The 8 best organic yoghurt for babies gut health

From melts to pouches, what are the best baby yoghurt brands

By Aey
The 8 best organic yoghurt for babies gut health

Paying attention to baby digestive system

When you’re a mother, you need to look out for everything. At time you’ll feel as confused as you did while you tried solving math problems and had no clue what was going on. Don’t worry because this doesn’t make you a bad mommy; just a new one! You have to keep in mind at all times that your baby is still growing and his/her immune system and digestive system cannot handle all the ingredients in the regular food you used to consume. This means that it isn’t safe for you to feed them the same brand of milk and yoghurt that you’re eating. For them, everything! Yes, everything needs to be prepared exclusively for babies. For instance, if you prefer fat-free yoghurt, your baby most definitely wouldn’t react positively to it.

So, this article is dedicated to helping you not look all confused while staring at the ingredient list in every yoghurt package while your baby sits there like a ticking bomb, about to explode into loud bursts anytime.

We’ve come up with a short list that will shorten the amount of time that you stand confused. This article also contains other tips and tricks to feed your baby in smart ways!

Here are the 8 best organic brands for your baby’s gut health!

1. Stonyfield Organic YoBaby

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This organic yogurt maker is situated in Londonderry, New Hampshire, U.S.A. It is also known as Stonyfield Farm and successfully expands to Canada with the yogurt being made in Quebec. The makers have built a very strong reputation in the market and have made a spot that cannot be replaced. It’s known for its healthy organic products which makes it an amazing choice for your little one.

2. Brown Cow Whole Milk Yogurt

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Brown Cow Yogurt have a very strong reputation in the market and rightly so. It provides health and taste in one carton and this combination is to die for specially if you’re a mother. The taste will keep you baby happy and you heart content that they are eating healthy food. This is why Brown Cow Yogurt has earned its position at the second place of our list.

3. Clover Organic Farms

Clover Organic Farms have earned their place on this list. They are American Humane Certified which means that their cows are very well taken care of. When the cow is healthy this means that their milk is too! You can feed this to your baby without any guilt and treat yourself with its Mocha and Tropical flavors too.

4. Straus Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Straus’s European style yogurt definitely is a part of this list. It’s great for both the baby and the mommy. The texture is a bit thinner as compared to others and the flavor is little on the sour side. It’s not too sour or too thin; it’s just perfect for the baby. The baby will like the flavor change and it’s healthy too.

5. Happy Yogis Yogurt Snacks

This product is developed by Pediatricians and Moms! It has probiotics that is vital for the baby’s digestive health. It’s gluten free and made with only natural fruits and yogurt. It has earned its spot on the list because the company made a successful effort in to making the product  healthier for babies. It comes in lots of flavors too! That's surely an added benefit. 

6. Plum Organics

The brand is amazing and offers many products. From puree to many flavors of yogurt. All of these comes in baby friendly pouches. I haven't seen a baby who doesn't get all excited after seeing the pocuhes approaching towards them in their mommy's hands. Hence, the brand has made its way on the list! 

7. Gerber Graduates Grabbers

Gerber Graduates Grabbers offers several lines of baby products that are manufactured to taste and look like treats but are secretly health doses. This is definitely one of the amazng brands in the market that offers good quality yogurt that you can give to your babies without any worry. The brand also has other amazing products like yogurt melts and purees. 

8. Earth’s Best

Earth's best, as the name suggests, is definitely one of the best brand out there that offers healthy baby food. If you're confused by all the brands in groccery store, you shouldn't think twice and get your hands on this one. The flavored yogurt keeps your baby hooked to the packet while you be at ease that your baby isn't eating something unheatly, Just like the others, the brand also offers other amazing products such as purees etc. 

What age can baby start eating yogurt

Yogurt is a very good source of nutrients like protein, vitamins and calcium. This is why it is safe to say that yoghurt is an awesome choice for early foods of your baby. You can start feeding yogurt to the baby around the same time they start on solids which is around 4 to 6 months. Plain, pasteurized and unsweetened Greek or plain yoghurt is the best option for this purpose.

This is the best option because no matter how far the company took to advertise flavored yoghurt as a baby food product, almost all brands use artificial or added sugar to enhance the flavor. This is unhealthy and can become a cause of tooth decay. Also, a baby needs fat and calories in their products so that they can get nutrients. This is why, unless the doctor advises otherwise, don’t feed him fat-free or reduced-fat yogurt.

