20 Glamorous And Easy Updos For Short Hair

Even short hair can’t stop anyone from styling them. Here are some easy and glamorous updos for short hair for all occasions.

By Tanaya Nath
20 Glamorous And Easy Updos For Short Hair

20 Glamorous And Easy Updos For Short Hair

There's always no woman who doesn't like wearing a different look by creating different hairstyles. Women with short hair often find it difficult to find a hairstyle that is both glamorous and easy. But who said having short hair means you cannot have glamorous and easy updos. Here we are listing 20 glamorous and easy updos for short hair so women with short hair go ahead and enjoy.

Braided Updos For Short Hair

Braiding the hair is a trendy way to create a decorative border at the back and above it you can arrange your hair to look like an updo. For this style braid your hair along the nape of the neck making a horizontal band. Now you can brush the back of the crown for texture or add curly locks for the volume. You can also use the braid for all sorts of easy updo for your hair depending on the length of it.

Easy Unconstructed Pins Updos

If you have seen Kristen Stewart, you would know why her bob hair is among everyone's favorite hairstyles, especially for anyone who is looking for edgy haircuts. For the look, pull half of your hair from one side to the back and pin them with large bobby pins in an unconstructed manner. It will add some spunk to your casual look. Do this to the other side as well. Keep some face framing pieces on the other side as that will keep the style from appearing too harsh. Or, if you could, let the other side be, it will be your half updo for a more natural look.

Easy Updos With Multi Headbands For Short Hair

If your hair is too short to do anything with them, this is the perfect updo for you. Imitate Lupita Nyong’o’s look with this practical style for super short hair. If you have curly hair, it will work in the favour of your updo. If not, you can obtain curly hair by curling it a little for giving it the look. Now all you have to do is pick several headbands that you want to use and utilise them to pull your hair back, away from your face. You will have the same swept back look like the traditional updo carries and that too without much trouble, cute, natural classy and casual.

Tiny Twists Updos

This is one among many hairstyles that has been created by the celebrity stylist Mark Townsend on Lena Headey’s short hair. For this style you will need a texturising paste, rock hard gel and strong hold spray. And of course many bobby pins. Apply the paste first and let it sit for sometime before you go in with the gel. Now comb the hair and take small sections randomly, twist them and secure them with bobby pins. Do that until all the hair are twisted and secured. You are done.

Easy Textured Side Braids Updos

This, among many hairstyles, is the genius of yet another celebrity stylist Kristin Ess and had been pulled on Lucy Hale’s bob hair. Ess kept all the short pieces back without using the bobby pins just by braiding the sides of her hair. For this look, you need to make waves in your hair first. Then apply a texturising product to them for adding the grip. Now, start braiding both sides back till they reach the nape of your neck. Now secure all your hair up at your nape like a messy bun. Your updo is done. Easy and cute right?

Miniature Braids Updos For Short Hair

Even the short haircuts could have the oh-so-stunning hairstyles. Don’t raise your brows, really. You don’t believe me? Well here is another simple glamorous and cute updo for short hair. Centre part your hairs sharply. Leave some face framing locks each side, if you will, and braid the section from front into tight miniature braid, pulling them backwards, away from your face. Secure the loose ends into a ponytail. You can gel the hair for neat style.

Easy Rolled Up Ends Hair Updo

It is done in the similar hairstyle as the previous one. However, instead of braiding the hair, just twist them away from your face, rolling the strands gently. And when you have rolled them till your nape, roll the bottom pieces upwards into itself and cure them with the bobby pins. You can also leave some face framing locks if you want to. It will give you a casual and natural look. If you are leaving the face framing locks, you can also have them curly, just a little may be.

Accessorised Ponytail Updo For Short Hair

Ponytail is hard for the short hair but with a little effort, you can not only make a ponytail but turn it into an updo as well. Just comb your hair back and apply stronghold gel to keep them in place. On the sides, behind your ears, tuck the hair back with embellished hair clips. Use one to two clips on each side. Then gather the hair in a bunch and tie them with an embellished band. If you want to turn it into a bun, tuck them under the base of ponytail, securing them with bobby pins or U-pins. Also you can either keep the natural look of your hair for a casual look or color them for a little texture.

The Cute Ballerina Bun Updo

When it comes to wrapping a bun, long hair faces no issues. However, doing that with short hair is a different story altogether. But with this article, you can give your short hair the same updo with ease. For starting, you will need to keep your hair unwashed, it will give your style a grip. Now, pull your hair up together in a high ponytail and secure it with elastic band. Secure all the loose strands sliding out of the band with the help of barrettes. Also, don’t forget few face framing strands to let loose around your face. You can have the strands in their natural look or can do them curly. Either way, they will look cute on you.

