15 Secrets Of Spirit Realm You Need To Know

With the increase in belief in technology and machines, people are slowly forgetting everything about the spirit realm. And that is really dangerous.

By Auntrone89
15 Secrets Of Spirit Realm You Need To Know

Understanding the spiritual realm

Kundalini Energy & The Coiled Serpent Historic and modern day symbolism of Kundalini energy shows a coiled serpent resting at the base of the human spine. Kundalini is also illustrated as two serpents intertwined around one another as they climb the spine. Interestingly enough, the shape of the serpent coupling is nearly identical to the design of double helix DNA. Meaning of The Three Coils When you see illustrations of the Kundalini serpent, odds are it is coiled upon itself three and one half times. Yes, the number of coils is intentional. The number three is representative of the states of consciousness, while the half represents the transcendent, or higher, consciousness — which must be awakened in order to commune with the Divine. The three coils can also be interpreted as representations of the past, present, and future; and the half coil symbolizing transcendent time (timelessness). Serpent Symbolism Sacred to cultures and spiritual practices the world over, the symbol of the serpent spirit has long represented life, health, and renewal. But did you know, additional meanings of the serpent image throughout history include: worldliness sin temptation prophecy sensuality deceit Whether it is consuming its own tail, is draped over a cross, worn as a charm, or is wrapped around a mountain, spiritual practices around the world recognize and acknowledge the snake as a symbol of Kundalini, or life force, energy. For millenia, humans have strived to awaken the dormant, static Kundalini energy to achieve their version of Enlightenment, whether they call it nirvana, union with the divine, communion, etc. Overcome your weaknesses..BREATHE & SHINE 🙏✨🐉👑

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We do live in a world where our over-reliance on machines and technology has made us blunt when it comes to understanding the spirits and the spiritual realm. Long gone are the days when people made sacrifices to the gods, ancestors and their duly departed. The latter has also resulted in people not reading the Bible often, and it is slowly becoming recognized as a work of fiction, which is not true. Therefore, the key to fully understanding the spiritual dimension is by carrying out an in-depth research because as the dictum says, the devil is always in the details. All of these novels and horror movies always have some element of truth especially when it comes to the rituals and spells (sorry for the spoiler). And if you are keen enough, you will find that all of the spells and rituals do have a meaning or story behind it. It is, therefore, a good idea for us to carry out as much research as possible so that we can have that much-needed revelation. We are all spiritual begins and therefore need to learn all about the spirits /spiritual world if at all we are to live righteously. You can also read a novel on the subject and be enlightened. Put that phone down and switch off that TV or laptop for that matter and make a date with your great grandma. Chances are she knows a thing or two about the secrets that the spirits realm holds which are very important and relevant to the physical realm.

1. The spiritual realm isn’t far away

Whenever we read some fiction novel or watch a fiction movie (not all of them), God — and by extension, the spiritual realm — is always depicted as being far away which isn’t true. The spirit world and the physical world co-exist. And the only reason we can’t see the spirits or the spiritual world/realm is that they exist in another dimension. This means that there is some spiritual barrier that prevents the spirits from crossover and vice versa. But even though we can’t see the spirits or the spirit realm, the spirits can see us and are with us at all times. The only way that physical beings (or human beings) can cross over to the spiritual world or realm is when they die. Being invited by humans through spiritual rituals is the only way that spirits can cross over to the physical realm. This is where the witches and practitioners of black magic come in. The spirits don’t have a body or vessel that can allow them to live and interact in the physical realm and so they have to possess a human or animal to that effect. If you get the chance to read the Bible, you will fully understand how demonic possession works. The Bible cites quite a few notable demonic possessions and exorcisms that took place centuries ago, all having almost similar chilling details. Even Jesus Christ himself took part in multiple exorcisms and successfully dispelled spirits from the physical realm back to their spiritual dimension.

