10 Things You Never Knew About Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers are very fascinating things and a popular tattoo design among both men and women. Here is the meaning of a dreamcatcher tattoo.

By Tanaya Nath
10 Things You Never Knew About Dreamcatcher Tattoos

10 Things You Never Knew About Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers are considered sacred and are also a very popular tattoo symbol in the culture of Native Americans. Dreamcatchers are used as protective charms from negative spirits and they are hung above places of sleep, especially children's, for catching the negative spirit before they can bother the sleeper. The dreamcatcher is believed to originate in America and Canada and we believe that they have mystical powers. There is a belief in the tribe of the American Caribbeans that the Spider Woman traveled and visited the cradles of newborns. It is believed that she had the power to weave a magical web which gave the infant protection from every bad thing. The story goes that when the tribe expanded, Spider Woman begin having trouble getting to all infants. Hence, she taught the women of the tribes how to weave a dreamcatcher for the infants. Certain tribes weave dreamcatchers with eight points representing the eight legs of Spider Woman. Different colors would catch the eye of an infant and help them sleep. Also, it is believed that dreamcatchers protect the babies from having bad dreams and that is the most renowned meaning of the dreamcatcher today. Dreamcatcher tattoos have also gained immense popularity. Dreamcatchers stand for production and safety and some people pick the tattoo because of the belief that it will protect them from anything bad. Some people wear it to show respect for the Native American culture because it represents that culture. Some wear it because of their love of animals that are associated with Native Americans, like the wolf, bison, horse, and hawk. While there are many that choose this tattoo for its symbolic purpose, there are also some who chose it just because it has beautiful design and colors. In this article, we will discuss 10 things that you never knew about dreamcatcher tattoos. But before that, here are some things about dreamcatchers tattoos that you never knew. 1. Feathers usually are attached to the dreamcatcher for entertaining the babies however they hold a deeper meaning. Every feather stands for breath and air, something that is essential for life. Each feather when hung up on the wooden hook of the dreamcatcher also helps beautiful dreams to seep down into the dreams of babies. 2. It is said that every movement of every feather announces the arrival of a new beautiful and peaceful dream, indicating that they are passing by. 3. Different kinds of feathers are used to adorn the dreamcatcher. The most preferred feathers are of owl and eagle. The feathers of an owl are considered to be feminine feathers, kept for achieving wisdom while the ones of the eagle are considered to be a man's feather thus representing courage. 4. Sometimes dreamcatchers are made with 8 points representing the eight legs of The Spider Woman. 5. There are dreamcatchers that either have one gemstone or four gemstones incorporated into them. One incorporated gemstone stands for the fact that there is only one and true creator in the web of life while the four gemstones represent the four ordinal directions. 6. You can play with the designs in many ways but most dreamcatcher tattoo designs have a web incorporated in the center of a hoop. You can also incorporate feathers, beads, stones, crystals, arrowheads, and jewelry into it by weaving them into the web or adding on the fringe that dangles from the hoop. 7. Spirit animals like horses, huskies, wolves, bear, owls, bisons, and hawks can also be added to the design. You can also use a stencil to design them. They could be a small part of your tattoo or a big one. 8. You can weave a design into the web like a landscape, heart, face or the print of the bear paw in the center of the hoop. Also, you can either do the entire design in black ink or use a combination of colors. 9. You can choose a different design for the hoop as well, such as yin-yang, heart, etc instead of the traditional circle. Use a stencil to have them inked. 10. You can also have a negative spirit depicted, the one you fight against, for reflecting your own desire for protection.

10 Amazing Meaning And Facts About Dreamcatcher Tattoos That You Never Knew

Like the dreamcatcher, the dreamcatcher tattoos are also full of meanings. The tattoos come in various designs and styles each with a different meaning. Here we will discuss 10 amazing facts about the dreamcatcher tattoos.

