10 Cutest Themes For Baby's 1st Birthday To Wow Your Guests

Decorations, party food ideas & party supplies for baby 1st party

By Adity Bera
10 Cutest Themes For Baby's 1st Birthday To Wow Your Guests

Getting it all together - Decorations, party food ideas & party supplies

If you are honest with yourself, a baby’s 1st birthday party is more for family and friends and less for the baby's guests. But this is definitely a day you can look back to when your baby grows up. When planning for your baby’s birthday, there are many things you would have to look out for and the main planning includes decoration, party food, and party supplies.

1. Food

If your party guests include kids and parents, it would be better to go with healthy and nutritious food. It would be best to serve food that is easy to eat and does not stain the hands or clothes, except if it happens accidentally.  You can keep separate food stations for kids and adults.

Before preparing the food, you can ask families if their children have any allergies. You might also want to ask the parents if they are comfortable with their little ones having packaged juices or flavoured milkshakes. The other things you need to consider are the age, culture and diet of the guests. Some might be vegan etc.

One of the best options to go for is Italian food like pizza and pasta as everyone loves it. You can also go for easy nibbling snacks such as small-cut fresh fruits, lightly cooked veggies, tacos, mini-hotdogs, cheese cubes, mini-muffins, smaller pizza slices, pretzels, and so on. Add some drinks for the adults and fresh juices for the kids and the food station is sorted. 

2. Decorations and party supplies

Decorations can be decided based on the theme of the party. You can also make simple decorations to create memories with a collage of photos of your baby’s first year and create a separate area for kids with toys, books, movies or other items.

Use a wide range of decorations to add touch, colour and interest all over the party space with items like small banners, balloons for younger guests, streamers, a big ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, fancy tables and chairs to fill up space. But if you are deciding to throw a themed party, like a princess party, Mickey Mouse and friends themed party, and so on, then you can get the decorations according to that.

You can get other party supplies like party hats, masks, confetti, invitations, party bags, party games, table covers, noisemakers, etc. However, avoid latex balloons as they can pose choking hazard for little kids.

Decorations for a girl

Everyone has only one first birthday in a lifetime. To celebrate this first milestone of your little baby girl, you would want to create a party that will be one of the best memories in the coming years. Many parents choose a theme for their daughter’s first birthday.

While some decorations are the same birthday banner, balloons, garlands, streamers, confetti; there are also some of the very popular themes for your little girl and those are mentioned here. 

1. Fairy Party – A magical and fairyland party

2. Frozen Princess theme – Get snowflakes, snowman and Frozen theme birthday cake

3. Mermaid theme – Create the cutest mermaid ever with cakes and decorations

4. Disney princess – Who doesn’t want their little girl to be a lovely Disney Princess

5. Cupcake theme – Get some cutest cupcakes for your daughter

6. Minnie Mouse theme – Celebrate first birthday of your princess with Minnie Mouse

7.  Unicorn theme – Dream stuff for dreamy party

8. Barbie theme – Create a Barbie doll party for your little Barbie

9. Kitty theme – Bring added joy and merriment to the event with little kitties

10. Balloon theme – Put some wonderful balloon theme ideas into action

Party food ideas for a girl

Dessert, treats, fruits, pastries for your little girl’s party

When you are celebrating your little princess’s birthday, food is one of the most important parts of it. Usually, not much thought is put into the menu prepared for a girl who has turned one year old as most of the guests might also be the little ones. Bu that is not a right approach. For the special day, you must put some effort to bring together a nice and delicious menu for the guests.

Along with the best cake for your girl with beautiful frosting ideas, some of the food ideas are crust-less tea sandwiches, fresh fruits like berries, halved grapes, apple slices, watermelon slices, carrot sticks, mini muffin, different shaped crackers, small cupcakes, mud chocolate cups, cookies, mini pizzas, mac and cheese cupcakes, mini pancake stacks, flavored frozen yogurt drops, mini fruit pizzas, lollipop sticks, and more.