2. Angels and demonic spirits can move to and from the spiritual realm

Demonic spirits are spoilers who are dedicated to separating humans from God. As they say, misery needs company. And since they have been condemned to an eternity in hell, these demonic spirits would love to be in good company. And this is why God has his angels to help humans overcome darkness because, well, we just can’t do it alone. Meaning that when we are continually having a spiritual battle with demonic entities and the angels are always there to extend a helping hand. Some of the high-ranking demons can also move to and from the spiritual realm to do what they do best — cause havoc and chaos. But the angels and demons can’t be everywhere at the same time and that limits them. This explains why angels are always there to help only when they are called upon. And the same applies to the demonic spirits that veer into the physical realm from the spiritual world on numerous occasions. In some cases, clean spirits (angels) and unclean spirits (demons) usually manifest themselves to humans. There are many accounts — including famous ones in the Bible — where people saw spirits with their very own eyes. They were either left in awe, intimidated or scared to be in the entity’s presence. Consequently, there are countless movies, novels and written accounts that are based on the revelations or manifestations of spirits in the physical realm. That just goes to show that there has to be another dimension that we can’t see with our naked eyes.

3. There is constant conflict between the physical and the spiritual realms

What most people fail to realize is that the fight between good and evil didn’t die with Jesus on the cross. Spirits from the spiritual realm are still in need of more souls. And needless to say, these spirits from the spiritual realm are working overtime to destroy man and take their souls to hell. And speaking of hell, it is in the spiritual realm and not in a land far, far away as we are made to believe. Hell is a reality, not some spiritual fairy tale in some spiritual novel. According to Apostle Paul, whatever happens in the spiritual realm has a very strong influence on the events taking place in the physical or non-spiritual realm. Evil spirits cause unnatural events to happen at times when everything seems to be smooth sailing all the way. For instance, The First World War that kicked off in 1914 was so abrupt and unexpected as the world was a very peaceful place at the time. You can get your hands on any historical novel and confirm it yourself. The devastating event is suspected to be as a result of spiritual influence. But most people will differ with this because of their lack of belief when it comes to spiritual realms as well as spiritual entities. But the fact that people don’t believe in spirits doesn’t mean that spirits (and the spiritual realm, by extension) don’t exist. If you look around keenly, you will see that spirits are influencing our day to day activities. It is even written in the Bible in Daniel 10:13 when he claims that Angel Michael came to his aid when the Kings of Persia stood against him. Michael didn’t teleport from a faraway land but only manifested from the spiritual realm and came to Daniel’s aid. This is quoted from the Bible and not just some fictitious, bestselling novel. And the Bible is just among the many texts that bear overwhelming evidence of the existence of the spiritual realm. And the existence of a constant conflict between these two realms affects the world as we see it today. Meaning that there is some level of truth about the existence of the other dimension that even the staunchest of the nonbelievers wouldn’t deny. Sorry for the spoiler but you can always read the Bible to find out more. Again, there are some incredibly written novels on the matter. Just pick one novel and get enlightened.

4. What happens on earth affects the spiritual realm

When it comes to the interactions between the physical and spiritual realms, it usually goes both ways. God had given humans authority over the earth before the devil snatched it away, according to Genesis 1:26. But still, the spirits can only get involved if humans allow for them to do so and that’s why the deceive all the time. According to the revelation about the spirits in the Bible and other sacred texts, the unclean spirits will do just about anything to gain access to the physical realm. And they are pretty good at lying, explaining why spirits have been duping men with authority since time immemorial. With the promise of riches, women, and dominion, many men fall into the trap only to end up with misery, loss and tons of regret. Spirits in the spiritual realm always want to come over to the physical world to cause turmoil. But with prayers, human beings can easily push these spiritual entities back to the spirit world where they belong. Prayers made in the physical world can also make incredible changes in the spiritual realm. Prayers can enable angels to move into the physical world and offer help while dispelling unclean spirits back to the spiritual world. And the latter is how exorcisms work (you won’t find this in novels or movies which only cover fragmented, farfetched truths about the spirit realm). Apart from novels, try reading the Bible and find out more about the secrets of the spirit realm and how the physical realm can affect it.