Three Stacked Buns Updo

Barrettes works well for many, but not all are sold on using them all the time. So, here is a way to spice up your ballerina bun with miniature three stacked buns. Make three vertical ponytails one below the other and twist them. Wrap each of them on the right side making small buns and securing them with bobby pins. If you want a laid back and casual look, leave some face framing locks either keeping them in their natural look or making them a little curly. For a more classic and polished look, spray back any loose locks and flyaways.

The Easy Messy Bun For Short Hair

Messy bun isn’t just for a gym goer. It holds a charm for everyone. The laid back look and the ease of making it makes it so irresistible. Just use your fingers for pulling back your hair in a pony and twist it for making a bun. Secure it with bobby pin. If you can't twist it, just fold it and secure. It could be at the middle of the back of your head or a little lower, as per the convenience. You could also accessorise it for a glamorous look or keep it simple without adornments.

Teased Ponytail

Yes, you can make a teased ponytail updo even in short hair. For that you will need to prep your hair a little. When your hair is damp after a fresh wash, spray a little mist and then finger comb them. Let them dry on their own. Leave some locks at the front for framing your face and pull the rest of the hair in a pony with just your fingers. Secure it with a band. Take a small section of hair from the tail, twist it and wrap it around the band, securing it with a pin.

Low Wrapped Bun

I know, it sounds a little out of reach for short hair but is perfectly doable and you can achieve it with a little effort. The flyaways are hard to get hold of while doing the low bun. Use a strong hold spray or gel for keeping those stray strands stuck to your updo. Use a styler gel to smoothen your hair and gather them into a bunch and twist them into a bun. Keep securing the bun with the U-pins and bobby pins. For a more casual and cute look, let some curly locks dance on your face.

The Pinned Up Pixie Updo

If you have short hair, you must be aware that bobby pins are the best friend of a girl with short hair. Deep side part your hair or tease your crown for adding a little glamour and drama to your style. Start from the bottom and move up to the center. Take a section of hair from one side, take it over to the other side along the nape of your neck and keep pining it twice or thrice for keeping it in place. Take another section from the same side, and repeat the same but make sure it lies along the first pinned section. For a casual look you can place the pins in an alternate manner while pinning each section. If you like you can also add embellishments to your updo for a cute look. If you have ends dangling you can either get them curly or pin them away.

Cute Chignon Updo Hairstyles

Chignons are the most sought after Updo for any length of hair. So, if you want to style the playful locks for a formal occasion, you must go for the chignon updo. For this make three sections of your hair, leaving small sections on each side. Not take the middle section and finger comb it into a low ponytail. Secure it with a band. Turn the tail inside under the band and secure it with the pins. That’s your chignon. Now take the section from one side, twist it, bring it to the other side from over the bun and secure it. Do that with the other section as well. You can also choose to not twist it. Let the flyaways on the sides be as they are but secure the ones on the back with pins.

Half Up- Half Down Natural Updo

If you don’t have much time at hand and you want a quick updo, here is the one for you. Comb your hair and divide it into two horizontal sections. Take the top portion and tease it a little. Use your fingers to smoothen the upper part and gather it into a bunch. Now twist the bunch around your finger and roll it for making a messy bun. Pin it in place and you can opt for some embellished pins if you want to give it a little glamorous touch. Leave the other half as it is. You can even leave a few face framing locks both the sides for a more playful look. There, you are done.

The Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Having a wedding or attending one could be a nightmare for the women with short hair. They are not left with much option to style their hair. We have just the updo style for you. Comb your hair well, leaving a few face framing sections on the side and apply heat protection spray to the rest of the hair. Use the curling rod to make big curls. When you are done, start pinning your curls at the back of your head giving it the shape of a bun. Adorn the updo with flowers and embellishments. You are good to rock the wedding.

French Twist Updo

French knot is a little difficult updo to attain in short hair but worth taking the effort. To start with, tease the hair at your crown. It will add a little volume to your hair. Now smoothen the hair a little at the surface to make it neat. Create a pouf at the crown and pin it in place. Now brush the hair to one side and pin them from bottom to the center of your head. Use your fingers to roll the bunch inside, like a French knot and pin it as well. Pull some face framing sections and use strong hold spray to keep the flyaways in place.

Casual French Braid Updo

If you have hair a little longer than the pixie cut, you can try any braid on them. So, for this style begging with the French braid. Once you have braided the hair till the end, secure it with the band. Gently tug the sections of the braid for a fuller look. If it looks a little messy, let it be. Now roll the tail of the braid into a bun and secure it with the pin. Your French braid updo is done. You can either leave it plain and simple or adorn it with embellished accessories, your choice.

