Baby First Shoes: 15 Designs You Wish They Have In Your Size

Comfy, Pretty & Stylish Baby First Shoes For Learning To Walk

By Diana Nadim
Baby First Shoes: 15 Designs You Wish They Have In Your Size

When Can Baby Start Wearing Shoes?

Source: FirstCry Parenting

Parents are usually eager to get their bundle of joy a miniature version of their favorite shoes or even a trendy pair as soon as they start to stand on their own, they just can’t help it! This, however, is something that demands the right timing. So when exactly can you get your baby some shoes?

Studies have proved that babies do not need to wear shoes until they begin to walk properly since the primary reason why people wear shoes is to protect the feet from getting hurt when walking outside. This means that the baby should remain barefooted throughout the period he/she is cruising or even trying to walk to the time when the baby starts to walk smoothly.

The following are some of the benefits of the baby staying barefoot until he/she begins to walk:

Ensures there is optimal foot development.

Babies are born with soft and extremely delicate bones but as time goes by, muscles, ligaments, and bones found at the feet and other parts of the body continue to harden. When the toddler is barefoot, the feet develop naturally without any restrictions.

Helps to improve the baby’s coordination and balance

When the babies are cruising barefoot around the house, they are able to balance and synchronize their steps in a better way as they are able to feel the ground below their tiny feet.

Helps to optimize the baby’s sensory motor development

The soles of our feet have hundreds of thousands of nerve endings. Babies are, therefore, able to learn more about their surroundings and bodies just by being barefoot as they get to feel different temperatures and textures while at the same time getting an opportunity of moving their toes and feet for movement.

Comfy And Pretty Baby First Shoes

After the baby has finally mastered the art of walking and is even able to walk outside the house, then, the next step is finding your baby the perfect shoes so as to make the outside walking experience not only exciting but also safe for your toddler. But how do you go about this process?

For a start, you have to ensure that the shoes you buy for your baby fit perfectly; meaning that the shoes should be flexible and comfortable enough to support the developing feet of the baby. To ensure that the shoes are a fitting the baby perfectly, you need to check if there is enough space left between your baby’s longest toes and the tip of the shoe. Also, ensure that the heel is sitting cuddly against the back of the shoes. If the space between the baby’s heel and the back of the shoes is too big, the baby will not be able to walk properly in those shoes as they will be sliding out.

The following are some of the things to avoid when buying shoes for your baby:


Try shopping for your baby's shoes early in the morning.

Baby’s feet normally swell as the day goes by which is why you should shop in the morning when the feet are not big. If you shop when the feet are swollen you can end up getting your baby oversize shoes.

Avoid buying second-hand shoes.

Buying used shoes for a baby who just learned how to walk properly is not recommended since they harm the baby’s delicate feet. This is because pre-owned shoes are likely to have already molded to the feet of the initial owner and this hinders the development of your baby’s feet.

Avoid buying an uncomfortable shoe.

Comfort is one of the key factors to consider when looking for a baby’s first walking shoes. You should, therefore, ensure that the shoes are as cozy as possible. Since babies are not able to properly communicate their feelings at this time, signs of uncomfortable shoes are such as the baby toppling over or limping when wearing the shoes.

The perfect baby shoes should be made of a material that is soft and that allows air in easily so as to cool down the baby’s moist little feet.

The following are some of the comfy and pretty baby first shoes:

1. Josmo Infant Oxfords

Josmo Baby Walker Leather DressKids World Shoes

These laced leather beauties are for both girls and boys and they are fashionable and comfortable, giving your baby a perfect feel and look as he/she takes those first steps outside.

2. Carter’s Every Step Alex C, Stage 1 Boot | Carter's Every Step Stage 1 Girl's and Boy's Crawling Shoe Alex | Flats

These unisex shoes are one of the best options for your baby’s first walking shoes as they are affordable, comfortable, and stylish; thanks to their wide variety of shades. Your baby will have an easy time walking with these shoes on as they are secured to your baby’s feet by a Velcro strap.

3. Infant Nike KD 9 | Nike Kids Zoom KD 9 (GS) Basketball Shoe | Shoes

Nike is an established and one of the leading manufacturers of footwear in the world and this reputation already tells you that this shoe is one of the best. Infant Nike KD 9 is made of light materials that are perfect for your baby’s soft and delicate feet. The shoe also allows air in which helps to keep the feet of your baby moist free.

