Top 10 Personalized Baby Gifts That Are For Keeps

Personalized baby gifts for boys and girls

By Diana Nadim
Top 10 Personalized Baby Gifts That Are For Keeps

Gifting the bundle of joy

Everywhere around the world, when the babies are born, they are usually celebrated one way or another by family and friends, welcoming the new addition to the family. A celebration of joy usually means the three most important things - food, baby and gifts for the baby!

What's a better gift than a personalized gift that contains the initials of the baby and maybe some other personal details such as the time of birth, weight or the baby's birth date. That way, this would be 
a gift or a momento that parents could treasure as a keepsake as their babies grow up! 

Personalized baby gifts ideas for boys

Do boys mean all things blue? Find out our top 10 recommended personalized gift just for boys:

 1. Personalized Pacifiers

While we may not exactly want to keep these as a keepsake (they might turn yellow from spending all that precious time with baby), personalized baby pacifiers do have its plus point.

  • They help to satisfy the suck reflex of your baby. This is because all babies usually have a natural need to suck and normally this desire is met by breast. There are times, however, when this desire to suck can linger even after the baby is full and in such a situation, a pacifier can be of help.
  • They help to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Giving your baby a pacifier while asleep can help to prevent SIDS.
  • Encourages baby to self-soothe. A pacifier help babies to learn how to relax, control their feelings, and also makes them feel secure.
  • Lesser chances of other babies taking the wrong pacifier!

2. Baby blanket

Apart from keeping the baby warm, baby blankets provide a sense of familiarity that gives the baby a sense of security and comfort throughout childhood. A personalized baby blanket makes it even more special to the parents and also to the baby. You can personalize a blanket by including the baby’s initials, including a special message on it or even have it handmade.

3. Personalized soft toys

It doesn't always have to be a bear. It could be a first letter initial or any kind of plush toy because the options to personalize it are plenty!

Even though soft toys are usually more popular with girls, they can be a perfect gift for baby boys too. Soft toys, like soothers, plays an important party in the baby’s life as they act as transitional objects especially when the mother is not always with the baby. Thus, easing your baby’s stress, soothe tears, aid in the baby’s social development and helps to build confidence.

4. Personalized Baby Onesies

Onesies are perfect keepsakes! Most parents keep them and some of them, if lucky, get to gift them to their future kids. Onesies are perfect gifts for first years as they are easy to wear and summer onesies show off all the rolls! 

Winter onesies, on the other hand, are especially useful for children who are crawling on all fours as they protect the palms and knees of the baby. They also keep the baby warm since they are long sleeved with pants. 

5. Baby Bibs

Considered one of the handiest gifts, baby bibs are commonly used on a daily basis. Though it catches up spills and can potentially be stained over frequent use, some parents keep them as keepsakes. Spills are very common every time a baby burps food or even milk; it is a baby bib that helps to prevent the spills from getting in contact with the skin of the baby.  Baby bibs also help to prevent baby clothing from getting ruined by the spills so this could potentially save the personalized onesies. 

6. Baby frame

A picture frame with a special message or even with the baby’s initials is one of the best personalized baby gifts available. It is beautiful and lasts long which makes it a guaranteed gift for a keepsake.

7. Baby hat

One of the more practical gifts - Baby hats are essentials as they keep the babies head warm. Newborns do not regulate their own temperature for the first six months and they can end up losing a lot of heat from their heads since they are the biggest parts of their bodies. This will definitely come in useful during cooler seasons. 

8. Baby teether

Teething rings are some of the must-have toys for any baby as they help to relieve pressure and pain on the baby’s gums that are caused by emerging tooth. You can definitely keep the name strap for future use!

9. Personalized Books

Enough said, these are books that you can keep for a lifetime! Unless your baby tore it up before you get to keep it, books are a marvellous way to bond and spend time with your baby. The interesting part was knowing that they are the main character in the story. 

10. Personalized cushion pillows

If well maintained, these cushion pillows could be handed down to your baby when they get married. 

Personalized baby gifts ideas for girls

1. Baby bracelet

An elegant personalized baby bracelet is one of the best baby gifts for keeps.

2. Personalized baby pillows

They are very essential as they enhance the blood circulation, growth, and development of the child. Having a pillow personalized with the baby’s initials or with a special message makes this to be one of the best gifts that you can give.

When selecting baby pillows, ensure the pillow is of the appropriate height which is usually around 3 to 4 cm. Also, look for a pillow that is light, is breathable has a soft-core. Some of the materials which are the best for stuffing are such as cattail wool and rush.

3. Personalized Name Puzzles

Great for improving milestone skills, practical and pretty as a decor, name puzzles are definitely an interesting option to go for when gifting a newborn.

5. Personalized baby blanket

Girls can have interesting blankets too. Use a calender styled blanket that you can utilise for photography and to keeping the baby warm! 

6. Personalized Milestones Card

What's a better gift than one that parents can use? These milestones cards will come in handy for those IG posts.

7. Personalized onesies

We're already visualizing baby's #ootd here.

8. Personalized Baby Journal

This will be a good gift for you to give to your baby when she grows up. A perfect momento where you can share in it, a book full of delicate information from birth, to her first words and her first everything! 

9. Personalized frame

Parents get to decorate their baby nursery wall, or even leave it resting on the floors against the wall. Either way, these personalized baby frames dress up the nurseries pretty well! 

10. Personalized Embroidery

Currently trending as the best-personalized gift on Instagram, these embroidery hoops can be a little costly. Pick up the skill through classes and make one for gifting! We definitely can't wait to receive one of these! 

Gift-set for new parents

Baby Keepsake Box

An elegant, timeless crafted keepsake box that can be placed alongside family photo frames, where you can easily show it off to your baby's future spouse. 

Infant Car Seat

Considerably one of the bigger ticket items on expenditure. You can opt-in and do gift-sharing with a few friends to gift this for new parents.

A baby gift box

A baby gift box that contains all the personalized knick knacks! With a baby journal where parents can record the progress of their baby, baby teethers, customized initial pillow and others, this makes an awesome useful gift!

Instant Pot

The most practical gift ever. 

If there's one thing we would repeatedly say after having a baby, that would be 'Where have all the time gone!?'
An instant pot would be a good gift for parents to premake their meals in advance and have their meals warm during that short 15 mins catnap that baby is on. 

Date night

Even a few hours off from baby time is a good break for new parents. Busied since baby's day 1 of birth, most parents would be glad if their baby is in good hands even if they are popping out as a couple (sans baby!) for a quick grocery run! 

Gift sets for babies with next day delivery

Baby hampers

Hampers that contains a little something for babies, and something else for mommies are the best. Try these delivery options: 

Soo Many Baskets


Baby Basket

Bed Bath & Beyond


Some sweet treats to pamper Mommy (and Daddy!) for all the hard work in the labour room. Order from:

Magnolia Bakery

Lady M.

We take the cake

Bake me a wish!


In conclusion, personalized gifts usually mean much more than ordinary gifts to both the babies and the parents. A personalized gift no matter how simple it holds a special place as it is no longer classified as a “cookie cutter’ gift. Children have been known to have a great sense of ownership and also to place great emphasis on their names. Personalizing a baby’s gift shows that your thoughtfulness and even though the baby might not understand it, the parents will surely appreciate the time you spent carefully getting that perfect gift and giving it a personal touch.