5. You can only love one realm, the physical or the spiritual realm

Yes, you heard me. You can either love the spiritual world or the physical realm but never both. The unclean spirits and the spoiler usually want you to love the physical realm and not the spiritual realm simply because they want you to go to hell when you die. The spirits sent by the spoiler always promise people wealth and power and they believe these deceitful spirits. This is true and not just another excerpt from a popular novel (not that I have anything against a good, fictitious novel). But once they invite the spirits or spoiler into their lives, they quickly realize that they had been duped. At that point, the unclean spirits from the spiritual realms will consume their souls because they chose the physical realm over eternal life with God. The latter explains why we usually have unnecessary wars and disagreements on earth at all times. If you look closely, you will realize that a good number of these powerful politicians are under the influence of evil spirits or the spoiler. These spirits or the spoiler moved from the spiritual realm into the physical realm upon their invitation. But if you choose the spiritual realm/dimension, then you choose the side of God and the clean spirits /angels. Meaning that the unclean spirits (demons) will be out to get you. The spoilers (unclean spirits) will wedge a spiritual war against you, and that is when you’ll realize that everything bad is happening to you. These spiritual attacks wedged against you by unclean spirits may come in the form of diseases, financial problems, depression and so on. But if you have God on your side, these spiritual attacks from the unclean spirits will not have any effect on your body, soul or spirit, meaning that you are on the winning spiritual side. More often than not, you will find such kind of spiritual storylines a movie or a novel.

6. Spiritual warfare between the realms happens in our minds

When you want to do something bad, there is always a voice reminding you of what is good and what is evil. Well, that’s a spiritual warfare between the two realms happening right there. The clean spirits will advise you to refrain while the unclean spirits or the spoiler will want you to proceed with the wrong did. But at the end of the day, you have the power to make a decision. Always remember that every decision you make has consequences in both the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm. So, if you choose to do wrong, the unclean spirits and the spoiler will win, and if you don’t, the clean spirits will win. If you understand that this war is happening in everyone’s head and that it's bigger than random thoughts, then you will learn to do better. There is always a good side and a bad side in every person. The unclean spirits usually want to push us into doing bad things so that they can take away from God’s kingdom. When you find yourself in such a dilemma, which you will sooner than you think, you need to get in touch with the spirit realm in prayer as advised by God in the Bible. The spoilers from the spiritual dimension are working overtime to disrupt the relationship you have with God. Therefore, you should be fully aware of that or else you’ll fall victim of these unclean spirits operating from the spiritual realm. Never give the spoiler dominion over you and always pray to keep him and his agents in the spiritual dimension and away from you and yours.

7. Spirits from the spiritual realm prey on your ignorance

The spirits from the spiritual realm aren’t interested in winning fair and square. In the end, your soul burning up in the hell is a win meaning that they don’t care about the means, just the outcome. It is therefore important for you to always seek revelation through researching about different kinds of spirits from their spiritual realms. I know that this sounds like fiction from a novel (only that it isn't from a novel but reality). When you get to read specific novels or the Bible, you will get to see how these spiritual entities from the spiritual realm deceive people into inviting them into their lives. These people usually can’t discern the different spirits. And since they are usually blinded mostly by greed and ignorance, it is usually difficult for them to them to resist the temptation. And that is how the spirits from the spiritual realm find their way into the physical realm. And the shift from spiritual realm to the physical realm is usually very hard to reverse, though not entirely impossible. Thankfully, if you get to read the Bible, you will fully understand the spiritual realm, and both the clean spirits and the unclean spirits usually find their way out. Through the holy spirit, you can also fully understand and differentiate between the clean and unclean spirits which will give you power over them. You will also learn how to dispel these unclean spirits back to the spiritual realm effectively. You can develop a sharpened mind so that these spirits from the spiritual realm can’t trick you and end up crossing over to the physical realm at your expense. And it all starts with accepting that you know nothing about spirits as well as the spiritual realm altogether.

8. There are three heavens or spiritual realms

Many people who have read the Bible from cover to cover will still look at this with their jaws on the floorboards. But yes, this is true as far as the spiritual realm is concerned. Away from the physical realm, there is the spiritual realm which is also divvied up into three different spiritual dimensions. The spoilers /unclean spirits/demons occupy the first two heavens or spiritual realms. But they aren’t allowed to the third heaven or spiritual realm, meaning that the spirits in these realms are classified differently as well. The more you do your research about the different spirits situated in their different spiritual realms, the more revelation, and authority you’ll have when combating them. The demonic spirits in the lower spiritual realm have lesser power compared to the demonic spirits in a much higher hierarchy. The lower spirits also use different tactics compared to the spirits from a much higher hierarchy, and that’s how you can differentiate them. And with enough research on demonic spirits, tactics, and abilities, you can win this ongoing spiritual warfare. You will also understand that it's being wedged between both the spiritual and physical realms or fronts hence counter it accordingly. Constantly learning and practicing will make your mind sharper, avoiding being caught off-guard by these unforgiving spirits. The last thing you want to do is being caught clueless in the midst of spiritual warfare. And these unclean spirits from the spiritual realm won’t hesitate when an opportunity in the form of ignorance presents itself. It will be a field day for these demonic spirits.

