from what you have stored in your child’s memory bank. Although you may store certain items similar to hers, there are likely going to be more differences in items than similarities.

What is a keepsake box

A keepsake box is simply a memory bank in which small items in memory of a person or an event is preserved for reference. They may include relics or items for remembrance. Regarding keepsake items preserved by parents, the purpose is to help preserve the innocent childhood experiences of their children up until they are able to give it to them when they are older or remind them when they are older.

Engraved baby items

Some items preserved in keepsake boxes are engraved with the child’s image, name or special dates like birthdates and christening date. During the commemoration of special events, engraved items can add more spice to the celebration and experience. Engraving items for your child is down to personal preference and some common items are:

  1. Engraved Spoons
  2. First Tooth
  3. Baby Rattle
  4. Engraved Mirrors
  5. Hair brushes
  6. Bamboo Spoons
  7. Money Box
  8. Picture Frames.

Baby hair as keepsakes

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A novel keepsake will be to keep your baby hair in pretty keepsake containers (in this case, a pendant). While you can snip a lock of hair anytime, usually the lock you would like to keep is from baby's first haircut. You will recall whether your little one loved the haircut or was bawling out with tears. When they are older, you can recall to them and have a nice laugh recalling the moment.

Baby mittens and shoes

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Other items that can be customized with baby names and dates are their mittens and shoes. If you have an infant on your hands, you can have a designer customize her mittens and shoes with her initials. Although she will likely only wear them for a few months but afterwards, you can add them to the mementos you already have in her keepsake box.

Baby clothes button

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A great way to upcycle your old baby clothes is to keep the buttons, or even some of the cloth to make a personalized frame to hold the experiences and memories of your little one growing up.

8 Other Interesting Baby Items Found in the Keepsake Box

1. Baby Albums

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Pictures are evocative items that sort of pauses time permanently and they are the best means of preserving memories. From the first few days of life, parents take pictures of their children and continue this routine as they grow older. This pictorial timeline stored in an album is a very important memento every human being deserves to have. Childhood is a beautiful experience and what better way to preserve your child’s early years than to have her baby album filled with wonderful pictures of her.

2. Piggy Bank

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Saving is a smart habit to teach a child from an early age but what is even smarter is when you get to preserve your child’s first ever piggy bank. When your child grows older, she is likely to attribute her financial success to personal brains and brawn but showing her the first ever piggy bank, you bought her at age 4 will leave her feeling pleasantly perplexed.

3. 1st Year Photo Frames

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The first year after a child’s birth is always a special occasion worth celebrating and for the memory of the child’s first 365 days to remain forever, pictures have to be taken and fastened to frames. Surely and hopefully there will be many more years to come but the very first year just like the first day on earth are special moments both for parents and children. Even today in my adulthood, I still swoon at the sight of my first year birthday pictures and I thank my parents every day for them.

4. Teddy Bears

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Just like shadow boxes, teddy bears are also very common and interesting items parents preserve in keepsake boxes. Keeping memories of a playful past can remind us, adults, that life shouldn’t always be as serious as we want it to. They help us to appreciate the simplicity of life.

5. Time Capsule

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Time capsules are either made of cardboards or paper and depict important time periods in a child’s early years. They are worth keeping for reference purposes.

6. Story Book

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Children love it when their parents read them bedtime stories especially from their favorite story books. Listening to all those amazing stories from the lips of their parents make them even more interesting than they really are. As they grow older, this routine continues intermittently until it stops at some point. These memories never leave their minds but preserving their most favorite story books provides an added value. Its not surprising to find some story books passed down from generation to generation this way. They are prized articles worth keeping.

7. Engraved Bowl

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Engraved bowls are fun items to keep in keepsake boxes. If you have your baby’s name or picture engraved on a bowl you might want to keep it safe for now. In future, your child will thank you for your wisdom.

8. Hospital Tags

Storing their baby’s hospital tags is another fun item to be in keepsake boxes. This is common among mothers who wish to preserve the special and intimate memories of the labor periods just before and immediately after their baby is born.


Childhood is as fleeting as the winds blowing past on a cold, windy morning. Once it is gone, it becomes a memory that can never be regained. The only thing we can do about these memories is to preserve them the best way that we can. Children can’t preserve the memories of their early years but with your help, their lives can be made richer. Dedicating your time and effort towards picking up and preserving their personal effects as they grow older is a very effective means of preserving those wonderful moments they will never be able to hold onto indefinitely.

As they journey through life, make the effort to store as many items belonging to your child as much as you can. The practice may not make sense to you now but it will make more sense to you and your baby in years to come. One of the ways of being a great parent to your kids is to preserve their past experiences in a timeline and in pictorial forms. If you don’t preserve them, who will?