The Meaning Of Basic Print Of Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Well, when you go for a dreamcatcher tattoo you always start with the basic print and then you improvise from there. Dreamcatchers are hung from a fragile twig with two spiral bindings that bind the soft feathers and it keeps moving softly in the wind. The most common places to get a dreamcatcher tattoo on your body is the back, starting from the nape of the neck. You can have it small, just on the nape, or a bigger one covering your entire back. The basic design is the closest to its natural element, i.e, protection and dreams.

The Natural Touch To The Basic Dreamcatcher Design

In this one, added to the basic design is a flock of small birds that breaks away from one end of the Dreamcatcher. Defined intricate lines are used and the floral addition adds to the touch of personal sense to the tattoo. You can also add your signature or initial letters of your name with the feathers. It is a brilliant design that shows the binding of good vibes that is gathered and collected from nature and the beings in it.

The Meaning Of Rose And The Butterfly Added To The Dreamcatcher Basic Design

By adding a touch of floral to the dreamcatcher, the very beautiful tattoo carries a rose or pairs of blooming roses and can be finished with a butterfly or a brooch, depends if you want it. It is a sign of vibrancy and the dreamcatcher with those elegant feathers looks mesmerizing. To add a more natural quotient you can also add a few birds to the design on a side.

Meaning Of Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design With Wolf

This design of dreamcatcher with the wolf howling over a rock. Or you can have them engraved with their head upwards in howling. Both ways they will be one of a kind. It portrays a sense of power and mystery. This creates a juxtaposing meaning of good vibes, fragility, and lightheartedness to the design to the basic native dreamcatcher design down below. In the above design along with the wolf, there is a whale as well. They both portray immense power together.

Colorful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Most dreamcatcher tattoo designs are done in black, hence, not allowing you to experience the actual vibrancy and the life of dreamcatcher. However, in reality, the dreamcatchers are catchy and attractive so you can also create a design with the slight swish of watercolor background adding to it the peacock's feather or the owl’s or the yin yang or all three of them or one or few of them. This design stands for the balance in life.

The Joyful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

If you are not into that colorful dreamcatcher tattoo you can also go for a unique design where the hoop of the dreamcatcher, that is a chakra, with the entanglements And the feathers in an enticing electric blue hue. It not only brings out the beauty of the tattoo but also connects to the sky and sea. This design associates itself with death and stability and also wisdom. Blue has a calming effect, hence, dreamcatchers in blue not only keep the bad dreams away but also keep you calm. You can also do the web in black and the feathers in blue.

The Moon Goddess Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

You might be unaware that you can also incorporate a moon in your dreamcatcher tattoo design. The moon is commonly associated with the feminine and hence having a moon in a dreamcatcher design tattoo shows your delicate side. In this design you can have the crescent moon as the dreamcatcher hoop and beautifully soft hued feathers with the black rose. Do the vine design in black.

The Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

If you want that one picture on your body that symbolizes numerous meanings, you should go for 'The Wolf' dreamcatcher tattoo. This is the perfect tattoo design for men. Both components, the wolf and the dreamcatcher, are profoundly meaningful and independently they look awesome. Consolidating both of them will deliver superior results. The wolf stands for ferociousness and strength and the dreamcatcher stands for protection. Together they give out the symbol of immense protection for your loved ones.

Tribal Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

This is an extremely well known dreamcatcher tattoo design for men. It can be inked on your arms, neck, shoulders or back implying that the person with this tattoo can parade it perfectly. Initially, tribal tattoos were the symbol of one’s religious convictions. But today as the world of tattoos evolve, they have come up as a style statement since they are a very beautiful image of craftsmanship.