9. Demons (unclean spirits) are our only enemy

Just because the latter is depicted in bestselling novels and movies doesn’t mean it isn’t true. You might think your neighbor or jealous friend is your enemy by, in reality, it’s the unclean spirits that are causing that kind of tension. As earlier stated, they are somewhere both in the spiritual and physical realms working toward bringing humanity down. What did we ever do to these spirits? Well, these unclean spirits think that they should be God’s favorites and not us — as if we had a say in that. Anyway, our job is not to understand the unclean spirits and their motives. We are tasked with fighting and pushing them back to the spiritual realm where they belong. And that shouldn’t be the end of it. We ought to also pray for the people who allowed for these unclean spirits to cross over and cause havoc in the physical realm. Unclean spirits from the spiritual realm will do just about anything to destroy humanity. And since they all have different tactics and powers, they will always attack you and leave you physically, mentally as well as spiritually drained. These spirits usually exist in groups called legions, and they also have spiritual names. This is the reason why Christians command the demons to say their names just as Jesus commanded unclean spirits in the Bible, condemning them right back into the spiritual realm/dimension where they belong. Therefore, you should never fear evil spirits because you have dominion over them through Christ who enables us all. One command through his Name is enough to send them back to hell in a jiffy.

10. Spiritual warfare is God’s Will

The demonic spirits didn’t just wake up one morning and decided to cross from the spiritual realm to the physical realm and torment us. All this was fashioned by God a long time ago so that in the end, He can only have the best souls (human spiritual form) in heaven for eternity. The spoiler (the devil/ the king of the unclean spirits), is given this task and together with his legions, he won’t rest until he gets his fair share of souls. Misery needs company. And as far as the unclean spirits are concerned, they need a whole lot of company while burning in their spiritual abyss. These unclean spirits will not rest even for a second, meaning that the spoiler and his spirits will always come for you from every spiritual and physical angle. But with the Holy Spirit on your side, you will always have a revelation on how to overcome them. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent, meaning he exists in both the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm. Again, there are many spiritual texts, fictitious novels as well as the Bible and they talk about this aspect of spirituality. Always learn to overcome these spirits, and you will overcome the inter-realm war with ease. And in the end, celebrating an eternity with God in the spiritual realm where evil doesn’t exist will be your ultimate reward. All you need to do is call upon the Name of God whenever you are under spiritual attack, and all will be well. These spirits will crawl back to their realm of spiritual darkness the moment the Name of Jesus is called upon.

11. Spiritual warfare is deeper than prayer and spiritual realms

Although one can pray and cast demons back to their spiritual realm, there is more to this warfare than just prayer. Again, this is where knowledge about the spirits and spiritual realms will come in handy for you. There are rituals and amulets that you can use to block the spiritual attacks. Even though the Bible terms their use as black magic or witchcraft, most of these amulets and rituals work. They have been carried out to appease or wade off spirits and have been proven beyond reasonable doubt that they work. You also need to understand how the inter-dimension realms work and how these spirits slip through. You also need to understand how the spoilers (unclean spirits) operate by knowing their class, strategies as well as powers, meaning that you will have to do a lot of studying. Through their specific strategies, you will be able to know their names, meaning that expelling them will be a tad easier. If you don’t know how the spiritual entities got to you in the first place, then you will not expel them effectively. You should also know the cause of evil that allowed or invited these spirits into the physical realm and your life. You might have invited them into your life through your behavior which might including sleeping around or tattooing occult symbols on your skin. Masturbation is also another gateway through which unclean spirits get attached to an individual from the spirit world. Once they are in, they will cause all the spiritual and physical problems to start manifesting in their lives. You should, therefore, keep researching on spirits and the spiritual realms because learning is a lifetime task. And the more you learn about the spirits and the spiritual realm, the more equipped you will be when it comes to fighting them off.

