Are You Tired or Your Soul is Tired? Find Out Now

Mentally or physically tired? Which one are you feeling?

By Kimmy
Are You Tired or Your Soul is Tired? Find Out Now

What Does it Mean When Your Soul is Tired?

(If you experience any symptoms of depression or believe it's a mental health condition, please seek medical advice at once. This is NOT a professional mental health advice site.)

It started with you not wanting to get out of bed, to you realizing you have lost interest in things that make you happy, your hobby, eventually to you not wanting to socialize with anyone anymore. Could it be only physical fatigue or something much more serious?

Your soul is tired when you have seemingly lost interest in everything around you. Whatever you do or whatever is happening doesn't seem to jog up your spirits. You begin to lose hope and feel the world is negative. You have lost the happy vibe.

Our soul is the most important part that makes us human. Unfortunately, our soul doesn't just exist. It takes maintenance and care for it to function well. A lot of people have found it hard to deal with the soul being tired as they don't know the proper way forward. Here we will discuss in-depth the signs of your soul being tired and remedy of that.

Difference Between Physical Fatigue and a Tired Soul

Physical fatigue can be easily restored after a good night's sleep. Even if you have had a long week, nothing a cozy weekend can't fix. Physical fatigue is short term, in response to your activity. If you have exhausted yourself, naturally you would experience physical fatigue.

A tired soul has nothing to do with physical activity. You could have been at home all week and not do a thing, yet you still feel so tired that you have no purpose to get out of bed and you don't want to. This is long term and can't be fixed with a good night's sleep. More likely that you can't even have a good night's sleep.

Your soul is tired because of something that's within you, not due to external factors. You probably have been struggling for a while mentally, thus causing your soul to not be able to generate positive vibes and you feel tired all the time.

Signs That Your Soul is Tired

1. You struggle to wake up because you feel there's no purpose

You don't want to get up because you don't know what to do when you wake up. You feel that there's no purpose to wake up because you are just going to waste the day not knowing what to do anyways. That's a mental struggle rather than a physical one. You are not really tired but you don't want to get out of bed so you'd rather convince your body that you need to be in bed longer when you really don't

A lot of patients struggling with depression experience this symptom as they want to minimize the amount of time they are awake so they try to sleep for as much as possible.

2. You don't want to leave your house anymore

You became so wrapped up in the fear that you will not have a good time and you won't feel safe if you go out. So you started spending all your time inside. Leaving your house fills up the fear in you and you would have panic attacks.

This is a common sign that your soul isn't ready to deal with everything outside because your soul can't even cope with your mental state right now. Physical fatigue won't cause you to lose interest in going out or create fear.

3. You've lost interest in your hobbies

Going out for movies, playing basketball...Everything you used to look forward to seems to be fading away. You don't want to pick up your guitar, or the idea of even playing music is sad and repulsive. There's no reason for you to feel this way but you can't bring yourself together to pick up your hobbies again.

Your soul is warning you that it's very tired. So tired that your soul can't find happiness anymore in the things that used to make you happy. 

4. You don't want to see friends and family

No physical fatigue would cause you to be distant from family and friends. Only a tired soul would want to be alone, or so they think they want to be alone. Most of the time they struggle to socialize and have social fear if they have to meet people, causing their friends to drift away and potentially a negative impact on work if the work is about meeting clients or dealing with people.

They would struggle to love or feel loved. A tired soul won't be able to feel many emotions. They just want to be alone and emotionless.

5. You don't care about lifestyles

You no longer care if your room is clean or if your diet is on point. In fact, you are barely eating. You don't feel hungry nor do you feel full. You are just eating to stay alive. A change in lifestyle could suggest your soul doesn't feel as alive anymore. It's struggling to find the balance.

Many people with a tired soul notice that about themselves. They may still be going to work fine but when they are home they have no energy to maintain anything. They don't even want to have a nice meal to reward themselves. Even if the house is a mess they would still let it be, something they knew they would never have done before.

6. You aren't as dedicated to your work as before

You're doing something you like and you can't bring up your performance because you don't seem to care anymore. Even if you get fired right now you would probably just go home and stare into space and not think about it. You genuinely have lost the motivation to perform well at work and you no longer want to excel at anything.

Our soul determines who we are and if our soul is tired, we struggle to be ourselves. Hence all the out of the ordinary behaviors. You have been told by your colleagues and supervisors that your work hasn't been satisfactory lately. You want to change it but can't bring up your performance. It has nothing to do with physical fatigue. If you can't solve your mental fatigue you will never be able to perform as well as you used to.

How to Recover from a Soul Exhaustion

Please seek professional mental health experts for proper consultation and solutions. The general health tips offered here are by no means professional advice. Seek a therapist for solutions best suit your case.

Seeking help from a mental health professional is the first thing you should do if you experience any of these symptoms to a point where you can't function in your daily normal life. It has had an impact so huge that it's affecting your work and relationships with people.

There's still a stigma surrounding mental health issues so if you see someone in need and is hesitating to get help, encourage them or to go with them. There's nothing shameful to seek help for your mental health. People should do what's best for their mental and physical state.

Other than seeking help, there are some self-help tips. Switch off your phone and isolate yourself from the outside world for a few days. Let your thoughts sink in and identify the root cause of the problem. Once you have identified the problem, you can target it and think of a solution. A tired soul arises because of a deeper problem at play. The only way to free your soul again is to free it from the trap that's exhausting you.

Write down your thoughts. Go over them until you know what's the problem. To be fair, most of the time you already know what the core problem is. You just don't know how to fix it. Writing it down always helps because you can then read it back like a book and stimulate further thoughts.

Talk to friends and family even though it may be hard. Remember, two brains are always better than one. You don't have to go through the storm alone. Get a lift from someone. There will always be people willing to help.

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A tired soul impacts our life more than we can imagine. It uses up our energy and causes us to lost interest in everything we've ever loved. Our friends would then find it hard to be around us. At the end of the day, only you can truly help yourself. By refusing to admit it and by refusing help, it will be hard for the situation to get better. People are here to support you, but they aren't magical pills that will make you instantly better. Go out there and let others know you need help. Don't bottle everything up and you will see most people are here to help.