25 Gorgeous Easy Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you're running short on time, but still want your long hair to look put together, these 25 easy updos are just what you've been looking for.

By Jessica G.
25 Gorgeous Easy Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy twists on the cassic ponytail

A ponytail is the most classic updo for long hair. If you're in a hurry, a ponytail is the easiest way to get your hair out of your face and make it look presentable. But, it's really not difficult to take that classic ponytail hairstyle and elevate it in such a way that your long hair looks super put together. So, here are a few ways that you can do just that!

1. Five minutes to a voluminous ponytail

In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to break up your ponytail into two sections in order to create a more sleek and voluminous look in just 5 quick minutes.

2. Make your hair look longer with a high ponytail

This tutorial teaches the viewer how to create a classic high ponytail, creating the illusion of longer hair. The video also gives a good quick tip: hiding the hair elastic by wrapping a piece of hair around it and pinning the hair out of sight. This trick is simple and easy​ but really goes a long way in elevating the hairstyle.

3. Criss-cross ponytail for long hair

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to create this easy, yet beautiful crisscrossing ponytail. This look is very simple, but it's still pretty and intricate enough that it would be perfect for prom.

4. Soft and tousled low ponytail

This soft and romantic ponytail is surprisingly easy to create. All you have to do is gather most of your hair in a low ponytail, and then twist two front sections back and around the base of the ponytail. And, the look is unique enough that it would be very versatile, great for school, work, or even prom.

5. Easy braided ponytail

This tutorial combines two of the easiest long hair updos: braids and ponytails. This easy, yet cool look would be awesome for a concert or other event.

6. Easy prom ponytail updo

This intricate ponytail looks like it could only be done by a professional. But, this step by step tutorial shows how easy it is to do this at home in just a few short minutes. With just a series of easy, flipped through ponytails, you can create a beautiful prom look without paying a ton of money for a salon appointment.

Beautiful braids

If you don't already know how, braiding your own hair can seem a daunting task to learn. But, once you get the concept down, braided hair can be a simple and easy go-to updo for your long hair. Braiding is not as difficult as you may think!

7. The basic French braid

This basic tutorial breaks down the ins and outs of french braiding your own hair with a step by step method that is easy to follow. Once you get down this basic updo, recreating more intricate hairstyles will be a breeze.

8. Dutch braids

In case you don't know, Dutch braids are basically inside-out french braids. Once you know how to french braid your hair, creating Dutch braids becomes quick and easy. This is a good updo to add to your arsenal as it creates a look that is totally unique to other braided hairstyles.

9. Fishtail braids

Fishtail braids are another quick and easy braided updo that are perfect for long hair. This look is also versatile and can be styled casually or dressed up.

10. Dutch crown braid

After learning how to Dutch braid your own long hair, this hairstyle becomes super quick and easy to recreate. You start the Dutch braid on the side of your head and then continue around the nape of your neck. Once all the hair has been pulled into the braid, you finish it with a simple three-strand braid and secure it on the top of your head underneath the beginning of the Dutch braid.

Buns and top knots

If ponytails take the cake for easiest long hair updos, buns and top knots are a very close second. If you can put your hair in a ponytail, you can put your hair in a bun. Below are some easy ways to create various buns for every occasion: from casual to elegant to professional.

11. The classic messy bun

The messy bun or top-knot is one of the easiest updos imaginable. But, there is a key to the perfect messy bun. It can't be too messy, but it also can't be too refined. This tutorial helps you create the perfect messy bun for your long hair.

12. Sleek bun for long hair

In case a messy bun won't cut it for what you have on your agenda, you can follow this quick and easy tutorial to create this more refined, yet still clean and simple bun hairstyle.

13. Twisted updo

This twisted updo is super quick and easy, and doesn't require any braiding. All you do is twist together your hair in two sections and then wrap those sections around the crown of your head. This is another one of those hairstyles that looks a lot more difficult that it actually is.

14. Elegant bun updo

By following this tutorial, you can create this beautiful bun hairstyle in less than five minutes. This elegant bun is the perfect romantic hairstyle for prom, a wedding, or any other special event.