Sweet and sticky- Lollipop Sticks


Along with the best cake for your girl with beautiful frosting ideas and other food items on the menu, some of the other food ideas especially for your girl’s 1-year birthday are:

1. Pink tea party cakes - This moist and fruity cake will be perfect for your little one’s party.

2. Homemade rice puff bars – Every kid loves it.

3. Real fruit jelly  - It’s easy to make and a definite attraction for kids.

4. Tomato Bacon Cups  - Biscuits with a flavorful tomato and bacon filling.

5. Heavenly Filled Strawberries – Perfect dessert.

6. Chocolate Raspberry Pie – Delicious chocolate and raspberry layers.

7. Pink Muffins – Love muffins with pink icing and heart sprinkles.

8. Cherry Ripe cheesecake – Delectably decadent cheesecake

9. Pink fairy cupcakes- Gorgeous swirling cupcakes for the birthday girl

10. Ginger-Grapefruit Fizz – Bubbly and spicy drink

11. Mini Heart Shaped Chicken Pizzas – With perfect festive color

12. Crown Sandwiches – Simple and royal for your princess

If you are ordering the birthday cake from a nearby bakery, ask them to use least preservatives, food colors, nuts, and other artificial flavorings as your baby and other kids will be eating the cake. You can choose a flavor for your child and if you want, pick an eggless version to cater to the needs of all the guests.

Decorations for a boy

Ready to blow the candle

Being a once in a lifetime event, celebrating your boy’s first birthday has to be an exemplary experience, and a great decoration is one of the ways to do it. A first birthday comes once in a lifetime. Many parents choose decorations to match the theme they choose for the party. Others might create a party around their boy’s favorite toys or characters like Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Shrek, Car Disney movie theme, Superhero theme, Circus theme, favorite movie theme, and more.


Decorations for boy

There is no end to the choices available for you to pick from when it comes to throwing a themed party for your little one. You can buy the decorations online based on what kind of theme you choose for the party, and if you want to keep the things simple, you can decorate the place with different shaped balloons, lightings, streamers, banners, tableware, posters, colors, and more. Here are 10 decoration theme ideas for your boy.

1. Tigger theme – Get cute Tigger themed party for your boy

2. Jungle theme – What could be a better party than the one joined by your boy’s favourite anmals

3. Monster theme – Throw a fun and funky bash

4. Carnival theme – Have fun with colors

5. NFL theme – For the kids of NFL lovers

6. Superhero theme – There’s no age to love a superhero

7. Mickey Mouse theme – Have most popular Disney character at your party

8. Disneyland theme – Do your kid love Disneyland?

9. Lion King theme – Fun, enchanted, and every child’s right

10. Teddy bear theme – Decorate the party with nice stuffed bears

Party food ideas for a boy

Party food ideas

It is said that the first birthday party food ideas and menu should be designed for the guests which will also include other kids or babies. You should have the kid’s favorite foodstuffs like finger fries, fruit canapés, baby breadsticks, fresh fruits, fruit smoothies, lemonade in beverages. Remember to maintain the balance of the menu for both kids and adults.


Before you decide on the menu it is important to know how many guests you are planning to invite and based on that decide how many items you want on the menu list and in what quantity, and whether the guests like vegetarian or non-vegetarian items or both. 

To your party food ideas, you can add some of the food items that  are especially for your boy:

1. Beary Cute Cookies – Cheery and cute cookies

2. Appetizer Tortilla Pinwheels – Tasty tortilla roll ups

3. Football Macrons – Adorable sports memorabilia

4. Mini Sausage Quiches - bite-size quiches are loaded with sausage and cheese

5. Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Cake – For Mario lovers

6. Blueberry Lemon Trifle – Fresh blueberries dessert

7. Mini Mac & Cheese Bites – Mac and cheese favorites

8. Mocha Sandwich Cookies – A different version of sandwich

Do not add dry fruit food items like peanuts, almonds, raisins, etc, popcorn, hard candies, and small fruit like grapes or cherries that might get stuck in a child’s throat if consumed wrongly.

Baby 1st birthday party supplies for both gender

First birthdays are always special, and there are many breathtaking first birthday party ideas that you can employ successfully with some extra planning and make the day all the more pleasurable with delightful decorations, games, foods, and other activities.

Baby 1st birthday party supplies

By preparing the list of party supplies, you can simplify the things for you, and there would be very fewer chances that you will forget anything important. Some of the most common items that you can add to your party supply list are beverages, cake, food, candies, ice-cream, other snacks, serving plates and bowls, cups, cutlery, table covers, invitations, thank you notes, balloons, banners, confetti, party blowers, hats and masks for kids, streamers, garlands, wall decorations, games, camera, candles, tables, chairs, and return gifts. 

Some of the best websites for buying birthday party supplies for your 1-year-old are



Amazon Party Supplies

Amazon party decorations

When you throw a party for your one-year-old, keep their comforts in mind after all they are the guest of honor. Try to keep the party short, for two or three hours maybe, especially if most of the guests are kids. And before, during and after the party, always carry a camera with you and capture all the beautiful moments of your little one to create memories of once in a lifetime day.