Baby Winter Clothes: Layering up to combat the cold climate

Best time to buy baby winter clothes to prep for winter walks

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Baby Winter Clothes: Layering up to combat the cold climate

Welcoming Winter with a Newborn

Winter is a season that brings new parents to the edge. Your little one's comfort and needs have to be taken very seriously as carelessness can make your baby sick. This is a season that you need to prepare for before it actually arrives. This article has lots of tips to help you safely spend the winter and create good memories with your healthy and happy family. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Baby first winter: What to expect

Parents need to understand that the first winter is crucial for the baby. Here are few things that will help you be well-prepared for these unexpected encounters.

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature

The baby, when in the womb, is accustomed to being in a warm and cozy environment. The winters are the exact opposite of that! This is why the bodies of newborn don’t regulate their body temperature as fast as the bodies of adults do. This leads the temperatures of winter to be even harsher for babies.

Daily Baths are a big no!

How you treat your baby in Winters should definitely be different from the Summers. While it is important to keep your baby clean, fresh and germ-free, also remember that taking baths in a very cold weather can be fatal. Other than that, babies don’t need baths as they don’t get dirty too soon. However, if you really think that baby needs bathing, make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough and not too hot. Give the baby a quick bath every 2-3 days and wrap him up quickly afterwards!   

Dry Skin

With cold weather, dry skin is inevitable so make sure that you have a good baby moisturizer. Use it right after the bath and if depending on your baby’s skin type, if it’s too dry then use it twice or thrice in a day.

Always indoors isn’t a good idea

Though one might think that to protect the baby from harsh weather, keeping him/her indoors sounds like a plan but trust me when I say that it isn’t as healthy as you’ve misunderstood it to be. Sunlight is essential for newborns so make sure to take him/her out on walks when the sun is out so the baby can get their Vitamin D and also, sunlight improves the immune system which is very important for newborns.

When is the best time to buy baby winter clothes

The most suitable time to start buying winter clothes for babies is around 1 month before the season actually takes over. This is because the baby will feel the cold way before the adults would.

Online sites to buy winter clothes


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Baby Clothing, Kids Clothes, Toddler Clothes | Carter's

The website has a great reputation as the largest manufacturers of branded baby clothing. It goes as back as 1865 so it is safe to say that the website is a pioneer of baby apparel. The website carries way more than just clothing though. If you’re a new parent and looking to buy all the essential things to take care of your newborn, this website can provide everything!

Hanna Andersson

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New Kid Clothes, Girls Dresses & More

Once you get through the first few years of being parents, you’d have new found respect for all parents out there. With that respect, if you get a chance to help them in anyway, you wouldn’t think twice to make their life easier. The brand does exactly that as it’s collaboration between a couple to provide clothing that lets child be a child. The brand is dedicated in provide babies with safety, comfort and durability. If you’ve bought stuff from here then it’s definitely money well spent!

H&M Kids

Kids & Baby Clothing - Shop online or in-store | H&M US

This a well-known Swedish brand that provides amazing clothing options for children. Even though it isn’t for infant clothing but you will need them in a few years when you’re grows up! H&M has more demand and presence in Europe for the little ones but it also launched its stores in the US market in 2000.


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Come on! You already knew this one! In all aspects of life, Amazon has had your back so why not this one? You can easily find each and every product for you baby on the website. This includes infant clothing, baby wearing, baby cots etc. You name it, they’ll have it. The only thing that you need to be careful about is which seller you are buying from. The wisest thing you can do to ensure quality is just look at the reviews and you’d be able to make a good decision.

Pumpkin Patch

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@pumpkinpatchkids • Instagram photos and videos

The brand started out in New Zealand. The brad is also dedicated in providing clothing for children that is comfortable and durable. The prices are also parent-friendly. The brand takes special care of season clothing. You can easily find clothes for specific seasons to dress your little one appropriately according to the weather.

Dressing up baby for winter walks


Dressing up the baby for winters requires your attention. Babies lose heat faster than adults. As motherly instincts kick in, mothers tend to overdress their babies to keep him safe which can backfire too. The go-to rule for babies is that dress them in equal layers as you with just one extra layer. As Dr. Landau said, “No one wants her child to be cold, so there's a tendency to overdress babies in the winter; the rule is to outfit your munchkin as you do yourself, plus one more layer.”

Material of the fabric

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Material of the fabric is another factor that needs your attention. Your baby have sensitive skin and it is better that material you’re dressing him/her is breathable i.e. cotton or muslin. i

Hats are a must

When you’re taking your baby out in the cold weather, the worst thing you could do is forget the hat. Don’t ever take out your little one without covering their head and ear with a comfortable hat otherwise chances of them being a victim of cold-weather sicknesses are heightened!

Hands and feet

Mothers tend to forget about the hands and feet and layers up blankets or sweaters. Don’t forget that hands and feet are completely naked when your baby is out there which is bad for the blood circulation in cold weather. The key is to not overdo it or the baby will end up being really uncomfortable.

Mittens, boots, and cover ups


Babies are different in the way they deal with cold. Sometimes they can hold up pretty well even in the coldest weather and sometimes even a gust of wind can make their hands go ice cold. The point is, there is not calculator that helps parents understand exactly what is going on with the baby. This is why parents should be prepared at all times. If the weather is changing, having a pair of mitten in your right gear should always be a priority. Buying the right pair is as much of an important task as carrying it is. The mittens should be warm, soft and comfortable. Here are a few recommendations to make your life easier.


Safety 1st® No Scratch Mittens in Green


Carter's Baby 3-pack No Scratch Mittens (0-3 Months) (Grey/Blue Stripe)


Magnificent Baby Unisex-Baby Infant Fleece Mittens


The feet go cold as fast as the hands do. As mentioned earlier, parents focus on getting the chest and ears covered so much that there are chances they might end up neglecting those tiny little feet. Another heads up, don’t ever neglect feet and hands as them being cold will result in slow blood circulation. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the boots should be very comfortable otherwise your baby will do everything within its control to get them off and we know what it is – throw a crying tantrum! Now we don’t want that, do we? To save you from this, here are few recommendations for comfortable boots that will keep your baby happy, comfortable and warm.




Big Kids' Powderbug™ Plus II Snow Boot



Cover Ups

Cover ups are very important to make your child feel cozy and warm. Selecting the right swaddle can be a hassle but you don’t have to worry about that because we do all the worrying for you! Here are few recommendations for amazing comfortable and warm swaddles for winter season that will help your baby sleep well in winters. When your baby sleeps well, this means you get to have you beauty sleep too! This is a win-win for both of you.


Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Grey with Yellow Trim


HALO SleepSack Winter Weight


Woombie Original One-Step Baby Swaddle ~ Muted Violet Elephant

While it important to spend quality time with your newborn and expose them to the natures and wonders of Earth, always remember to dress right for the season and avoid falling sick.