Full Fat Organic Whole Milk

This is usually just whole milk that’s pasteurized. It may consist of extra cream for added fat. If you look at the right places, you might also be able to find unpasteurized ones that are available in limited stated who bring it in from local farms. Full-yoghurt has been emphasized again and again because it’s essential for the baby for the bone growth, brain and muscles. 30-33 grams of fat per day is enough for a 0-12 month’s old baby while 33-35 grams of fat for a toddler per day! You should skimp it here and get full-fat dairy products instead. Trust me when I say that you will definitely love the flavor of the full-fat ones way more.

Yoghurt melts

Yogurt melts is an amazing option to introduce your kid to new flavors. It’s healthy and a cold refreshing uplifting treats for the little ones. Even better when your child is of the age of teething as the chilling quality will help a great deal in easing out the tense and painful feeling in the gums. I’m sure you’re already convinced to get your hands on these the next time you go to the store but stop! The benefits don’t end here. The tiny miny yogurt chips are packed with essential vitamins, protein, and probiotics. The best part is that you can make these at home without much effort.

I’ve seen my sister who’s blessed with twin makes these little drops of heaven in just a couple of minutes with her boys driving her crazy with the cries and yells. ll you need are a few ingredients.

  • 1 Spoon full of Home-made or store-bought purees
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • A piping bag
  • A baking sheet

Mix puree with the yogurt and put it in the piping bag. Place the baking sheet on a flat tray and start piping small droplets of the mixture on the tray and put in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Ta-da! The snack is done in just a few minutes.

Consider making these with few different colors of purees to make it more appealing to your babies. This recipe is completely sugar free because sugar at a very young age can become the reason of tooth decay but if your child is a bit old then you can add in a few drops of honey too!

Yogurt Pouches

Yogurt is a great source of lots of important nutrients for your baby’s growth. Even though they are, that doesn’t really mean that it’s going to make its way into the baby’s stomach without any problem. When your baby is transitioning from feeders and breast milk, they don’t really know how to consume food without sucking. This means lots of mess for the mama! To avoid these, an amazing and thoughtful person came up with the idea of the mess savior, ‘yogurt pouches’. If you disagree with me, try taking your child in your car with a cup of yogurt. Even the thought of that isn’t very appealing, is it?

Yogurt pouches are an amazing option if you’re a busy mom! I haven’t seen any child this happy while eating as they light up when they look at those tasty pouches. The packed nutrients and the amazing flavors keep both, the mom and the baby, happy and healthy!

When you get the store bought pouches, the yogurt is a bit runnier so that your baby can easily suck it into their mouth. The best part is that you don’t even have to refrigerate it. This is an amazing option when you’re somewhere in an event and you want your baby well-fed and quite. The flavors will keep them quite till you enjoy your time. Try to keep two of these in your diaper bad at all times as it will come handy at times of emergency.

If you are about to start baby on solid foods, you probably have a lot of questions. Like what exactly does "smooth puree" mean? Simple Starters can help with that. For safe swallowing, we recommend, baby’s first "bites" actually be a thin, smooth puree. On our packages you will find instructions on how much liquid to add to let the puree drip easily off a spoon. As baby gets more comfortable with taking solid food, you can reduce the amount of liquid to create a thicker puree. Before you know it, both you and your little one will be pros at this solid food thing! ⠀ #babyfoodyourway #foodiekid #simplestarters #futurefoodie #homemadebabyfood #organicbabyfood #mompreneur #momlife #babyfood #babyfoodie #babyfoodideas #babyfoodrecipes #instamom #igmom #dadlife #igdad

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Brands with probiotics

If you’re looking for yogurt brands that have probiotics than here is a list that does the job for you! :D

  • Plain Greek Yogurt (any brand)
  • Plain Yogurt (any brand)
  • Stonefield YoBaby Plain

You can also get your hands on just probiotics and add it in your baby’s food after discussing it with your doctor. Some of the good brands for probiotics are:

  • Garden of Life - RAW Probiotics KIds
  • Culturelle Kids Probiotic
  • Children’s Grape Probonix
  • Protectis Baby


There are lots of options in the market that you can go for! But I know how important the health of the baby is to a mother so it is always better to put in an effort in learning about the things that the infant is digesting. Babies so young are just like a sponge, they are absorbing everything so that their tiny little premature organs can grow. If the food their consuming is in anyway unhealthy, there are chances that even of their bodies don’t react right away, it will in future in the form of an illness. There are products and brands out there that are running just for the purpose of profit and brands that genuinely care about the baby’s health, all you can do to prevent harm to your child is to ample research. I hope this article was enough to do that for you! Yo Go SuperMom! <3