The Crown Braid Updo

For this style, part your hair in two sections from the middle. Now, start braiding in the front all the way till the nape. Keep adding hair from the front as you go on braiding. Secure the end with the band. Do that with the other side as well. When you have secured both ends, tie them together with a band. For finishing the look, tuck in the remaining hair from the bottom to the braid. Keep securing them with pins as you go. You can add a little texture to your style or let it be natural.

These are just the 20 updo styles that are both glamorous and easy for short hair. However there are many other easy ways you can style your hair. Like take a few small sections from each side and crisscross them. Pinning them in the middle. That’s an easy way. However if you want to turn it into an updo, just make a tiny bun by twirling your hair around under the crisscross. Secure it with pins. You can even turn a simple ponytail into an updo. Make a ponytail at the centre of your back head and secure it with a band. Curl the tails in different sections and then pin it over and around the base of the ponytail in a way that it looks like a bun. Spray a stronghold spray to keep the updo in place. You can also use accessories to adorn your bun. Another updo you can do with the ponytail is add a little twist to it. Part your hair on one side. Take a section of hair from the side with more hair and divide it further into two sections. Now twist each section with the other like a braid. Along with the twisted section, gather your hair in a bunch at the nape of your neck and tie them in your ponytail. Secure it with the band. Now roll the ponytail into a bun and you are done. Now there is a variation of ponytail along with the braids. Part your hair in three vertical sections. Take the middle section and part into three further sections for braiding. Now braid the middle section till the end and then gather all the hair into a ponytail. Secure it with a band. The braid in the middle gives the illusion of Mohawk but in a stylish way. Moreover braids doesn’t need to be vertical or on the crown always. You can also obtain a stunning and glamorous updo for short hair by braiding your hair differently. For example, braid your hair horizontally from one side to the other at the nape of your neck. Your updo is ready. Let the flyaways at the front be the way they are and pin the ones on the back. Don’t forget to put some stronghold spray for keeping the updo in place. Adorn your braid with embellished accessories for completing the look. There is one more way to braid a stylish updo in your short hair. Take a section from one side of your hair and start braiding it to the other side. As you go on, keep adding hairs from the bottom to your braid. Also, make sure your braid is at the centre of your back and when you reach the centre, collect all the remaking hair, twist and roll them into a bun. You can also use some accessories for adding a little a little glamour and drama to your updo. Now here’s a unique, glamorous and easy updo that you can do on your short hair. To begin, deep side part your hair and comb well. We will work on the side with more hair. Start from the front and make make a side braid till the back of your ear. Pin it behind your ear. Now make another braid beside it and pin it as well. Now pull all your hair up from your back section by section and start pinning them. Let their end hang around freely from over the pin. Now you have got yourself an amazing crazy updo. Well, tight updo are obviously eye catching however, even the loose hairstyles have a unique charm on them. Also, they stand out when compared to other fancy updo since it doesn’t go by rules. Curl your hair a little by wrapping your locks around a big curling rod and pin them loosely around your head. Even let some fall over your forehead to frame your face. Let it be a little messy and yes use stronghold spray for keeping your updo in place. You have a pixie cut hair? Don’t worry we have an updo for you as well. Comb your hair and side part the front section. Let some face framing locks fall over your face on the side. Tease your hair a little over your crown to puff them up and add a little volume to it. Now all you have to do it put a metallic embellished band across your head. It will give your updo a finishing touch. Easy and glamorous right? If you want to go a little messy here is a little idea for you. Finger comb your hair and take a section from one side and twist it. While twisting take it to the other side at the back of your head and secure it with pin. Now take a section from another side and do the same, twisting and pinning it to the other side. Make sure both the sections are one above the other. The loose locks from the sides needs to be pinned and you can tuck a few locks in the twisted section. Let there be a little mess in your updo. Not satisfied yet? Want another glamorous and easy updo for your short hair? Well, here we go. Tease your hair at the crown, backcomb for creating puff and adding a little volume. Smoothen the top of the teased hair for a neat look and pin the section at place. Now take one section from one side, twist it and pin it at the centre. Take another from the same side below the first one and do the same. Add two more twisted section from the same side, pinning all of them one under the other. Do the same with the other side. Take four separate sections, twist them and pin them. You can either let the loose ends dangle freely where the are or pin them in the way you want. You can also do a variation with side parting and doing four section twist and pinning them in the center. Let the hair on other side be loose. Or, you can just take the hair from the other side and pin them behind your ear. If you want an updo, length of hair doesn’t really matter. There is always an updo, easy and glamorous for all length of hair. All you have to do is look and try hard. You can add your own variation to the given styles. Don’t be afraid to make your own statement. Get crazy, get bold and let your updo do the talking. More confident you are, more you will be able to flaunt your style your own way. So, pick a style and turn them into your own updo with adding colors, textures or accessories. Go girl, rock the world.