Celebrate Arrival Of Baby In These Modern Coed Baby Shower

Let Daddies Join In The Fun With These Coed Baby Shower

By Diana Nadim
Celebrate Arrival Of Baby In These Modern Coed Baby Shower

What Is A Coed Baby Shower?

A coed baby shower is the one which has both the father-to-be and the mom-to-be. In this kind of bash, the friends and family of the dad-to-be are allowed to join the fun as guests. This is a trend that is becoming very popular with dads-to-be as it’s very exciting for them to be part of the celebrations.

For this kind of celebration to take place, the mom-to-be has to like the idea. If she does not want men present in her baby shower then a coed baby shower cannot take place. But in this day and age, many women do not have an issue having a good time with their husbands, friends, and family. The following are the steps which you should follow when planning for a coed baby shower:

Creating the guest list

Deciding those who will attend your coed baby shower is usually the first step. Make sure that close friends and families of both the mom and dad-to-be will be present. This will especially be important for the dad-to-be as his friends will make him be more comfortable.

Looking for a male co-host

You have to remember that this is still a very new thing for men who will be in attendance. This is why having a man as a co-host is a very good idea as he helps the men to be more involved in the bash. A host who is a dad and a close friend of the father-to-be would be an excellent choice!

Choosing a theme

The theme of the coed baby shower has to be neutral so that both the mom and the dad-to-be can enjoy the party. Some of the perfect examples of themes that always work are the general baby theme, a hobby theme which will include the hobbies of dad and mom-to-be or even a sports theme.

Sending the coed baby shower invitations

This is normally a delicate part as the invitation should reflect the theme of your coed baby shower. A person can be able to predict the mood of a party by looking at the invitations, so it’s important for you to select a theme that will depict having a good time. Wording on the invitation also matters so choose your words very keenly.

Planning about the food

Any party that involves men is never complete without food, so make sure that there is enough food for everyone in attendance. You can never go wrong with meat!

Coed Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

After you have completed your coed baby shower guest list, the next stage that follows is sending the invitations. This is also a very important stage as it helps to make a first impression on your guests. You are required to use a certain kind of wording when sending a coed baby shower that is unique to this kind of bash. The invitation is expected to include information such as; how to RSVP, where the coed baby shower will be held, when, and the sex of the baby. The following are some of the coed baby shower invitation wording ideas:

  • A Baby Is Brewing

Please Join Us


Baby Shower


(Parents names)






  • Oh Boy

Let’s celebrate!

Friends & Family

Join us to shower the parents-to-be

(Parent’s names)






  • The Adventure Begins!

Please join us for a couple’s

Baby Shower

To celebrate the parents-to-be

(Parents names)






Coed Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby showers are never complete without food. In order for you to be able to come up with the right menu for your coed baby shower, you have to create a guest list first. This is mainly because the type of gathering you will have will determine what your menu will look like.

You also have to decide if your bash will be a full-blown affair or a low key luncheon, or if it will be a mid-morning brunch. The following are some of the dishes which are ideal for a coed baby shower:

Chili Garlic Chicken Skewers

These are delicious! Plus you can always count on the chili garlic chicken skewers to add the much-needed spice to the coed baby shower. These beauties are easy to make and everyone present at your party will love them.

Take a look at the easy recipe for this splendid dish here!

Lime and Chili Grilled Corn

This is another food item that works perfectly with a coed baby shower. It is full of flavor and it’s also easy to make as it takes about ten minutes to prepare and to cook. The amount of corn you will use will depend on the number of guests gracing your bash.

Here you will find the recipe for this exquisite grilled corn !

Grilled Barbecue Meatloaf Foil Pack

This is a good choice to have in a coed baby shower as the men will love it! Another plus for this nutritious dish is that its ingredients and recipe are easy to find which means that you can easily make it yourself.

Here you will find the recipe for this finger-licking dish!

Three Ingredient Meatballs

Everyone loves meatballs! This is one of the reasons why this amazing dish is a favorite in parties. The three ingredients usually include grape jelly, meatballs, and chili sauce or Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce.

Take a look at the recipe for these delicious meatballs here

Minty Bulgur Salad With Salmon and Cucumbers

This combination is exquisite! You will never go wrong with this salad as the guests will enjoy all the flavors.

The recipe for this amazing salad can be found in the link below:


Drinks are very essential as they help to bring the party to life. Beers are must have as they are the preferred drink of majority of men. The mom-to-be and other expectant ladies will need mocktails, while it is good to ensure that there is a variety of beverages as well for those who do not take alcohol. Having something for everyone in attendance is one of the best ways of ensuring that everybody is having a good time.

Find out more coed baby shower ideas here! 

Prizes For Both Gender

Men and women in a coed baby shower mostly get different favors and prizes. Some of the favors meant for men only include; golf balls (you can select specific colors if you already know the sex of your baby, for example, give out pink gold balls if the baby is a girl and blue balls if it’s a boy), chocolate cigars, beer mugs, gym bags, and movie baskets, among many others.  Women, on the other hand, are given favors such as; pedicure gift set, piggy bank, photo frame, handbags, and candies such as chocolate

There are those prizes which are neutral hence are used to reward both men and women who won games at the coed baby shower. Some of these prizes include personalized wine glasses, lotions, potted plants, coffee gift baskets, and movie baskets.

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Backyard Baby Showers

Backyard baby showers are amazing! They provide a lot of options for you to work with which is a good thing for coed baby showers. You can have things such as barbecue which will be a big deal for men and when it comes to invites, you will have plenty of colors to choose from. Another advantage of having a backyard baby shower is that they are easy to decorate and they are ideal for barbeque and classic picnic foods.

Entertainment is also catered for as you can use outdoor games and activities such as kick the can, kickball, and croquet to treat your guests. Desserts for a backyard baby shower can be such as ice cream sandwiches and sliced watermelon.

The following are some of the reasons why having a backyard baby shower is a big plus:

1. They are convenient

Pregnant mommies can take a back seat without all the travelling, especially with a bun in the oven, all that extra weight can be quite tiring!

2. They are affordable

Hosting baby showers in hotels are ridiculously expensive! With backyard parties, you can easily use your own furniture and organize themes within budgets! 

3. Easy to personalize

Backyard baby showers are easy to personalize. Your backyard gives you the freedom to use whichever theme you like.

4. It’s easy to cart the gifts brought by your guests

Gifts can be a headache if you are hosting a baby shower away from home as bulky items can be quite taxing to transport to and fro.


It is time that we acknowledge that things have changed when it comes to baby showers. Coed baby showers are now the in-thing! What makes this kind of baby shower even better is the fact that it allows a husband to be able to support his wife throughout the pregnancy. A coed baby shower is, therefore, a perfect idea for all those looking forward to welcoming their bundle of joy.