5 Ways To Use Binding Spells To Protect Your Love From Harm

It's natural to be protective of your loved ones. One way to offer protection to someone is by using a binding spell. Find out more about white magic here.

By Dagmar Thomson
5 Ways To Use Binding Spells To Protect Your Love From Harm

5 Ways to Use Binding Spells to Protect Your Love from Harm

For centuries, the idea of magic has been associated with evil. Those who practiced magic were burned alive or banished from society. However, the idea of magic involves much more than what people perceive. Not all magic is evil; some forms are used for good. There are different categories of magic such as illusions, witchcraft, spell work, among others. However, they may all be magic but they differ in many ways. For instance, illusions are mainly for entertainment. A binding spell is one of the easiest magic types one can practice. It is used to protect loved ones from the enemy. One can cast a binding spell using a few words, a verse, or even a combination of both. Casting a spell involves different techniques. For instance, you can cast a spell by using a puppet that resembles the person who is the subject of the spell. You can use a candle that is inscribed with the person’s name, you can use a specific runic letter made for restraining the intended individual, or you can use a spell tablet made to restrict the person from harming others. Several kinds of spells are easy to master such as money spells, binding and banishing spells, protection spells, healing spells, love spells, etc. Casting a spell should involve careful analysis of the situation and it should be the last option you take, since some spells are irreversible.

Are Binding Spells And Banishing Spells The Same?

Most people confuse banishing spells and binding spells. The two are actually the opposites of each other. A banishing spell is used to cast someone evil away from the community forever, while the binding spell is used to bind someone or something to the person who wants to cause harm. This means that if you bind yourself to someone you will also cause yourself harm. You can use a banishing spell in various ways. For instance, you can banish an abusive husband, or even banish bad behavior from someone. On the other hand, a binding spell can be a positive thing, regardless of what people think, like binding two people together in a handfasting ceremony using a symbolic cord.

Is White Magic The Same As Black Magic?

White associates itself with purity, something clean, whereas black is associated with evil, something that is done at dark hours. If you wrong a person, you open a doorway to darkness and that person can decide to harm you using black magic. Black magic is used when you want revenge, when you hate someone, because of jealousy or even anger. On the other hand, white magic does not bring any harm. It is used for protection and to influence loved ones in a positive way. White magic spells include love spells, healing spells, blessing spells, and many more. Witches believe that a binding spell used to contribute to human life - whether it's for protection, healing, or bringing happiness to someone - is white magic. Some examples of black magic are revenge spells, curses, and jinx spells, to mention but a few. Black magic is solely used to cast your wrath upon your enemies. It is powerful evil magic and it is not recommended to use it since it has serious effects. A binding spell can be temporary or permanent. A temporary binding spell is one when you take a picture or an item that symbolizes the person and place it in freezing water to stop someone from going ahead with their plans. Of course, you can lift the binding spell any time you want.

How to Cast a Circle of Protection

A circle of protection enables a witch to carry out a ritual safely without any interruption from the outside world. When you want to cast a spell, you can decide to cast a circle of protection in a corner of your home or outside your home so you will be undisturbed. You can use salt water. Use 4 to 5 candles to mark the cardinal points or pentacles. You can create a circle of crystals. All these items should circle you. Once you are done with thecircle of protection, you stand inside it and start your ritual. When you want to cast a spell, you will require an altar, a candle, a picture of the person you want to protect or a picture of the enemy, and a few lines to chant. Some witches use a few drops of blood too. It can be either their blood or that of a loved one. Some say using blood is evil, but that is not the case. Blood magic is a powerful magic and it adds power to your ritual. It can also be used for both dark magic as well as white magic. Using the above items, you can then successfully cast the binding spell for protection. However, it is not good to cast a protection spell for someone without seeking his or consent. Thus, if you love someone a lot and wish to protect him or her, inform them first. This way the spell will work well for both of you. Below are some ways you can protect your loved one from enemies:

1. Binding Spell for Protection

When you love someone, be it a family member, a friend, or even a lover, it is natural to want to protect him or her forever. You'd want to know they are safe all the time. You would do anything possible to keep them away from any enemies’ path. If you decide to use a binding spell to protect your loved ones, look for a colored picture, especially one embedded in a silver frame. A silver frame invites good spirits. The colored picture should be a happy one since you wish the intended person happiness. You will also need ingredients such as basil, a candle, and an altar. Cleanse yourself and prepare to perform white magic. Get rid of all your negative thoughts and harness all the love you have for the person. Stare into the lit candle and start chanting a verse you have prepared. If you succumb to any negative thoughts while performing the ritual, the results may be devastating.

2. Hand Fasting Binding Spell For A Loved One

Handfasting spell is also a custom that's followed in western European countries. Here, a couple holds hands and a red ribbon is tied around their hands. This is a sign of commitment and love between the two lovers. This binding spell joins two couples in matrimony and no enemy can separate them from each other. It is a spiritual sign of togetherness.

3. A Binding Spell To Cast Away the Enemy

Some people are downright evil and most people have no good intention for others. It can be your best friend or even someone you were acquainted with a while back. An enemy can be jealous of your progress or you may have angered someone and they're seeking revenge in the worst way possible. In such cases, only black magic can be used. Luckily, there is a binding spell that can cast the enemy away forever, if you ever find yourself in such a predicament. The requirements of this binding spell are a purple candle that has a matching wick, an altar, a photograph of the enemy, a stapler, and an altar circle where the candle will stand. Fold the picture of the enemy into two and start sealing the picture with the stapler. While doing this, you should be chanting a cast away spell you had prepared. At the end, make sure you staple the photograph into the center of the candle. This will seal the binding spell forever.

4. Give a Loved One An Amulet That Has Been Bound with a Protection Spell

Amulets are believed to attract goodness in the wearer's life, so why not give one to someone you love? It is only natural to want to keep your loved ones safe and have the best in life all the time. This is not possible since not all situations can be dealt with using witchcraft. Nevertheless, where possible, you can use white magic. You can use white magic to cast a protective spell in a charm then give it to a loved one. This will ensure some kind of security from any harm. A charm can be a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant, or another similar thing. A person usually wears his or her amulet all the time, since you never know when evil will strike.

5. A Binding Spell to Remove a Curse

A curse is using black magic to wish something bad upon someone. It will last for a long time if not dealt with immediately. It can even go on for generations. Some curses cannot be reversed, so be careful when you decide to curse someone due to anger. Getting rid of a curse needs a white magic spell. Requirements for this type of a spell are cleansing materials such as mud hops, lemon, or salt. Salt or lemon is used to clean your aura so that you can return the evil to your enemy. Mud hops include beer, but if you do not wish to use beer, there is always a mud hops bubble. A person who wishes to remove a curse is advised to bathe in a mixture of these three ingredients. This will cast off the curse. However, there are more powerful methods to use when casting off a curse. Using magic on someone is not right, especially when you are in control of his or her feelings. However, in some cases, it is only right to use it to return balance to the earth. A binding spell is sometimes referred to as dark magic since you can control someone’s life without his or her knowledge. You can make them stop their evil doings against their will, hence it is referred to as a curse. As you can see above, you can use magic spells to protect your loved ones from harm. A binding spell is a powerful spell and should be considered as a last resort. You can use a binding spell as long as you are not harming anybody.