Checklist for Baby Hospital Bag: What should you pack

The essentials checklist for baby hospital bag for mom & for dads

By Rachel
Checklist for Baby Hospital Bag: What should you pack

If your due date is arriving soon, then packing your baby hospital bag must be on your to-do list. It is important to be well prepared for baby’s arrival, therefore you should start packing your baby bag at least 3 weeks prior due date so that you do not forget any item or have to rush to the supermarket at the peak moment. Now, before you start packing, make sure you jot down all the necessary items which you think you might require at the hospital and after you are done, leave it in your car, so that you have your bag with you in case of an emergency situation. So here are some suggestions of things which you should take along with you before you leave for your big day.

A checklist of the basic essentials

Your I.D and Insurance information:

Keep all your paper works handy, which includes your I.D card, insurance paper, copies of medical records and birth plan (if you have one), as you do not want to get delayed for getting a room at the hospital.


Leave some extra pillows in your car, so that when you drive to the hospital in your labor, you are safe and comfortable. Plus it is better to have some extra pillows at the hospital too, as usually, the hospitals provide two pillows for each room.


Pack a pair of comfy slip-on for you and your partner, as they are easy to wear on and off.

Toiletries and personal items:

Keep your travel pouch in your baby bag as well. It should include your hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, etc. The hospital may have their own toiletries provided but nothing beats using your own skincare with familiar scent.


Make sure you carry some warm blankets, as you might require them on your way home. This would come in handy for your partner as he might have to sleep on the couch outside.

What should you bring for mom

Because mom is our centre of attraction at the moment, her necessities and requirements should be our top priority. So here are some important items for her:

Pairs of warm and non-skid socks:

Pack couple of your non-skid socks, as you might want to walk around a bit before and after your labor.

Lip balm:

There is never enough time set aside to look after yourself. From all that air-conditioning and mouth breathing, keep your lips moisturized throughout delivery. You wouldn't want to end up with chap lips while welcoming your bundle of joy.


Carry your headbands and ponytail holders to keep your hair back and all tied up. This will look much better during photo opportunities after all the perspiration. Can you imagine a labour photo where your hair clings on to your already perspiring forehead? Great memories; not so great photos. Avoid clips though.

Loose clothing:

Take a couple of loose and lightweight clothing so that you can change before and after your labour. The last thing you want is to exhaust yourself with those body-hugging clothes and still spotting that mini baby bump. Nope, the tummy does not become flat immediately. Also bring along some going-home clothes.

Maternity bras

Do not forget to buy a couple of maternity bras and make sure you buy the non-underwired ones. And buy some nursing pads along with them (disposable or washable.)

Nipple cream

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You might need them after all the breastfeeding as you would want to protect your nipples from cracking and chapping.

Massage oil

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Keep some massage oil and lotions as you might want some massages for relaxation when you are going through your labor. Also, carry some essential oils which will soothe you.

Maternity pads

Bring your own maternity pads that has good reviews on the net, or sometimes the hospital provides them. Do check! 

Comfortable panties

Do not carry your favourite cute little panties, instead buy some cotton panties which are large, loose, and breathable. Although some hospitals have disposable panties, it is always better to carry your own materials as you might or might not be comfortable wearing them.

What should you bring for dad

Now dads are important as well, as they are going to be the supporters and backbone of the situation, often also the only person to document the entire labour process. So here are a couple of items that are essential for him:

Credit cards/ cash

Make sure you carry enough cash and have enough money in your account in case of any emergencies. Plus carry some change as you might require it for the parking and in the canteen and other needs, because labour time is hard to gauge and you could need change for the nearest vending machine.

Watch with a second hand

Do not forget to take your watch or carry a time which has a second hand as it will come in handy to time the contractions. 

Your mobile phone

For the savvy parents, we're guessing some contractions app could also come in handy. But what you really need the phone is to communicate the good news of baby's arrival to close family and friends. You could also use the phone to keep in touch with the world or to watch some netflix shows with all the waiting! 

Comfortable shoes

Make sure you are wearing your comfy shoes as you might have to be on the feet for most of your time.

Camera with an extra memory card

You might want to capture each moment and make it special, so carry a good camera with an extra memory card so that you have enough space to save each picture or that special video of your baby first day.

Are there extra items to prepare for c-section moms?

As C-section operations involve an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus, due to the incision, mom's need to be more careful and take extra precautions. Therefore for the c-section moms, there are a couple of extra items which one should carry in the baby bag.

Sanitary pads

The C-section moms might be asked to wear special pads after their surgery, so make sure you inquire your doctor beforehand. Although the moms who have had caesarean sections may have less bleeding (lochia) after 24 hours as compared to the moms who have had vaginal deliveries, still it is better to carry enough maternity pads than the ordinary sanitary towels, as the c-section moms have to stay for a longer period after their delivery. So you might need as many as two to three packs of sanitary pads while you are at the hospital.

High-waisted cotton knickers

Buy several pairs of large, high-waisted cotton knickers, as the regular and normal knickers might rub your wound. So purchase the ones which are not made of nylon or has lacy and frilly fabric, because these can irritate and catch on your wound. Thus go for the ones which are stretchy and comfy to wear over your scar. And if possible buy some which come with leak-proof protection.

Face wipes

After the operation, you might not be able to get to the washroom easily, so it is better to carry some baby wipes or face wipes so that it can help you in staying clean and fresh.

Peppermint teabags

Peppermint tea helps in soothing the pain, thus keep a pack of peppermint tea bags as it will help you in alleviating the pain after surgery. And also the smell of peppermint helps in relieving any nausea and discomfort caused after the cesarean. You can also carry a pack of mint along with it.

What should I use as my baby hospital bag?

A baby hospital bag should be light and handy. As soon as you get in labor, you will have to rush to the hospital, so make sure your baby hospital bag is not too big or heavy and does not contain the whole household items. Just take enough and the required items. In order to fit all the essential and the necessary items, a small duffle bag or a messenger bag is good enough. If you want, you can take a sachel bag as well along with your duffle bag. But make sure, the bag you are carrying has enough compartments, so that you can separate your items from the baby's. To be more convenient, you can carry two separate bags, and divide your items accordingly.

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So do not delay the procedure of packing your baby hospital bag, and make sure as soon as you are done the packing, leave it next to your front door or in the car, so that it is available within easy reach of yours while you leave for the hospital.