15 Simple Bedroom Games You Can Play With Pillows

Games using pillows for family play and later for sexy plays

By Hana O.
15 Simple Bedroom Games You Can Play With Pillows

Pillows. They provide us with comfort and a good night’s sleep but could double as props for some much-needed fun. All it takes is a little imagination, creativity, or perhaps this guide, and you too could engage in some with the family or your special someone. There will be laughs, screams, and sweat involved, guaranteed.

We’ve broken down this particular guide into two: the first would provide ideas to using pillows for family play in the bedroom, while the latter half would focus on what you can do with pillows during sexy plays. There is only one goal here: to share with everyone tips and tricks to getting closer and building lasting memories with one another, using the simple and often forgotten prop: the pillow.

Pillow Games for Family Play

Below is a list of games you can play with the family that includes a pillow, albeit some, a lot of pillows. You have the classic pillow fight and pillow fort, and some newer ideas sure to keep everyone entertained.

1. The Classic Hot Lava

You can never go wrong with laying pillows across the room and banking on everyone’s imaginations to pretend the floor is lava, and your only hope of surviving is to jump across the pillows without touching the floor lava. This game is not only fun but also provides movement and exercise for the whole family.

2. Travel the Yellow Brick Road

Make the destination, or Emerald City, the bed. Start from the door and lay pillows on the floor to make a path like the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz. Put the pillows farther apart, make them go in twists and circles to make it more challenging to get to the destination. This is a great pre-bedtime game because you get to keep the kids entertained a bit longer and eliminates the dread of having to go to bed. Sneak in the story of Dorothy to complete the picture.

3. Build a Fort

This pillow game never gets old. Pile up pillows on the bed, securely drape over a blanket and attach a fan at the opening to get a breezy, cozy fort. You can also turn the regular fort into a prison break endeavor wherein the kids are surrounded with pillars of pillows, and they have to breakthrough.

4. Wreck it Ralph and Fix-It Felix

Assign one to be Ralph and another to be Felix. One would build, build, build a pillow fort as high as they can while the other’s task is to wreck it to the ground. This game can be played as a whole family, parents vs kids, or among the kids to keep them preoccupied. Switch roles to give everyone a try at building and wrecking.

5. Make Sandwiches

Get the largest pillows possible and start a sandwich shop. The toppings? Kids and parents. The pillows serve as buns. Try to stack the toppings and buns as high as possible with the heads sticking out for more challenges.

6. Play King Kong

This might be a bit more tricky and dangerous, so parental supervision is highly advised. Stack the pillows high and get a King Kong kid to try and balance on top. Add a few more cushions depending on skill level. Watch the kids compete among themselves in being the best King Kong.

7. Create Tunnels to Pass Through

This works like the Yellow Brick Road, but with more pillows involved because you will have to prop the cushions together to create a tunnel or bridge to pass through. Lean the pillows on one side of the bed for support and make the tunnel go around the area.

8. Get In On Some Arcade Whack-A-Mole Fun

The kids position themselves beside the bed, and it’s your job to whack a mole as they pop up. You can also make a pillow barrier so everyone could stay on the bed and enjoy bouncing up and down after being whacked. Switch roles and let the kids have a go at whack-a-parent.

Pillow Games for Sexy Play

Now, let’s talk pillows for couples and sexy play. Yes, these fluffy things work as an excellent prop for some steamy sex and foreplay as well.

1. Use for Leverage

A common use of bedroom pillows during sex is leverage. Place one or two behind the lower back during the missionary style for heightened leverage and penetration. Put two pillows on top of one another and kneel on them for surreal doggy-style. Sky’s the limit when it comes to placing a pillow during various sex positions for more pleasure.

2. Try Some BDSM

This might seem like a new concept for some, but Bondage Dominance Submission and Masochism is a genre of erotic practices in sex for heightened pleasure. Using a pillow to suffocate a partner gently or to keep them from squirming is one way to play with this item in bed.

3. Two Words: Sex Pillows

Sex and pillows are a thing. And they come in all shapes and sizes. You get the wedge-shaped pillow cushion to assist with the incline and achieve deeper penetration. You can even get a pillow with a slot for a dildo for some steamy solo play.

4. Naked Pillow Fight

Get naked, pick up a pillow, and whack each other with it. It may seem silly at first, but things are bound to get sensual pretty quickly. You can even add a striptease game where you take off piece per piece of clothing with every decent hit.

5. Adult Version of a Pillow Fort

Add some romance to your regular pillow fort by setting up a blanket on one corner of the bed and covering it with pillows. Then place another sheet on top, add some lights, aromatherapy diffuser, and pillows on the inside. It's basically just a fancy version of a pillow fort/tent,

Having a small and cozy place is nice to unwind - you know we all need it. The ambiance should be enough to get moving along towards the direction of sexy time as well. It's definitely going to be a good change from the regular routine.

6. Pillows for Foreplay

Grind on a pillow or use it to tease your partner. There are many directions to take when it comes to using a pillow for foreplay. It can be for your pleasure, your partner’s, or both. While it may seem like an awkward thing to do, when you’re at the peak of the moment in sensual pleasure, using a pillow does make sense.

7. Reconnect with Pillow Talk

Take a few pillows, get comfortable with it, and reconnect with your partner with some pillow talk. You can even go ahead and get a pillow talk card game that you and your partner can play together to ignite the passion in your sex life. These games are guaranteed to increase intimacy, reignite the sensual spark, and strengthen the relationship as a whole.

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Who knew that pillows had so many more useful and kinky functions other than keeping our necks and heads comfortable while we sleep. With a tweak of our imaginations, these often forgotten sources of comfort doubles as a means for unforgettable memories. Hopefully, the tips above gave you ideas on where to start!

What’s left now is to get those pillows (and perhaps buy a few more pieces when you’re planning to build a fort) and start playing!