Benefits and uses of Anise oil for skin and health

Everything you want to know what Anise oil can do for skin

By Sameet
Benefits and uses of Anise oil for skin and health

Skin care and oils go hand in hand. Always looking for the perfect natural oil that can work wonders for your skin without breaking the bank? Here is your lucky day! This essential oil from Aniseed can work wonders for your skin in healthy ways and here is your overview of Anise oil.

The benefits of Anise oil

What everyone desires in life are simply benefits and Anise oil can be beneficial in the following ways:

1. Skin

Anise oil and skin. One thinks what an odd combination it is, isn't it? Well, sometimes the oddest pairing work the best in most situations believe it or not. Who would've thought a spice used in the kitchen can have cosmetic importance as well?

So, as harsh as this spice seed looks, it's pretty soft on the skin. Basically, it's the oil extracted from these seeds which is of wondrous importance.

Let’s have a look at all the great effects the skin gets by this oil:

a. Fighting acne

What a dilemma! In the modern world people, especially teens, this is a growing situation.

Every now and then people are consulting medical experts and doing dangerous aesthetic procedures to get rid of this problem. Medications and laser procedures and whats not. Exhausting isn't it? It is safe to say that they have overlooked the natural ways of treating troubled skin which is much more convenient and also cheaper.

Anise oil has good properties like fighting off infections which can cause acne. Other than that it also deep cleanses the skin from the pores so that acne doesn't begin in the first place.

Eliminating the problem from the roots, LITERALLY.

b. Wound healing

One of the major actions by the active ingredients of Anise oil is the process of healing and repair. Our skin heals really fast but since it is the most exposed part of us, it is liable to get more damaged. Use of essential oils like this one aids in the protective layer formed over any sort of Injury, Burn, Wound, Acne scars etc.

This speeds up and efficiently heals all the injurious effects produced.

c. Antiseptic

Anise oil is the answer to all your antiseptic requirements. A quick disinfection especially in cases of emergency.

Along with this, small abrasions and minor cuts can be dealt with applying this oil to purify the site.

d. Damaged Skin

Being an essential oil, the main benefit which you can get is a healthy skin inside out.

Spots and acne scars can be unpleasant. To avoid those, a little mixture of Shea butter or any of your preferred oils along with Anise oil can prove to have absolutely wondrous effects on the skin.

2. Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal properties

It is of great medical importance in the prevention of infectious agents like Fungus etc.

3. Supplementary and common cold

From a mild toothache to stomach discomfort, Anise oil is the solution to these inevitable issues. It is also used as mouthwashes, syrups, and toothpaste.  

Since long, people of the past have been using this oil as their dietary component. Even before the advent of holistic medicine. Wouldn't it be perfect if the flu lasted much shorter? No one likes having runny nose for a long time, do they? Anise oil seems to be really amazing when it comes to fighting the common cold and cough.  Just like other household remedies.

4. Hair

Whether the problem is damaged hair, poor hair growth or dry scalp and flakes, Anise oil has properties which tackle all these issues. Dry scalp can also be a cause of infections and also a very common problem among friends but everyone is too shy to ask and share. Anise oil has soothing effects on the scalp which then leaves the hair to grow strong and smooth without any fear of infections.

5. Anti-spasmodic

As shocking as it sounds, this property is of great medicinal value. The tension developed in the nerves and muscles of our body can cause uncomfortable conditions like Spasms, Aches, Cramps, and Convulsions etc. These can get serious if not treated immediately.

No, we don't want that obviously. Anise oil prevents these spasms and has natural relaxant effects, which relax these contractions and give calm and soothing results. It also relieves the tension in muscles and overall body and gives you a pacifying effect. 

6. Anti-rheumatic

Joint pains are a mess. They ruin our daily basis work and even bother us as we go up a few flight of stairs. Arthritis pains can be dealt with this essential oil as it has anti-inflammatory actions. Say good-bye to those aches and hello to absolutely fit joints. Along with this, it stimulates a good blood circulation 

7. Increase metabolism

An increase in blood circulation along with increased body’s metabolic system. This helps in staying motivated and active throughout the day.

8. Congestion

You can get rid of that heavy and tightening feeling in your chest by using Anise oil as it can help to properly get rid of thick phlegm.

9. De worm agent

Anise oil is also helpful in the purgative process to eliminate dangerous worm infestations in the body. It is a type of an alternate medicine used quite often in stomach related worm infections.

Is Anise oil safe for skin?

Indeed! Anything natural and purely organic removes your safety concern. After all, nature's gift can't be harmful. Light doses which are sufficient, are absolutely safe for use. It does not cause skin rashes or other minor side effects.

Essential oils always have more benefits than adverse reactions. That is the reason they are getting popular among people who are conscious about their health and especially skin care. However, if you have any concerns, always seek out your dermatologist.

Anise oil as toner

In dire need of a glowy and lustrous skin? The solution is simply this oil.  The components responsible for this effect from the Anise oil as it contains 18 % of Protein and 13% of Moisture.

We all are familiar with the simple actions of water on our skin. So an absolute YES for a little moisture our way.

The key to healthy skin is deep cleansing. What is better than being perfectly clean and hygienic?  And what better way to achieve that than using a natural and organic entity? The purpose of using pure herbal products is to minimize the toxic effects of chemicals. The glow afterward is the proof of the great effects by Anise oil.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could get the perfect recipe to make a toner for yourself? Here’s a way you can pamper your skin with these simple ingredients, Anise oil being the main one. Everything used here can be found in your own kitchen.


Anise oil                                  ¼ cup

Water                                      1 cup

Brown rice                              ½ cup

Frankincense essential oil     2 drops (optional)


  1. Put water upon heat till it boils. Add star anise to it.
  2. 4-5 minutes of low to medium flame is required for simmering. Keep an eye on the seeds so they do not get burnt.
  3. Take another bowl and add brown rice to it.
  4. The simmering water of Aniseed is poured over the rice.
  5. Place a cover over it and let it sit for at least 6 hours.
  6. After staining the mixture, transfer it to a bottle or a container. Optionally add frankincense for fragrance.

Application: Simply wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in this toner, after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Wait for 5 minutes and apply a lotion or moisturizer.

You can store this homemade toner for as long as 10 days in the refrigerator. Recipe adapted from Natural Face Therapy

Anise oil for wrinkle

Deep wrinkles and fear of aging? 

Not a problem, Anise oil has the potential to make up for these unwanted skin changes that go with the age of time. Different remedies can be tried according to one's ease and convenience. One such remedy is shown here: 


Why not take benefit from something that nature is offering? It's always a better choice to opt for something pure and organic other than industrial chemicals. How many of us have had reactions by using expensive commercial products?

To avoid that, it is best to use something as convenient and safe like Anise oil, which offers not only skin benefits but also health benefits. Use it together with modern day products and technilogy and we'll be sure you're on your way to great skin health!