Meaning And Spiritual Power Of Red Candle You Should Know

Every candle has its own meaning and power. Read the article below and find out the meaning as well as spiritual power of the red candle.

By Vera Aries
Meaning And Spiritual Power Of Red Candle You Should Know

The Meaning Of Color When It Comes To Candles

Colors have their meaning when it comes to spiritual power, magic rituals and even religion. The most-used color because of its meaning and power is, of course, red. The color of the candle plays a very big role. In accordance with the rules of spiritual magic, colors can have different meanings and effects on one person; so when choosing a candle, everyone should clearly define the goals that they want to accomplish and what they want to attract in their life. Here we will discuss in detail what meaning has the red color.

The Meaning Of The Red Candle

The candles have their meaning, which is why it is important which candles you light up and on which day. The candle does not have to be of any special size, but it should take into account the intention to ignite, as well as the color matching. The red color is governed by Mars, and is a physical color that gives energy, strength, dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, power of will and athletic abilities (especially competitive). Red candle is a symbol of fire. Using the red candle can help you to achieve fame or to quickly progress in your career. But be careful, do not light it very often and keep it out from the bedroom, otherwise you will always be in tension and you will not be able to relax. The red color will encourage you to activity and passion, which will not allow you to relax and rest.

Red candles are used for accomplishing dreams, energy, vitality; encouragement of passion, provoking anger, lust and physical strength. Red is used in magic for love, resolving relationship or family problems revenge, anger, courage, determination, and enemies. Red candles can also be used to protect your home from negative energy. When used in black magic, red, unlike black, brings sudden attacks, accidents, bloodshed, violence, and hatred. The red candle can also be used to foster wars, anarchy, and cruelty. Red candles should be used on Tuesdays because this is the day of Mars and represents: Passion, courage, protection, day for initiative, determination and energy.

In Which Areas It's Best To Light Red Candles

So, after clarifying the significance of the red candle, you, hopefully, have already decided if the red candle is the right one for you to use. Now we suggest that you carefully pick the zone where you need to light the candle to activate the energy that you need. If you feel that the relationship with your partner is not on the best way, or you have some family issues, a red candle should be lighted on the southwest area in your house. This will help you to normalize these aspects in your life. If your dream is to succeed in your career, light up the red candle in the south area in your house. The red candle light in the South will help you achieve glory and success. To disperse the stagnation energy, light a candle at least twice a week, in different places but always chose the corners of the rooms. It is advisable to light up a red candle twice a week in the north-east of the house or room. But to clean the whole house of negative energy, it's not enough just to light candles. To clear space, you need to hold a special ritual with the help of candles.

Cleaning The Space With Red Candle

Cleaning the space with candles starts with the front door. You must be completely relaxed. You need to feel your body, your hands and feet, your breathing. Listen to your feelings. Stay in this condition for as long as your intuition tells you. When you feel that you are completely relaxed, then formulate clearly in your subconscious what you want to get. For example, "I always have love, joy, and kindness in my house," then light up a red candle and look at the center of the fire, imagining that the light of the flame is bringing all that you want in your house. You need to hold a candle in front of your chest, while connecting your inner strength with the power of fire. Then, slowly lift the candle over your head and encourage the light to descend to your house and to light it. After that, lower the candle back in front the center of your chest. So, go through all the places where, in your opinion, purification is necessary. Well, if you trust your intuition and do this spontaneously. Your movements should be smooth and soft, reminiscent of a candle dance. And, finally, I want to give you another tip: always, when you light the candle, sit for a few minutes in silence and look at the fire. This will help you to clear your thoughts and soul from all negative energies.

Rules To Know When You Use Red Candles

Candles should be lighted with some planned intention because every candle has its meaning. The energy of the burning candles helps you to change the energy that surrounds you. The ignition ritual is very simple. You need to decide on the intention. For example, it can be finding a job, mastering fear, resolving some conflicts, spiritual development, getting money, finding out the truth, healing, achieving a goal, protecting, starting and maintaining a happy love affair, removing bad habits or something else . First you need to think about your wish before you light the candle, but there are also some other facts that you need to keep in mind, in order to make your spiritual or magic ritual successful.

Red candles should be non-used

Candles used in magic must be non-use. Using candles can have catastrophic consequences, because the candle may have picked up vibrations from previous use!

Do not use it often

Like we said, do not light up very often a red candle in your home. The red color will encourage you to activity and passion, and can easily bring tension in your thoughts, which will not allow you to relax.

The candle should be burning till the end

Leave your red candle burning and never use the same magic ritual candle again. Red candles can be used only once, after which you should leave it burning to the end, and the remains of the red candle are stored or thrown into the nature. (not in the trash!)

What if you can't leave the candle to burn till the end?

If for some reason it is impossible to leave the candle to burn to the end, you can extinguish it, and after returning it, you can light it again with the same intention and wish. It is good to store it in its packaging, where the melted wax will remain in it and thus reduce the danger of open fire.

Think about the things you want to accomplish

While the red candle is burning, always think on the dreams you want to accomplish. No matter if it is about love, dreams you want to fulfill, career, passion or something else. Your thoughts are your biggest power.

Draw some symbols that have a meaning in your wish

Draw some symbols on your red candle that have a meaning for you. For example, in candles, you can draw some symbols: a heart for love, a euro sign, a dollar or a penny for money, or simply type the name of the person want. You can use one candle for one wish and never use the same candle for a new wish. It is also better to light the candle with a match than with a lighter.

There is a difference between dark red and light red

There is a difference between bright and dark shades of red candle. The light red candle has a wide spectrum of action. It is used to attract love and passion. At the same time they are used for regeneration of health and physical strength. This color corresponds to the element of fire and can be used to add strength to the movement of the target, for example, for career growth or success in the business. The dark red candle is mainly used in love magic to impress people's feelings in both positive and negative aspects. And this is a color that can cause love, as well as anger and hatred and jealousy.

The Meaning Of A Red Candle In A Catholic Church

Candles don't only take part in magic or spiritual rituals, but they also have their meaning in the religion. Candles play an important and historic part in the Catholic church. The color represents the blood of Christ, which is why is often used in religious rituals, especially when it comes to catholic rituals because they are great believers in God. Because of the honor given to Christ's body and blood, a red votive candle, known as the sanctuary lamp, is traditionally lit beside the tabernacle in a Catholic church.


One of the simplest spells is magic with candles. Candle magic is based on three principles: concentration, power of will and visualization. Simply put, a person who wants her desire to be realized must concentrate, think of her desire (visualization), and expect the realization of the desire (power of will). Candles used in rituals must be unused, because if used previously, then cumulative vibrations in the candle can disrupt performance and reduce their effectiveness. During the ritual, the candles become an extension of mental power and life energy. When a fragrant oil is applied to the candle, it is necessary to rinse it always in the same direction downwards. Candles used must be in accordance with what they are intended for.

Usually the spiritual magic where red candles are used, is one of the simplest magical forms. It uses small, short rituals and contains some ceremonial features. Red candles can be purchased at any store, which is a positive thing because everyone can easily find them. And the rituals that contain red candles can usually be performed quickly and easily. Spiritual magic with red candles red candles, has become a favorite branch of magic. Although simple it gives strong results.

Candles possess magical properties, which refer to their giving and burning according to wishes, needs, but also according to the zodiac signs. You can direct the energy of a candle to fulfill your wishes, and life is easier and more beautiful. Candles are also an interesting idea for present, but remember candles and their colors have a certain symbolism. So carefully choose when choosing a candle as a present.