5 Colors You Can Use To Match The Burgundy Color

Learn what complements Burgundy, the perfect color for the fall

By Daina
5 Colors You Can Use To Match The Burgundy Color

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Summer colors are coming and going and before we know it, fall colors will be moving in. The number one color of fall is burgundy, a deep red color that may even look purple sometimes. Fall weddings are sprinkled with this color, along with other fall colors, like complimentary yellows, oranges, and rose colors.


A dark burgundy color can be complimentary to most neutrals (black, white, light gray, dark gray, tan, brown). But what colors can be combined with burgundy to make a perfect color scheme? Here are 5 of the best colors that match burgundy and will pass your color swatch test!


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A peach color is a perfect compliment to the deep color of burgundy. Peach is a nice, sweet, light color and lightens up a look that is otherwise darkened by burgundy. If you’re looking to keep things light and fresh, then choose peach to go with burgundy.

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These peach-colored roses are a perfect match for the burgundy flowers. This is a common wedding color combination. Notice how the green of the leaves are also a great match for the colors!

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These nails make for a perfect color combination!


This is my favorite color match. Pink is an all rounder and it matches plenty of other colors smoothly. From light to medium pink range, you can easily pick up a number to go with burgundy. Though not so much on striking pink to go with.

Bittersweet Colours
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Burgundy top and bottom overlayed with the perfect light pink for a coat is the perfect color matching combination for fall clothes.

Bittersweet Colours: Bordeaux/ Pink effect
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This girl has it going on! Simple, classy with a color blocking effect that's not snappy.

Green Colors

There are so many kinds of green that go with burgundy. Kelly green, emerald green, sage green just to name a few. Certain green colors can be paired with burgundy throughout the year—a Kelly green for a spring or summer look, a toned-down sage green for the fall time, and a darker hue of green for winter.

Burgundy and Green
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Here is a deeper shade of the color green in combination with a burgundy sweater.

What makes green such a great compliment to the deep hues of burgundy is the natural richness of both colors. The two colors together remind you of a deep red rose with a green stem and green leaves. Although if not matched carefully with the hues, it may come off looking Christmas-y.

A sage green has the same earthy feel to it, which makes for a perfect outfit combination!

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Yellow is another great color to match burgundy. Looking at the combination of yellow and burgundy colors reminds people of the beautiful color of flowers with an interior yellow. It also looks similar to the color of leaves in the fall, which is a perfect fall look!

Energetic Ethereal
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Nothing shouts loud than the combination of yellow and burgundy. While not many can carry off this strong look, if you could, you would make colorblocking really proud.

Beautiful colors and design!
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It’s no surprise that yellow and burgundy match perfectly (and they do!). These burgundy and yellow floral nails make for a perfect manicure!

Navy Blue

Arguably a neutral color, navy is a deeper hue of blue. A navy and burgundy color combination typically reminds you of the country’s colors, often given a rustic feel. These colors are often paired in wedding color schemes and spruced up with ivories and greens.

Houston fashion blogger shares what to wear with burgundy pants for work.
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A casual put-together of beige, burgundy and navy. How earthy is that?

white sweater with navy scarf, camel blazer, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Tory Burch cognac tote, burgundy pumps
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Burgundy shoes look great with navy blue denim jeans (a classic navy go-to).

burgundy and navy hair piece, navy wedding hair accessories, burgundy and gold wedding hair clips, n
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There's also something really charming about this bridal hair arrangement of burgundy and navy colors.

The Color of Burgundy

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The color of burgundy is a great combination color—it almost goes with anything! The five aforementioned colors are 5 of my favorites and the ones that best match burgundy, but you can play with colors and hues to find the one you like the best!

So whether you are shopping for the perfect back-to-school clothes, picking out a wedding color scheme, interior designing, creating the perfect bouquet of flowers, picking out a great nail color and design, or even landscaping outside, this color swatch for the deep color of burgundy is perfect for you.

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