Here are some more tattoo designs of dreamcatchers that you can look for: You can also go for the crude form of a dreamcatcher. Without the wired mesh, the colourful feathers and the gems, it will look a little lonely and forlorn. But it will also stand out from the lot. Simply looking fantastic with its rugged look. Men, this is one of the best designs of dreamcatcher tattoos for you. One of the best designs for an all black dreamcatcher tattoo design is to shed the regular mesh inside the circle of the dreamcatcher and go for a starred look. You can pick the feathers of any winged bird like a peacock or an owl that has some imagery to them. Add a little design to the edges of the circles for adding the feathers. You can get this done on your arm by the help of a stencil. Thinking of getting a dreamcatcher tattoo on your thigh? Here is an excellent piece of craftsmanship for you and an impeccable piece of art. The design for your thigh is sharp and distinctive with truly wonderful work arranged in a spot that is very hard to resist. Add a little vintage touch with gems and frames for making it profound. And if you are into flowers you can also add a rose to it with a little splash of watercolor. Or you can get it done with a stencil. If you fancy a complicated configuration, go for an all floral dreamcatcher tattoo design like that of a rose or any other flower. Add beads and flowers for a little wow factor to the tattoo. It is a uniquely feminine design that stands out without a doubt. Add to it an eye-popping talisman, similarly electrifying smaller dreamcatchers, sparkling dabs and exquisite blooms on the top like that of a rose. This design is dark and dim and genuinely mesmerizing. It carries the perfect amount of coarseness and sweetness. If you can create an impression with little shading, why go for an extensive one. You can also get a little colorful dreamcatcher tattoo on your feet with a watercolor design. The beauty of this design will be its size and the different hues used for engraving it. You can also do an all black love dreamcatcher on your foot with the twin and linked heart-shaped base, a small feather and pulse-shaped thread. You can use a stencil for shaping the heart hoop perfectly. If you like going for a rare dreamcatcher tattoo design, go for a watercolor look. The smeared hues of watercolor inside and around the dreamcatcher tattoo are hardly seen and hence are one of a kind. The practically looking water-shaded tattoo design of dreamcatcher is both enticing and spectacular. It looks daringly innovative and exceedingly unique if expertly executed. However watercolor design is not easy to obtain, if goes wrong it can spoil the entire look of the tattoo. With the traditional American dreamcatcher tattoo design, you can indicate your connection to your underlying foundations. The charm of this design is the colorful natural view inscribed inside the circular base instead of the web, and the feathers are in the shades of black. America is connected frequently with a specific appeal in the name and it is amazing how much the natives are pleased to be connected with their foundation. Many think that this is an odd way of exhibiting one’s own connection to their underlying foundation and yet there are many who are enchanted to express their profound sense of existence and being, agreement with nature and solidarity among many different societies through dreamcatcher tattoo. You can also get this dreamcatcher tattoo inked on your ankle and you can have done in a peculiar way or in a cartoonish style. Trust me when I say it will still be very engaging and charming tattoo design to have. With the lines perfect and strong and the hues and shades used with better than the average knowledge of the clear spaces inside the circle, the design is bound to hold the attention of many. If you are a woman with sunny aura and are bold enough to try new things, this fun and adorable piece is just the right one for you. You can also adorn the dreamcatcher with a twist of your own. Add the symbol of your favorite metal band and have the web look like a sunflower or star. If you like you can also have the skull of an animal inked in the center of the hoop of your dreamcatcher tattoo. You can also have the tattoo inked on the back of your neck, a small one. Your dreamcatcher tattoo design could have a lot of feathers or the feathers of a specific bird. As already said, your design could have flowers and branches as well for the divine look. There are ideas like turning the hoop into a horseshoe and then doing the entire dreamcatcher tattoo design. Horseshoes compliment the dreamcatcher as both of them are the symbol of protection, especially from bad dreams and negative vibes. You can also turn your tattoo into a neckband. If you love a dreamcatcher, take it to your artist and have them reflected it in your tattoo design. You can add big beautiful sunflowers to your tattoo designs. A tattoo stays with you forever, hence, it is important that you be sure of what design you want. A tattoo has to match your personality. Getting a dreamcatcher tattoo inked needs a lot of consideration as well. A right tattoo could make you look hot and sizzling. You must keep in mind that a tattoo is a lot more than just putting an expression to design. The idea behind the dreamcatcher is that it compels great dreams on those who wear it, all through the dull night, 'till the sunlight breaks.