Bare, Bikini or Full Bush. What Does He Truly Want?

Guys bare it all on what they prefer down there for their girls

By Lisa Lee
Bare, Bikini or Full Bush. What Does He Truly Want?

Every woman out there,  whether they admit to it or not, has asked themselves this question several times: What do men really prefer down there for their ladies? Bare, bikini, or full bush. What does he truly want? In the quest of finding an answer to this question, every woman has tried out different grooming styles for their privates. Alas! Despite all these toiling efforts, no woman so far has been able to land on one perfect answer to this burning question.


Truth is men are not stereotypical and neither is their preference. Still, one thing that can be claimed straightforwardly is that men do prefer some kind of grooming on their ladies rather than getting themselves lost in the Amazon. Grooming of the privates is also related to hygiene. In this article, we are going to explore in detail what men really think of their lady’s pubic hairs and also look at some ways on how women can ace at getting their man’s attention with their grooming skills.

Firstly, What is Bare, Bikini and Full Bush?

It might come as a shock to many, but most men do not prefer completely a bald area. Yes, you heard that correct! To many men, it turns out that no hair down there is a turn-off. Men want to embrace real grown women. Someone who is feminine and does not shy away from owning her essence. Sometimes men coin completely bare as the ladies are still figuring out puberty or struggling with it. Having a little hair down there is normal and it also shows confidence.


But again not all men are the same. Some may prefer completely bare but it's most likely that those guys are often younger and get the idea of "bare is best" from pornography-where most actresses are completely bare. With that said, men also do not prefer a full bush either. It is not really too attractive and also not completely hygienic. It also gives the impression that as a woman you do not look after yourself. If not for a man but at least for personal hygiene, every woman should follow some kind of grooming regime.


A woman who knows how to look after herself is always appealing to a man. Full bush is not only out of season but ladies, trust me, this trend of the past is never going to make a comeback. Back in those days, we women did not have all these available grooming facilities that we have today. Now we have endless products and ways of maintaining our lady parts. Also, looking after your health and hygiene is a must. And without any doubt, a woman who knows how to look after herself is very sexy in the eyes of the men. So, from the discussion so far we can firmly say that men do prefer some kind of grooming down there.


Now, all we got to figure out is what kind of grooming. To be honest, there is no one precise answer to this question. My suggestion would be to play with different styles and observe which gets your man’s attention most.

How to trim your pubic hair

It is okay if you are not sure how exactly to remove hair down there. We are here to help you out. Read carefully to know exactly how to trim your private area. 


A cut, nick, or razor burn can cause infection or various other skin diseases. To avoid this it is absolutely necessary to wash the pubic hair area before trimming or shaving. You can simply use your soap or body wash to clean the area.


Finding the right tools for trimming is very crucial. Please do not even think about using a regular-sized scissor. Some women do prefer using scissors instead of using an epilator or razor. If you are one of them then please use nail scissors or embroidery scissors.


Whatever tools you choose always keep it aside for only trimming your pubic hairs. This way bacterial infection can be totally avoided. In the case of using razors, it is always best to use a new disposable one each time. A blunt razor will cause itchy red bumps and skin cuts.

Always keep a small hand mirror nearby while trimming. It can get really tricky while shaving. Use the mirror to see the progress and to shape and design the way you want to.


The trimmed area needs a special skincare routine. If your skin gets red rashes or a burning sensation then wrap few ice cubes in a cotton cloth and apply it to the affected area. It is always a good idea to apply cream or oil after trimming. It will lessen your chances of getting boils or any infections.


Also do not forget to moisturize your skin. Please do not skip this step as it is very crucial. Avoid products with scents and coloring-coconut oil is a great after-shave soother. It will also keep the area very soft and smooth.

His Unspoken Preference

To be honest, real men are looking for real women. Men understand quite well that it's natural and feminine for a full-grown woman to have some pubic hair. But as mentioned, a full bush is a turn off for most men. It simply shows that you do not take care of yourself and it is unhygienic as well. It does not look alluring and no man would want to go down there.


Many men don't like completely bare as well. Show your man that you are feminine and own yourself. Just go for any grooming style that meets your lifestyle. Your man would lovingly embrace your choice.

Here are some great grooming ideas that you can apply to particularly get your man’s attention. You can either choose one of the following styles or try out all of them to see which one suits best for you.

Go pseudo-natural

This is the easiest of them all. Simply trim the hairs evenly. You really can’t go wrong with this. You can use either scissors or an electric trimmer. In case of using scissors consider running a comb through the hair and cut against it just the way hairdressers do.

Explore bikini-style

The name says it all. It can also be called the beach-appropriate style. If you are a beach girl then this one is definitely for you. Trim your hairs evenly, but shave along the bikini line or the creases of your legs. Shaving the creases can be tricky. For a better view and ease use a small hand mirror.

Try a fancy shape

If you are playful, confident and do not shy away from trying something bold then this style is definitely for you. Give the hair an overall trim so that the shape stands out more vividly. Be careful while removing the hair around the labia with a razor, wax, or an epilator. You can try out a triangle, heart shape, or even your man's initials.

Go for a classic strip

Classic never fails. It is also fairly easy to do and maintain. Remove all the hair only leaving a thin rectangle along the slit. Make sure to trim the hair to a uniform length. You can use either a razor or a trimmer. In case of using a razor make sure it is not blunt. For forming the rectangular patch you can also use a tiny scissor.

Try out a Brazilian

If you are new at this then probably going to a salon is the best idea. Performing a Brazilian wax at home can be difficult and painful. This is the classic movie-star style that will surely get the attention of your man. You can either choose to bare it all or keep a little strip of hair in order to allure. Either way, before applying the Brazilian wax trim the area. It will make the process less painful and easy to conduct. Use a small hand mirror for guidance.

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All styles aside, men love women who are confident and own it to themselves. Grooming down there is an absolute necessity when it comes to hygiene. Explore different ways of trimming. See which suits best to your taste and lifestyle. Never feel ashamed or awkward because of pubic hair. Pubic hair symbolizes femininity. Look after yourself and enjoy life to the fullest ladies!