Tips on how to choose a suitable infant daycare

Tips and guides on how to choose infant daycare for your baby

By Viki Lara
Tips on how to choose a suitable infant daycare

There are several options to consider when choosing the best daycare center for your child. 

Parents must judge the affective climate, the style of the relationships and reception of the school, and many other conditions in choosing a suitable infant daycare. Convenience is often preferred, with the daycare center located closer to home. Other aspects that affect decision making are the center space, activities, staff and daycare schedule.


Some people consider that it is better to put the child into daycare after 3 years old. For others, this stage is a key learning point of the child, and with motivated professionals and proper teaching methods, the child would be able to start learning and socialization in a conducive environment.

When should we start looking around for infant daycare?

The recommended age for a child to begin daycare is between 18 and 22 months. After a year and a half year, the child is equipped with some independence on speech and to walk on their own. They are able to play with other children and does not need the mother's contact as much. On some occasions, some children are admitted into daycare when the mother has to return back to the workforce.

Questions to ask the daycare center

Every own family has one-of-a-kind wishes. So what’s most important to you may vary relying on you and your infant? Before your visit, keep in mind your ideal solutions to those questions. What do you need to listen? If a daycare fails to line up along with your expectations for a maximum of these questions, it possibly isn’t the right place for you. At this point, some questions are mention below.

General Questions about the daycare center

  1. Can dad and mom drop through on every occasion they’d like or swing via to breastfeed? What are your visitation guidelines in general? Who else is allowed to go to in the course of care?
  2. What occurs if we’re late to pick-up or want to miss a day because of holiday or contamination?
  3. What’s your sick-child policy? What are your guidelines regarding immunizations?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Questions about terms and condition of the daycare center

  1. What’s your standard philosophy on childcare?
  2. What number of kids attend the daycare? What is your infant to caregiver ratio?
  3. What sports do you do with the kids? What is a typical day like?

Questions about the staff of the daycare center

  1. What stages or certifications does your group of employees have? What education do they have? Do you conduct historical past tests on all of your personnel?
  2. How long has the modern-day personnel been right here? Do you experience high employee turnover?
  3. Do you've have a nurse on a group of workers for hospital therapy? Do you administer remedy and/or emergency allergic reaction treatments?

Questions about the safety of the infant

  1. How do you maintain mother and father up to date on their kid’s everyday activities or conduct? Do you offer each day report?
  2. What security measures do you take in your facility?
  3. Are you certified? Are you authorized? With the aid of whom?
  4. Do you have references I will contact?

10 Signs of a good infant daycare center

  1. Positive word of mouth 
  2. Children enjoy going to daycare
  3. Good and detailed observations made of your child 
  4. A good reputation online, on forums, among parents
  5. An inspiring curriculum with a schedule filled with a variety of educational activities
  6. Traditional ground rules
  7. Provides healthy food
  8. The diversity of the group and the rhythm of each child are taken seriously
  9. Educators are skilled and caring, and work well in groups and individually
  10. The classroom provides a clean, happy and safe place for children 

What to look for in an infant daycare center?

Choosing a daycare center is one of the most complicated tasks that parents have to face when they are forced to leave their children because of their work schedules. These are the conditions to consider in your search for in an infant daycare center.

1. The right space

The early childhood education center must be located in a place of select use and with independent access from outside. The classrooms must be sufficiently illuminated with natural lighting and well ventilated. It is best to distribute them in areas, each one dedicated to an activity the resting area, the painting area, the music area, etc.

2. Basic safety

It is necessary to check that dangerous products such as electrical connections are not within the reach of children, or that there are any exposed cablings which children can pull at, or that the windows are strong with built-in grills. It is preferable to not be located near gas stations, factories, bars, cheap kitchens or restaurants, jails, ravines or other factors that could put the environment at risk.

Check the emergency exits to ensure that they are not sealed or that there are objects blocking that prevent their use. There should be smoke detectors and sprinklers in case of fire, emergency lighting plant and security cameras. Some nurseries even have an app or website for you to monitor your child remotely.

3. Qualified and certified school

The childcare center must have the authorization by the public administration. This means that both your project and your space meet the official requirements essential to carry out your activity.

4. Qualified professionals

Qualified professionals would be able to give proper guidance and teach your child with using the proper methods that are approved through training.

5. A good educational project

School should have activities and games designed specially to motivate the sensory and psychomotor progress of children.

6. The outdoor space

Children need to be allowed to run freely and explore with proper monitoring and guidance. It is best to be located next to a playground which provides water and sand play to enhance sensory and a park to educate on the nature. 

7. Fresh environment

It is very important that you observe the cleanliness of the classroom during the individual visit to the school as well as the quality of the pedagogical material, toys, the security in windows and furniture, doors, and, the air conditioning, etc. The air should not feel musky and the toys should be sterilized or washed every weekend. 

8. A Good level of Communication

Parents should contribute and be active, be informed and have a fluent contact with the educators of their child's early childhood education center. In this sense, they must always be involved in important elections, from the first contacts, through the adaptation phase and the regular meetings.

9. Facilities

Parents should also know the condition of the daycare center's facilities. If the center has a variety of infrastructures, it allows the student to take up various activities. For many parents, it will be vital to know if the center has a route service for those who cannot take or pick up their children from the center.

10. Extracurricular activities

It is essential to know if the daycare center has extracurricular activities that help the child develop other skills beyond those developed in the classroom. 

Which are the best childcare centers in the world?

Approach your daycare to seek as you'll a job hunt. Be thorough, do your homework, and begin your quest early – six months earlier than you'll need it is not too quickly. In particular, if you live in a large city where daycare slots fill up quicker than subway motors all through rush hour. Some best daycare centers are as follows in the world.
  • Padonia Park Child Centers
  • Challenger School
  • Child Time Learning Centers
  • KinderCare Learning Centers
  • Bright Horizons Child Care Centers
  • Kids Klub Child Development Centers
  • La Petite Academy
  • Tutor Time Child Care and Learning Centers

All these child care centers are the best child care center in the world because of the learning environment given to the kids. These are the top-rated daycare in America, verified by the reviews and awards received. The staff of these daycare centers is raved by parents to be caring, responsible and educated. Even as an infant, the centers have an interesting structured interactive curriculum with an emphasis on healthy food to the child, you can be rest assured on his/her wellbeing to the school. They make learning easy and bring out the hidden potential from them. 


When selecting daycare on your child, there are a lot of various things that want to be taken into consideration. First, identify your priorities and appearance up centers based totally on you and your child’s desires. As soon as you have got diagnosed five facilities, name and timetable an interview with the center.

Important subjects to speak about at some point of the interview are the center and body of workers' accreditations, the curriculum presented, and the center’s health guidelines, to call some. Once you have not narrowed down your listing, go to the center all at once to observe how the team of workers interacts with the kids, and to validate their memories. Whilst creating a very last choice, bear in mind to accept as true with your gut and talk the decision along with your partner.