Tips To A Fun And Affordable baby Shower With Balloons

Achieve A Gorgeous Baby Shower Room Setup With Balloons

By Diana Nadim
 Tips To A Fun And Affordable baby Shower With Balloons

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

There are a million ways of decorating a baby shower room most of which are DIY kind. The use of balloons to adorn a baby shower room is one of the easiest and most popular methods of decoration out there today. Balloon types available today are namely:

1. Party Balloons

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These are the most common and are made of latex, they are widely used for their affordability and convenience of getting them off the shelves.

2. Helium balloons

These are rubber balloons filled with helium, they float and you can create balloon arches, or even just a bundle of floating balloons to fill up the venue space!

3. Foil balloons

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These are metallic balloons that have printed images or slogan and are made of nylon sheet.

Some of the reasons why balloons are ideal for baby shower room decoration include:

  • They are cost-effective and eye-catching.


  • They are easy to use since all you need to do is to inflate them and they are ready to go!


  • They can be used for both girls and boys baby shower. For a boy’s baby shower you can use blue balloons and for girl’s baby shower you can go for pink balloons.


  • They can be customized. Balloons come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and you can paint them with names or even messages you want.

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Balloon Bouquet

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One of the ways of jazzing up your baby shower is by using a bouquet of balloons to create baby shower themes and centerpieces. You can use a bouquet of balloons to create lots of things and giant balloon pacifiers for both girl’s and boy’s baby showers are one of the best balloon decoration pieces you can create.

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The color of the balloons you will use to create balloon pacifiers will depend on the gender of the baby; if it’s a girl you can use a combination of colors such as white, pink, and lavender. If the baby is a boy, you can use a combination of any of the following colors; blue, green, white, and brown.

You can also use a balloon bouquet to create elegant balloon baby bottles. This type of decoration is also ideal for both boy’s and girl’s baby showers, the only thing that needs to change is the color of balloons used.  

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Balloon bouquets make exquisite baby shower table centerpieces which is why this is one of their most popular use. The fact that they are beautiful, easy to use, and easy to personalize makes them the ideal baby shower decoration materials for a lot of people.

1. Arch Balloons

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Arch balloons are dazzling balloon structures that are curved vertically. These beautiful balloon structures are very common in baby showers and they can be of three types; floating arch balloons, mounted arch balloons, and basic arch balloons. Basic arch balloons are the most popular and the materials needed to create them are a sturdy wire, an anchor, and balloons. The following are the steps of making your own basic arch balloon:


  • The first step is the creation of a wire base using the sturdy wire. Alternatively, if you cannot be able to find a sturdy wire, you can get a readymade balloon arch kit. This is where you determine the size of the arch that you want to create.


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  • The next step is to find an anchor for the sturdy wire arch that you have created and the primary role of the anchor is to stabilize the arch. You can get creative for this part and use anything that is at your disposal. Some of the things you can use as anchors include a bucket filled with pebbles or even colored sand which will spice up things up.


  • Blow the balloons you would like to use on your arch and tie the tail end of each balloon into a knot. Then pair the balloons up and tie them into a knot and join the two pairs to make a clover shape and tie them all to your arch. Repeat this step until the whole arch is covered by balloons.


When making a mounted balloon arch, you will use chicken wire instead of a sturdy wire to create the arch where your balloons will be placed. Bend the chicken wire to create an arch of your liking and secure it to the wall.

Then blow the balloons and tie a knot at the tail end. After that, you can either glue or tie it on the arch, and do that with all other balloons until the arch is fully covered with balloons.

How to Make a Balloon Arch

2. Balloons With Tulle

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Tulle is fine netting that is commonly made up of polyester. Other materials that are used to create tulle are such as rayon, silk, and nylon. Tulle covered balloons are among the most preferred baby shower decoration trends at the moment and this is no surprise as they are exquisite.

One if the merit of this type of baby shower decoration is that it gives you a lot of options. This is because tulle just like balloons comes in various colors and sizes which make it possible for them to be able to cover any balloon size. When using tulle together with balloons, it is recommended for you to inflate the balloons using helium instead of air as they look amazing when they floats.

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Tulle covered balloons can be used as baby shower table centerpieces or for decorating the room where the shower will be held; either way, these beauties will leave your guests awe. When decorating a boy’s baby shower you can use blue/brown tulle with balloons or white tulle with blue/brown balloons or any other masculine color. If the baby shower is for a girl, you can use pink tulle with white glitter balloons or pink glitter balloons with white tulle to create masterpieces fit for a princess.

3. Helium Balloons

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Helium is an inert gas that is lighter than air which makes balloons float. Helium balloons are popular decorations in parties such as baby showers as they are a sight to behold. Even though helium is the second most abundant element in the universe only coming after hydrogen, it is very rare to find here on Earth. But this should not worry you as you can buy it from the stores.

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You can add more character to your baby shower helium balloons by writing a message on them (for example, “it’s a girl!”) to create elegant table centerpieces or you can use them the balloons to decorate the venue.

Personalized Balloons

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Personalizing your baby shower balloons is fun as it enables you to get creative and also to express yourself freely. One of the most common types of personalized balloons is the letter balloons. These balloons are shaped in a way that when they are inflated they take the shape of a certain letter.

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These balloons come in all shapes and sizes and they are mostly used in making of a baby shower banner or decorating the venue. The other type of personalized balloons is the normal rubber balloons with painted slogans or names. These types of balloons are easy to customize as all you can paint any slogan you like in any color. Unlike the personalized letter balloons, these rubber balloons can be used as baby shower table centerpieces.

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Since the creation of the first rubber balloon by Michael Faraday in 1824, they have gone ahead to become the universal symbol of celebration and joy which is the primary reason why they are used in most galas today. Balloons bring great happiness to everyone, making people feel relaxed and comfortable. This is why a baby shower celebration cannot be completed without balloons.

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Apart from being beautiful, easy to use, cheap, and readily available; balloons also offer endless decorating options which are a big plus for anybody planning a baby shower. The use of balloons is increasing on a daily basis as foil balloons are now used as amazing souvenirs by the parents-to-be. It’s clear that balloons will continue to light up baby shower celebrations for a long time to come.