15. Easy low bun updo

Another soft and romantic look, this bun may be the easiest one yet. Refined and full of volume, no one would ever guess how easy it is to create this lovely hairstyle.

16. Professional and refined updo

If you're looking for a beautiful and professional updo for work, this is the perfect look for you. This updo is incredibly easy, yet looks as though a ton of time and effort were put into it. With this bun, you will look effortlessly put together and will fit in at any office or professional event, no matter how upscale the dress code.

Half-up, half-down

Sometimes deciding how to wear your hair can be difficult. That's why half-up, half-down hairstyles are perfect: they're the best of both worlds.

17. Updated half-up, half-down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a classic. But, this tutorial gives an updated spin to this basic look. In taking the half-up section and moving it higher, a fountain-like look is created. This elevates the classic half-up, half-down style and gives it more interest. This look is perfect for when you want to look put together and like you put some effort into your appearance​, but you have a limited amount of time.

18. Half-up, half-down bun

Another updated and trendy take on the classic half-up, half-down look is this tutorial which shows you how to create a half-up, half-down look with a messy bun. This is perfect for a casual day, but is also easy to dress up with curled hair and a fancy outfit. Like many updos on this list, this hairstyle is simple, cute, and versatile.

19. Soft and twisted half-Up, half-down hairstyle

This half-up, half-down hairstyle has a few more steps than the ones mentioned above, but those few extra minutes go a long way in creating an updo that looks very put together and pretty. This style looks effortlessly beautiful and really doesn't take much time at all.

Easy updos with accessories

Accessories are one of the quickest ways to elevate your look. This rule applies to hairstyles as much as to fashion. With the three easy tutorials below, you will get some ideas on how to use accessories​ to help elevate quick and easy updos.

20. Easy tucked hairstyle

All you really need for this hairstyle is a headband, some hairspray, and a few bobby pins. To create this look, all you need to do is tuck your hair into a headband and you're done. It is an easy, basic hairstyle that bodes well to playing with - tucking different pieces and altering the hairstyle until it matches the event that you are going to or the way that you desire it to look.

21. Messy bun with a headband

Dressing up a messy bun with a jeweled headband is the perfect way to pass off second-day hair at a holiday party or other nice event. Adding the headband makes the messy bun look a lot more put together and purposeful. But, the best thing about this look is that it's just as easy as a simple messy bun!

22. Braided headband updo

This braided headband updo is very similar to the 'Easy Tucked Hairstyle' above, and even involves some of the same steps, but by adding a braid the look is elevated even further. Even though it's just as easy, the braid adds a touch of elegance and makes the look appropriate for a more formal event like prom or a wedding.

Prom updos

Prom season is right around the corner and sometimes, you just don't have the time or the funds to book a professional hairstylist for your big day. That's why we've gathered these three easy tutorials that are perfect for creating prom-friendly updos at home. These tutorials will save you money and time, while also creating looks that are unique and that no one else at your dance will have. There's no doubt that you'll turn heads at prom if you recreate any of these three looks.

23. Twisted knot bun updo

If you're looking for a super easy updo for prom, look no further than this tutorial. This intricately twisted bun is quick to recreate and will turn heads at prom. And, this look is so easy that it would be simple to wear to school or work on a different day.

24. Lace braid updo

This elegant braided updo is the perfect hairstyle for prom. Although it looks professionally done, this look is surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Thanks to this tutorial, you can say goodbye to ridiculously priced salon hair appointments for prom. Save a little money and put it towards that dress you really want by recreating this hair look yourself at home.

25. Classic prom updo

This look gives off more of those classic prom vibes. This is another hairstyle that everyone will think you got done by a professional. But, it is easy enough to do yourself at home by following this quick and easy, step by step tutorial.

Final word

So, there you have it, 25 quick and easy updos for long hair. By following the tutorials provided in this article, you will gain an extensive arsenal of simple updo hairstyles that can be used in any situation. We've covered everything from how to elevate a simple ponytail, to how to create various braids on your own hair, a number of variations on the classic bun, as well as some more formal looks with accessories and hairstyles that are appropriate for prom. Hopefully this article has given you at least one idea for a hairstyle you're dying to try!