4. PediPed Originals Lionel | pediped Lionel Bootie | Shoes

These great unisex and high-quality shoes are made of genuine leather which makes them very comfortable. The shoes are light which is essential for beginner walkers and parents also get to choose from three colors.

5. Lacoste Carnaby Evo Sneakers Kids | Lacoste Marcel ADV Sneaker Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) | Sneakers

These shoes are without a doubt one of the most fashionable baby walking shoes out there! Your baby will find it easy walking in these beauties as they have adjustable straps that help to provide a secure fit.

6. Nike Air Force 1 MID Infant

Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Parents who love fashion, basketball or who played basketball; these shoes are definitely for your baby! They are cool, light, durable, and comfortable making them one of the best for your bundle of joy.

7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star First Star Infant

Converse Chuck Taylor First Star

These beautiful unisex converse shoes for babies will truly bring back the memories of back in the days when you were growing up. They are light and easy to walk with as they have laces which help to achieve a secure fit.

8. Baby Leather Moccasins | Baby Leather Moccasins, Infant Baby Boys Girls PU Leather Rubber Sole Summer Sandals First Walkers | Sandals

These unisex sandals are amazing for beginner walkers. They are made of synthetic leather, have a non-skid sole, and are secured to the feet of your baby by Velcro straps making it easy and safe for your baby to walk. These sandals come in black, khaki, white, and grey.

9. Kuner Baby Cotton Rubber Sloe Outdoor Sneaker | Kuner Baby Boys and Girls Cotton Rubber Sloe Outdoor Sneaker First Walkers Shoes | Sneakers

These shoes are not only comfortable but also lightweight and beautiful. They are fit for both boys and girls and they are designed in a way that helps the feet to grow and develop properly which is very important.

10. Orgrimmar Baby First Walker Soft Sole Shoes

Orgrimmar Baby Boys Girls First Walkers Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

One of the things that make this shoes stand out from the rest is their unique and elegant anti-slip design. They have a soft sole and are made of genuine leather which helps to keep the feet of your baby soft at all times.

11. HLM Baby Shoes Sneakers | HLM Baby Shoes Sneakers Infant Girls Boys Walking Tennis Canvas Pink Toddler | Sneakers

These cute canvas shoes are unisex, lightweight, and have a soft out-sole which helps to ensure that the baby comfortable when walking. They come in colors such as gray, pink, navy, red, yellow, and mint.

12. OAISNIT Baby Sneakers | OAISNIT Baby Boys Girls Sneakers Anti Slip Lightweight Soft Toddler First Walkers for Walking Running | Sneakers

These anti-slip, lightweight, unisex shoes are fashionable and ideal for babies who have just perfected the art of walking. They come with a soft rubber sole which protects your baby’s little delicate feet.

13. gb Kid’s Anti-Collision Sneakers (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid) | gb Toddler's Sneaker Kid Anti-Collision Walking Running Casual Shoes for Boys Girls(Toddler/Little Kid) 18FWLT015-130Rose red | Sneakers

These beautiful and stylish unisex shoes are ideal for babies walking outdoors for the first time as they have good traction, are durable, have a soft lining which protects the feet of your little one, and are flexible.

14. Resonda Baby Shoes Sneakers

Source: | Resonda Baby Shoes Sneakers Infant for Girls Boys First Walking Shoes Toddler 0-24 Month | Sneakers

What makes these classic canvas baby sneakers ideal for walking is the fact that they are soft, breathable (helps to keep the feet of your baby dry), and have an anti-slip sole which helps to keep the baby safe while walking outside.

15. Wobbly Waddlers Natura Tristan Sneakers Leather First Walker Shoe | Wobbly Waddlers Natura Tristan Sneakers Leather First Walker Shoe Arch Support | Sneakers

These premium quality shoes have an elegant style that makes them very beautiful. They are also made of genuine leather, have a flexible rubber sole, and round rubber tips making them comfortable and safe for your baby.


When a toddler learns to walk properly, he/she needs shoes that will protect the little delicate feet from getting hurt. Shoes for walking babies, however, have to do more than just protecting the feet as they have to be elegant, comfortable, well ventilated, and spacious enough so as to facilitate the development of the baby’s feet. You should, therefore, take into consideration the above recommendations when looking for the ideal shoes for your walking bundle of joy.