12. The spiritual struggle between realms happens in the mind

Your mind is a sensitive place because that is where the physical realm meets the spiritual realm. It is for this reason that you need to possess as much knowledge about spirituality and the spirits as possible. This is if at all you would want to stand a chance of winning the constant inter-realm wars. Remember that the revelation of these spiritual entities, just like in the movies or novels, happens upon invite. Hence the importance of learning how to keep them out. It might be affecting you because your ancestor invited a demonic spirit from the spiritual realm into the physical realm out of deceit. These are what the Bible refers to as generational curses. The generational spirits can affect a lineage up to the tenth generation. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to learn all the above, making your mind both physically and spiritually strong. You can start by eating right. Doing so will make your body, mind, and spirit strong through proper nourishment. A little meditation will go a long way in making the spiritual side of your mind stable and strong. That way you can be ready for any spiritual attack irrespective of where or when it’s being launched. Whether the spirits are coming from the spiritual l realm or the physical realm, you will have a better chance of winning as long as your mind is strong. You can also make your mind strong and ready for any spiritual attacks by disciplining your emotions. If you don’t discipline your mind, then the spiritual entities will use the weakness to their advantage and defeat you.

13. The spiritual realm isn’t superstitious

Yes, the spiritual realm isn’t superstitious — its real. The unclean spirits are using the term superstitious in a bid to dismiss their existence. Their end game with this kind of deception is to easily influence and get invited into the physical realm from the spiritual realm. As earlier stated, whatever happens in the spiritual realm will affect the physical realm. I hope you are starting to see the connection. Likening the Bible to a fiction novel is what made nonbelievers lose belief in the holy text. So, if you fail to understand the spiritual realm and dismiss it as superstitious and an archaic way of thinking, then you in for trouble. You will find it difficult understanding events happening in the physical realm because of such ignorance. People who choose to live as though the spiritual realm doesn’t exist are making a fatal mistake for many reasons. Firstly, the unclean spirits will find a way to control their lives without their knowledge. And even after realizing that spiritual entities are controlling their lives, there will be nothing they can do to stop them. Therefore, you need to fully understand the spiritual realm and how it works to be on the safe side. The spoilers are and will always be in the parallel realm/dimension, meaning that you have to believe even without revelation from the fictitious novels or movies. That way, you can fully understand how the different realms work and stay safe from these harmful spirits. Read Genesis 1:2 to fully understand the nature of the spiritual realm.

14. Adam and Eve separated us from the spiritual realm

Back before Eve ate the apple, the spiritual realm, and the physical realm was the same — meaning Adam and Eve could see God. But once they sinned, the spiritual realm and the physical realm were separated, making them two parallel dimensions. That explains why the spoilers (unclean spirits) will always influence us without us seeing them do it. And this is why we need to fully understand the spiritual realm if we are to understand how the spirits (from both the spiritual realm and the physical realm) affect us. Try reading the Bible from time to time since it will give you a much better view of these realms.

15. The devil stole authority in the physical realm from mankind

God gave man authority over Earth (physical realm) meaning that the spiritual entities only got control from man. The devil did so through deceiving Adam and Even into the eating the fruit of knowledge, contrary to what God had instructed. The revelation they had did come at a steep price — one that humanity is paying for to this very day. Within the spiritual realm, there is a place for evil forces. From this evil spiritual realm is where the devil and his army operate from. In Layman language, the part of the spiritual realm reserved for unclean spirits is what we refer to as hell. The devil acts as the prosecutor of God’s people and those found guilty will end up in hell with him (Job 1:6 and Revelation 12:10). If you read any good novel about the spirit realm, then you will get information that is a close semblance to this one.


The Bible, the novels, and many other ancient texts bear the secrets about the realms/dimensions, meaning that the existence of the spiritual realm is a reality. The manifestation of the spiritual realm will happen during the end times as accounted for in the revelation. The beast will come into the physical realm of the spiritual realm and have dominion over the world. But this will happen soon after the rapture, which will see the people rising from the dead and together with the righteous, ascending into the spiritual realm from the physical realm. When that happens, those who are left behind are pretty much screwed.